Mugging like a cup of coffee

Of Cabbages,Kings andthe Excuse du Jour

Heylook. There shouldbea space in that title. Andright heretoo.

I plannedto write a little more about ournew house today, plus some city-to-suburbs angst with an extra scoop of whining,but my spacebar is notworking. Ihaveto hitit several times, really hard, BLAMBLAMBLAM, to get it to work,whichmeans this morning's Advice Smackdown column tookme about seven hours to write,whatwith all the blamming. And I still have to figureout ifMamapop and ClubMomare blam-worthy.

I am tired of blamming. So there will beno blamming orextra spacebarstrokes here.Noneatall!

I actually didtry to fix itmyself, andthought after I yanked thekey off andfound a tiny bit of foil from Hershey'sKiss (pink,for Easter!)underneath that I'dsolved the problem.But no. Keyboard still bein a slut bitch and oh crap, there oes the G key.

I don'tknow how orwhy,but I am bettin this isall Noah's fault somehow.He makes everythin sticky these days.


He's startin to mugfor thecamera.It'sprettyhilarious.


Dude, look at that messed-uphair. Where the hell is this poorkid's mother?




I'm first I'm first!!!


Okay, now that I got that out of the way--swearing to OD was about the funniest thing I've seen all day. Thank you for the laugh--I needed that!!!


Noah is too cute for words. I could just dunk him in my coffee.


Do you have an HP? We have had so many problems with our keyboard. My son broke the first one and we bought a 2nd one and the tab key fell off the next day. I then heard from a friend that "Hps are notorious for their keyboard problems." Thanks, that helps now.


Hope your keys get fixed soon! My delete key and down arrow stopped working periodically on my old laptop.. so I got a new one. :) (It helped the old one was 5 years old and I'd been considering a new one for like a year anyways, but whatever).


I have so been there with laptop keys going out...good luck with that. It happened once where the A key didn't work, and it was right after I got a new job, I think, so I sent an entire email out to a ton of friends and family without any A's in it. However, the A key just magically started working again a few days later, so I hope that is the case for you and your G and spacebar.

And Noah...SO CUTE!

Maxine Dangerous

reat blo, Amalah! Noah is, of course, oreous!


Maxine Danerous

Amy H

My husband and I both work for competiting computer companies. Let me know if you want a discount on the one that has a fruit on it, or the one that has a circle and rhymes with the opposite of Heaven.

you know, just in case.


In keeping with the theme...Noahissofreakincute!

My laptop keys started getting screwy last month, so I commenced with the Blamming, and after about 10 minutes or so of BLAMBLAM - "GODDAMIT" - BLAM, the whole thing died and I chucked it into the closet and stomped my feet around for about an hour.

I fully expected it to come back to life after its time out, but alas, the mean little laptop is still in the closet, all non-workey like, and I'm too lazy to deal with it. I have much more pressing things to deal with, like shopping at Target. So now I'm forced to actually sit at the desk with the dinosaur desktop, which would explain why I keep "forgetting" to blog. Blah.


Amy H- My husband works for the same "rhymes with opposite of heaven" company!

amalah - Whatever you do to your laptop, DO NOT spill a 1 liter bottle of water on it......I do not speak from experience. at all. (figures, it was a work laptop...)


what a pain in the ass. Is it time for me to leave work yet?

Love the hair on Noah, we just went for another haircut last Friday. I like the longer look but my son's hair seems to grow so fast over his ears.

I am too chicken to just trim that myself. Plus I'd have to get lollipops. Haircuts do not happen without them.


Oh, my, OD, that was freaking funny. You'll think it's funny, too, in about a year or so.

(When buttons don't work on my keyboard...or when the battery is on it's last breath...I go INSANE. I can't stand it when I know my fingers are typing the right thing but the screen says they're not.)

And a quick tip that may or probably won't work: canned air. GREAT stuff for cleaning out gunked-up keyboards. Not that I'd know.


You're better than Archy and Mehitabel! (And Noah gets cuter by the second, I think. Seriously. How do you not gobble him up?)


Oh, one more thing for local MD Moms (I have nothing to do with this but thought I'd share)


Woman with Kids

Swearing to OD, that sounds fitting for our family...


Oh man, too funny. I accidentally ripped the ";" key off my laptop in a fit of frustration. I slammed my hands down on the keyboard and the key skittered off across the table. Then I loudly said something inappropriate in the coffee shop where I was working. I need that key all the time for work. I feel your frustration.


He looks so so much like you! Very cute.





I can totally relate, my munchkin regularly tries to commandeer my laptop and the wireless mouse for my dinosaur...meaning that laptop and mouse are always sticky. Yuck!!! And they rarely work the way that I want. Aside from that, like someone else (I am too damned lazy to scroll up) said: CANNED AIR!!!
Or else take up the discount offer - I would love a new laptop with a fruit on it!


He's so cute, the little poser :P Just stick a set of wings on him and he'd be posing for cherub pictures around the globe.


Noah looks JUST like you!


That was hysterical! Oh, and Noah's pictures are nothing short of perfect. That child is a gem, I tell you. What a cutie-pie! I'm expecting my first, and your entries make me so much MORE excited (if that is possible) for all the things I have to look forward to, toddler snot and all.


My G key fell off my laptop today! And then when I put it back on, it screwed up the little cursor mover dot in the middle. Stupid keyboard. I'm blaming my husband though :)


Noah's frakking adorable. You're a lucky woman, even if he is sticky.

Dr. Johnny Fever

That space bar thing happened to me once. It was right after I'd spent three hours "looking" at cumsoakedbarnsluts.com.

The technician at Best Buy said cleaning "that stuff" off of the keyboard was not part of the warranty.


