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An Inauspicious Start

Don't you hate it when bloggers post apologies for not posting? Because what, like you have nothing better to do than come to their dusty little site and refresh constantly, looking for some drivel to relieve the unending boredom of your day? Like you are hanging on their every word and when they go a couple days without posting you start wondering if everything is okay, because if they are not writing on the Internet they simply cease to exist, because your personal view of reality involves a little too much YouTube and not enough fresh air? Please. Whatever, Miss Fancypants Blogger Person, whatever.

Sorry for not posting, everybody!

Everything is, duh, fine. I've just spent a few glorious days being extremely selfish and offline and mostly just not doing anything remotely post-worthy. I've been enjoying my little family and cooking some amazing food because the novelty of the new kitchen hasn't worn off yet, and holy crap, I would have eaten a bowl of those creamed leeks for breakfast this morning if I hadn't eaten them all last night. (We made them with fat free half & half instead of whipping cream, by the way, because good lord, did I ever manage to pack the pounds on this holiday season.) I've unpacked a few boxes and assembled some bookshelves and bought a coffee table at Target. I did not fall down or otherwise injure myself, although I do have some kind of blister on my tongue that's really getting on my nerves.

I also spent some time fretting over Noah's lack of talking, but luckily resisted posting my trademarked brand of overdramatic freakout about it, since now I believe he IS talking, I just can't understand a damn word he says.

He said "doggy" this weekend to some dogs at the local dog park. OR SO I'VE BEEN TOLD, BECAUSE HE SAID IT THE MINUTE I WAS OUT OF EARSHOT, TRYING TO MAKE SURE A GODDAMNED GERMAN SHEPHERD DID NOT EAT MY RATDOG. He has not said it since, although he has said "no" to me approximately thirty quajillion times.

I am not a fan of the local dog park, by the way, with all the people. And their dogs. But that's probably another post.

I am also not a fan of the children's clothing industry, which is not making a lick of sense to me anymore. To wit:


The shirt is size 9-12 months at H&M. The pants are 12-18 months from OshKosh. The suspenders? Well, they're from Baby Gap and I swear I'm not trying to do some kind of Lil'est Ironic Hipster look here, I'm just so tired of Noah's pants falling off. My family keeps asking for Noah's clothing size and the question is really stressing me out, because LOOK AT HIM. I THINK IT'S OBVIOUS THAT I DON'T KNOW.



Green froggy slippers? FAN.

Especially since they cost like, $3 at Target, and if I can buy novelty baby clothes AND living room furniture AND paper towels in bulk at the same store? I don't know, but everything in the world just seems to make sense again, and I am ready to face the new year with courage and determination and a promise to maybe think about TOPICS and POINTS and THINGS instead of just randomly pecking at the keyboard for 20 minutes and posting whatever words I happen to spell correctly.



Welcome back, lady. Love those green froggy slippers.


Happy New Year!! Hope your new home is comfy and fab. Been in ours for almost two years and am still unpacking boxes. Don't sweat it.


Very cute pictures! Happy New Year to your family.


i would go back and buy those slippers in every size they have so that his little feet never have to be green froggy slipperless again. that's what i would do.


Tar-shay is THE place. I heart it.

And do they make those slippers in big people sizes?

Maxine Dangerous

I also want some froggie slippers. Way too cute. :)

Glad you're settling in okay.


Aw, the littlest hipster has such a fantastically bershon face!


Love love love the pjs and froggy slippers. Noah is just so adorable.


Ok, the suspenders pic is KILLING ME. His face is priceless. :)


Happy New Year!

Health to wear those wee froggies and Congrats on the house move!


I heart those slippers. They are so cool.

Glad you had a good holiday period and took some time off. but it's good to know you're still there ;)


I agree - I absolutely love the slippers. They're just too cute. I just went to Target today because they carry Method cleaning products which I've been wanting to try. I had to refrain from buying a bunch of other things, even though there were about a million other things I wanted to try, because one of our resolutions is sticking to a budget, and it would suck if I blew it on the second day.


His PJs and slippers are too precious! I love that his PJs are so "little man" stripey, and you know, just *Squish*.


Also, finally having a feed reader now (google!) allows me to stop refreshing people's websites like the obsessive stalker I obviously am. :-P So yay for that!


