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Bubbles the Chimp

Hey, remember the time I posted a little video clip of Noah laughing his little head off? Remember how mildly amusing that was? You think I could get away with posting another little video clip of Noah laughing his little head off without seeming repetitive and indulgent and lazy?


Well. Fuck you then. I could listen to that laugh ALL DAY. Plus, this one has fancy dissolve-y TRANSITIONS and shit. I totally could have done a star wipe but, you know. I wouldn't want to blow your minds too hard with my crazy mad skills or anything.

Bubbles on Vimeo

We were watching some bizarre little intershow short on Noggin involving handpuppets (no, seriously, they are actual hands with plastic eyeballs) who were blowing bubbles. Noah was a big fan of the bubbles. He is clearly less of a fan of the big punchline, which was another handpuppet coming up and being all, "Bubbles! Bubble BATH!" And then he splashes in the soap while the other handpuppets shake their heads at this poor stupid puppet, even though none of them really strike me as the roundest wands in the bubble dish, you know?

Um. Anyway. Noah thought it was funny, and it prompted me to break out Actual Real Life Bubbles, of which Noah was vaguely a fan.

Please note my own attempt to mimic Oobi the Mentally Challenged Handpuppet and remember this moment when you inevitably wonder why it seems like some days I can barely string more than two sentences together without sounding like...well...a mentally challenged handpuppet.



He is ADORABLE, and also, adorable.


Funny funny stuff.

He is so cute.

And am I first? Go me.


I could watch babies laughing all day. It's just such a happy, joyus thing and it makes me smile. Which is just what I needed today. Thanks!


I immediately knew who the hand w/plastic eyeballs was. Oh no. You're invaded by Oobi. I'm so glad my daughter is over that, b/c if I had to watch it more than 5 seconds, it numbs my mind for the rest of the day.

I hate Oobi. But Noah - well, that is such an adorable laugh, you post it whenever you feel like it. :)


So cute. Thanks for sharing.


He is precious. Eat him!


How do you get any work done, ever? He's adorable.

Also? Your voice is much deeper thank I imagined. I guess in my mind's eye you were "squeakier". Hmm.


Oh he is just too adorable! Just the little pick me up I needed on a rather downish day.

But dude, next time use a tripod, I was getting a bit sea sick towards the end of that video!


I have known quite a few babies, and Noah's giggle is the best baby giggle ever. Also, the paddling of the hands with happiness? Adorable!


Noah is such a cutie. Love the video! His laugh and giggle...just precious!!


Hey, man, don't hate on Oobi! He provided HOURS of amusement for The Swimmy and that, my friends, is worth his hand-weight in gold.

But? Where are his parents?


The laugh is great!


I wouldn't mind listening to that laugh all day either.


Squeee!!!! I love baby laughs. They're so unreserved and come all the way from the toes.

He is so gorgeous!

Black Belt Mama

My 11-month old thoroughly enjoyed that. He's adorable and he has a TON of teeth. My daughter is a week younger than Noah and she has six. How many does he have??? Seems like at least 8! Wow!


My son who is just a few days younger than Noah loves Oobi, but have you watched Jacks Big Music Show? OMG. We love MEL!! Anyway on the teeth subject, mine only has two and two more coming in so we are behind both you and Black Belt Mama.. anyway cute video!!


Noah is totally ADORABLE!!!! How cute is that laugh?!?


That just brightened my day so much, you have no idea. He is just a beautiful child.

I'll trade you a snarly, sneaky 13-year-old who looked and acted exactly like that when he was that age. sniffle


oh, so cute. never lame to see/hear baby laughter!


I was miserable at work on a dreary, rainy Friday. I watched a video of Noah giggling. I am no longer miserable. Magic!

He's truly adorable. The casting producer in me is all, get that kid an agent.


My 3 favorite parts:

1. The little baby belly that I just want to eat! Yes I do!

2. The intermittant screeching.

3. The moment when he looks at the camera like, "Wait-- should I be more interested in you and what you're doing? No? Ok, Bubbles it is!"


So, so adorable. I love his laugh.

My two year old is so entranced with Oobi that she will take my hand and fold it so that it looks like those puppets, then tell me "You are Oobi, I am Keiko" and then proceed to have a whole conversation. I like it because it is lo tech - she doesn't even need me to have the eyes.

G love

That was awesome! I remember Oobi too. He is just so adorable. But I have to say, at one point I also busted out laughing listening to you sound like a "mentally challenged handpuppet". Yeah. That was great!


OMG, that giggle is adorable. And the squealing? It killed me.

mama without instructions

cute babies laughing are pretty much always a good idea!

Maxine Dangerous

I love when he looks at the camera like, "You're getting this on video, right?" Also, the acrobatic foot thing. And, of course, the giggling. Precious!


my 2yr old daughter watched this with me.. and she heard the background.. and she was like "BUBBLE.. OOBI!" I love him playing with his piggies the mostest!


That makes me long for the days when I could make my kids laugh with a bottle of bubbles.

Noah is even cuter when he laughs, if that's even possible.


