The Road to Hell...
Only the Author of This Website Could Turn a Head Cold Into a Three-Day Baby-Snot Crisis

Crying Uncle

I spent the majority of last night in Noah's room, curled up with him in a creaky rocker while he snorted and gasped and a non-stop river of snot oozed down my chest. I felt the pestilence filling up my own nasal cavities and chafing my throat while we rocked. And I remembered all the times when my own mother rocked me all night in the same chair, and how I always felt so much better when she held me. And I wondered if she felt the same way: filled with love for the little germbucket in her arms, both weirdly enjoying the sweet, rare cuddling time and cursing it, because she felt sick or grossed out or just plain exhausted.

So things have gone mightily downhill around here since yesterday, when I chalked Noah's congestion up to typical teething woes and hauled him to Gymboree. (Dear Everybody Else There: I am so sorry. Feel free to pelt me with those weird little wiffle-type balls next week. Or rocks.) He's really, really sick, and I'm at my wit's end.

We've tried vapor baths, Baby Vick's and humidifiers. He won't eat or drink anything. I've started writing down when I give him a dose of fever medicine because I'm in such a fog and don't trust myself to remember when four to six hours have passed. I feel so freaking dumb because I have no idea if it's still just a cold or if I should take him to the doctor and how the hell am I supposed to get all these snot trails off the couch? Why is this so hard? Why isn't anyone around to help me?

We're on our last box of tissues so I'm blowing my nose with toilet paper so Noah can have the remaining Puffs with aloe. He threw my mug of tea on the couch and won't stop throwing tantrums unless I keep a non-stop Blue's Clues marathon going on the TV.   

He's so miserable. I can't make it better. I just want to make it all better.

And yet I also kind of want him to go away for a while so I can take some Nyquil and go back to bed.


Look. He's fallen asleep.

I'll take some Nyquil now, and go back to bed. But I think I'll bring him with me, just in case he wakes up and needs me to hold him and make it all better.



He looks like a little angel. :)


This is it. This is what's real.

Enjoy your Nyquil. I hope you have another 17 year's worth.

(((Amy & Noah)))


Poor thing.

If he's running a fever, I'd take him in. Coule be strep or an ear infection. Assvice for the day but said with love and compassion!

Lisa Bo Bisa

Awww...the poor guy! And his poor poor Mommy!! I would say it's time to take him in. My son recently had all of those symtoms, minus the fever, and he ended up having tonsillitis. At least then you'll know right?

Good Luck!!!



Gosh I know how you feel...

No words of wisdom, just sympathy and feel better vibes coming atcha!!


Oh, poor baby! Poor both of you! Don't let him go too long without seeing the doctor if he's not drinking because he can get dehydrated. You're doing everything you can do, you're a good mom! Maybe call the doctor and see what they say?


Is your vaporizer shaped like an elephant? Because, if it's not, it may not be working.

They have them at Target, and I find they make me feel better quickly.


Is your vaporizer shaped like an elephant? Because, if it's not, it may not be working.

They have them at Target, and I find they make me feel better quickly.

Kelly M.

Ummm, I am pretty sure that Amalah knows about dehydration. I am going to take a wild guess and say she also knows when to take Noah to the doctor as well. I think she just needed to vent.

I hope that you guys recover soon.


I have heard that you if you let him breathe in air he will sustain life. But don't forget to feed him ya know.


Aww poor little boy. I'd say give him a kiss for me, but he's probably all covered in goobers. So an air kiss, mmk? :-)


Ah. Poor little munchkin. Poor mom.

Being that I'm not a mother I'd call and schedule an appointment with the doctor. Surly they have something stronger than CVS that will help him.


I hope you both feel better soon, and that Jason doesn't get sick too so that he can baby you for as long as you need.


awww - i feel for you both. my 4 month old has a raging case of "river of snot, whining, sceaming if I dare set her down, and feeling like shit" going on as I type. i wish, more thank anything that I could take it all away, but I heep that holding her close and rubbing her back, and kissing her downy soft head comforts her in some small way.


Even with the snot and crankiness, he's still totally cuddly. Just keep doing what you're doing-- the virus probably just needs to run its evil course. Of course, it never hurts to have him checked out by the doctor. Sorry you're exhausted, too. Hugs to you both and BE GONE EVIL SNOT!

Vaguely Urban

Hope you and the snot angel get lots of restorative rest today.


That is the sweetest picture. We have had that cold before. Except it was non-stop Wiggles for us. My son and I stayed in my bed for most of the day drinking watered down juice. I think I got him to eat half of a munchin donut.

