Hopefully we can all agree that this counts as updating
The Road to Hell...


Last year, we spent about 40 minutes in line trying to keep a small bald turtle child awake just long enough to see Santa, and arguing over why BLUE SHOES ARE NEITHER CHRISTMASY NOR MATCHY, JASON STORCH:


This year, we spent 15 minutes in line (the 15 longest damn minutes of my entire life, and that's about how long my c-section took) trying to keep Noah from throwing yet another temper tantrum over GOD KNOWS WHAT (seriously, what? what do you want? what are you pointing at? why are you flailing? how do you DO that, when your whole body turns to ungrippable goo?) and jumping out of line to get a stupid balloon from the mall concierge because Trader Joe's has created a Balloon-Loving Monster, but hey! At least Santa looked slightly less lit this year:


Plus, I picked out his outfit. Although yes, it's totally bugging me that you can see his diaper even after I straightened his clothes out a dozen times, but he's about .2475 seconds away from throwing his arms up and body-gooifying his way off of Santa's lap here, so whatever.

Another magical childhood moment, all for only $17.99 plus tax.



I still cannot believe that hair. It's sprouting overnight, I swear.

The boy looks a-friggin-dorable even with his diaper showing (I wouldn't have noticed)!


Gosh Amy...he's so darn cute!!!!


Look how much he's grown!

jen fromboston

but he's not only not crying but has a big smile - which is more than half the battle right there from what I hear.
Great picture.


That Santa is cross-eyed. And OMG it's the same one from last year! How cool!


my 3 year old flatly refuses any idea of Santa but I have a magical picture of her and an Abraham Lincoln reinactor that she ADORED because Lincoln, for some reason, she LOVES.
Noah=totally cutieliciousness!!


Noah has gotten so big!! Time really does fly, doesn't it?


I love that it is the same Santa... makes it even easier to see what a huge difference a year makes!


Aren't you just awestruck by how much they change in just one year!? It never ceases to amaze me. This one is just precious because its the same santa, same chair, same xmas cheeze, but instead of an indifferent sackobaby, there's a crazy energized KID! mon dieu...


Oh my god, where did your baby go? There's a little BOY there now. (Which I'm sure you've noticed, but, damn, they sure do grow a lot in a year.)


Yes, this must have been Santa: Pre-mid-afternoon booze break.

He is adorable. And not! crying. My favorite picture of all-time is one of my sister and I on Santa's lap. I'm grinning like the big guy just promised me Barbie's Dreamhouse, and! the van, and skipper's little dog, too, and my sister is right next to me, screaming and crying. Awesome.


yeah you can't be too upset about the little diaper peeking out when he's laughing and not crying.


That is great. I can't believe you got the same Santa 2 years in a row. They change constantly here.

Noah looks ecstatic- like he's seeing reindeer Right. Over. There! Hoorah.

Did you know Ben & Jerry's is having free Santa pictures on the weekends with the purchase of anything? At least ours is!


You absolutely cannot look at that new picture of Noah with Santa, and not grin like a fool. Unless, of course, your heart is full of unwashed socks.


Do I spy dimples on those adorable, edible little cheeks? The cuteness is killing me, just like everyone else.


So sweet. And OMG, Jason, the blue shoes DO NOT GO with the rest of it. But he is still cute none-the-less. The cuteness outweights the mismatchedness.


What? I'm just sayin'.


Awwww. Too cute. Definately a Monday-funk breaker picture.


Thank God my kid isn't the only freak who throws his arms up in the air and suddenly becomes uncontrollable by any human being.

Cute pic, though.


That Santa appears to, if I am not mistaken, have a REAL beard, which makes all the difference, as far as Santa-realness factors go. As did the one at the mall where I took my boys to when they were that age. I loved that Santa.

My second son was a Thanksgiving baby, and that Christmas when he was 1-year old was lots more more fun than the first, as yours will be. (That kid just turned 15 last week, and is now 4" taller than me. Oy.)


Ohhhhhh, look at the wee-tiny bald Noah! What in the hell happened? He is a giant, upright human-person now. (Still adorable, of course! I'm just saying. HUGE.) Where did that little smoooshy bebe go? Wah.