Hey, it's almost like the good old days of drunken posts.


a ha ha ha - "I swear to OD" -- thank you so much for the hearty laugh.

And you want to see crazy hair? Really crazy hair? Girl, please. Your adorable boy's do has nothing on Anna Sofia's 'fro.

Not to worry, I still think they make the perfect couple.



Man, does that kid look like his mommy!!!! :)


I think you need to teach him to pose as you are in your masthead. Then post the pictures side-by-side.


P.S. Have you posted any pics of you at that age side by side with him?


I always thought Noah looks like you, but in that second picture, HOLYCRAP does he look like you. Exactly. Carbon copy. Mini-Amalah.




My cat killed the D key on my laptop. It's so nice and warm, how could she resist? But seriously, D is an important letter and I too hate the blamming of the keys. I'm sure I sound like a psychotic D-hater anytime I type at work because I'm so used to abusing my D at home. Stupid D. No wait... stupid cat.

Amy - you have the cutest child I have ever seen. My word.




canned air is also reat for etting the cat off the freakin' keyboard/dinin table/bed. and for cleanin the keyboard. ood luck.





Oh man!
My laptop keyboard at home does that also.
I actually think it's been doing it for like 7 months now. I just got used to it.
And people just remember now that my spacebar doesn't work that well.



can't get over how much that child looks exactly like you. exact replica. gorgeous (both of you)



Haha, poor you! I had that happen not too long ago, but since I don't have a laptop I just bought a new keyboard. One of my kids spilt some milk that they weren't supposed to have anywhere close to the vicinity of the computer...so that really sucked. Oh, and Noah is adorable...STILL!


Ya know, an all picture post requires less spacebar. :)


What a little ham. (wholooksjustlikeyou)

Swear to Od? Awesome.


I hope you get around to writing more about your new house eventually, because we are in the process of moving and all I want to do is read about house stuff, look at pictures of other people's houses, etc.!



Amalah - you shouldn't take the ord's name in ain.


Amalah! That is the second most adorable toddler I have ever seen! (My son was an irresistibly cute little fellow, though Noah wins hands-down in the Irresistible Apres-Ski Nordic Baby contest. Jay, on the other hand, would have walked away with the Adorable Post-Beach Tired Hot and Pissy Baby contest.)


We are so easy to please. Just a slut bitch keyboard is all it takes to make us happy!!

Need I mention the cuteness that is Noah? Didn't think so.

Sarah Marie

Noah looks sticky! Just kidding...he's going to be America's Next Top Male Model one of these days. Soon he'll be mugging "Blue Steel."

Also, I have a distinct memory of my brother dropping handfuls of uncooked rice into the keyboard of our Commodore 64. No more "The Sky Is Falling" game for me!



b) that happened to me once. know what i did? i just {ctrl+x} a space and then {ctrl+v} every time i needed a space. you get used to it. really!

c) i am dorky, i KNOW. but i'm also in college and can afford nothing. :)


Turn the keyboard upside down and shake it.




Oh, that's some mugging, all right!

P.S. I love that you used the phrase "slut bitch".


I would have burned the keyboard in effigy. And jesus, that kid is mini-you.


Too selfish to ask for a Noah video? Now that he's verbal, I'm DYING to hear his voice. Where did our little turtle/squirrel go?????

Suburban Turmoil

Temporary fix- Go buy a $10 keyboard and hook it up to your laptop. That's what I did with my old laptop when the h and g keys stopped working. And then I saved up for a lovely and wonderful Apple laptop.

Wacky Mommy

He's all, "Hello, Internet! Mail me some candy!"


I'm not sure how helpful this will be, but a new laptop keyboard from impact computers (internet ordering!) runs about $100, and then you can either bribe your local computer genius to install it, or you or Jason could. Good luck.

shy me

I've had the space bar problem on a laptop before. Oh so very annoying.


I swear to OD Noah's bedhead made my ovaries Squee!

I get much satisfaction from beating the crap out of my slutbitch appliances before throwing them out of the window.


I had the same problem when I dropped a baked potato that I'd just yummied up with lots of butter and sour cream on top of my keyboard. Keyboards are so damn unforgiving.

Noah is the cutest little boy ever!


Dude, be careful. You don't want to piss Od off. Od is a vengeful Od. Od don't play that. Od knows all, Od sees all. Od only knows, I wish I could stop. Ood Od, y'all!

(ok, stopping now.)


Suggestion: Highlight one space, and copy it using ctrl-c. Then, every time you want a space, press ctrl-v. It might be annoying, but it won't take as long as banging on the keyboard.


i think that kid ate your baby.
at least this new guy is cute, too.


The little bugger looks just like you!


I'm in a fight with Gene Weingarten and you should be too, for he stole your topic (broken key on the keyboard) in this week's magazine.


I can relate because my cat ripped off my "e" key. Literally- he was walking across my keyboard and when I pulled him off his claw pulled the cap off the e key. Had to be the most used letter in the English language. It still works obviously but so friggin annoying. Now you have to swear to Bob.


I just have to say, Noah is SOOOO CUTE and he looks just like you.

Heather B.

That kid has never met a camera or a mirror he didn't like.


Sorry about the key board, I am sure it is some kind of karma for having one of the world's cutest freaking kids! I wish my girl would mug for the camera like that.


I thought my son was the king of keyboards at that age. I would run to the bathroom and by the time I got back he had pulled off EVERY key on my keyboard. Do you know how long it takes to remember where the keys go?!?!

Been there with the sticky too...If you highlight and copy the space and then do 'ctrl v' to paste the space. It works out much better. LOL

Just a tip from one mom to another. I feel your pain!

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