Fucking lost

I Hate Moblogging

So my camera phone battery died about 20 minutes into our day, I kept sending photos with mistyped captions and no titles and then shrieking "CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL" and the stupid bitch phone apparently doesn't respond to voice commands, no matter HOW emphatically delivered.

All in all, the compulsive need to remain connected to my stupid website seriously harshed on my buzz. My Pinot buzz.


We're flying home tomorrow. To see the baby who doesn't miss us at all, but I hear the dog seems kinda sad. Maybe.



What a beautiful view.

Have a safe, snake-free trip


No doubt Ceiba is just happy to have grabbed some computer time without having to share with you guys...and maybe has started a DogBlog in the process. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.


You suck. I want to be in wine country.

I'm glad to hear you are drinking pinot and not fucking merlot.


just a reminder to enjoy the weather while you can- heat index today back home is supposed to be over 105 degrees.


Amy, you are standing there, looking like the Mistress of All You Survey.


Well, from all the pictures, it seems like you two had a great time. Have a safe flight -- I'm so excited for you to see Noah. He will be so happy to see you!!

And maybe Ceiba will start behaving herself...


The internet misses you! Quit having fun while the rest of us sit here and read blogs.


well, *I* miss you.

So there.


Oooooo, did you go by Cakebread? Me and every other wine hack wants to jump on the boutique winery bandwagon but yet...'tis very expensive. You must share your critique, please!

*seethes with jealousy*


God I updated my blog randomly when I went on vacation. What is it about this blog stuff that makes us want to keep updating?! Oh yeah, so no one emails you and says "why haven't you updated?!" (and also for comments!) I hope you and Jason had fun. It was hopefully a nice, relaxing (minus the lost part and moblogging) trip you can hold on to when Noah has an explosive diaper, Ceiba yaks in your Pradas, and Max chews off another dress strap.


How come everyone in the world looks cute in capris except me?


Now I want to go on vacation too.

Real Girl

If it's hotter in DC than it is in NYC, thank GOD you're not there.



Moblogging, mo' problems.


You're so cute standing there that I want to be pissy.

But I can't be pissy. I especially can't be pissy because EVERYONE at BlogHer kept saying how sweeeeeeet you are.

And yet I couldn't bring myself to go say hi, because: the cuteness! Gah. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE POWER OF YOU AND NOAH COMBINED?


I would have really missed you if I hadn't caught up with you again. But I would have name-dropped you all over hell and creation.

"Dude. Amalah totally has my battery charger. She's borrowing it. Isn't that cool?"

Then, if you had taken off with it:

"Oh, criminy. That bitch ass skinny blonde beautiful chica has my stuff. Where does she live again? I will hunt her down."

I'm kinda sorry it wasn't the latter. I wanted to stalk you home.


Hmm, looks like Temecula to me.. was that the Calloway winery??


It's all so Sideways with the wine talk.
Have a safe trip home!!


What a beautiful view! Am totally jealous. The next time you and Jason want to go wine tasting you should come to Michigan and visit the Traverse City area. There are tons of really good wineries, beautiful views, and lots of other fun things to do. And we produce the best Gew├╝rztraminer outside of Alsace. It's awesome. Much more affordable than Napa or Sonoma too.


So pretty!


okay, your buzz may have been ruined, but you take a mean picture Amy! you look all pretty and sophisticated drinking your wine there.


Oh - how I so want to be there. Wine country looks absolutely amazing! And Noah so misses you I am sure.

Horrible Warning

I drove through wine country with my mom last week, returning to Sacramento on the coastal route (the long way) from her uncle's funeral in Seattle. AND WE DIDN'T STOP. Heaven knows after something like 36 hours total in the car with my mom, I could have used a freakin Pinot! Glad you were able to enjoy it while in NorCal!


Look at all those grapes! OH the wine I could stomp out of those things!
It looks beautiful there! And also, yummy.

Girl con Queso

Now that's a great photo. I'm putting that in the next winery brochure I do. And believe me, I make winery brochures almost daily. What am I talking about? I think I must be drunk.


you can always count on the dogs to pout. codependent neuroses. that's what it is.

i'm sure noah will give a huge smile when he sees you though. ;)


All these pictures. So jealous.