I hope you both feel better soon.

Hey! I think I saw your Santa yesterday. I take my son to WF for the train ride and to play in Pottery Barn kids (while I pretend I am shopping for something).

Mrs. Why

Poor sweet baby Noah, and poor Mom. Nothing is harder than a sick kid.

I usually let a bad cold/fever-dealie marinate for about 4-5 days before taking it to the doctor. There's nothing they can do for a viral infection, anyway, and I don't want my kids on antibiotics unless they are very very likely going to help them.


is that a BALLOON i spy??
Feel better!


Aww, there's nothing worse than when they are sick. What a cute little bugger he is though. That picture is priceless. Hope you both feel better soon!



As per our pediatrician's nurse: If he's consistently running a fever over 101 degrees, (even if it drops for a couple of hours because of meds, but then comes right back up again), immediately bring him in.

If his snot is consistently green, or shot with streaks of blood, bring him in.

If he has white spots on his tonsils, or the throat area looks seriously inflamed, (swollen & red) bring him in.

Try Pediatlyte popsicles, gatorade, and lukewarm chicken broth. No kidding, works like a charm. Avoid milk products completely- they cause the mucus to become thicker, and can cause him to have trouble breathing (which could result to a midnight trip to the ER for a breathing treatment- trust us, we know this, unfortunately.)

One of the absolute best things that worked for us? A long, very warm shower in my arms- the steam loosens up the crap. Give an age appropriate decongestant at that time and it will strongly help. Quickly too.

Watch for signs of dehydration- it hits quick and can be really really serious. They used to say if you could pinch the skin at the wrist and it didn't immediately go back to normal, if it stuck together at all, then you were dehydrated. With babies, watch for fatigue, listlessness, and dry mouth.

Sorry you're going through all this! I'll be praying.


"Hugs". Me and the Pea are sick too. Poor Noah. But he looks so sweet when he's asleep. Hope you both feel better soon.

heather b (the other one)

augh, poor noah.

i hate being sick and i know what's going on and how long it should last; babies with colds and such break my heart (so do animals, for the that matter) because all they know is something is WRONG and they don't feel good and they have no idea why.

i'm totes thinking healthy thoughts for all of you.


oh, poor sick little Noah and Mommy.

I have the stomach flu and it is just miserable.

And I guess if you are taking Nyquil you are not pregnant, see my comment from yesterday.

heather b (the other one)

and what the crap is that coffee table? I love it. is it ikea? i must have it now. i'm all about white furniture even though it will end up covered with dirty cat pawprints.


Kelly M. I just read your post, and I agree, I'm sure Amy knows when to call the dr.

But if she has a dr like we used to have, maybe not. Our stupid insurance used to make it nearly impossible to be covered for visits like this. I got almost paranoid to go to the dr unless I knew it was absolutely real. Then the dr would make me feel like an idiot for showing up when it was just viral.

But then my niece dehydrated and ended up in the hospital and it freaked me out SOOO Bad. So I thought I'd share my handy dandy nurse's guide to the concerned but not yet freaking out parent.

The RSV thing is what freaks me out.


Been there, done that, have the snot trails to prove it. Just brought Alison to the doc this weekend after a solid week of SnotRivers, Generally Crankiness, NO Sleep, and not eating much. She also had such a bad cough that she sounded like Smegel from Lord of the Rings hacking up something. Doc said she has some type of nasal infection and gave us antibiotics. She is much much better today (thank you, Lord) and I think she is about over this.

Said all that to say going to the doc over every little thing isn't your idea of fun, but maybe this isn't a little thing? I wish I would have gotten Ali in a few days earlier than I did, but I kept thinking that it was really nothing but a minor cold. Just my two cents.

Now, I get to start Ferberizing her again. Lucky me.

Beth F.

My experience with my 2 kids...when they stop eating, drinking & sleeping peacefully, they have an ear infection or a sinus infection. I would take him in ASAP.

I hope you are all feeling better soon!


The fevers freak me out. They can just spike so quickly. My brother had a fever-induced seizure when I was 4 (he was 2) and I STILL remember everything about that moment. Nothing wrong with worrying about a fever.

(This is rare and unlikely so no panicking- my bro had an undiagnosed ear infection- just validating worries).


I hope you're both better soon.


My girls still want Daddy to rock them when they don't feel well (they are 3 and 5). My boys (12 and 17) do not. Like you I find the enjoyment in making them feel better and the relatively quiet time spent rocking.
Go with what "me" said, all good stuff. I hope you both feel better very soon. Fluids and rest, fluids and rest.


