Of Cabbages,Kings andthe Excuse du Jour


Amy: Well, it's official. We finally finished all that Easter candy.

Jason: Wait. We had Easter candy?

(Real entries using all your awesome topic suggestions coming soon, I promise.)



Poor Jason!!! I think I still have some I can send him!!!


Ditto. PLEASE take my Easter candy away!

A Dirt Girl

My problem is the 75% off Easter candy next to the register at the pharmacy. I never could pass up a good bargain.


Hahaha, I have to hide our candy around the apartment so my hubby doesn't eat it all. The problem them becomes I forget where I hid it when I need some chocolate!


Mmmm. Cadbury Eggs and chocolate-covered marshmallow bunnies. Easter candy is the BEST.

Allison Hasel

Oh no! We know what that means! A certain someone consumed most of it. Ooops. It happens to the best of us!


HAHAHAHA!! That is so funny. I also have Easter candy that my husband doesn't know about.

Wait! Where did I put those peeps...?


My 3 year old wanted to play trick or treat last night with his Easter candy!


I have the best husband in the world he hates chocolate, calls it damn chocolate.....poor me, have to eat it all, it's a tough job but someone has to do it...5 kids at home can you picture how much chocolate that is??


Oh my heck, that's funny!

I bought Easter candy to have in little bowls on the tables at bunco that I hosted this month.
Yeah, by the time bunco came, there was none left. Damn you tiny kit kat bars!


Conversations like that are exactly why we had no easter candy this year. I have no willpower when it comes to the cadbury mini eggs. Last year I ate an entire 2 pound bag all by myself. In my defense I pregnant....


Helen, ditto - my husband doesn't like chocolates, sweets, or anything really "dessert-y" for that matter. It was the greatest thing in the world at first, because dude, no one touched my sour strings, but after watching a few movies and getting looks when my cellophane crinkled too loudly, we pretty much don't have candy in the house. Which is actually great, because my waistline doesn't really miss it.


Hee! I hide chocolate too. I'm still working on Christmas chocolate (specifically, a box of Pot of Gold chocolates. Yum). I've got my little pot of easter chocolate still squirreled away!


We still have a little bit left. Halloween candy is the big deal here. This year my kids sold it to my husband, who in turn took it to work. His co-workers were so impressed with our kids for selling their candy that they pitched, too.


I always wanted to receive one of those stupid red heart shaped boxes of chocolates for Valentine's Day. None were forthcoming so this year I got a big, obnoxiously extravagant one at the day-after sale and gave it to my sweetie...and proceeded to eat it all myself.

Definitely to become an annual tradition.


Hey, goodie drawers aren't just for the bedroom! I have a special drawer in the kitchen where I hide my Choxie Chocolates. My husband's a diabetic, it's for his own good, that's my story and I am STICKING TO IT.

Unfortunately, my 18 month old already recognizes the suspicious crinkle of the chocolate wrapper. Dammit.


Rookies - it took you this long to finish the Easter candy? We were done with it about four days post Easter bunny. Thankfully there are no holidays centered around candy distribution in summer...the Christian calendar is conveniently organized to allow a candy moratorium during bathing suit weather. Candy's gone now it's time to get serious about those extra five pounds.


It lasted til the 26th? I'm pretty sure ours was gone by Easter Monday, when the traditional after-Easter belly aches arrived...


I tossed ours...because I kept grabbing handfuls. It was dangerous. *lol*


haha just kidding, honey! That would have been my next response, although with a quick trip to the garbage can to make sure the wrappers were shoved to the bottom.


You just reminded me that I haven't touched my Easter candy. There must be something wrong with me.


We have a very similar conversation around New Years about the Christmas candy...

And I've FINALLY mastered Halloween. I just buy really gross candy. With no chocolate. And hope to god that my house doesn't get egg'd.


I had to buy Easter candy three times before Easter actually arrived. And I ate my kid's bunny. All three of them, including the one she saw. Everything was gone by sundown. Wasn't Easter 3 months ago? How could you just be finishing it off now? My god. How much did you buy?


Damn, damn you, creamy Milkyway eggs and Starburst jellybeans on 75% off sale! Damn your sugary deliciousness that makes me wear sweats for the next month because my jeans just laugh at me...

b Side

Yea, the 13 cent Peeps on clearance got me last Sunday. My daughters Easter basket was gone by that Friday...my daughter is also one. And may or may not have known about her Easter candy.


What is it about a post on Easter candy of all things that finally makes me comment? Love it!


No Peeps in London. So sad. Lots and lots of Cadbury. My kids actually hate the peeps, but mysteriously the Easter bunny has always given them every year! Until now.


hahaha! Awesome, just awesome. :)


The chocolate bunny that the boy didn't eat?Went in the garbage just last night...after two or three bites off his ears.


um the bunny not the boy - heh.


My husband had to hide the Easter M&M's because Breastfeeding Mama Eating M&M's = Wide fucking Awake Baby.


Our's has been gone for weeks... And my poor husband never even knew about it!


We still have Easter candy here...would you believe I gave birth to 2 children who don't like candy? I'm pretty sure they're mine...

Abra Leah

My kids still have Christmas presents left to open. Sad, huh?

Miss Britt

BTW, thanks. What you did at my blog was uber friggin' cool of you. ;-)


I finally asked my husband to take it to work - otherwise I would have eaten it all!


I'm still working on chewing the last of my chocolate rabbit's ass off. :)


I'm not even sure why we bother with Easter. Let's just eat candy all the time.

Lisa M

Hahaha! We had some peeps left...and then one of the kids left the box of peeps too close to the edge of the counter and I walked into the kitchen as the dogs were slaughtering the poor peeps. So no more peeps!

Naeva - Mom of 2

I need to check out if we still have cadies left...


That was real awesome. It made me giggle loudly at least.


Hahaha...I love this!


I love cadbury mini and cream eggs but didn't get many at Easter--BUT I just got 2 POUNDS of See's chocolates in the mail from my parents-so I know what I'll be doing this weekend:)


I baked a box cake last night for my husband (who has, like me, gotten bored with the candy selection left over from Easter and Christmas) I probably won't eat more than one small piece.

Of course, I'm still working outside the home and we don't have kids.

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