That is all.



Be glad that you guys missed most of the horrible heat wave on the East Coast, you lucky Bastards. Unfortunately, you're going to get the last gasp of it when you return today (Wed.) back to DC - hot blast. Please bring the cold front with you!


Please come home.

With wine.



Look at you, STILL drinking! After guzzling it down Thursday, Friday AND Saturday nights, I was spent as far as alcohol consumption goes. Now I'm drinking all the coffee I can handle trying to recover. Almost there.

Great to meet you this weekend. See ya in Chicago next year? ;)


Chicago? I think I must come ....




I didn't know you were in Napa - you drove right by my office!! A brush with fame, I will treasure it always!


have a nice flight!

Lisa Ann

I'm sure the cat missed you too.


Hope you had a good trip back home and I imagine you spent a few hours smelling that baby and doing some SERIOUS snuggling. Also? Excited to hear that BlogHer will be in Chicago next year as I am planning on being there and will probably be celebrity struck if you are there...


Please come home.

With wine.



What a view!

I am with you on the the compulsive need for my website. A few months ago we were in Port Aransas, Texas, I loaded my laptop in the car and drove around, scouting for a network to hitch a ride with! I found a coffee shop parking lot and got a connection (score!), and had to say "Okay, how flippin' pathetic am I? My husband is catching some waves at a beautiful beach, and I am jonesing for an internet connection like an addict," Time for an intervention! ;*)

Now, the only reason I bring my laptop is to download pictures to it.


So is this what people meant at BlogHer when they said "Oh yeah, that's Amalah...she's ALWAYS drunk". I'm kidding! I swear.

I heard so much about you there that I had to come check you out...you did not let me down. I love tipsy posts!


I've been reading this for the past few days repeatedly asking myself. moblogging? is that like, mo' blogging, mo' problems? or mob-blogging?

Then I just got it now. moblogging. mobile-blogging. aha. I am smart.


Have a safe flight.
Hug the dog.
And Noah, too.

I miss you already.

Her Bad Mother

Of course the dog misses you. But that dog can't *appreciate* you the way that we all do, now (post-BlogHer) more than ever.


So, you're really supposed to spit out the wine at the tasting? Do people really do that?

Have a safe trip home.
Hope Noahlah gives you a good night's sleep.


I think wine fits me better than capris.


Don't be too surprised when you get off the plane. The heat index of 115 will slap you right across the face and your hair will wilt from the 70% humidity. Noah may not recognize you!


Amy! Tell us what wineries you visited. My DH and I are headed to Napa this weekend. So far, we have Cakebread, Trefethen, Clos du Val, Luna, Frog's Leap & Raymond on our list.


Speaking of wine, do I owe you money for the wine on Friday night?

I had so much fun - you are awesome, even when you're flipping me off! Glad to have met you, m'dear. Thanks for pretending to know me - I'll love you always for that. ;)


Found you through Bonanza's blogroll -I love your blog.
I salute you for giving moblogging a try - I haven't been brave enough yet!
Look forward to visiting again.
Safe journey,


Fantastic picture! Oh how I miss sucking down free wine samples at various wineries. We haven't done that since Snuggle Bug arrived on the scene 19 months ago. I feel a road trip coming on!


Long time reader, first time commenter...

Oy, the blogging by cellphone. I never can quite get it to work -- it'll post the picture, but not the text. But it's so much fun!

Now go home and see your boy! I bet he's grown a bazillion inches taller and looks like a completely different child than the one you left. Isn't that how it's supposed to work?


After finally getting through all of the posts about Blogher, I feel incredibly leftout! But it is like the lottery! You can't win if you don't play! So I have been inspired to start my own blog, again.

Be gentle if you venture to read it!


There really is nothing better than a day of wine tasting. We go to Santa Ynez, near Santa Barbara, at least 6-8 times a year. Hope you had a fabulous time and drank some really great wine! Can't wait for stories.

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