No assvice, just hugs for poor little Noah and his poor Mamalah!


I feel for you! I'm one of "those" mothers that always runs her kid into the doctor at the slightest fever. I always thought I'd be wary of antibiotics and over-medicating. But...the lack of sleep and a screaming a child can change that pretty quickly. Bring on the amoxicillin.


From someone who is going through something similar today (except with less mucous... that's a good thing, right?), you have my deepest sympathies and hopes and wishes for a snot-free night and day in your immediate future.

I soooooo want a nap.

Amy M

Awwww... poor baby & Momma! My Niblet has the rivers of snot thing going on too! As do I. I agree that the one positive is the extra snuggling time!

When will I stop catching everything Niblet's bringing home from the germ farm? Argh! Sorry to vent on your blog :)


Aw just hope you and Noah feel lots better soon.

Sending lots of kittens, unicorns and rainbows your way.



All I can say is I KNOW what you're going through! Follow your mommy instincts. You'll know if he needs to go to the doctor or not.

Bonanza Jellybean

You noticed that everyone had advice but no one offered to come over and rock him so you could take a nap, right? Damn internet. :)

Blame on Gymboree. I feel sure that whatever illness he has originated straight from that little multi-colored ebola factory, and you were only right to attempt to return it. I feel certain, based on my own kid's illnesses, that school is just a cover-up for a biological weapons facility where they make the kids do slave labor when we're not paying attention.

OK, seriously- good luck with it all, but I think I'd take him to the Dr. just to be safe. And in hopes I could score some good drugs, too.


I'm so sorry! Hope you both feel better soon. ((hugs))


It's the exact same scene here, but with a 7-month old who won't be pacified by the tv.


Oh, and we DID go to the doctor and she was like "yeah, she's sick. can't do much."

Wacky Mommy

Get better soon, yins.


Poor little guy. I hope he feels better soon.


It gets easier.

You've cried uncle, so now you can drop everything and enjoy the cuddle time.


Word to "Me" who said to avoid Dairy. I have constant mucus/sinus problems and eliminating dairy fixes it. Of course, that would be too easy to do all the time :)


oh amy. all i can offer are hugs.


I would blame Gymboree too. You just know they don't sanitize those foam mats after EVERY class. *shudder*

I hope the River of Snot dries up soon and the little niblet feels better. I remember those days, the days before you could talk to the child and tell them, "Lay down here, drink this juice, watch Superman, and call me if you need anything."


I've been there, I'm sending you good sleep vibes.

Call the doctor, it's what they get paid for! Just call before buisness hours end so they don't have an attitude when they return your call.

He looks like such a little angel just passed out on the floor...
How can being a mom be so wonderful and feel so bad at the exact same moment?


That picture is so sweet.

Hang in won't last forever.

Feel better soon.

Amy H.

call the doctor. even if he doesn't have a fever. You just never know and it might make him better faster if you can talk to someone soon.

Good luck. I know it is hard doing it alone. Maybe Jason can take a sick day to help you. Work-at-home moms need sick days, too!


Sending good thoughts your way, hope you both feel better soon!!


Oh, hugs to you. It's so hard when they are sick and worse if you are sick, too. No harm calling the dr if he has a fever. When they are that little you feel so helpless. Tons of tv never hurt a sick kid. He probably won't even remember it. Try not to go crazy!

Thinking of you.


Big hugs to you and Noah. He is a precious angel! I know it is so hard when they are sick, I have a 2 1/2 yr old son who is sick now. I waited a while to take him to the Dr and we finally went yesterday and guess what? Sinus infection...Antibiotics...Yeah! I was glad I finally took him! I hope you both feel better soon! You are a great mom!


Ugh! I feel your pain. I went through a similar thing just a couple months ago. One day fine, maybe a bit of a runny noise - no biggie, to next day full on sickness. A trip that day to the doctor revelead an ear infection, croup (which was the scariest part!) and some pneumonia in my daughter's left lung. It was a tough, long weekend of forcing antibiotics down her throat and then cuddling as much as possible. I hope both you and Noah feel better soon. I hated seeing my daughter that sick.


God, that sucks. I had the food/drink refusal action going on a few weeks ago with Riley and the whole experience of dealing with a really sick kid is just terrible. (BTW I ended up shooting water into his protesting mouth with a freaking Tylenol syringe.) It's stressful, draining, and all the photos of your previously healthy kid make you cry because O, Those Were the Golden Days.

