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Well, there you go. I am totally sure Claudia will never ever plagiarize again. In fact, I bet we've eradicated the problem of Internet plagiarism altogether.

Except that I am also pretty sure poor, put-upon Claudia and her Kicky Flat Mary-Janes have probably already created another MySpace account and this one is like, at least 37% gothier and contains 45% more Morrissey lyrics and you know what? She's GLAD this happened. WHATEVER. She's way too hardcore to like, care and shit, especially since her freelance writing is like, going SO WELL and she's totally making $1,000,000 a year now because she is AWESOME and she RULZ! PISS OFF H8TERS!

The end.

Thanks to Mrs. CPA for finding Claudia's page in the first place, and then taking valuable time out of her cRuiZing 4 MySPAcE hOTTieS schedule to tell me about it.

Thanks to Mr. Nice Guy and MetroDad for also writing stuff worth stealing. Claudia's blogroll kicks ass!

Thanks to everybody who chimed in with advice and pointers and offers of legal help and dummy MySpace accounts. Oh, and the righteous fury. The delicious, buttery fury.

But mostly, thank you for keeping the comments section at a football-in-the-groin, clown-car fender-bender level, instead of letting it escalate to the five-car pile-up it easily could have become. Thank you for not being all, "I'll see your plagiarism, Claudia, and raise you a DEATH THREAT, MWA HA HA." I really hesitated to say anything about...well, any of it, because good Christ, you know how these things can get.

(But of course you know I HAD to say something, because I am totally Fake Internet Drama's bitch, and also I pretty much had NOTHING ELSE TO WRITE ABOUT, EXCEPT PERHAPS THAT I AM INORDINATELY FOND OF MY NEW TOASTER.)

Basically, thank you for not being totally monkeyshit crazy. If I had a MySpace page I'd like, totally friend you.

Now I must figure out how to make sure I never, ever use the word "friend" as a verb again, and to cleanse the images of dozens of seizure-inducing MySpace pages (white text on a zebra-print background, people! ZEBRA PRINT!) from my brain.

I'll probably need bleach, don't you think?



Good on you for calling the poaching little cretin out!

I teach English and we can never have enough reinforcement that plagiarism = PAIN.

Thanks for fighting the good fight, sister.


Okay, I can't stop the previous conversation just because you sht down comments.

(Ohhhhh - don't lock me out!)

But I have to say - the funniest part about the fact Google asks if you really meant Winklejohn when you search for "Wankyjohn McPeckerpull" - is that when you click the Winklejohn link, the only link they have there is to your question asking why Google would suggest Winklejohn.

That's some weird internet self-referential weirdnes.

RockStar Mommy

I don't know if you remember someone doing that to me when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant - she even stole all my ultrasound pictures and claimed to be pregnant and ready to give birth at any moment. Freaked me the hell out. That's when I started watermarking all my photos. But, you know... you can't escape the freaks, as much as you would like to hope so. Especially someone as talented/pretty as you - I'm sure you've got quite the stalker-base.


The best part of all of this is that these bloggers who Claudia admired so much so that she copies their ideas - they (you) have each taken her down slowly and painfully, with jabs on her character, her talent, her intelligence. That's gotta sting, huh?

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