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So I was working on another entry -- one I've been bashing around for awhile, one about motherhood and the fears and feelings of inadequacy I used to have, and oh, how SILLY those fears seem now, in the thick of the glorious love I feel for my sweet little son, a love that gives me confidence and a remarkable feeling of ease in my own skin -- when I heard a tremendous crash.

Noah figured out how to open one of our baby gates (TAKE THAT, BILINGUAL GENIUS GYMBOREE CHILD) and fell all the way down the basement steps. There was much screaming and a bloody nose and another black eye.

He's fine now. But I think I need a hug.

And maybe a boost so I can get back up on my damn parenting high horse. Thanks.


Edited to add, now that I've stopped shaking too much to hold the camera steady:


Basking in the warm healing glow of the television. Because there is NO END to the fabulous parenting around here. But hey, you shoulda seen the other guy.



OMG. I can't imagine how that must have made you feel. You do need lots of hugs... and maybe some bourbon.


Oh, poor baby! I know how scary it is when your baby gets hurt, it's an awful feeling. Glad he's doing okay, though. And yes, some kind of drink is in order for mama. ;)


Poor Amy. My kid always reminds me how much of a newbie I am at this parenting thing. Just when I think I've got it down, boom. Something else happens to remind me that yes, I am a neophyte.

I'm sure Noah will bounce back just fine (jeez, they're so resilient).

Also - I posted a question re: photo slideshows awhile ago that you responded to - I followed your advice and the resulting Christmas present for my husband was a smashing success. Thank you. You rock. :-)

Beth F.

Poor Noah. Poor Amy. I bet that was terrifying!

Now, get back on that horse.


Oh, the toddler years are ripe for those wonderful injuries. My high point was when I allowed our first born to play with the oh-so-fluffy, how-could-he-be a threat cat...who ended up biting our child on the forehead and giving him scratches, to boot, when the child startled the fluffy cat out of a sound sleep.

Nothing raises your mothering ego like taking a bloody, mutilated-looking child into the ER and then running into somebody you used to work with.

He was fine, by the way, and doesn't even have any scars. But between that and the number of times he fell off our bed onto a hardwood floor, and the time my husband dropped him onto the basement steps when he was an's amazing he (and we) survived.

Noah will be fine. You, however, will carry the mental scars for a while yet, until he gets his next boo boo.


Hugs to you & Noah.

And maybe an enormous glass of wine for you too.

heather b (the other one)

:( i can feel the burning pain of the black eye like it was my own.

heather b (the other one)

:( i can feel the burning pain of the black eye like it was my own.


From what i gather, boys are prone to giving their mothers heart attacks.


Kids are made of rubber and icky stuff. Don't sweat it. The one and only time I dropped one he was in his car seat/carrier thing and he landed upside down, I though for sure the impact broke his neck cause he wasn't making any noise. Turns out he didn't really care. Rubber and icky stuff I tell ya!


Sounds like you've got a little Monkey man on your hands, Amy! Best of luck, and don't worry too much - kids are pretty resilient.


you know, i'm not sure how or what i believe about god or any of that--but it DOES seem like there's something out there waiting to smack us across the face everytime we get too happy with ourselves.
it just seems like it happens everytime.

poor noah and amy--i'm sure he's fine, but what a scary ordeal!
is it too early for a glass of wine?


what's up with all the fucking black eyes? my youngest just got one saturday.

and i know for certain we aren't bad mothers or anything. shit.


Oh, God. Please tell me "fell all the way down the basement steps" translates into "skidded down on his hiney" or some other sled-like maneuver, rather than the tumbling and broken-arms type that I'm imagining.

Amy H.

wow! He is brilliant. You must be so proud. Figuring out the baby gate at such a young age is the first in a long line of steps that will eventually lead to Noah curing the world of cancer.
Or maybe not. But at least he didn't break any bones. Gotta look at the bright side. NO. BONES. BROKEN. :-)
Sending an internet hug (not the same as baby dust, by the way. I hate that stuff).


Oh no! Hugs to both of you. I hope Noah and you both feel better soon. Isn't that the role of a baby, to kick our asses when we are getting too full of our selves. Mine does that all the time.


Gracious. If I was there I would pat your hand and make you a lychee martini, one of the best things I discovered during the holidays. And chocolate milk for stuntboy.

