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Entirely Hypothetical

So let's say it's been brought to your attention (thank you, Interpid Internet People! I owe you a Coke.) that some loser on MySpace (I know! A loser! On MYSPACE of all places!) is stealing your writing and photos and manufacturing a nice little fake life for her fake self.

Let's say you report a couple copyright violations to MySpace. Let's say you didn't initially realize just HOW many entries she's copied because...well, it's a MySpace blog. Have you ever tried to navigate through those things? Do they make anybody else feel as old as I do? Or am I the only one who gets a headache from trying to read a red font on a black background floating over a photograph?  While the Black-Eyed Peas are on auto-play in the background? Just me then? Fine, moving on.

Let's say you realize she's been posting your writing pretty regularly since at least June, which is when her entries suddenly disintegrate into day after day of cut-and-pasted song lyrics and seriously, if she's stolen shit before that you almost don't care, no way are you scrolling through yet another Elliot Smith song that just perfectly captures all the complicated hurts and feelings of some teenager for whom the fake life of a fake live-in nanny living in Vegas is pretty much the coolest and most glamorous thing EVER.

Let's say you also notice stuff that's not your writing, which obviously means she's plagiarizing multiple people because...please.

So with all that said, do you:

1) Break down and create a MySpace account so you can contact "Claudia" directly and ask her to take the offending posts down. Girlplease. Not happening.

2) Report the additional copyright violations. Wait a reasonable amount of time in patient silence to see if MySpace takes care of it. This would obviously be the most adult reaction, because while it's creepy as ALL HELL, she's not hurting you or anything, and really, it's fucking MySpace.

3) Take Yvonne up on her offer to "comment and go all Latina on her ass," because Yvonne has a MySpace account, HAAAA LOSER.

4) Stomp around in a petulant fit , post a link and unleash the Wrath of teh Internets on her. (She stole a picture of my TIRE, people. MY TIRE! I feel so violated.)

5) Stomp around in a petulant fit, post an entry without the link because you don't want to be some kind of Big Bad Blogging Bully, which accomplishes...pretty much nothing except to let "Claudia" know that you know and that you know she knows and that MySpace knows and seriously, knock that fucking shit off this instant.

I'm just wondering what you would do. In case, you know, this really happened instead of being entirely hypothetical.

Confidential to "Claudia:" There are no IKEAs in Las Vegas. Or even in the entire state of Nevada, dumbshit.



Dude, post the link and I'll write something to her. I have a myspace account but I don't steal your stuff! I've linked to you a few times to tell people how halarious you are, but never stolen stuff from you! Geeze, people are pretty unoriginal if they can't even come up with something to say about their own lives. E-mail her link to me and I'll go scope her out! :o)

Silly Hily

Oh hell no she didn't!
I say you combine #3 and #5. Give us the link so we can watch Yvonne go all Latina on her ass b/c that shit would be funny!


lurker again -her page is way scary all that red and black makes my eyes hurt *rubs her eyes*


"Step 1. Post link.
Step 2. Lawyer involved. Because, seriously, you're a talented writer, it's not just a hobby anymore your writing is your career, and you should protect your biggest asset - your self.'

I'm with Alicia on this one. This is your livlihood. Not to mention the future blog fodder could be priceless.

I had a Louisiana Pawn Shop owner hijack my MySpace account awhile back (yes, I'm admitting to an attack of Loserdom when I signed up at MySpace for all of a month) and I just canceled my profile. But when I contacted MySpace to get their help, they took more than a month to even respond to my original request. And it was blatant the profile thief wasn't me. It was a MAN for chrissakes! So I blogged about him and then canceled my account. And will never sink so low as to have anything to do with MySpace again, except to laugh at other people. Except Yvonne. She represents all Amalah fans' hope for a swift ass kicking of "Claudia", if that' even her real name and location.

And I'm howling over the McPeckerpull thing.

