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So I was working on another entry -- one I've been bashing around for awhile, one about motherhood and the fears and feelings of inadequacy I used to have, and oh, how SILLY those fears seem now, in the thick of the glorious love I feel for my sweet little son, a love that gives me confidence and a remarkable feeling of ease in my own skin -- when I heard a tremendous crash.

Noah figured out how to open one of our baby gates (TAKE THAT, BILINGUAL GENIUS GYMBOREE CHILD) and fell all the way down the basement steps. There was much screaming and a bloody nose and another black eye.

He's fine now. But I think I need a hug.

And maybe a boost so I can get back up on my damn parenting high horse. Thanks.


Edited to add, now that I've stopped shaking too much to hold the camera steady:


Basking in the warm healing glow of the television. Because there is NO END to the fabulous parenting around here. But hey, you shoulda seen the other guy.



ohh poor baby! I remember the first time my baby fell down the stairs, he was eight months old, my MIL was supposed to be watching him. now my "baby" is seven and has grown an inch overnight. in the last week he has fallen down the stairs eight times.

if you have stairs, your child WILL fall down them. hugs


Awwwww! *many hugs*

Kids will fall down everything they *can* fall down, there's just so much you can do :)

Drama Queen

To date I am childless but I assured that by the time my brother reached 10 he had:

1. Split his chin open somersaulting into a shallow swimming pool.

2. Put a rusty nail through his foot jumping from a tree.

3. Split his head open climbing shelves to get his confiscated toy cars.

4. Broke his foot running out in front of a bus resulting in him getting run over by a car (*pity the women who knocked him down*).

5. Split is hand open on glass (apparently he fell on the glass and wasn’t in fact running with a glass bottle).

And now, at the grand age of 24, he sports a huge purple bruiser after falling off some ladders. Drunk.

Age doesn’t make them any better. And I think you are great mum – the pictures of your happy son testify to that. . .


Big hugs to Amy and Noah. My heart goes out to both of you.

My favorite part of these childhood injuries are the big black and blue marks that serve as a constant reminder... jeez, it's not like we don't feel bad enough but our kid's bodies have to remind us of the event for days/weeks.

Glad to hear he's OK and is just a couple scrapes and bruises.


I guess I'll add on to the "and I turned out fine" stories hopefully these are making you feel better, and not making you too paranoid to ever let Noah out of your sight.

When I was a baby, I had one of those runner things. I ran around the house in it all day, bashing into the walls and then turning around to run the other way. One day, the 2x4 that was blocking the steps to our new addition was removed to pour the concrete in the foundation, and I ran right off the edge, buying myself a fractured skull.

Oh, and my mom smoked when she was pregnant.

And look at me! I'm fine!

Heather B.

Jesus lord, it tooke like eight tries to figure out the title of this post. I'm an idiot.

Be happy that despite the black eye, you're not raising someone who will end up being a fucking moron.


You're brave to be posting stuff like this on the internet. I'm just glad he's okay.

Fraulein N

Aww. Big hugs, Amy. For what it's worth, he's probably forgotten all about it and there's no way you could have seen that coming. Glad "Stuntboy" is okay.


It's going to happen, I don't know a kid that hasn't fallen down stairs at least once.

**big hugs**


holy golden nutsacks my heart lurched when i read that, so i cannot imagine how you must've felt. thank bloody christ he's alright.

can't help that your itty bitty baby is such a super intelligent ultra brainy prodigy anyways... >=)


So sorry for both you and Noah, and isn't it amazing how resilient little bodies can be? You and I would both be in the ER, and there he is chilling out in front of the TV.

1. My kid has fallen all the way down the basement stairs. She was and is fine, but I'll never forget it. Oh, and just for good measure, when he was a baby, I dropped my other kid on his head on a cement step.

2. Noah's trip-up does not invalidate all the "everything is right in the motherhood department" feelings you've been having. Totally unrelated. You've earned those good feelings, and an accident (and a smart kid who can get through childproof gates) doesn't change that.

Black Belt Mama

Stuff happens. My first daughter fell off a recliner while standing and banged her head so badly that there was this puffy spot on her forehead and she didn't cry which scared me worse than if she had screamed. I called the ambulance. She was running around the yard when they arrived. I could have used some anti-anxiety meds way more than she needed an ambulance.

Just think of all the fun you'll have getting dirty looks from everyone when out and about. ;-)


Oh, poor Noah and poor you! *pat, pat* I hope you are both recovering.

Did Noah get a haircut? If so, did you not take a frillion photos to show us? Maybe you just trimmed it with those kitchen scissors.


I fell down the basement steps when I was five or so. I still remember it to this day. I was holding a small stuffed koala and all I remember is watching him do flips as I fell down doing flips next to him.

I lived and can now blame many of my bad choices on it.

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