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Bubbles the Chimp

Hey, remember the time I posted a little video clip of Noah laughing his little head off? Remember how mildly amusing that was? You think I could get away with posting another little video clip of Noah laughing his little head off without seeming repetitive and indulgent and lazy?


Well. Fuck you then. I could listen to that laugh ALL DAY. Plus, this one has fancy dissolve-y TRANSITIONS and shit. I totally could have done a star wipe but, you know. I wouldn't want to blow your minds too hard with my crazy mad skills or anything.

Bubbles on Vimeo

We were watching some bizarre little intershow short on Noggin involving handpuppets (no, seriously, they are actual hands with plastic eyeballs) who were blowing bubbles. Noah was a big fan of the bubbles. He is clearly less of a fan of the big punchline, which was another handpuppet coming up and being all, "Bubbles! Bubble BATH!" And then he splashes in the soap while the other handpuppets shake their heads at this poor stupid puppet, even though none of them really strike me as the roundest wands in the bubble dish, you know?

Um. Anyway. Noah thought it was funny, and it prompted me to break out Actual Real Life Bubbles, of which Noah was vaguely a fan.

Please note my own attempt to mimic Oobi the Mentally Challenged Handpuppet and remember this moment when you inevitably wonder why it seems like some days I can barely string more than two sentences together without sounding like...well...a mentally challenged handpuppet.



I showed this to my husband yesterday, and he agreed that Noah is very adorable! And he NEVER says that about any babies but ours! Also, we have no idea who Oobi et al., is/are, so we feel VERY old! I only watch Noggin(?) for "De Grassi High." Hey! Noah should have a show!"The Beautiful Happy Baby Comedy Hour"! I'd watch.


Seriously! How do you keep from squishing his cuteness all day? I don't think I could. He is so freakin' adorable! I love his face when you blow bubbles.

Katie Kat

DEEEEEEELISHUS! I wish my daughter would laugh like that. She just never finds anything I do very funny - or entertaining - or earth shattering. I think she's missing the humor gene!

Thanks for sharing!


I love the video. He is too cute. Speaking of bubbles.... the very best bubbles EVER are the Gymboree bubbles. The wand makes a bazilliion bubbles with each blow. But blow very soft, not too hard, or it won't work. My two boys LOVE them!!!


L.O.V.E. that clip! Sooooo cute!


What is it about our laughing babies that just melt our hearts? Because will do anything to get my own baby to laugh for me. It's the best thing in the world.

As always, Noah is perfect.


You can post videos any day of the week-no complaints! He's precious!


I blame Oobi for the vast drop of my IQ since having children. Just a warning.

But! Oh! NOAH!!!! LOVE HIM!!!


oh, for the love of Pete. the star wipe.



Ok, well, it's kind of old news by now but gawd your child is adorable. I think he gets cuter every moment. Such a little man. His laughter made me feel all squishy inside. Thanks.

Kate The Great

Oh my gosh! The laugh? The dimples? He's precious. You should have another one, or I don't know...six maybe?



Cutest thing ever!!!

Type (little) a

You have a baby jail AKA Superyard XT too!!!

That's me. Restraining my child since 2004.


I love him.

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