That is an excellent Santa. I am very picky about Santas, and this one has the real beard and the nice glimmer in his eye (lit or not, still a Santa-like glimmer). I hate those young Santas with long, stringy fake beards. It just ain't right.


Kudos on the sneaks this year!

kate aka TBG

oh my goodness the cuteness makes my ovaries hurt! Look at his smile! Totally worth the 15 minutes and $17.99!


With a smile like that all is forgiven, no?


I have to endure the 15 minutes of kicking and fitting so i can get a damned picture. I have to have something to show his therapist in 20 years when he's whinin' about how he had an unhappy childhood and thats why he drinks.
Because, uh, you know, it wouldnt be genes or anything that made him like, uh, that........

Dacia :-)

B*E*A*utiful!!!! He is so damn cute! At least your Santa had teeth!! Mine had one....


Love ya'll as always!!!


How awesome. My guy went for the first time, but he's three. Got an awesome shot, too.


Very cute.


Oh my LORD does he look like you in the 2nd one! Too cute!


As someone who had santa photos taken till she turned 21 (kicking and screaming but it made my mother happy) . . .Noah looks so adorable.

And your santa looks non-pervy! Also a plus.

When I was 12 a mall Santa asked if I was 18. . .umm skeevy!

Her Bad Mother

Body-Gooifying is a special trick that I am convinced they teach other secretly, either through coded messages in their high-pitched dolphin hoots, or by surreptitious demonstration in public spaces ("Dude! The moms aren't looking! Watch this - go limp, drop your head and flail backwards. STAY LIMP. Hold position. They can't grip this jelly!") WonderBaby rocks the Goo move with a patented leg bend that sees her end up on the floor in a bizarre baby limbo pose.

And, hey! Are those red baby Chucks? NICE.


Just be glad you're not sitting in Santa's lap, too. Can't tell you how long I had to do that with girl1 and girl2.


Has Santa been sitting there since last year? He looks EXACTLY the same.

Noah's a cutie - that child doesn't have tantrums, surely?!


OMG, I miss the turtle/squirrel faces. So big! So damn cute!!!!

Lisa Bo Bisa

Awww!! He's just so friggin CUTE! And the shoes? Definitely go for the matchy-matchy :) Good call.


I think your son is the first child in the history of the WORLD that appears to enjoy sitting on Santa's lap! Most kids are crying like crazy, all snotty-nosed and puffy-eyed in their pictures with Santa.

He's just damn adorable!

Noah, that is. Not Santa. Because really, Santa is kinda creepy if you think about it.


oh Amy, that is just too cute.

My 21 month old threw a temper tantrum over a hat today, that was not even on his head. He already took it off, and was still complaining about it. Where do these kids come from.


Dude, I just looked at those pictures again, and are you sure tiny little baldy there was just taken last year?

Noah looks so big this year! So big and boyish and ... Big Boyish.

Oh, Amy. Don't cry.




What I wanna is how the HELL did you get those Chuck Taylors on his feet? I gave up at the freakin' SHOE STORE and bought Ked's instead. Lazy me.


I had no idea Santa had a lazy eye... Perhaps he could get one of his elves to make a wooden one!

Daily Tragedies

Adorable! And Noah looks delightfully happy this year (even if it's joy over the prison break he's about to make), as opposed to last year's, "Dude, I am way too cool for Santa" expression.


You're a braver woman than I.

I'm taking a picture of Hailey and super-imposing it over Santa's Lap.

Billy Bob Thorton's Bad Santa in fact. I mean if I'm going to go to all that trouble I might as well get someone famous in the picture, right?

Miss W

$17.99? Damn! That's cheap! It's friggin THIRTY-FIVE DOLLARS here...here...where houses cost less than that damned Santa picture!

(Please note that my son's grandpa volunteers as Santa at libraries where I grew up so the costume came at Thanksgiving...our tree went up...boy on Grandpa's lap -- FREE PICTURE! Take that you soulless mall Santa charging 35 damn dollars! *ahem*)


*ovaries burst*


just be thankful it's a diaper and not a c-section scar like a certain ms. spears...