Kid Ikaros

Claudia deserves whatever is coming to her. But I think we're missing the larger point here: nothing posted online is particularly safe from plagiarism. Printed material can be checked, but the internet lets you pretty much steal whatever the hell you want and claim it as your own. I think we should start the internet equivalent of a Neighborhood Watch and work together to report thefts like this. We could call it the Web Monitor Defense – WMD for short. I nominate you for president in charge if WMD proliferation. What do you think?


God I hate myspace... I agree Amy... you can't read it, it's written in some foreign language that I just don't understand (if I can write text messages using the English language, others can type it out)... the colors, music, background. And? Apparently I'm lacking in myspace-knowledge since I can't even find her!!!

Heidi T

I found her page.... what a freak... I'll kick her ass if you want LOL.


Dude. How are all your readers finding her page? How much of an idiot am I that I don't know how to work MySpace?


I say replace the photo with something else. And then sic Y on her.


Honestly, at this point, I'm ready to sign up for a MySpace account to thank Claudia for being so damned amusing.

Seriously. No Internet Vigilantes needed. If she'd stolen photos of Noah I'd probably be scaling the walls with rage, but again...she stole a picture of a TIRE. And one with PART OF MY DOG'S BUTT.

And my writing, yes. That bugs. But it's not like I'm afraid some literary agent is going to stumble upon her page and offer her a book deal that should rightly be mine or anything, right?

I am genuinely curious to see how long it will take MySpace to respond. I've heard everything from "almost immediately" to "a month" to "never."

She's lame and stupid. Yet damned fine entertainment value.


Jes, I'm with you on that.

I've had Myspace since it came out, and I still can't find this chick!


Stealing someone's writing to put in a Myspace blog is like stealing someone's pink Prada sandals and then wearing them to Dennys. What's the point?

I hope that Myspace cracks down on her. Plagiarism is not cool.


And I have no idea how y'all are finding her! I thought I was all nice and responsible by hiding details about her! (Claudia isn't her profile name, by the way, just a name she did a hasty find-and-replace in posts that used my name.)

I like to think I know how to Google pretty well, but you people could run circles around me.

Y from the internet

I only have a MySpace so that I can keep in touch with my comedian boyfriends. If that makes me a loser, THEN I DON'T WANT TO BE A WINNER!!

I'm not ashamed of My Myspace either. That is why I have it linked on my blog. Now, go ahead and get yourself one already so that I can ADD YOU and leave pretty glittery comments.


HAHA, What a freaking idiot she is!!!! I was expecting to find pictures of Noah on there too, and so far I haven't! Just the well loved spare tire and some other miscellaneous bs. She's pretty damn desperate for some GOOD writing I guess!


I filed a complaint against her.


I (unfortunately, totally unfortunate) have a Myspace account - which I got to shut all my friends up who had them and were all "why don't you have one?" - will go comment for you. I'm ALL 'BOUT IT. If it were me I'd file a cease and desist on both her and Myspace for ignoring repeated violations. I'm going through a similar situation with a company trying to profit from my trademark. It's your writing - and especially if you make any form of money off it - you've got every right to get straight-up Compton on her. Good luck.


So, Amalah, remember my blog, Woman Interrupted? This is the reason why I took it down/stopped writing much on the internets...some crazy person stole content from my blog and tried to pass it off as her own. Only she stole pictures of my preshus baby Ella, and that just ain't cool. But I didn't have legions of readers to go "Latina" on her. :-)


How are people finding this girl I have been looking forever! I know amalah doesn't want to but if someone could email me the link it would be amazing.


coming out of lurker mode because this is just so wrong! i agree with alicia - get an attorney. don't wait for myspace to do anything because they never will. too many other fish to fry. this is your shit girl! and definitely get yvonne to go latina on her. i'm latina...the wrath yvonne will give is worth the watching.


I have not the super searchy skills of MySpace, but I do have 20 minutes while offspring sings "1 2 3 4 5 once I caught a fish alive" in the tub to Google a bunch of likely combos.

(speaks volumes about my day!)(perhaps I should get with MySpace after all, I seem to be saaaaaad enough)

First one that came up was Claudia in Vegas over on clubmom .. . . .