Your son looks pissed to be in that first outfit. See how happy he looks in the 2nd one? I'm a huge fan of the adjustable waist band pants at gap and old navy. They totally solve the falling down pants problem in our house. I also wanted to tell you that I went to Gymboree this weekend and found that "crusher" pajama set for $6.99!! I had been looking for it since you posted a picture of your son in it because I thought it was so cute. I don't know why they didn't have them then, but they had them on clearance now, so that makes me happy.


Oh yes, character slippers from Target totally rock! My kids are clad in Spiderman slippers (3 yo daughter - don't laugh) and Mater (from Cars) slippers (5 yo son). We're big slipper people.

Kids clothes - gak! Sizes totally vary by brand and it's so Sannoying! LOVE the "magic pants" as we call them, with the adjustable waistband (I think another person mentioned this as well). My fav? When you buy an outfit as a set and then discover that the pants are too long or something, so you just wear the shirt for awhile, but then when your kid is finally ready to wear the pants, the shirt is not too short/small/stained/fill-in-the-blank. So much for even fitting into the same size top/bottom. Grrr! Nothing more frustrating.

Noah remains adorable as ever. happy unpacking!


And on the seventh day God rested

...and on the eighth He created Target. And He saw that is was GOOD.

Froggie slips: SWOON.


Happy New Year to the Amalah family!

I have to make those cream leeks! Do you think they would work with veggie broth since I am vegetarian? And, am I a huge dork if I ask what Calvados is?

Michael has those slippers w/ Elmo. He always says Elmo feet. And he is 22 months old, gymboree 12-18 months still fit him, everything else is 24 months, but 2ts are enormous on him. It's not just you, kids sizes make no sense.

Heather B.

Wait, he said 'no'??


I like the stripe theme goin' on.


i can't think of a place i'd rather shop than target. i wish they'd freakin' get one in canada already...

Miss W

Love the froggy slippers. Timmy had Santa ones that he REFUSED to keep on his feet, though he did enjoy throwing them at people and cats.

We're having the same damn clothing size problem. I think people with thinner babies all do. He crawls right out of his pants such that he is left in his sleeper until late in the day and then usually ends up in overalls that cannot fall off.


Love the slippers! Happy New Year!


his face is hilarious in the first picture. i also know what you mean about sizes. there should be a UNIVERSAL sizing chart. period.

Amy H.

you are so right about baby clothes. ugh. Avery is almost 6 months old and what is up with different clothing companies (I'm talking to you GAP!) making clothes that are 6-12 months. UM, little difference in size there. A HALF OF A YEAR! Whatever. grrr.

by the visit your site and wait for updates...


Happy New Year.

What has he been saying no to?

I must get myself a pair of those slippers.

Wacky Mommy

Bring him over here so I can nibble on him.

Miss Britt

Is it just me or do you have some tremendous guilt thing about putting your kid in the "right" size too?

My daughter is going to be 2 in 2 months but those dang 24 months pants FALL off her. I feel like I'm encouraging an eating disorder or something though if I keep her in the same 18 months she has been in for like 6 mos.

No? Just me then?


Ok, Amy thanks for the recipe, humor, photos and education. I now know that
Calvados is a cider-based brandy from the Normandy region of France and I am hoping my local
Bloom has leeks, because I am totally making this on the weekend.
As usual, Noah looks as yummy as the creamed leeks sound.


I love the froggy slippers.


That baby is just TOO cute... Scratch that... the little man is too cute :)

And I've been wondering... How are your mom and dad doing... you haven't posted about them in quite some time. I hope they're doing well...


I was at Target this morning and bought way more than the bath rug and notecards that I planned to buy. Target is evil, but oh so good at the same time.

And baby clothes... Some 6-12 month fit the chunky monkey, some 12-18, and some 18-24. And he is 13 months. Go figure!!!


I love the little suspenders! So cute! His face is so cute too, he just has a look about him. Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

Does Target sell those slippers in grown-up sizes? Or like bigger kid sizes becuase I'm pretty sure I could swing that if I had to!


My boy is just a bit older than Noah and LORD GOD the clothes thing is a pain right now. I buy most of his clothes at Target, because at least that way I know what I'm dealing with, size wise. Moving from 12 to 18 to 24 month clothes is a pain, I ended up hemming a lot of the pants that I got him. And I go big on shirts because who cares if they're too big? I love the slippers and the pajamas, so cute!