I would also install a door at the top of your step, like I did in this house when we bought it. And then for good measure, I taped this on it:

Attractive, no. Mind-easing, yes. I'm so sorry he got hurt, poor tiny boy.


I too can testify to the very bendy bones of small humans. I've had one fall off a changing table and another down the steps... maybe I should get a real gate instead of the rather large ottoman that is currently blocking the stairwell.


No ER visit? You're golden- the only documentation of his fall is this blog, and who reads that anyway?


Yikes! I'm glad he's okay. And don't feel bad; you're a fantastic mom -- just focus on how great it feels to be the mother of a genius!




When does the pony you bought him arrive?
If you are like me, you were all calm and collected until after you cleaned him up. Then trembled and shook for the next half hour.
Tell him the internet says "feel better"


First, here is a very strong cyber margarita.

As for the tumble....It really scares the living hell out of you when they get hurt. I have 4, and the bad news is, I am just as much of a hand wringing freak with my 4th as I was with my 1st.

No matter how good you get at being a well worn mom (like slipping into your favorite Levi's), because you love them more than yourself, every injury is GAH!! provoking. It is our job.

Now pass the tequila.


That's how it always seems to happen. Once you get comfy and used to a certain stage or age - WHAM! They getcha.

Hugs to you.


Michael once climbed over our couch and fell onto our hardwood floor, in front of me! I was sitting next to him on the couch. I still have no idea how it happened. It happens to the best of us.


I left my 5 month old son for one second to turn a light off in a room with in six feet of where he was and he managed to tumble half way down the stairs. He was fine. I still am sick to my tummy when I think of it. The only thing I can say is that God made kids bounce for a reason. A good mother you are. Boys are just down right hard to handle sometimes. Heres a toast to you.


I feel your pain...when our first was about 2 weeks old we were showing her off to the neighbors on our front porch, and my husband, holding the baby, leaned against the railing and it snapped--and they fell about 6 feet into the flowerbed. He managed to hold her up and out of harm, but I have never forgotten that feeling when I heard that crack and saw them falling...and yeah, once you get past the fear, kind of bruises the new parenting ego...



Feeling for you over here. As a mom of an almost 11 yo boy, I have been where you are many many times. Trust me, you feel waaaay worse than Noah ever did today. His boo-boos will heal while you will always remember today and turn into a bowl full of Mommyjelly.

Hugs out to Toddler David Blaine and to Mamalah.


Sweet Jebus, I can't deal with the falls. And they're coming to get me sooner than later...shit.


OUCH. Glad he's okay. Please don't tell me it was one of those screwed-to-the-wall gates or whatever you call them...I don't want to think about my son opening that!


Yeah... my third baby went arse over teakettle down our WOODEN, UNFINISHED basement steps last year. I somehow heard every individual thump and whump of her 9 month old body as I ran across the basement screaming "NOOOoooooooo!" like I could catch and stop her fall from the sheer volume of my shrieking alone. She crawled away from that one with only a weird fork-shaped mark between her brows that dissappeared after three days.

I lived with the Crapmommy award on my mantle for about two months, retired it, and then pulled it back out for the two pennies that put her into two surgeries, an ambulence ride and a stay on the pediatric intensive care ward last month. The award is mine and I have OBVIOUSLY earned it... your efforts at taking my title do not measure up.

Take a deep breath, it's ok.

Wacky Mommy

That's a little too humbling. Sorry. What a gifted child, though, opening gates and all! My kids still can't figure out how to work the plastic dohickeys for the doorknobs.


I am sure he stopped crying long before you did.

I let my oldest slip in the tub and he smacked his little face just under his eye. My husband called his sister who is a nurse (bad idea) and she told him to not let him sleep for too long at a time to make sure he was still concious. And of course, this happened just before bedtime. And, he had the juicy black eye for his 1st birthday. I was afraid to let him out of the house for fear someone would call child services on me.

This past weekend, my husband went to get our one year old up from his nap, and somehow the little dear had pried open the diaper pail and smeared dookie all over the crib, his blankets, his face and of course his hands and clothes. I didn't think I could ever get him clean enough.

My mom accidentally pierced my oldest brother with a diaper pin, all the way through and closed it before she realized what she'd done. This was before disposables and she still tears up when she thinks about it almost 40 years later.