Best wishes sent your way for a speedy recovery.


Healthy, happy, snot-free good vibes to you both. Hope you're both feeling right again soon!


our three little ones all came down with a viral infection at the same time, picked up at fair oaks play area i might add, and not only would they neither eat, nor drink, but also they would not be put down. THEY WOULD NOT BE PUT DOWN. i had an extremely fevery, sweaty, whimpery baby clinging to me for just around 50 hours straight. i envy you being able to put the bebe down =(

if his fever rises to 104, then yes, hospital. other than that, they don't seem to do much other than double-dose the kids with baby motrin and then baby tylenol an hour later.


Bless his heart. Most times I would say, just give him medicine and rest and he will be fine, but my 11 month old was admitted to the hospital on Monday because she had pneumonia. She had fever, congestion and wouldn't eat. She was dehydrated once she got to the ER. She also had the snotty nose too. Just a warning from, normally, a mom that doesn't freak out over a cold.


I say make an emergency appt w/ the doc, take him in and watch him become miraculously better as you sit in the waiting room. Works every time for me. :-)


So sorry. It's so hard when the baby is sick - but I must say that photo is unbelievably adorable.


Poor little guy. And poor Mama. Thinking of both of you, and praying that Noah will feel better soon!


My semi-solicited advice:

steamy showers. Especially with Sudacare Shower Soothers. (although it sounds you've tried menthol/eucalyptus fumes already)

fluids: if he's only willing to take water, you can make gatorade or pedialite ice cubes and stick them in.

Targets in the Maryland/DC/Virgina area fairly reliably stock Puffs Plus in 3-packs and are generally cheaper then the grocery stores packs.

and keep holding him. it really is the best thing out there.


Oh poor baby. Isn't it just the worst thing when they're sick like that? But look at how angelic he is while sleeping. Awwww. Hope you get some rest too.

Jen C.

Delurking to say, hang in there. If you replace Blue's Clues with Wow Wow Wubzy, you have my Thanksgiving weekend, and now everything is fine and back to normal.


That's such a sweet picture! Hope you & noah are feeling better soon.. xx


Poor baby. Poor Amalah. I hope you both feel better soon.

You are not dumb. You're awesome. And maybe tired.

Best wishes for rest and perky immune systems. Next time get sick in Florida, I've got a house full to rock him while you sleep.


I love reading this stuff and seeing just how excellent of a mom you are, not to mention the "real stuff" you think and feel.

I am not a DR or nurse (but my best friend is an LPN!). Check with your DR but I know with fevers you can give Tylenol and Ibuprofen together -- Tylenol at 10, Ibu. at 12, Tylenol at 2, etc. They work differently, so that's why. But please check with a Dr first because I don't want to give you bad assvice -- just good assvice!!

As for the eating/drinking, my assvice is to give him whatever he will accept, even if it's not the healthiest.

Sorry, that's a lot of assvice, but I have a big ass. Mostly I just hope Noah (and you) feels better soon.

Melissa Turner

Just repeat to yourself:

My baby is sick, but I am lucky.

At least I get to be home with him, instead of also worrying about how to find care for him because I have to work and he can't go to daycare.

Get better you two!


poor mister pumpkin!!! squish!squish!

(that's me hugging him)

emmy's mom

After our daughter turned one, our doctor gave the green light to start giving her Motrin. In my opinion it was MUCH more effective than Tylenol. And, we could give her both--three hours apart--when they are that sick waiting 6 hours in between didn't help much. Of course check with your doctor--but once I learned this trick and talked to other moms, they would nod their heads knowingly, "Oh, yeah, that helps so much!" Why don't people tell you these things??


My daughter is only about 6 months older than Noah. I totally relate when you talked about wanting to make it all better, but being so exhausted that you wished he could go away for a while so you could have a little bit of your own rest.


He's such a cutie little man Amy! Sorry for the icky snotty news...this too shall pass!


aww,dude. sorry to hear noah is so sick. i would totally just bring him in, especially before the weekend hits. i'm always paranoid it will get worse during the weekend when no one is around. also with all the snot floating around, could be an ear issue. i don't know though, but i just thought i would toss that out there... all the snot and what not.
god, i hate when they are sick! hang in there mama.


Poor little guy! I'm feeling your pain over here. We've lucked out all year long, and wouldn't ya know it. James has his first cold 3!! days before his first birthday. lol I hope Noah gets better fast. And you too!!

