Carefully Avoiding Any Mentions of the B Word
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Day of Days

Labor Day 2006.

A big day. A huge day.

A momentous day.


The tire moved from the foyer to the bottom of the stairs, as Jason swears he will stick it "upstairs in the storage closet somewhere," sometime relatively soon.

And oh! Yes.

Noah took his first steps today.

That too.



Lisa V

Congratulations Noah! If this were our house, Noah would be going to his first dance before that tire left the living room.


One small step for Noah, one neverending headache for Amy and Jason.



Go, Noah! Maybe you can just get Noah to take the tire upstairs now that he can walk.


Yay Noah! Isn't it just so exciting? :)


The tyre must have magical walking powers! Don't move it! Next he'll be running! *gulp* =D






Go Noah go!


Is that a picture of Max or is that Actual Max on the wall there?

Walk on, Noah!


Congratulations! What a cute photo!!!


Wow, congratulations Noah! And Jason too, I guess


Way to go, Noah!


Congratulations Noah! Amy, thank you for letting us be a part of your life.

Vaguely Urban

Noah eyes the gate, thinking, "Walking's nice and all, but what really excites me is the idea of scaling those stairs *upright*."


yea, Noah!!!!

Teri M.

Congratulations and my deepest sympathies, on both accounts. ;)

Sarah Louise


Y from the internet

That just may be my new favorite picture.


Congrats! And congrats!!!


Congratulations Noah!
*hands a tissue to Amy*


Congrats (i think) to Noah. MrZ swears Nikki took two steps toward him this weekend but they don't count because A) I didnt see them and B) He's a giant liar.

michelle/weaker vessel

Holy mobility, Batman! Noah looks like he's challenging the tire to a duel!


He looks like a little body builder in that pic, like he's ready to hoist that tire plum over the railing.


Looks like the tire motivated him to walk. ;-)

Congrats, momma!


Don't move that tire upstairs just yet -- Noah will probably follow it!


Congrats on the first is officially over..nothing is safe!


have fun with the new round of childproofing! wait until he can reach up onto the dining room table...

Wacky Mommy

Go, Noah, go! And it's not even your birthday yet!


My tivo quivers in fear...


Well, congratulations....on both :)


Uh-Oh! Someone said the B-word! Soon there will be running, and climbing, and getting into all sorts of things....Go Noah!


Baby's first steps? Those are so awesome. It's the 100th step that should make you *blubberweepsob* because by then he will be into everything not bolted to the floor, under lock and key, and also just plain messy.

Also, Tire? Probably evil and the reason for Noah's steps.

shy me

must research tire/child's first steps causation correlation.

love and congrats on both ; )


Yay Noah! Now he can reach all KINDS of things that were previously out of reach! And maybe he can roll the tire upstairs for y'all.


Yay for Noah! But Oh. MY. GOD. DUDE. The wobbling, and bumping and THUMPING... I'm getting nauseous thinking about it!
Lots of luck!


How can he possibly be big enough to be walking? Just yesterday you shared that you were pregnant... And this means that Will is just a few months behind... UGH!!!


Too exciting, all around! And of course, Noah being the overachiever that he is had to go and overshadow it being a holiday. I would expect anything less. Congrats and good luck!


Congrats! Now all he needs is a stick, a page-boy cap and some nickers and he'll be OWNING that tire.
...did that visual work for anyone?


Congrats to Noah!


Right on! Since Noah's going to need some new walking shoes, that means you get to buy some, too.

Maxine Dangerous

::Noah staring at tire:: This foyer's not big enough for the both of us, Michelin.

Congrats! :)


it looks like he's challenging The Tire to a duel.


Do I see Broken Tivo on the stairs? Is Noah walking towards it in the hope of repairing it and winning back your full and unconditional love?


Aww, congratulations to Noah!


congratulations on the tire move!

kidding, kidding. give noah a cheek-pinch and a hearty "YOU ROCK!" for me, ok?


Wow! Congrations! Condolences on leaving the innocence behind?
Wait, isn't this a spare tire? As in, one the car might need to have more close at hand than upstairs in the closet?


Congrats on the first step. Today was the day for milestones. My little guy pulled himself up for the first time.


Labor Day 2006 gave you the Walking Noah!

Coming Early September 2006:
Getting Into Everything Noah

Just in time for Christmas 2006:
Fleeing Noah

Get yours today!


CONGRATS! Get ready to childproof on a whole new level!


awww way to go to your lil man!! yay!!! hugs.

Heather B.

Who is that child standing all upright and shit and walking???


Go, Noah!

But really, would you one day explain why there is a cat painted on your wall?


It's all over for you now. Next week toddling and the next week running, and then you'll NEVER know where he is! (Hopefully still in the house.)


lol even from the back Noah looks a wee bit surprised at his new, higher perspective. Red letter day indeed.


Aw! Look at him just standing there! Go Noah!

Fraulein N

Congrats! He is totally planning his next move.


Those first steps are so cool. Wait until he's chasing you around the house, giggling all the way. :-)

Katie Kat

WEEEEE! Yay Noah! I'm waiting for those first precious steps at my house, but not really TOO excited! Now, if I could just get her to stop YELLING... :)

Bozoette Mary

Not only will Noah follow the tire up the steps, he will then wedge himself inside it and roll back down. Trust me on this one.


Yay! And even before he turned you-know-what on you-know-when!


He's walking! Congratulations to Noah. :)


Oh my! I predict pictures are going to get even more interesting from this point forward.


Look at that little guy. He's got great posture and shoulders out to here. Adorable.


Congratulations to the new walker and the daddy with big plans for the tire.


Yay, Noah!! Sorry, Amalah and Jason! They get so big so fast. And so much harder to catch...


Congrats to you both! next he will be climbing everything possible, you have to be quick on your toes now he's mobile!
Good job Noah!

Silly Hily




Also about the walking.



Yikes! You're the proud mom of a TODDLER now! Congrats!!

the reluctant ADDult

Oh my gosh! That is such a huge step! I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Oh, yeah, and cool Noah is walking now, too.

(You are in serious trouble, you know.)


It looks like Noah walked right out of his clothes! ;-)


Go Noah! So glad to be a witness to such an historic event!

You must be so proud xx


you and jason should stop everything and just hump like bunny rabbits. you sound WAY more emotionally stable than when you were trying to get pregnant the first time; how could the disappointment, if it doesn't happen, even be comparable since you have NOAH now? but being an only child is lonely.


Whoa, anon, way to squash the joy and happiness of the event.

There should be a law--or at least an Internet ordinance--that nobody shall comment on anybody's procreation choices in such a condescending and critical manner.

And I can testify that the "disappointment" of not conceiving the second, even if you already have a child, can be comparable--because there are people like YOU out there snarking on about how "being an only child is lonely."


ROCK ON Noah!!


Go's (almost) your birthday...

Jason had better get that tire put away before Noah is old and strong enough to roll it down the street, LOL. By the look of his posture and shoulders that may be sooner rather than later!

Persephone wants me to ask if Noah likes slightly older women?


Go On With You Bad Self, Noah! Now he can do some chores around the house. Taking Ceiba out, changing the oil-- you know, the Big Boy stuff.

Riana Lance -

WTG, Noah!

Congrats on the 1st steps...


That's funny!
Congrats on the walking


Go Noah!


Thats awesome! Watch out world here comes Noah!

Her Bad Mother

High Five! On both counts!


Dude, what's with that super-sweet cat on the wall? it's like you're living "Lady and the Tramp." Colour me jealous.

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