My grandmother had to take one of her kids to the hospital to have his stomach pumped on the 4th of July becuase he had climbed a 6 foot tall metal cabinet to drink a bottle of cough syrup that was at the very top. He was only 2 years old.

Hearing other people's stories, especially my grandmother's, while I was pregnant with my first actually made me feel better. Knowing that bad stuff happens to everyone and not just me is comforting.


When I was 18 months old, my mom put a plate of chocolate chip cookies down on our pointy-cornered coffee table. Twenty-four-and-a-half years later, I have a scar where I almost took out my own eye hurtling toward the damn, chocolatey goodness.

My mom's an awesome mom, and she didn't even have me behind some kind of gate. Also? I got stuck in the dishwasher one time while my dad was fixing it. (Truly.) And I turned out fiiiine.

Go play in your big, new kitchen! That will make you feel happy :)


Oh, I forgot about the time the baby rolled off the changing table. However, he landed on top of my other son, and luckily neither got hurt. There was also the time I bought this CUTE backpack, and thought "Three years and up - pssh! My kid can handle it!" I put his little backpack on, and foward he fell right onto his face, cutting his lip. On Mother's Day.

Hang in there. Before too long, so many things will happen you won't be able to remember them all!

P.S. - Do they make baby gates that withstand an onslaught from a baby with both brains and braun?


i don't konw if this helps, but i'm the klutzest kid in the world. from age 2-7 all my pictures with stanta encluded a black eye. Some kids are just blessed that way. I like to think it's becuase i was so cute fate had to make me "ugly" as not to make all the others mom's too jealous.

Please don't stress yourself about it too much. All the black eyes and sratches heal. You are still a great mom.

But in the meantime i'm sending you a hug and a small bag of frozen peas for his little eyes. In my experiance(yes i still fall and get black eyes) peas are to keep the sweeling down.


Eeps. How awful for you and Noah. I agree that kids are fine after falls, injuries etc and can't add much to the excellent commentary above. Just another note of support to say you are doing the best you can, and your best is a damn fine job. I wish this hadn't happened to you and Noah, and I hope his bruises heal soon. :)


it was the first....but i'm sure it won't be the last. that's life with boys. heart attacks and injuries and black eyes galore. life is grand, isn't it?


it's quite amazing how quick they bounce back! it's quite amazing how quick we DONT bounce back. it's harder on us, then them. my now 26mth old has busted through the gate at the top O the stairs and smacked right into the front door.. she's fine.. i drank for days to cope with THUD i kept hearing my head!

Merry Jennifer

Oh! Poor Noah! Isn't that just how it works out? As soon as we think we have things figured out, something like that happens to remind us we're totally not in control. Hope you both feel better soon!


Ouch! Sore one. Poor Noah (and you of course)!

He's just too damn smart for his own good...


Oh, my... I hope you both feel better!

To echo what others have said... I fell down our concrete basement stairs at the age of 2... and probably scared my parents more than I really hurt myself.


Oh no you poor things! Just remember everything is ok now. He is just a smart cookie! Give him some extra hugs and give yourself some extra hugs from us. We ALL have those days!

Shala (The mom of a competitive gymnast who throws herself of of stationary objects on purpose for fun!)


Poor Baby.... Wait until you'll find him on the roof of the house like I did with my son when he was five.



Ow. That kid's gonna have a headache for a few days.


Here is a hug ((( ))).

One of the great things about kids is their resilience, in most cases. While we have no stairs in our house, I know the feeling of realizing what has happened and the sheer horror and nausea that accompanies it.

My non-sidebar sidebar comment is, "No one tells you that your incredibly intelligent and dexterous toddler will need an even more intelligent lock for the 'safety' gate that he can now open."


Well, at least you were a good enough mom to actually HAVE a baby gate. Max fell down our stairs because we didn't have one and I left him in the care of our five-year-old while I took a shower. Feel better? ;-)
P.S. you will re-live the fall over and over. I still see little Max laying at the bottom of the stairs and freak out in my head. BOYS!

Kate The Great

Poor little Prince of Everything! Poor Amalah!

He'll be okay though. Boys are tough. My younger brother had two black eyes until he almost three because if my mom so much as blinked he was finding new ways to give her a heart attack. He also learned to run before he could actually walk without falling, so he crashed through the house a lot ;)

You need a boo boo bunny. They make everything better. And once Noah stops crying, you can hug it. I still have my boo boo bunny in a box some where...