Noah's giggle and squeal are awesome... AND it's fun to hear a blogger's voice... After reading the words for so long, it's cool to actually hear the author!


so. freakin. cute.



He's just like that fish from Finding Nemo!!



God, he's so cute. But it just breaks my heart at how he looks so much like a little boy and not a baby anymore.



Of course you know MY daughter's giggle is cuter - to me anyway - than Noah's is......but MAN he's pretty darn close!!

I have to go out and get bubbles now. Just to see if I get the same effect!


CUTE! (where's a bigger font when I need it?) I love the squeals, the hand waving, the toe-touching and the little cough when the laugh gets ahead of his breathing.


Oh my goodness he is the CUTEST THING EVER!! My boyfriend and I are still deciding about the kid thing - I think this may have pushed me over the edge into the "yes please" category.

Doesn't he ever do anything not cute? Think you could send that my way to get me over that whole thing? :) hee!


Riley just watched the video and laughed like hell along with Noah. Since he's in a pretty piss-ass mood from having vaccinations this morning, don't mind us if we watch that, like, fifty more times.



I am pretty sure I hear one guy say poopie turd- bubbles ohh my turd bubbles- picle turd- bubble bath now listening to it a few more times I hear my turn - but they all sound a little stoned also. I could listen to him laugh all day long - I love the screams of dilite.


My heart just broke in the most fantastic way.

Teeeheeeeeeeeee what a little gem. You and Jason seem to have gotten just about as lucky as parents get!


the intensity of concentration in between the laughter was even cuter.

Pretty in Pink

OMG He is sooo cute! I love the laugh! Let me know if you ever need sitter! (Really I have TONS of references!)


Edible...completely edible.


Wicked awesome kid. So cute. So luscious.

You have a ONE YEAR OLD baby boy who laughs and shit. Aaaaack!


Baby laughter is definitely worth listening to again and again, whenever we can get it. And Noah's laugh is awesome!

I have to see if we get Noggin--I think my son would enjoy Oobi. Right now, the best way to get him to laugh is to blow raspberries on his belly and thighs--not that I have a problem with that. Just makes it difficult to get video, that's all. :-)


This video totally made my day and made it worth being 10 months pregnant in Florida just waiting and waiting...


My ovaries are aching. So. Cute. Must. Have. Baby.


I have never seen Oobi but I did teach a little autistic boy for a summer who shouted all day at his own hand, calling it Oobi. So that is making more sense now.


I need to video Anna Sofia watching Noah on video. Quite amusing, let me tell you. She was trying to "tope" the screen (it's a little lovey-head-butt thing we do).

Those two are meant for one another, I'm telling you.



OMG Noah is so incredibly cute. I forgot how much I miss being around kids.


Greatest. Belly laff. EVER.


Oobi gives me nightmares. *whimper*


His laugh is the sweetest sound. Such a lovely break from all that is wrong with the world.

Y from the internet

I love Noah.

Dude, why does it take you so long to dip the stick and blow new bubbles? I was like "HURRY UP, NOAH IS WAITING!"


I was thinking the same thing, Y! Blow the bubbles already, Amy!

That was even cuter than the first laughing clip...


That was SO stinkin' cute!! I love the part where it spirals deeper and deeper on the 2nd clip!

He's so beautiful!


I read your blog often, first time commenting however. Just had to say that Noah is absolutely adorable, and well the laughing makes him even more adorable. Baby laughs are the best! Thanks for sharing, not only did this make me miss my baby oh so much (having to work stinks), but it made my day brighter. I love your blog by the way! You rock. ((Where's the tire?))


I am a firm believer that the sound of a baby laughing is one of the best sounds in the world.

Silly Hily

That was the best. I love that little guy more than I've ever loved someone I've never met and never will meet. Thanks for sharing him with us! I've been trying to get a video on my blog of my little girl singing but can't figure it out yet. Hopefully soon.

And that show Oobi! I hate Oobi so much. But yeah, kids love it.


Coincidence! I just bought bubbles today for Penelope. Hope they make her giggle, too.

Noah is a doll. Bubbles!


Dear God that kid is cute!


Eeee! I love YOUR voice! That is the cutest thing! My girls love that crazy hand puppet show, too! Weird.


It cracks me up how serious he is in between giggles.

While giggling he's full of mirth and joy and everything's right in the world. But the instant he stops, it's like it never happened. His face is stoic and indifferent, or maybe just raptly focused on the TV.


oh my goodness amy, waaaay too cute for words!


He is so cute, made me laugh at least:)


Goddamn, he's handsome.


Love Noah. HAAAAAAATE Oobi. Even though its the same guy that does the voice of Bear in the Big Blue House (which I love). It makes my head explode as to why its still on, otherwise I love Noggin.


This completely reminds me of when my youngest daughter was small and her laugh was my most favorite sound. At this very moment, she is 13 and crying pouty tears because I won't hurry up already and drive her to a football game (one hour early? WHY?).

Oh I needed this reminder that she has cute moments right now!


I want a laughing Noah video DAILY. At least.


