When Cooler, Non-Toasted Heads Prevail


Believe it or not, I have real thoughts. And opinions. About things! And I would like nothing more in the world than to spend some time putting these thoughts and opinions (about things! actual real-life things!) into words. Sentences even.

But Noah won't take a nap. He screamed in his crib for a very long time, and when I poked my head in to make sure everything was okay he put his arms out for me and did this breathing-in sobby thing, and I am sorry, but YOU try being a Nap Hardass when YOUR kid does the breathing-in sobby thing. I'm out.

So instead of my words about things,* I present a few of Noah's words about things.

Noah Talks from amalah

(We really have unpacked all the boxes, more or less. That's our new patio furniture (from Target, of course) that was just delivered this week. Okay, maybe last week. Okay, maybe you just need to quit with the judging right now.)

*Things that may or may not include whether we should do Clomid again and/or just how much turkey bacon one person can consume in one day before it's considered excessive.



There is never too much turkey bacon!

Have a good weekend. One more hour at work for me.


Oh God, the high lyrical little boy voice...I just fell in love with your kid again. And for that reason alone I vote that you eat Clomid three meals a day, because man you make a cute kid.


P.S. I know you don't really EAT Clomid. Just sayin'


He's so big now! I was expecting him to say something more like "Hello mother. Would you care for a game of ball?"


Toddlers really make us see the world with a greater joy. I forgot how exciting a ball can be until now.

Also, if no one sees you eat turkey bacon then it is not excessive. That's just my rule of thumb.


He is perfect!

Good luck with the Clomid vs no clomid thing. Infertility is a beast.


Turkey bacon... oh, there is no limit, lady -- c'mon!


Maybe it's none of my business (honestly is ANY of this my business?) but ohemgee, the internetz would love you to have another baby.

Good luck deciding!


balls and tanes and cahs...oh my!


My nine and a half month old was really impressed with your big boy. He wanted him to come out of the computer to play!


This is going to sound really silly, but I always expect your voice to sound like the voice in my head. Perhaps because I always read your words in that voice? Haha.

Noah is a seriously cute little man!

Have a wonderful weekend!


You know I've said before that our kids look like they could be brother and sister-- I don't think I'm too far off. While watching the video of Noah, Isabella climbed into my lap and started pointing at the screen yelling "BELLA BELLA BELLA BELLA!" She thought she was watching herself! I could not convince her otherwise.

Oh, and I think you should put a warning on the slide show with the Ben Folds song. It was so absolutely precious I cried.

Heather B.

You're actually trying to kill me...that's your goal now, isn't it..? Please do one of him in the bathroom mirror looking at himself. Entertainment for all.


Ball ball ball ball ball ball ball! I am giggling like a dork. What a sweet little guy! Yup, I vote for the clomid. After looking at the clip, if I were you, I'd be poppin 'em like Skittles. Thanks so much for sharing that excellent video, Amalah Mamalah. Have been up all night writing and am grateful for a pickup that doesn't come in a violently colored aluminum can that cost $2.99 at the 7-11.

Turkey bacon. What's that about? I confess I am a turkey bacon virgin. Is it any good? I mean, SERIOUSLY? P.S. I like bacon on my turkey sandwiches, but that's not the same thing, is it? [sob]

Wacky Mommy

"Bacon is my downfall. I only eat it every other day." (my grandma's best quote ever.)

THAT NOAH IS SO ADORABLE. And smart! I love that little voice.


No judging here. & only a cold heart can resist the sobbing-in thing!
(I think this may be my first comment, but I've lurked forever. Love your humor & writing style- your blog keeps me sane somedays!)


Soooo precious! It was always the funnest time when my kids were first learning to talk and every new word was a triumph.


OK he's got the ball thing its time to add a baseball glove and bat and start training him for that big league career so he can support you in the style you deserve.


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the video. What a cutie! And I totally give in to the sobby breathing-in thing everytime!!!

Good luck with things* and decisions about things*. Our hearts are with you.


hey Noah? What is that? Is it a ball? Causssseeee I really wasn't clear on that one.

HAHAHA J/K. Your kid is so cute he makes my utuerus hurt.


That? Was just what I needed to see. Especially since my 3 year old won't take a nap and keeps waking up her 1 year old sister.

Just you wait. It gets better the more kids you have, I promise.

Although that Noah is sure cute all by himself.


The cuteness just melted my face. I hope you're happy.
I've been reading your blog for like, two years, and I've never heard your voice. Weird! But in a good way! In a non-creepy non-stalker way! Yeah.
Noah, is the cuteness.