Oh, and the recipe thing? We did not have Calvados or whatever. We used dark rum.


I just have to say, that your boy is so adorable. My son is just a few months older than yours and I have the same problem, except opposite because my son is HUGE! Anyway, I'm commenting because I had a strange blister thingy on my tongue last week. Apparently, I fell asleep with a cough drop in my mouth. Ever do that? I do it all the time and my hubby hates it. Anyhoo, I brushed it with a little baking soda and peroxide toothpaste and viola! it disappeared. HTH!

BTW, you rock. I totally worry when you don't post EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


Trying to figure out sizes at H&M is impossible. I think they are European sizes which is why they are not at all accurate. Same with Mini Boden. I just bought a coat for my 2 year old in size 2 and had to give it to my 4 year old because it's so big.


I often say that if Target were a person, I would marry him/her.

Noah is adorable! I have four of my own kids, but if you ever get tired of him, I would gladly take him too. Even on a crabby teething kind of day because I am crazy like that.


I'm with you on the packing-on-pounds-over-Christmas thing. Gak. Hellooooo, treadmill; goodbye, Starbucks evil holiday drinks!


So, all you moms out there are telling me that the same people who size women's clothing, size kids' stuff, too? I currently have size 6, 8, 10 and (gasp) 12 pants in my closet, all of which fit me fine. Same deal with the S, M and (gasp, again) L t-shirts in the drawer. What is it about that?

Noah's getting ready to unleash a "no" in the top photo, isn't he?

Happy New Year!!


I have the same problem with the pants falling off my 7 month old. He is in the 95th? percentile for height, but the 40th? percentile for weight. So, nothing fits him. I should try suspenders, but how to keep him from chewing on them? He has quite a few overalls now, but the straps are always soaked.

Amy M

Happy New year!

I don't understand why we can't size babies & women like men (with the waist & inseam measurements for pants & neck & sleeve for shirts). My poor son is constantly crawling out of his jeans. He looks like a hip-hop kid with the diaper hanging out of the top of his pants!

Thanks for the recipe. Now I'm hungry!

Bethany Coffey

I still maintain that he is the cutest child that I have ever rested eyes on! I'm so happy that the pictures are back!!!


OMG -- I love H&M clothing. Only store where the clothing fit my son (well and me too so we must just be built strangely). You can't go off the months sizing though -- it is all about knowing their height and weight at H&M. I may have to steal the suspenders idea though.... hm, just maybe he won't have plumber crack for once...


How 'bout talking what you got for your b-day?


Love the froggy slippers!

My son is turning two in a couple of weeks and didn't say more than 3 words (on very rare occassion) until after he was 18 months old. I fret about it A LOT. My doctor didn't help the situation... telling me that it was o.k. that he wasn't speaking at 18 months, but that he needs to have made SIGNIFICANT improvement before he turned two or he would want to start "evaluating" him.

Anyway, long story short, he now speaks in sentences... caveman sentences, yet still sentences. It's amazing what 5 or 6 months difference makes. So, don't waste too much time worrying. Soon you will be wishing he would SHUT THE HELL UP after you have listened to him request, "Outside please Mama!" a million times in a day.

Happy New Year!


H&M stuff runs WAY bigger than the tag says. My 15 month old just grew out of a sweater from H&M that was labeled 4-6 months!


I think a weekend (or week) of blogging laziness and epicurean selfishness are a good thing. I just might give that recipe a try because -- Hello? Yum!

I love the picture of Noah in all of his mismatched-sizing glory. It's an adorable outfit. And really, the sizing thing never gets easier. Make your peace with it now and know that shirts and pants will just be like that.

One good thing is that if you buy him longer shorts in the summers, they can last 2-3 years. I love that!


It doesn't get any better size-wise. Everything in my son's closet is size 5. I went to Old Navy, bought him 2 pairs of jeans (2 for $25!) in size 5, got home, tried them on him and he disappeared into a black hole. WAY too big. *sigh* Now I have no idea what size he wears.


Is the new Target coffee table by Thomas O'Brien? We love that guy's stuff. Just bought his curtains for our new place.


Um, Noah is a male Amalah-clone.