We love Moose and Zee! Owen hears them and halls his diapered booty to the television! Love Noggin. Also, Noah's laugh. It seemed like he was watching Seinfield or something!


Whenever I'm at work and some obnoxious ass makes me want to stick a rusty fork through my eye, I'm going to come here and watch Noah laugh until I feel better. (BTW, he has changed SO much all of a sudden!)


Oh Noah, I love that belly laugh! So addicting it is to make our kids laugh their heads off... That is my goal everyday! Yours is so cute!!!


It's amazing how much he's grown up since the last video! But he's still adorable :)


SO cute. My favorite part was when he would stiffen and let out a little dinosaur-like scream. Little boys are the best.


Oh he is just beautiful! I could definitely listen to that all day. He's like a proper little person now, so grown up. He really is adorable!


Also, your mentally challenged puppet impression was inspirational. Are you available for parties? Hehe


You know what just kills me? How he sits there with that poker face until something ostensibly funny happens (Dude - it's Oobi. Oobi is awful.) and then he just LIGHTS UP.


i have to watch Oobi as well when i babysit little people and i totally agree Oobi is bizarre. whats up with the way they speak? why no complete sentences? i also get the damn theme song stuck in my head. oobi oobi oobi oobi oooooobi, uma's his sis....blah blah...great video btw....


OMG, that is soooooo CUTE! I miss the days when Captain Destructo would giggle like that; now all I hear is "I DON'T WANNA TAKE A BATH/GO TO BED/PICK UP MY TOYS!" I especially loved the squeal/foot grab combination.


There really is nothing more contagious than a baby laughing...I can't possibly sit through that video without giggling. Love it.


Amy, that was the most adorable thing ever! My roommate and I sat and watched it a couple times, and now we want our own Noahs....



The cuteness kills me!



Best baby giggles ever! Whenever I point a camera at Kaitlyn, she immediately stops what she's doing. I should try the bubbles.


Noah has got to be the cutest little guy I have seen in 19 years. When he laughed with his foot in the air, I laughed till my eyes teared up!
Thanks for posting it!


I like how he manfully swallowed that little cough that seems to be pissing him off.
Amd yeah, I had you figured for a soprano, too.
Thanks for sharing, Amy!


Cutest internet baby ever, hands down.


There are so many things I liked about that video, but my favorite is seeing how Noah immediately looks straight at you when you say his name in between bubble blows.

Nicole P.

I love the squeals of laughter! Too freakin' cute!


he's so cute I can hardly stand it.


That was so. stinkin. cute.


i'm partial to the flappy arms portion of this Noah gigglefest.


My 2 year old son adores Oobi and Keiko. Have you seen the episode where Oobi meets a girl who is A FOOT? You know she's female because of the tiny bow on her PINKIE TOE. OMG. Oobi wants to play catch and she wants to play kickball (natch). Worst of all, I'm pretty sure that while the character is female, the foot belongs to a guy. Eeeeuw.

Your little guy is completely delicious.


Where he laughed and sort of screeched and put his foot up, it almost seemed like he was pantomining driving a car. I about died.

Awesome. What a joy he must be.


I swear I thought I heard "Pickle Turd, Bubble-ah," which made me giggle.

He's adorable, and the concentration and arm flapping added to the cuteness. It's pure joy to hear that kind of baby laughter.

Sarah Louise

It's like beautiful baby-no wait! Toddler! No, baby. Kid, toddler. He's growing up! SOoosooo cute.

ps- It's fun to hear your voice. I guess I had deluded myself into thinking you dont have one, you are just a great internet Hair Goddess. Record yourself! you're funny.


Umm, you actually read ALL these comments EVERY DAY? Just curious because that was totally cute today... I have mentioned before that my youngest son is only 2 and1/2 weeks older than Noah,but he giggles the same way. It's like with his whole belly,and it is most likely over something REALLY silly. The funniest thing to him ever is when his Bubba "tickles"his belly! For some crazy reason this just sends him in to hysterics EVERY TIME HE DOES IT!!! Seriously,it just slays him every time he does makes me laugh too! God-you have to love days like that!!


Oobi scares my husband but the kids love him! OMG Noah is completely, utterly adorable and he looks JUST like you! No denying that one.


What a fantastically adorable boy!! But then he does have you for a mom - how could he not be?


Noah is darling. Oobi-you friends! The first time I saw that show I nearly pissed myself laughing. My sister-in-law and I looked at eachother and asked "WHY?..WHY couldn't WE have been the ones to think of that?!?!" Also, I still can't quite get over the fact the they call the grandpa..Grampu! ROFL!


actually, i think it is wildly amusing. my boyfriend just started cracking up while i was watching that. so, of course i went into your archives and showed him the one of noah laughing at the doll. he laughed so hard, i think a little beer came out of his nose.
then he looked at me and said:

do you think it's problematic that this is what we're doing at 3am on a friday night--laughing at the child of a lady we don't actually know?

he always spoils my fun.


Dimples to die for!


Were you blowing bubbles and operating the camera at the same time? That doesn't sound mentally-challenged to me, superstar.

I could listen to that laugh all day, too. And the screeches in between. Hilarious!

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