Poor baby! My eyes just welled up with tears for him. But black eyes heal, I know, I had an unfortunate run in with the corner of a concrete step once. Only I was like 21 years old and coming back from the bar. I woke up the entire sorority house with my 3 a.m. wailing about looking like a mutant the next day. Ah, college memories.


Back in the days when parents let their kids play out in the backyard without constant supervision, my mom let my oldest brother play there while she ran inside to do something. She looked out the window and caught him walking across the bar on the top of the swingset. She was so scared, she didn't want to call out and startle him and make him fall. He did that sort of thing all the time. Aren't boys fun? Glad to hear he's fine, hopefully you will be too soon.


I remember the first time my oldest fell down the stairs and how scary it all was. She was about the same age as Noah... Thank God they forget those little boo-boo's!


Must have been black-eye weekend. Mine decided to get all beat up too. But, he took matters into his own hands, placing an Elmo bandage on both cheeks: "Owie better."


One time on the way home from the pool, my Mom strapped me into my carseat and headed home with me wailing in the backseat. Once we got home she realized I had been crying because the hot carseat clasp was on my bare leg. I still have a small scar on my upper thigh.

Miss Britt

Just remember... he'll forget. ;-)


Hugs to you. He looks pretty good for quite a fall. At least he's smarter than most kids, even if that means he gets a black eye for it.


Wow...I bet you were all shaky with terror...and then almost threw up a little when you would replay it in your head and see how it could have turned out differently?

It wasn't your fault, though. All these preshus babies get hurt, no matter what we do.(hugs)

Have a drink before you don't lie there awake for hours replaying his little jaunt down the stairs. *lol*


Owie. I remember when I came home to find that our cat had ripped a nail clean off and was huddled under the bed, wretchedly terrified and covered in blood. I was a shaking disaster, so I can only imagine that the feeling is exponentially greater when it's your own offspring! Hugs to both of you.


Why do I think you may need to teach him the phrase "chicks dig scars!". We've been trying to convince our 8 year old of this for years, as he's earned several.

Sadly, it has crossed our minds that he may be gay, so he's not really impressed that chicks may dig them. (Which is fine with us. Geesh, people.)


Ouch! Just wait till he needs his first set of stitches!


Poor Baby! Both of you. Yes, there are many terrifying moments when you hear that blood curdling scream. It's the worst sound in the world to hear a hurt child's cries. I'm so glad he was "only" hurt as much as he was! Hugs!


I know your pain, and I was just congratulating myself on getting mine to four ... well read my blog!


Poor little guy! Par for the course though. It will happen many more times. My 2yo niece slipped in the middle of a kids pool this summer when I was watching her and the .0000002 seconds seeing her terrified little face looking at me from under the water before I pulled her out felt like an eternity. I think these little traumas are much worse for the adults then they are for the kids.


Aww, poor lil guy! Glad to hear he's ok! Luckily he won't remember. Trust me I've tested this on my lil brother who by the age of 4 had been to the ER 3 times.

ER visit #1 (Age 18mo - 2yrs) occurred after he decided to run around the coffee table and then tripped over his own feet thus sending his little head smack into the coffee table... 8 stitches along the left eyebrow.

ER visit #2 (Age 2.5) was a result of him sneaking off and climbing the stairs on the wrong side of the railing and then falling from the 4th step. It took us a few hours to realize he really hurt himself. Turns out he broke his elbow. He had to wear a sling for 6-8 weeks.

ER visit #3 (Age 4) Thank God this happened at Daycare because if it happened at home... I don't even want to think about it! My brother used to run with his tongue sticking out of his mouth and I have no idea why he did. One day at daycare he was running and tripped over something on the playground and when he fell he bit his tongue 3/4 of the way off!!! I'm not talking about the tip of the tongue either, it was about a 1/2 inch in! The Dr.'s couldn't do anything for him because he didn't bite it all the way off. They told us it had to heal on its own, but that it would heal quickly. I felt soooo bad for my lil brother he didn't want to eat or drink, he couldn't talk, he just cried and cried!! Luckily the Dr.'s were right and it healed quickly. Now he's 13 and has no recollection of the incident, not even a scar!

I swear little boys were made to withstand bumps, bruises, broken bones, and stitiches... just not moms ;)


ahhh...falls and bruises. i know about these. usually fixed quite nicely with mixed drinks and xanax.


