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Diaper Diarists Gone Wild!

Dear Everybody Who I Will Be Getting Drunk With in Austin, You've been warned. Love, Amy PS. SUBMIT! So much to do before I leave tomorrow! At the ass-crack of dawn! I wish I had time to write something that would do justice to all your comments before I go, but you've gotta agree: that was a bigshitload of comments. Every one of which I am so grateful for, even if my forehead is a mite raw from all the smacking I gave it as I realized all the many million ways I've made the eating situation worse. Because I... Read more →

DCFoodie, Jr.

Every other week or so, I start a post about Noah's eating habits. Even though I know there is nothing more futile than ranting about a toddler's eating habits. And nothing more boring than reading about a toddler's eating habits. But surprise! That doesn't stop me! I grab the laptop, my sweet hot purring coping mechanism, and start blamming away on the keyboard because WHY! WON'T! MY! KID! FUCKING! EAT! ANYTHING! GAAARRGH! ANGRY! SMASH! And then I get to the point where I list the pathetic cluster of foods Noah is currently accepting, and I calm down. Because you know... Read more →

Austin! Meetup! Yes!

Guess what! We're throwing a party this weekend! And you're invited! I am using pronouns like "we" totally unfairly, because...please. I am just showing the hell up. Usually I would at least bring some dip, but I don't think the new airport security rules allow for that much sour cream. Anyway, reader Jennifer has awesomely offered to host an open house this SATURDAY, MARCH 10th, and anybody in the Austin, TX area is welcome -- nay, commanded -- to stop by. Details! (Deleted. Poof!) 38th 1/2! It's like we're partying with Harry Potter! Jennifer will be making breakfast tacos... Read more →

A Life More Ordinary

So I know my recent entries have been heavy on the photos and light on you say?...wuh-urds? Yes, not so many words. But! This is merely a direct result of me and my boring, boring life where nothing ever happens. Behold! The biggest news stories of the past two weeks or so: 1) We are shopping for replacement windows, which means I have been talking a lot about "sashes" and "sculptured colonial muntin grids" and "I'm sorry, but your quote here appears to have an extra zero on the end and...what? Oh. Okay. I see." and "Please call a... Read more →