Crying Uncle

The Road to Hell... paved with baby snot, apparently.

Back when I was young and new and flush with baby-milestone-celebratitis, I was obsessed Noah's teeth. I took pictures of them right as they appeared and wrote the corresponding date in his baby book, and I didn't even think it was weird that his baby book included a creepy dental chart of crudely drawn teeth and jaws for just this purpose.

I would like to report that I am Over Teeth.


I am fairly certain he is too.

And I am DEFINITELY over Writing About Teeth.

In a no-rest-for-the-weary kind of thing (what's with all the cliche butchering today?), it appears Noah's canines are coming in, mere DAYS after his fourth and final molar cut through. The molars took TWO SOLID MONTHS of varying degrees of awfulness, and for some reason I thought we'd get a little break before the next onslaught.

So we have another cold, lots of drool, low-grade fever and all that. I'm feeling like crap too, of course, but holy hell, I've written this "waaaaah teeth cold snot bleh" entry before and I am so tired of writing this entry, but I'm too tired to think of anything else to write.

(I could write about Gymboree, and how I took Noah there today, even though you're totally not supposed to bring babies that are currently leaking fluids, but DEAR GOD I NEEDED TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND SEE MY FRIEND* so I dragged our congested asses there anyway and then spent the entire class trying to surreptitiously wipe Noah's nose without anyone noticing and screaming "UNCLEAN! UNCLEAN!" And then the fire alarm went off and we all had to leave, Jesus H. Christ.)

(*Yes! Bunny! She's totally still talking to me and inviting me places! I never have to go to Trader Joe's alone anymore! She kicks ass and I have to remind myself not to make schmoopy puppydog eyes at her. At least not when she can see me do it.)


I think I'm going to take a nap. Go read Mamapop or the Advice Smackdown or ClubMom or something. I don't think I've mentioned teeth at any of those places in at least a day or two.



THAT is not a happy camper. Is his little chipmunk face swollen?


Boo teeth!


Your house looks so naked.

Yet at the same time, it looks like Ceiba is looking for the toddler that burglarized the joint.

Very nice. How's the packing coming?


just visited mamapop and saw the sesame clip of when mr.hooper died. i remember when that happened - and i cried all over again watching the youtube magic.


I'll bet it took him maybe six minutes to do all that damage. I have a tornado of my own at home.

But on to more important matters -- I love all the Ikea stuff! (looks like my house) That would not be a Booda Dome in the corner, would it? (we just bought one in a pathetic attempt to keep the little guy's hands out of the cat litter, har)


I swear to God if you don't ask me about my thesis I will never ask you about your moving, packing or unpacking, and any of the other stuff I am sure everyone you knows is asking you about.

What's up with Max? :) haven't seen him in a while. You should get a pedicure. If you had time and the world was perfect I mean. i just got one, my third one EVER and first one in 7 months. Yay!


I can't believe ALL those teeth already!


HA!!! The never-dying Gymboree bubbles!! That's because they are made of sugar. They congeal, but never pop. The hours I spent scrubbing them off of the mats, dios mio...


Next time just go with a swimming theme and put a nose clip on Noah. Also a good cure for teething is alcohol - go get your beer on with your Bunnyfriend.


Brilliant, Julianna! We should all get pedicures! Amalah? Hello? Wake up.


Bumper is one week younger than Noah and doesn't have the dreaded molars (yet) but she is in the same place. Boo teeth. And aren't mommyfriends awesome... I met one at the new mom drop-in run by the city and damn, if it wasn't for her I would be absolutely certifiable (as opposed to the mildly certifiable which would be my present state of mind).


Are those crackers stuck to the TV? Awesome!!

Some days the only thing that will make it all better is to curl up under the covers and watch movies. And maybe eat yummy, yummy popcorn such as Dale and Thomas's Twice as Nice Drizzle Corn. That will totally solve take your mind off snot and drool.


Those little wicker baskets that you have--for toys? We have the same ones.

Also, that white TV stand/storage thingy? Reminds me of another entry about Ikea.


I have that coffee table.


I swear, if Noah had thicker bangs and you took a photo of him with his mouth open, he would look EXACTLY like you did in that photo in the top corner. Same eyes, same nose, same cheeks! K doesn't have molars coming in yet, but my god the DROOL, it just never stops.


Those Gymboree bubbles are the best. They last for hours. And luckily after these next teeth they don't get any for quite a while so you should be home free for at least a little while.


So are you telling me the 2 teeth that my 7 month old is currently sporting aren't the last of it? Because these first two have sucked!!


Getting teeth is hard. Losing them is harder. I cried when I lost my baby teeth.


Jes! You should make her come over in March. And in March we can all get pedicures.


Awhile back I said I was DONE with the teeth stopped showing up. My son is now 27-months-old and he still hasn't gotten his two-year molars yet. He's the striver of the teething set. Now I'm just wishing they'd hurry up and get in already because I'm worried it will just be worse for him the older he gets. Or worse for me, anyway. You know....older lungs, louder screaming.


Teeth is to you as law is to me. At least you don't have relatives calling you up asking for teeth advice. Lame but true.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the "baby proofing"!! My house looks exactly the same! (Ok, Well, obviously not exactly, but you know what I mean.)


Everyone is going to think you are pregnant since you said you are not feeling well. I have the stomach fly, and started throwing up at my husband's holiday party last night, and now everyone there thinks I am pregnant. Why can't a women of childbearing age just be sick?
Anyway, but you said you were trying, so you could be.


I suffer from a severe obsession with my child's teeth. When does this problem disappear? ;)

Jane Plane

Um, there are eight molars total? So four more molars? Sorry.

Heather B.

He looks so sad and pitiful. Poor kid. I'd hug him, but you know, the snot and the snot gets into the throat and then things go downhill from there and then nobody's happy.

Question: Do you call her 'Bunny' to her face?


I clicked on your blog and saw my living room reflected back at me (down to the same baby-proofing method). That gives me a nice warm feeling.


Hope you and Noah are better soon.

Fire alarm? Was that a joke?


Those gymboree bubbles never go away. They stick to your house like a shower hair.


Poor little munchkin. He looks so pitiful there, I want to take him home. Poor baby.


I love your living room...its nice to know other people's toddlers have the same decorating style as KayTar. *lol*

Poor Noah!! His little face does look a bit swollen, but still oh-so-adorable.

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