Poor Noah...poor Amy! I would have totally lost it, if that'd happened to me.

When I was a baby, my babysitter was carrying me down the basement steps, tripped and fell, and dropped me. The top of my head took a pretty good blow, and I've had a silver streak of hair growing from it ever since. I actually love it.
Little girls are tough, too ;)


Happens to the best of us. Also happens to the much more mediocre of us (um, me).

After hearing thumpthump SCREAM! thumpthump YELL! thumpthumpthump PREGNANTPAUSEOHMYGODDIDITSTOP--NOCRAP! thumpthumpthump WAIL!, I got there in time to find our son splayed across the floor. Black eye is now gone, black bruise has healed, but the internal branded scar from the fear of being found out by social services that I'm really much more inferior than earlier anticipated because yes a small child was left in my care and whose crazy idea was that to allow me to birth him???--that has lasted forever.

The Mom

Am I the only one who, when first reading the title of this post, thought this was Noah's way of saying "macaroni"? Yes? Oh.

Well you'll be happy to know I get it now. And all I have to say is "that poor kid" and "stairs suck".


Will fell down the steps a few weeks ago - thank god on his daddy's watch. Luckily he survived with just a few bumbs and bruises... Babies always keep you on your toes!


yup- it happens even to the best mommas. toddlers are so quick and they learn how to dismantle things with a quickness! just be glad he didn't fall down the stairs making you yell "SHIT!" so he walks around bruised saying "shit, shit, shit" all day. in front of grandma.


I wasn't going to comment because I wanted to keep the comments number at 69. Hee.

Hugs to you!


I had to stop reading the comments because -- shudder!

I'm so sorry you were alone when this happened. How scary! But you did survive it and Noah is (thank you God) going to be fine.


Awww...poor Noah and Amy! It's scary how bad we hurt when our kids get hurt, isn't it? My son (now 9) used to be the Houdini of the safety gates, so I fully sympathize. Maybe extra snuggles for both of you will help. (And a few extra from daddy when he gets home!) :)


Oh my goodness. Poor Noah! Once when my daughter was a baby, she flipped her walker down two steps. It was one of those cases of I thought my mother-in-law was watching her and she thought that I was watching her. She was OK, but my mother-in-law and I were so upset.


Poor both of you! You will feel better tomorrow, it happens to all of us, just read these posts! Just when you are sailing along feeling oh so "you know I think I can handle this thing called motherhood" they will fall or otherwise and take the wind right out of your suburban sail. You had a gate, you have a smarter son than said gate. My son was a houdini and climbed out of his crib at 19 months and brought us powdered sugar donuts in bed at 7 am, all the same morning, after eating a couple himself. The donuts were on the counter, he just pushed his high chair over and just climbed right up. No injuries to him that day, thankfully, but many since. Nothing that some powdered sugar donuts won't cure. (sometimes dipped in a nice zinfandel for mom)


That photo slays me...poor Noah! Poor Amy!


The Pea fell up some stairs this weekend, bruising one cheek pretty good. She also had a pretty good knot on her head that her grandparents neglected to tell me about, grrr. Hugs to Noah and you.


Oh, and Amy, I'm an attorney for child welfare. You are so not a bad parent, trust me. You have nothing and the things I see.


Sorry you both had to go through that. We do our best and that's all anyone can ask for.



I know the terror of your little one falling down the stairs. I cried and called myself a bad mother.

I wouldn't wish that feeling on anyone. I hope you feel better and that Noah is ok.

Samantha Jo Campen

Oh you poor thing(s)! Glad you're both okay.

My mom always felt better when I'd get a bruise on someplace covered by my clothes, so I woldn't be a walking add for DCFS.

Here's hoping the next one isn't visible to the naked eye!



I hate to break it to doesn't get any easier when they get hurt. You just do the best that you can. Accidents CAN and WILL happen, no matter how good of a mother you are, and you ARE a good one, don't let the "mommy guilt" fool you into thinking otherwise!

I hope BOTH of you are feeling much better soon!

Margarita Mama

I fell down the stairs (from top to bottom) while holding my 9 month old daughter right in front of a living room full of company. I shreiked the whole way down. Of course my daughter was actually fine. But hey, I didn't even need a blog to let the whole world know about that one!