I have not the super searchy skills of MySpace, but I do have 20 minutes while offspring sings "1 2 3 4 5 once I caught a fish alive" in the tub to Google a bunch of likely combos.

(speaks volumes about my day!)(perhaps I should get with MySpace after all, I seem to be saaaaaad enough)

This is sooooooo rude.

Can't offer same services as Y, but could offer to get frightfully English on her bottom!


buttrtfingers, sorry to non freaky claudia - thought I'd hit preview. apologies.


I am so disappointed in what I thought were my superfantastic mad searching skillz. Anyone want to email me the link?


Umm...what a freak! That's just too creepy. And I totally want the link so that I can bitch her out. I really hope that she didn't take the pics of Noah, because that's freaky.

Wacky Mommy

Oh shit.


Apparently I lack the mad google skillz because I cannot find this crackhead's blog. (I hate to be so into this, but, seriously, could someone send me the link?)


Ahh! I can't find her. I am a terrible Myspace searcher. Someone! Tell me how to find her! I want to see too!

I promise not to send her any mean emails or anything... unless, of course you change your mind and want us internet folks to bombard her with glittery "Just stopping by to say "Stop being a thieving bitch" myspace comments.

Silly Hily

If anyone is e-mailing that link, send it my way too. I promise I just want to look. I NEED TO LOOK. Am bored.


She says that she is a free lance writer!!!!! Hahahahahaha

The Muse

Yeah, I want it, too. Can someone (anyone) send me the link? I need something to do these last couple days at work. Which means, playing on the internets. :)


I tried to find it and I couldn't... good thing they aren't paying me to surf myspace. I'm curious to know if she stole anything about Ceiba, because hello! Ceiba's name is quite a bit DC-ish, is it not? Also, I would find stealing the doggy stories almost as bad as stealing the Noah stories.


I just hope that "Claudia" is reading all these comments. And getting very, very afraid (she knows Y can do The Worm, right? Lol).

It is pretty pathetic. Hopefully she will see sense and delete the plagiarised posts before MySpace even have to take action.

I can't believe she stole your tyre. There is some crazy peoples out there man!


Maybe someone could post a few of their search terms? That wouldn't really be passing the link on. Just...helping us find it ourselves?

I need to see this.

Beth F.

Link it.
Title the entry
"Go get her, my bitches."


This happened to me too. I emailed "Sandi" and told her to knock it off or I'd take legal action. She said, "Oh, yeah, sorry about that" as if it were something that had happened entirely by accident, and then her account was deleted within the hour. People are so weird.


If you can't post a link I am with Allie on posting the proper google terms to search for. Pleeease




I never ever delurk for anyone, any blog..
Pretty please post the link...


I confess, I was someone who mailed BRash for the link. I thinking I'm getting RSI from refreshing this page. [whine]Please, someone send me the link[/whine] :)


Somebody hook a fat girl up and send me the link! I have been looking for this crackwhore for an hour now and - NOTHING!!


Ugh, I have just been on her MySpace and I feel much more incensed (sp?) now that I have actually seen her poor, poor attempt at being you.

For everyone wanting the link, I won't post it, but I did find it through visiting the blog of someone who commented on this page. It's there if you want to find it.


this exact thing happened to me. only it was a xanga site, not myspace. and for the record some of us have myspace accounts and are not losers. moving on.

i was told by a plagiarism expert (yes there are such things) that i was lucky--because essentially my commenters and i harrassed her into tucking her unoriginal tail between her pathetic legs and slinking back under the rock from whence she came. xanga has shown a distressing lack of response to complaints against their siteholders before. i would have to hope that myspace is different.

that said, it's tricky. because often myspace users especially are stealing your writings so they can get lots of hits / friends on their myspace page, as they see your content is popular. sending a thousand commenters their way to harrass them may be just the kind of negative attention they will relish.

in this case, myspace has a responsibility not to sanction the publication of copyrighted content. they're the ones you need to push on, i would think, although it might depend on how far you want to go with it.


