Just Lose It
Unfortunately, pulling off the "skinny jean" generally requires one to get off one's fat ass occasionally

What the hell is wrong with me?

On second thought, don't answer that. We don't have that many hours.

Here's one obvious problem, at least:


Just wait. It gets worse.


For the record, I am ashamed. Deeply ashamed. And yet...


Um. Hee?

The best part is that's an EXTRA SMALL sweatshirt. For dogs "5 lbs +/-"  And Ceiba will ALWAYS be an extra small, because she will never grow up and stop being my eensy weensy baby, unlike SOME PEOPLE AROUND HERE who are suddenly wearing size 24 month clothing, which is totally not as cute as those little polka-dot footie jammies, and the hats hardly ever have ears on them anymore, and why do all the stores want to dress my child like a damn lumberjack?

Seriously: this plus these plus this equals:


This. Minus the ladies' undergarments, obviously, but still.

Okay, Noah might have the suspenders. And I think we do maybe have a similar kind of hat. And how damn awesome is this? But I draw the line at the shirt! I have my limits!

GOD. FINE. I totally don't, since the doggie sweatshirt wasn't even close to being the most obnoxious thing I purchased that day.


The hypocrisy! It burns!

Again: so deeply ashamed. I can't even bring myself to try them on, because what if I think they look kind of cute? WHAT THEN?


I am disgusted to be your pursedog, you silly fashion sheep-type person.



Vest ....Noah needs the orange vest


I am stuck on the leggings business. And let's not even mention the skinny jeans. When, pray tell, will you show us (unbelievers) that they are actually worth buying? Because something in me caved last week and I actually found myself pondering The Legging with something other than horror...Cute Potential.

Mrs. Flinger

HA! I would add something witty and funny here but nobody can top THAT.


Dare you to put one of those on Max.


Hate to do this to you Amy, but after trying and failing to find the damn Gap dog hoodie on gap.com, I went looking on the internets:

I am utterly mesmerized.

No, seriously


Is it odd that I like to dress my baby as a little man? I must find him some suspenders.

(looking forward to the pictures of you in the leggins. Haa....)

(and did you get the offer on your place yet? It's killing me!)


I haven't read all the comments, so this could be a repeat, but you can totally still get hats with ears on them. I'm going to share a website with you, but I want you to be careful should you go there because it can suck away every dollar you have (or have credit for): http://www.comfykid.com and go to the Zutano brand, cozies, sherpa hats (or just go here: http://www.comfykid.com/cgi-bin/ck-shop.cgi?func=show_group&brands_id=8&groups_id=17 ) and you will find soft, fabulous hats WITH EARS! Sizes from 0-6 to 18-24 months!


Oh sweet jeebus girlfriend, next you'll be wearing stirrup pants. KILL IT BEFORE IT SPREADS!!!!


There is nothing wrong with that dog outfit. Is that really a Gap dog sweatshirt or a baby Gap sweatshirt? I have a very tiny and very lovable dog who has an extensive wardrobe and a Gap hoodie would be a nice addition.


I dare you to wear your tights to Gymboree.

And also, Noah would make the cutest lumberjack in the history of the Internet.

And also also, poor Ceiba. *lol*



What about a picture in said jeans and leggings (not together, that would be horrific) for your readers to decide how they look... ;-)

Mrs X

Leggings. Eek! That didn't go well in the 80's. I wonder who thought it was a good idea now?

But dogs in sweaters? I can totally get behind that.


Ceiba is teh most awesomest dog, ever and I love her.

Except for the poo/pee and cat turn thing she has going on.

I love Ceiba! She is Cutie Cutie mcCute-ersons!


Your dog would be right at home in Japan.


Let me know how the footless tights go. I saw them at Gap the other day and wasn't sure whether to get them or not!


I caved and bought that same sweatshirt last year. Check out my beagle. She's sporting it in yellow, size M:


And she couldn't look any more pathetic!

Real Girl

Yay for doggie pics! Yay! Real Cat would bite my hand off if I tried to get him in a hoodie, but he may have his own Mets cap. Just maybe.

Oh, honey. I just can't join the legging train with you. They keep me up at night.


I'm always amazed Ceiba is so small. I don't know why, but I have it in my head that she weighs about 30 pounds.



You and Noah should walk over by GW's campus and see all the spoiled rich girls wearing leggings, big plastic hoop earrings, long sweaters draped over their right shoulder like they are appearing in Flashdance, and yes, the icing on the cake... LEG WARMMERS!! You will immediately return your tights to the Gap.

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