You're definitely going to need one of those gates that are too difficult for even the adults to open and then you get to fall down the steps because you're stepping over it instead of walking through it. You'll be lying at the bottom of the basement stairs with a broken arm, but hey, at least Noah will be safe.


I'll hug you! But, you have to hug me, too. Because my little monkey fell practically right beside me and twisted her front tooth 90 degrees. There was a lot of blood, and the hospital (yes, hospital!) said the dentist would probably yank it. Luckily the dentist twisted it back. It's only a little grey....


Oooh, what a fright for both of you. Hope you come up with a suitable solution to him being able to open it.


Aw, Noah, don't feel bad. My bedroom at my parents' house was in the attic (hugeness = awesome, no a/c or heating = sucky), and the steps were pretty steep... I fell down them at least once a year, all the way up through and including my senior year of college. I never broke anything, but I usually couldn't sit on both sides of my butt at the same time for 24-48 hours. And I didn't even have the challenge of opening a gate, I was just getting ready (meaning, getting out of bed 5 minutes after I should have left the house) for an 8:00 class. So the lesson here is: better to skip the class than have to explain to your classmates why you're sitting at alternating 45-degree angles. Or better yet, don't take 8:00 classes. Yay!

Now go give mommy a big hug. :)


Poor little thing! I mean you. Why does no one tell you that when you give birth to a child you automatically also birth a gunnysack to endlessly fill with guilt? My daughter has her own three year old now and I still cringe to remember the night I smacked her thigh and put her back in bed a thousand times because she wanted to wander the house in the dead of night. Her little thigh actually turned red even though I was not doing more than tapping her. We both fell asleep on my bed crying.

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

Oh, I'm sorry. Poor you and Noah. Maybe the high horse will need a few days out at pasture, but you could start with a pony.

the bee

Poor Amy and Noah ! Boys are designed for this kind of thing. I hope you do not feel bad.
My nephew ( while in my care) fell backward in a chair and split his head open. I could not even form words when I called the rescue squad. What do I do for a living ? Yep, I dispatch emergency calls. Go figure. My sister was not the least bit upset w/ me. I cried all week . He is fine of course. I will pour you a glass of wine...


Oh you poor thing. Both of you. I'm so sorry. But man, dude, you are a great mom. Write that entry anyway.


He is still beautiful even with a black eye!


Hugs to Noah and Amy. Be comforted in the thought that... it never ends. So have a massive glass of wine, and get right back on that horse!


Ohhhh Amy! How scary for you and Noah.

I hope you're both feeling better.

And?? Project Toddalah?? TODDALAH?? That's hilarous. I love it! And one can, he can be a pre-schoalah!


Awww...poor little guy. But look at that shiner. Chicks dig those!!

We have days and incidents like that about once a week. All I can say is it's a damn good thing they bounce like they do ;)

Expert Mom


Poor Amy! Poor Noah!

You need a giant hug and and an even bigger slabof chocolate, preferably one filled with a strong liqueur. Noah needs a steak for that eye and a stunt double!

What a smart little guy, figuring out that gate. Now, if he'd only been screaming "oh,crap!" in Spanish while signing "Owie!" on the way down, you'd have something to brag about at Gymboree...



I think you need a glass of wine after that trauma.


Must have been frightening, to say the least. For what it is worth, my brothers (one in particular) did so many of these kinds of things, that the ER docs at Sibley knew my parents & brothers by name....

We laugh about that now, but I'm guessing - my parents then? Not so much.

Aishah Moen

OUCH! It is really hard to see our child get hurt!

I went through an episode with my son (18 months) lastnight. He had the worse temper tantrum ever! The kind that he wants so much to get out of but just can't stop crying! My heart hurt for him. I knew his heart was hurting so much! The solution? Stripping myself of shirt and bra in the middle of the living room worked! He breastfed himself to sleep while i cried and smelled his hair.

I hope you got your much needed hug! Kisses to Noah please!


My heart jumped out of my chest when I read that. I hope you two are ok. Poor Noah :(

But on another note, can you please tell us what kind of baby gate it was? Thanks.

Antique Mommy

I hardly have a picture of Sean that doesn't look like a CPS mugshot.


I'm sure Noah won't even remember this, and neither would you if you hadn't written about it here. Little boys do stuff like that all the time, so better not sweat the small stuff.

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