Your readers are so pretty (and handsome!) that I want to kiss them.

Not with tongue.

The fact that she does this, and the way she changes the stories to make it sound like she was actually there, is kind of creepy.

Claudia = Creepy


I found it. It's sad and creepy.


that sucks... what a lamewad. i do want to see the page just out of curiosity....


that sucks... what a lamewad. i do want to see the page just out of curiosity....


I found it and my search skills suck. It's pretty pathetic.

You just need to google the basic stats and don't forget she wants to be a freelance writer!


Oh, so very sad. I've been trying to figure out the mind of the e-faker for a very long time.

So, so sad.

But thanks for the link!


Hi Amy,

I don't know how well you remember me, but I was "pizza girl" at BlogHer. My story was that I got an entry clipped (the one I showed you called "Curris my Nipable...")...ON A SWINGERS SITE (my friend Nancy found it via google.) Did not change any names I'd used or anything. I had to form an ID (!) to contact anyone there on the "sexy site"(my hotmail acct is forever ick'ed) and from there, I said plainly told them the deal and that I wanted to have them take it down immediately. They did rather promptly, less than a day, I'll give them that.

I have seen other issues of this (Sarah Brown, AB Chao) getting hijacked on MySpace. It EVENTUALLy gets taken down but they have to investigate even if it's a slam dunk.

A little OT- My Space has some really f*cked up rules. In how they protect their members, particularly the youngers ones. Very bizarre.


I found it through the Google domain search... she's locked down most of the entries but the titles are exactly the same.

What a freak.


I think there needs to be an amalah chat room....

And not to change the subject or anything (okay, maybe I'm starting to think that "Claudia" is getting off on all this talk about her), but has anyone seen the pictures of baby Suri? Does anyone else not believe that's Tom's kid or is it just me?


I don't think age has anything to do with liking MySpace-- I'm 21 and I HATE it. The music and the lights and what have you, drive me nuts. That said, I'd be open to getting an account just to see this plagiarizer, because I'm a loser like that. :)

As for Suri-- the guy at Pink is the New Blog had it right-- that baby looks like she has a wig on. I wonder where they got her.


The baby looks a little Asianish from certain angles.

But yeah.

So. Much. Hair.


I love how on her "Tell Us About Yourself" survey she answers "No" to the "In the past month, have you stolen anything?" question.

I guess there wasn't space to say, "I mean, except for the blatant plagiarism."

Also, if she's really 18, then so am I.


Mr Nice Guy just outed her.


The link, I need the link now... Kids are getting off the bus in like 20 minutes... The rest of the night will be wrapped up in homework and one pissed off 4th grader!!!!!


I say release Y on her! Definitely!


Take it away, Yvonne.


Ha! I found her! She's so lame! I am also feeling lame for search search searching for her. Her page makes my eyes hurt.


Yikes. My head hurts after looking at her page for too long.

I love how she has even cut and pasted some of your entries together. So creative, that one. I think she'll go far with her writing career!


Okay, am giving up. The link is out there and easy to find now. Just...please. No torches and pitchforks, you know? Threats and intimidation aren't any better than plagiarism, in my opinion. (Not that I think most of you would do stuff like that, but...ehhh.)

Also, I tried to be all sneaky and change the tire photo to one that called her a dumbass, and just screwed it all up. I am not so much of a Justice Fighter, after all.


So, in the blog where she copied the Blue's Clues post there is a 'gah gah gah' bar that when you scroll over sort of links to Amalah. What is that about and does she not realize it?

Also, I am assuming she is deleting or not allowing comments from anyone trying to out her. What a sad little person.


ahhhhhh - she's fears "not doing anything with her life" - and to have achieved it so young!

mr nice guy

amy -- thanks for the head's up. great post. wankyjohn and i feel so .... violated. so dirty.

and i totally agree with beth -- go get her my bitches indeed!

Black Belt Mama

Remember back when you did my meme and made my day? Well, the way I see it, I owe you one. Unleash the wrath. I test for brown belt next week; I'll let her know "what's up" for you. And I'd unleash Yvonne too.