Mrs. Flinger

Oh, that is just the sweetest picture evah. Makes *me* want to rock him. Poor lil' man. I hope you both feel better soon.


If it's any comfort, I've managed to get the same cold twice in the past 4 weeks, and lose my voice.

Here's to the rhinovirus, and the stupidity that it brings.

Demand Jason bring home Orange Juice. Lots and lots of Vitamin C. That's the ticket.


Aww, you poor babies. When my son was congested it always helped to run the shower on hot and sit in the steamy bathroom with him. Hope you two feel better soon.

Sarah Marie

I really hope that "Heaven Nose" was joking...but whoever it was referred to Noah as an "it", so I'm guessing not. WTF?

Feel better, Noah and Amy! Hope you got some sleep last night.


Right there with ya Amy. Amelia (5 months) and I are both still battleing hideous colds and I am convinced that she will be cutting her first tooth any day now. She howls like I am cutting off her arm everytime I come at her with a tissue or anything that resembles something to wipe the trail of snot off her face. Last night she woke up every hour and I lost track of how many hours were spent in the rocking chair. Luckily my Ped. said we could use Tylenol for up to a week straight, but I dont't even think that is working any more. I can't even imagine how much harder it would be if she were mobile. And all I want to do is go back to beed and get at least two consecutive hours of sleep.

Katie Kat

I've been going through this very same thing for the past few days (well, weeks, really). She's been so sick, and then I got it too. But, I know that feeling of holding your little germy baby and it actually being a GOOD feeling! The other night my little one coughed so much she threw up on me, and I just sat there with it running down my front, shhhhh-ing her and holding her and kissing her hot little forehead. Eventually, of course, the smell of curdled milk was too much and I got up and at least wiped us off, but I was thinking about how much I loved her in that moment and how much I loved that I might actually be making her feel better just by being there. (There's a run-on sentence for ya - and I'm high on cold medicine, so it may not make any sense... or it might be really gross when what I'm trying to convey is understanding with ya sistah)

Anyway, I just know in my life "mommy hugs" have always made everything better, and I'm hoping to pass that along.

Hope Noah gets better soon (and you too)... I'd take him to the doc just to cover all your bases!


I feel for you both! It seems like my little guy has had a cold on and off for the last six months. I'm so sick and tired of snot!!! Seriously though, he might have an ear-infection, we've had our fair share of those too. I'd take him to the doctors just in case.


God, those are some lonely times, aren't they? I have a toddler, too, and when he's sick, even though my husband helps, I feel like I'm marooned on a desert island with him. Just him, me, and mucus. Bleh.

But yeah, I know what you mean about those times being good in a weird way. The only time he'll hold still long enough for me to cuddle him in the rocking chair is when he's sick.


Awwww, poor babies. The both of you. I have a sore froat (how my daugther says 'throat'), so we can all be sick together. When my daughter gets sick, she gets hit hard, too. She doesn't eat or drink anything and I start to panic because "ohmygodyouaresupposedtodrinksomethingoryou'llgetdehydratedandI'mreallyworriedshewon'tdrinkanythinghelpher!" My kids like to watch VeggieTales, you could try that if you need a break from Blue's Clues. My son is about Noah's age and that's the only show he will sit through.
{And now it's time for an assvice aside: If there is a low grade fever (100.0 or lower) it's best to let it go because the fever will help the body burn off the infection. If the fever is higher, you can alternate Motrin and Tylenol every 2 hours, if needed, to keep the fever under control.}

Miss W

Oh, Amy. I'm with you. My son licked a shopping cart the ONE time I didn't put that damn covery thing on it. That was Sunday. Monday started the vomit. And the diarrhea. By Wednesday he was still feverish but otherwise seemed ok, so I started in with the vomit...and then Mr. W came home from work and in the middle of the night? He got it! Now we're all sick. There is still nasty diarrhea. There is tiredness. There is the unwillingness to drink. And there is the fear that OHMYGOD the baby could lose weight! assivice. No helpful hints. Just you are not alone.


dude. been there, and it sucks. snot nose and all. however, i would try and go the to ped. before the weekend.. get some antibiotics and it'll help right away. i'm guessing sinus infection. good luck.. it'll get better. it always does.


Hugs to you both. All of the humans in our household (my son, my husband & I) are congested, snotty, hacking and generally miserable, so I feel your pain.

It will get better. It has to. In the meantime, doesn't it feel good to know that you can make Noah feel better just by holding him? It never ceases to amaze me that, no matter how miserable my son feels, it's always better in Mommy's arms.

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