Happy New Year!


The random posts where things pop into your head are my favorite!! This post, for instance, has all of my favorite topics: mention of the rat dog, noah pics, the brand new house, the baby things you are currently freaking out about, and did I mention noah pics? And it all flows so nicely together...who needs to stick to one topic?

Also, Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!!!


Whoorl is right, dude. He looks just like you (and could I SAY THAT ONE MORE TIME, because I feel like it's all I say to you. "Noah looks like Amy!" Hello, original!)

Gaak, the froggy slippers. And the suspenders. He is a cute clone, for sure.


ok. hi. i think a post is in order about doggie parks. and (more important) the freakish people that frequent such dog parks. seriously? seriously?! inTENSE people. people who match their dogs. people who walk up to your dog, grab his/her collar, only to look up at you in disgust if their collar doesn't have a tag on it yet (*i had JUST gotten Leroy, the first place I brought him was to the park! i'm sorry i didn't make a pitstop at petco to grab a tag)...and if the dog does have a tag on they TALK TO YOUR DOG. "how are you today, leroy? how were your haaaaawlidays? did you have a nice new year?". Seriously. i love bringing my dog to the park because there is NO BETTER EXERCISE. he comes home, falls over, and is out for the rest of the night. BUT. hate. HATE. the people there. oh! and the cliques. oh. it's like high school. *phew* sorry. needed to vent a bit.


Wow. No Target in Canadaland? Glad to have ya back, Amy! This Xmas break is going very slowly. Hugs to Noah--that kid is a doll!


Jesus H. Christ, I just laughed my ass off at the sizes thing. Ugh, I didn't have time to read the three bajillion comments though, wahhh!!! Those are almost as funny as your posts! Maybe tomorrow...


De-lurking to assure you not to worry about the talking thing. 22 years as a child care provider has shown me not to expect much before the 19th month and then not to be surprised when 85% of the sentences begin with the words, "I want. . ." Be happy that you can't understand him. It's easier not to know.


Whatever's happening in your life, you can always count on me to make you feel better. An example?

My son is almost 19 months and I don't understand a fricken word he says. Not one. Well, except for "Mama", which I think means milk, unless he's referring to me. Or his sister. Or the cat.

And the clothing makers are on crack. All of them. What other excuse could there possibly be?

Cute jammies!


He's talking, tho you may not understand him. I didn't understand Annie until she was 4!


I looove Target!


No dog parks around here. Wish we had one. You must live in Alexandria, they have 234343 around there.

Lisa Ann

Oh! The first Noah pics of 2007. Your son is so cute, I want to eat him for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I mean that in a totally good way.

Bozoette Mary

Happy New Year!!


YOU are still the BEST blogger whenever you post, and whatever you post about.

I love the slippers and the whole "old man" theme Noah's working with.

Happy New Year


What adorable little pj's and slippers. Almost as cute as his suspenders.


Your place looks really great! Happy New Year.


The suspenders are darling and so is that cute little munchkin. They're much better on him than Larry King!


happy 2007!


Those slippers are just gorgeous. As are the pyjamas, and the boy wearing them!

My ds has Elmo slippers, but that is only because there were no frog slippers... well and okay, I love Elmo.


Have you noticed yet that most stores carry a fraction....A TEENY TINY FRACTION of boy clothes when compared with the gobs of racks with darling girl clothes? And my dear darling boys are always needing the most popular size of the moment which has typically been sold out or is down to the nubbins for color selection.

Cute outfit! I have dozens of overalls from a previous need to keep the pants up on my toddler too :D


Those are GREAT slippers, especially for $3 at Target. I am a Target junkie ... do you like the $1 for each item spot at the front of the store?


PunditMom: *drool* at the very thought. In fact, I feel the need to find a 24-hour Target and go there RIGHT NOW. They might have coasters! I TOTALLY NEED SOME COASTERS!


Oh, and MamaB? YES. There are all these awesome kid's boutiques around here that have 2600 square feet of fluffy pink girl clothes, and then there's ONE little rack of boy's clothes. In the back. Where there are moths. And trolls with sticks.

Which is why I've given up and am dressing my beloved child in cargo pants with suspenders that my MIL got at an outlet. Eh. Whateves.


Cute froggy slippers! And that's not a blister, it's an irritated taste bud, from the cider and the brining and all.