I emailed her, In a nut shell I told her that I really liked her blog the first time I read it on ... She hasnt read the message yet.

Ill will definately let you all know if she replies or if she even reads it.

The thing that made me more mad after I though about it is, that shes getting all the comments about how witty and how funny she is. I KNOW how hard it is to come up with something funny to write about and to me that is the worse thing about all this. Its not just that she stole your ideas, and in a creepy way, your life... its that she stole a tiny bit of your glory too.


delurking! i feel wretched about it as i have read your interwebpage thingy for a lo(oon)ng time. (if i say how long i will feel ultra bad) and just now, feel the need to delurk. it is the first time i have ever done this. it feels good though. Hi, amalah! I requested to be her myspace friend..ack. I feel like creepy stalker. Awesome. So.. congrats on the noah, and the freelance, and all that other stuff I wanted to wish you.


By the way, if any of you recognize any of the non-amalah stuff she's ganked, let us know. I just tracked another one to MetroDad.

I stand by my earlier opinion of dumbshit.


Some stuff she wrote looks like Dooce's too.


Bring in on Bitch! I can get all Philly style on her ass.
Noone steals tire pictures and gets away with it!!!! OH hold me back... hold me back...


Yo yo suckas, I finally found it Perry Mason Style!


God. I got motion sick just looking at that page.

These kids today.

Black Belt Mama

You know what the most hysterical thing about it is? All her pictures that are your pictures have your web address on them. What a loser. If she's going to plagarize, she could at least try to make it look legit. What a stupid, stupid girl. This reminds me of when I taught high school and students would steal poems off the internet. I'd type in one line and be able to nail them.


She's blocked most of her blogs, with the exception of the tire entry and the Blue's Clues entry. She also states that she wants kids "someday" but changed Noah's name to Cole.I left her a comment on the blog page, but you know she won't approve it.


found her, Mr. Nice Guy isn't as shy as you are, lol.

How pathetic and creepy this kid is....

Since I see an "image not available" where I assume the spare tire pic was, I can see you've taken care of that one, but she has hotlinked more than just the tire.

ex: she hotlinked a few more:


someone with the HTML skillz can probably help you with a redirect thingy, I've seen them before, where when you try to hotlink someone else's images directly, it will redirect and post a different image (which can be as nasty as you like, hehehe)

Freckle Face Girl

Can you say Single White Female??? What a wackadoo!


Aww Claudia..why so lame? Why so pathetic? Why so illegal??


You can read all the entries (even the friends only ones) if you click on "View All Blog Entries" and then use the little "Blog Archives" links at the bottom of the sidebar. Just keep hitting "Older" and watch the chop-jobs continue.

(Heh. I seem to have lost the high road I was bound and determined to take. Whoops.)


This dumbass says:

"And, Nicole, I haven't posted any pictures of me (and probably never will) not because I don't think I'm pretty - heck, I know I am ;) - point is, my family has a thing about pictures, and it manages to scares the crap out of"

I am REALLY fighting the urge to ask her how her family feels about her stealing other people's photos.

What a dumbass.


Okay, so I hesitated jumping in the ring, since I've seen this sort of thing before. But thanking "Lila" for the mix CD? The one where, "Nobody tells you how much fun it is to dance around the living room to the endless delight of a baby who isn't yours with Hanson's "Mmmmbop" set on repeat play." Ew, that is just really scary right there.

On the plus side, now that people are copying you, does this make you one of the popular girls? Will you still be everyone's friend or will you just ignore us while you sit at the cool kids table in the cafeteria?


Yes, creepy and so, so ridiculous.

And I think she is on to us, seeing as her profile lists her as "Drunk now!" and I cant get into any of the blogs.

The sad part is that myspace really isn't all that bad. I wish there wasn't a ton of crazies on the loose ruining it for everyone (and people with a title like her's start to cross over into the crazy, I think).

I wonder if she had any loyal readers...??


