Of Cabbages,Kings andthe Excuse du Jour

Mugging like a cup of coffee


I swear to Od, Noah really is Jason's kid. Our mailman was a lady.


(My keyboard seems to be better, but still acts up after I type a lot. Which means I really have no choice but to post photos instead. No choice!)


And this one goes out to Amy H. and all my girls from Austin:


Seriously. He will smack you with his fabulous handbag.



That first picture, he still totally has turtle-face going on.


Don't mess with Texas, yo.
My Better Half brought my daughter a 'Texas Chick' t-shirt from his last biz. trip there. But he DIDN'T bring her those great Garbo glasses. Damn.


The glasses......did they come from the Jackie O estate? Noah has definitely got style.

One of the Amy's

He is just too darn cute. Bet he has a great laugh!

cathy walker

I must say he is the cutest boy. He does really
look like you.I love that he poses .

Dacia :-)

Looove the shades... his teeth are soooo cute!!! He is soooo adorable! You are one hell of a mom Amy!


I used to have that t-shirt!

He looks cuter in it than I did.


Baby....you look maaaaaaaaahvelous!!!!


Od, he's adorable!! Dare I say he looks like a "boy" now and not a "baby"?? Ugh. My "baby" is now 11 years old and it makes me cry.

Umm. Where for did u get that there calendar on your fridge? Me want one.


He looks just like you in the second photo! What a cutie!


He really works the sunglasses! Doesn't he need more Aquanet to really work the shirt though? ;)


Awww, so cute! He is just adorable. That first picture in particular is cracking me up.


Cindy - The fridge calendar is from Target, of course. You would think we ordered this entire house from their catalog, honestly.


your picture and his picture are right next to each other at the top and they look like pics of the same kid!

he is so cute, it's ridiculous


I swear to Od, he is blinding with the cuteness! I love the glasses pic. You will get a lot of blackmail mileage out of these when he is a teenager.

Woman with Kids

He has amazing style, perhaps that's what he got from the mail lady? The glasses *totally* make the outfit.


Work it, Noah!


Woot! Texas!

Noah is freaking adorable!


Love! Austin rocks! As does your amazingly cute boy.

Amy M


Also love the sippy on the floor in the background. My son leaves sippy cups all over the place. He's like the little girl from "Signs"! Maybe he's just protecting us from the forthcoming alien invasion.


That second photo? My ovaries went *BOOM!* Cute. Overload.


I was just thinking in your last post that Noah seems to be an exact mix of both you and Jason. I really see both of you in him.

Either way, very cute little kid! :)


What a great way to start a Monday!


noah officially has to stop growing. he looks like a little... KID. stoppit!

Amy H

YAY! He looks so cute in his "Don't Mess with Texas" shirt. Every other state, you are On Notice.


Unplug the keyboard, run it under warm clean water for a few minutes. LET IT DRY completely. Usually a day or two. Plug keyboard back in.

You can also run it through the dishwasher all by itself with (and I can't stress this enough) NO DETERGENT.

Modern keyboards may not be dishwasher safe, so warm water might be the better option, but my old IBM PS/2 (yes, from a real IBM PS/2) keyboard has been washed several times (until I had to abandon it after wearing a hole through the space bar *cries*).


Now you just have to have another one so that your husband gets a mini-Jason. Just to make it fair, you know.


It's almost too much cuteness. I think the server might crash soon.


Absolutely PRECIOUS!!! I love those pictures soooo much, what a cutie pie!
He's a real lady's man! ;)


Wow- he looks just like that picture of you! He's adorable! Which I guess is also a backwards way of saying you are adorable.


Noah is getting so big and so super cute with each passing day!! He looks hilarious in those glasses. :)


It cracks me up every time you say he looks like Jason, because, yeah, they're definitely related, but that kid is the spitting image of his momma.


There are not words for how adorable Noah is. What a little camera hog! The camera loves him and he loves it right back.

Heather B.

You're breaking my heart here. You really are. Ok fuck it, I'm staying.

Happy now???


You're sure his mom doesn't have any of the mugger in her? How about petty theft?

stay-at-home mommy

Having never seen pics of your husband, I'd have to say that he looks just like you. :)


Noah may be Jason's kid, but with the first photo lined up next to the photo of you in the left-hand column, it's hard to see much of him in there!

emery jo

i've never seen a kid look so much like his momma. wow.


You never cease to increase the English Language with such fantastic words. Pray to OD has to be one of your best to date! Thanks!


Noah is your mini me! He looks *exactly* like your sidebar picture. So sweet.

Came across this little gem today, maybe you've already seen it, if not I think you'll have a good retch, thinking back to your cookbook commentaries, I just know how you love a fine gallery of food for the most delicate palettes! Enjoy! Or, er, not. http://luncheonloaf.com/luncheonloaf/


He is just too cute. I wish I could get Zoe to just stand still and let me take a picture. She's gotta be on the run... or trying to get around to the back of the camera to see what picture I took!





Except for the blond hair, I always thought that Noah looks exactly like Jason! Even more so now that he'r losing the baby face. He is adorable!


Oh my God, the cuteness. You are trying to kill me. Between you and Sweet Juniper, the cuteness is exponential!


He is SO CUTE! It looks like he's saying chEEEEEEEEEEESE in that second picture...I love this age!


He has the best cheeks. So pinchable. Like a little chipmunk. The Alvin, Simon, Theodore kind.


nice sunglasses, Amalah... if I do recall, they were purchased in a little shop on S. Congress, yes? btwn the t-shirt and the shades you are representing Austin quite nicely. well done.

and seriously? he is becoming a miniature little MAN!! craziness.

(dying with the cute)


Oh, that smile. Too much.


the cute!!! too much!!

He looks so much like both of you :)


Amy S

The turtle face is so cute - ever notice how much the baby on the banana Yobaby container looks like Noah? Another turtle...

Occidental Girl

The top photo of Noah is right next to the photo of Amy as a child that is in the sidebar, and your faces are EXACTLY the same! Cute!


Had to de-lurk - I don't know you, of course, I'm just some anonymous reader-mommy-lady from Ohio who loves to read your blog, but my GOSH, he looks so much like you!! Identicalness!! and adorable.


I agree with Occidental Girl-just look at your profile photo and that first photo of Noah-that is Amalah Junior right there! He is a scrumptious little muffin and yet I can tell he's all boy.

Black Belt Mama

My daughter had a onesie with that shirt on. Love that. And you can't deny he's yours. He looks EXACTLY like you.


Such a cutie! You are so blessed!


I love that you have a "mailman baby". I have a photo of Billy Idol in my office. When my children were very young I would point to the photo of Billy and say "Da, Da". to this day Billy Idol is know as the father of my children... You have a cutie, and I DO love the shirt, "the stars and night, are big and bright!"

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