Well, Jes, it's like when you graduate and put the tassle from one side to the other during the ceremony? This time, he's showing how he successfully graduated from being lit to non-lit.


Does it bother anyone else that this year his holly or poinsettia or bell (or whatever that is on his hat) is on the opposite side of his head from last year?

No? Just me?

That figures.


Heh - I looked at the first photo without realising it was last year, and I was like "Boy, he looks so tiny!" Then I saw the second one. Duh me.

Santa looks the same! Your boy is ADORABLE!


You are so much braver than I. I refuse to even take my boy to the mall, let alone test the wrath of a 3 year old by putting him on Santa's lap.


Amy, are you standing to Noah's right or is it just a big bouquet of balloons? Also, Santa's hat is on straight this year... that's why the holly is on the other side. Also, Santa is no longer being propped up from behind like a two month old so he can keep his leg up near his body instead of splayed out like a dead frog. Stay sober Santa!


OMG!! I was just scrolling up and down, up and down, because, WOW, that cannot be the same little boy. He has grown so much.

But he is still adorably cute. I just can't believe how much of a toddler he is now.

Lisa Ann

Is it just me or do Santa's freak anyone else out? Loving the red Chucks & the adorableness of Noah.


Wow, what a bargain. i paid $19.99 + tax for my twin debacle.
You can read about it on my blog today.


My pic was free, but my Nathan was not impressed with Santa. Abraham Lincoln smiled more on demand than this boy.


What I want to know is, what face are you making to get Noah to look at you and smile like that? Because I can't make Kaitlyn smile for ANYTHING if she doesn't want to. Plus, Noah? Totally rocking those red Chucks and those HUGE dimples! What a doll.

We had to miss a few years of the Santa photo due to Nathan's complete fear of anyone dressed up in any kind of costume. I'm still hopeful for this year (we haven't gone yet because Chris is out of town). Wish me luck!


Geez, 18 bucks to sit on a scary man's lap?? When I was little I wanted nothing to do with the old weirdo. I didn't even care if you got a free mini candy cane out of the deal.

Sarah Marie

Awww, turtle-child has grown up! Love the pics, I think you should do now/then comparisons more!


Two things: 1) Could he look any MORE like you? and 2) when did he grow all that hair? ADORABLE.


I do not like kids. I am scared of kids. Yet.....I am sending you my tuition bills, as any child borne of me is primarily your fault.


That picture is so CUTE!! I love the red shoes and the fact that it was the same Santa.


Wow! What a difference a year makes. Noah is just such a cutie.

And Santa still looks like he's half in the bag.


I can't believe how much he's grown!! He is absolutely precious.


My oldest daughter is 4 and still won't go near Santa without freaking and my dad even drove Santa and Mrs. Claus in our local mall parade! She's a skeptic...

Your sweet boy looks so cute and happy! Those shoes rock!

Malnurtured Snay

Santa is like, "Man, I need a beer."


Worth every single penny! And when did he get so much hair? Too cute Amy.


My God. Where is the baby?

You've made yourself one hot little man there, Amy.

He'll be 21 any minute now.


I love the little thumb forefinger positions demonstrating at all times that cooperation is ephemeral and 'My Will To Resist -- It Is Made of Hardish Steel-like Stuff!'


Santa actually looks *frighteningly* the same! Noah, though, looks more adorable and squishy with each day that passes.


i find it really - creepy? sad? - that it's the same santa and wonder if he is also the easter bunny....


Aww, it's great to see those two pictures side by side!

And look at how the shoes match in the second one.


Yes...just saying the same thing everyone else has, I know...but DAMN! That boy has grown SO MUCH! He's such a cutie!

And yes, Santa looks much more sober this time, maybe he's hitting AA with Lindsay Lohan? Hee...


He's adorable and I hate you! I could NOT get my daughter, 11 months, to sit on Santa's lap for anything this past weekend. She wasn't having it. Clung to me like a velcro monkey and wouldn't even look at the fat jolly man. I'm so jealous.