OMG. I totally clicked on SpySpy's link to Mr. Nice Guy's post with the link to "Claudia's" MySpace page, and...even though I have no MS account and can't see any of the aforementioned stolen material, my eyes are burning from that horrific looking homepage. Good luck with all of that Amalah. We are so rooting for you here.


So I spent all day refreshing and reading comments on Amalah instead of doing my homework and my professor decided to do an impromptu lecture today anyway.

BUT! Guess what the lecture was??? "Intellectual Property - Protection of New Ideas in a World Without Intellectual Property Rights"

I guess that means my day spent on Amalah was actually preparing me for class? Just thought you should know about your public service - Thanks!


and has to admire the attention to altering your details. Not to expose just how familiar I am with your archives, but she had to go WAY back to get a picture of the Diktad toy box...


That happened to me once. I threw a fit, then I calmed down. I let everyone know what this person was up to. Her friends, I also posted a blog about it. She immediatley tore the page down. *Bawhahaha!* : )


Her MySpace page is quite possibly the saddest cry for help I've ever had to ignore.


Wow, that is some messed up shit. (And I got a headache just trying to read her site.)

I wonder if she'll steal this entry too and be all "Some chick named Amalah is stealing all of my blog entries." Wah, wah, wah...


Sharon: I know, right? There was some stuff on there that was so old I didn't realize it was my own damn writing until I Googled it.

I think it's really nice that the parents she nannies for let her hang out with her boyfriend while she's working too, right? Man, her life is so cool! I'm jealous!

And BRash: just glad I could help.


You know, I read one of the posts and it was bugging me where I had heard that from.....

I think it is Dooce. Im gonna have to research it now.


*starts relentless chant* We want the link! We want the link!


i guess i don't get why everyone wants to post her link. it's just giving her attention and plus, what purpose would it serve? but it seems like it's gotten out of your hands now.

i'm still wondering how you found out she was doing it, unless it was in your stats? i'm only asking because i'm pretty sure i wouldn't know if someone was doing the same but we should all maybe know about it because there's some crazy little kids on myspace.


Actually, towngirl is on to something. She's probably only doing this to impress her friends (especially the one that comments on practically every post and tells her she should be a writer).

Perhaps the friends know and think its funny, or perhaps they don't know. But if we messaged a few of them to let them know she's doing this, instead of just letting Claudia know you know, well, then that might actually make her stop. Clearly it is the end of the day and I am tired of working.

Anyway, that could work. Unless you really are ripping off of her and she posts about it, but then it gets too meta and my head starts really hurting.


I have a friend who hired a copyright lawyer and prosecuted someone who was using his artwork without permission. It took a while, but he won a $50,000 settlement.


Sorry if this has been pointed out but does anyone else find it amusing that someone who is portraying herself as so gothy is copying from here?


For those of you who have a MySpace account... even if she has to approve the comments, you can still send her a message. Be deceiving with the subject line, like "Remember me from junior high?" or "OMG I totally love Morrissey too!" That way she'll open it and read your words of scorn and ridicule.


I think it's really nice that the parents she nannies for let her hang out with her boyfriend while she's working too, right? Man, her life is so cool! I'm jealous! Me too! She goes to the zoo, and shopping, and to Starbucks. And she's so dedicated to that boy she babysits, I bet she missed him like crazy when she and some of her online friends went to that BlogHer conference, or when she goes out to dinner with Jason, oops, I mean "Dan".


also, what's with everyone wanting to go look at her page?

i don't get it. i didn't get the impression that's what you were out to accomplish. but still...she's probably psyched right now because she's had so many views.

the power of the internet, i tell you.


BWAHAHAHAHAHA! amy, i called it!


Sarcomical: Mrs. CPA somehow stumbled upon it and sent me an email. Which is funny, because whenever people ask me if I'm afraid of getting my stuff stolen I also say that I figure my readers would eventually find it and let me know. They never believe me, and yet, ta da!

Audra: Aw, come on. My pretty pink site and IKEA furniture is TOTALLY PUNK ROCK! Heh.

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