I just got thoes slippers at Target too, so freaking cute! I think I could live at that store if they let me.

Island Girl

I LOVE the slippers.


I work part time at babyGAP, you know when I am not out saving the world....

Usually boys run in all types of weird sizes during the first 2 years.
Parents are always in exchanging the wrong sizes.

Happy 2007!
What are you cooking tonight?


I want those suspenders! I have 2 skinny-butt babies adn the only pants that don't fall down are Old Navy. I try to get them at either the outlet down the road or at this really nice resale shop i like to frequent. Love the resale almost as much as Target.


In that first pic, the look on his face is priceless...Kinda like, "You think clothing SIZE is the problem here?"

Love the froggy slippers. Wonder if the lifesize Owen Wilson has some?

Happy New Year. Oh, and don't worry about the talking. Because once he starts? HE WILL NEVER SHUT UP EVER. EVER. EVER. EVEN WHEN YOU BEG HIM AND TRY TO BRIBE HIM WITH CANDY AND CARTOONS. Not that I know this from experience or anything.


Happy New Year! The suspenders look adorable on Noah! I like his pajamas and slippers, too. My grandson is 20 months old and we can't understand anything he says other than mama. He's not really talking yet. Hopefully, soon!


Two words for falling down pants syndrome:
Adjustable Waist.

You can find good ones at Ye Ole Target.


the slippers are adorable! I cannot believe you put him in suspenders. That's too funny!
Do not fret about the words. He's still young! They'll come all of a sudden. :)


I know, I KNOW. You've already heard. But I cannot resist the urge to say it.

The talking thing? My son was the same. I was so worried. Will he ever talk?

Good Lord, the boy can talk. His monologues are puncuated with an endless stream of AND THEN'S. And the half hour commentary I received on Yu Gi Oh was mond-boggling. Truly.


so funny...I live in DC and was googling restaurant review sites this morning and came across dcfoodies and read Jason Storch's critiques of local joints. Then this afternoon (do I work? apparently not) I was reading, which led me to alphamom (which I've never been to) and led me to your site. very cool.

Katie Kat

Oh dear... that face in the picture with the suspenders... he's really really pushing the limits of cuteness!!! Oh, and all my 15 month old can say is "DADDY", and the ocassional "Shaba", which, I think, means she's Jewish.


H&M??? So jealous, so jealous.

And the kid? So cute. (But you know that.)

What is with there being no boy clothes in the stores? I had one heck of a time finding a coat for my little guy. While there were about 2 million (I kid you not) pink coats, we found one (as in, just one coat in the one size) for our boy. It could had cost $200 and I would have bought it since it was the only one I could find. Doh.

Anyway, happy New Year.


Dear Amazing Amalah-
Please post more. We love you and miss you.
-Your readers

Also, more pictures of Noah!

Seriously, I am one of the people that comes here at least twice a day to see if you have posted. I have been reading for nearly a year and never have left a comment, so here it is!


I used to complain about the abundance of girls' clothes/tiny little rack of boys' clothes when my son was a baby. But wait until you try to dress a little girl and realize that all those little girl racks are full of pink, Pink, PINK pretty princess gear and the mini hoochie mama stuff. We are not the hippest people in the world, but I do object to anything with glitter, a fairy, or a disney character, which lets out about 99 percent of the girls' clothes out there. Unless you want to spend a whole lot of money dressing a tiny little person who will wear it for five minutes before pooping on your careful selection. Cheap (Target) boys clothes are nice normal stripes and things. Cheap girls clothes are frighteningly girly or midriff-baring.

Mrs. Flinger

Shit, you mean things I post have to be SPELLED correctly? Well, shit.

But holy crap are those suspenders just so freakin' CUTE and not at all gangsta but "I swear he can start a new trend in baby fashion if only you posted it on the internet."

Oh, right. Duh.


Actually, whenever the bloggers I regularly read don't post, I think they died.


Ok- delurking to say, don't worry about the talking thing! I have three boys- THREE! The first two were late talkers... in fact, just to be sure and because I am a tad bit hyper, I put them in speech therapy even though they didn't qualify. Now the third boy is only 3 months old (9/15/06) so I'll have to let you know about that one. Think about it this way- Who talks more in life, men or women?

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