I have just one comment:


When did that happen? I mean, I remember the brusing with the molars and the screaming and whatnot... but when did all the other teeth magically appear? Jeez.


Both of those are precious! He looks more and more like you every time I see his pics!


Body-goofying: all day fun for kids AND adults!

Heather B.

Ok, I love the Santa picture, really I do, but it's imperative that you show the grandpa pajamas. Seriously.


OMG! I know this Santa ... Rachel had her pic taken with the same guy last year! Really ... I got the pic out and compared! :)

And a deal at twice the price!


OMG, Body Gooifying describes it perfectly! I know EXACTLY what your talking about!! LOL

p.s. how is it that he isn't crying at the site of Santa in either picture? Is that even possible!!?


He's grown SO much!!! Its amazing!

Also, does he favor Jason at all? Because WOW, he looks JUST like you, Amy!

Wacky Mommy

re: "body-gooifying."

Thanks for the new word -- I never have known how to describe that... that thing they do. Wacky Boy has it down to a fine art. Cute Santa pix.


OMG cross-eyed Santa gives me giggles.
Thank you for bringing that pic back. Love your blog -- you rock!


That $17.99 is so that someday, when Noah's 15, you can say, "See, you had a happy childhood and I have the pictures to prove it!"


Perfect! And that's a great Santa... I think he's the real one! ;-)


I love how teeny-tiny turtle Noah is all chill on Santa's lap. "Santa? Yeah, yeah, whatEV."


I was so caught up by all the joy on his beautiful face and his cute red shoes that I didn't even notice the diaper showing.


At least you were a good mommy and took Noah to the mall santa. I'm couldn't bear the lines so we had breakfast with Santa at our local McDonald's! Hopefully the golden arches are not visible in my picture. You know, the one of my 5 year old with a Cheshire cat grin and my 1 year old screaming her head off!

BTW I'm terribly jealous that your sweet boy has about 10x the amount of hair as my little girl.


just wait until next year or the year after when he is suddenly terrified of Santa and you spend an hour trying to bribe and/or force him to sit on Santa's lap until you realize OH MY GOD I HAVE BECOME MOMMIE DEAREST but you don't care because you HAVE to have a cute santa picture even if it causes your son to develop PTSD....I've been there....


Can I just borrow Noah for awhile? Maybe a week or so? Just to love on him for a bit? He is so flippin cute with his grin and his belly and his Toddler Owen Wilson hair.

Hey, what are you doing about the Christmas tree this year, with him being mobile and climby and all? We still haven't put ours up yet because Miss Alison Zooboomafoo Climbing Lemur Woman will probably pull it down. Just looking for any tips from other Toddler Moms.


He's enormous! And gorgeous! And ONE!

You should totally go back again and take a diaper-only picture, and give Santa a Michelob.

Miss Britt

I am absolutely ASTOUNDED that you got him to get that close to Santa! My daughter will be 2 in March and she is absolutely PETRIFIED of Santa.

I've resigned myself to the fact that there will be no Mandatory Santa Memory Mate this year.


omg who is that ridiculously old child in picture 2? holy cow he's so big. and beautiful!


Noah=cutest thing ever. I have a Santa picture from circa 1977, with my sister & I on Santa's lap and Santa's sleeve is pushed up a bit, just enought to show his extensive tatoos. Must of been his time in the Navy. Ick.


BONELESS is the term for children when they turn to jelly. How cute!


Oh my goodness! That's how big a 1 year old? From turtle to ungrippable goo in just 1 year! He's so cute!


Well, I thought $17.99 + tax was a bit pricey for a Santa picture. BUT... Yesterday I was in Bellevue Square (WA) and about fell off the 2nd level when I saw that a Santa package of oh, maybe 10 PICTURES!! (mostly wallets) was $63.99 + tax! (The cheapest package of 1 5x7 was around what you paid.) And I thought $8.00 for a Polaroid was a lot. Well, actually, that is since the whole pack costs $8.00. Oh well.

the Narcissist

I love that you had the same Santa - our first year, Santa had a lovely white, braided rat tail all the way down his chest, which I deemed very thoughtful of him to want to include in the picture. May all Santas have rat tails. ahg

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