Dr. Johnny Fever

That even made MY ovaries hurt.


Thanks so much for sharing this with us! What a sweet, sweet little man.


I can't help but want to put a running translation with the clip that says:

Then when he walks toward the camera he is really saying:

He's gotten so big! But is of course, no less adorable. You're blessed!

Vaguely Urban

I love how he's a mover and a shaker and he doesn't let that one step slow him down (much), no sir!

Yes, please do make another.


I think my favorite part was when he sat down and scooted down the one step on his little diaper-clad butt. CUTE.

also, in case you were wondering: my vote is that you can never have too much turkey bacon. because, you know, it's all healthy-like and whatnot. faux pig. not the real thing. so turkey bacon it up.

good luck with the important decisions.


Have you thought about putting a web cam in his room so you can see if he's ok/not-okay using modern technology? Then he'll never know you're looking. We did this with our 2 year old. The out-of-town grandparents think it's great too. Of course, they get to watch and not hear the screams.


I can't see your video. When I click on it, I get a blank space. If it was Quicktime, I think I would be able to see it - or Realplayer, but that's it. I weep as I haven't been able to see any of your videos. (pout).



I read "bacon" as "basting" at first and thought, well aren't WE in for some stories come Monday.


I know how busy you are... but if you have a minute check out Zoe's new favorite word!


Ummm...turkey bacon...


I started playing the video and my own 19 month old son came running saying "Ball, ball ballball!" THen he sat on my lap and watched the video in awe, like "Someone who speaks my language! Finally!"


OMG, Noah is soooooo cute! Please, more videos of his cuteness! A ball! Ball! Ball! Ball! I'm dying, giggling, My Jake will be two next month, and is now saying "I want to put on my coat!" And other genius like things, but I miss when he was just learning words! So CUTE! Oh well, the bun I have in the oven now will give me my baby fix soon...oh and by the way, if it's a boy, I would like your permission, O Queen of Moms, can I name him Noah? I have just fallen in love with the name!

Daily Tragedies

OMG, the cuteness!

There is no such thing as too much turkey bacon. Nope. Not possible.


Cripes. "A ball." A ball! He uses articles. ARTICLES. My kids are, like, 100 years old and they haven't got the hang of articles yet. "Dude, I totally got burrito for lunch today!" Exceptional child you have there.


I think the best part is that he's got a whole pattern down: "a ball! Ball ball ball!," over and over again. Too cute.


To sum up:
A ball! Ball! Ball! Ball!

And also? Yes to Clomid. That kid is too adorable to not make more.


Noah's careful navigation of the step makes this for me. It reminds me of watching my elderly-ish aunt step out of a doorway with far more caution than was really called for. Granted, she didn't go as far as to shuffle over the threshold on her backside.

Kate The Great

Oh my gosh, the voice is too much! SOOOO cute! =)


Oh man, he's even cuter when he's all talky-talky and walky-walky.

I had to play it twice. And now I have a little chant going in my head "A ball! Ball, ball, ball!"

As for turkey bacon, it is perfectly acceptable to eat an entire package in one day. It's like part of South Beach, yo.


My Gawd woman, he is so cute I just want to cover him in BBQ sauce and eat him up. You need to do these videos more often ok.


Without knowing your medical history, doesn't the fact that you've already had one babalah help you have all kinds of other babalahs if you want?


Oh my Od. You are trying to kill me, right? With his cuteness? which is unbearable? Seriously, he's too adorable for words. Which explains why you can't write those other sentences!!!! Totally understandable! Thank you for sharing, this made my day.


A-DOR-A-BLE!!!!! That is all.


With that much cute, I'd be mixing up Clomid cocktails on a nightly basis. You may need to put up a vimeo of him being Noah the Terrible (tantrum, perhaps) to even things out. Otherwise, we can't be held responsible for the bumper crop of babies in the next year or so. Much like with turkey bacon, caution is thrown to the wind with so much deliciousness.


We get bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble all the live long day.

Nothing But Bonfires

Oh my god, my favorite part is how he strides around very quickly, particularly right after the car/truck/train part. That's exactly how I walk when I'm late for something very important, and am wearing the sort of shoes that permit it.


I just love the wavy locks on the back of Noah's head.

You have such a lamb-y (?) voice; totally different than what I thought you would sound like. I am positive that I sound like a bawdy mess.


He is a doll! I love the way his voice goes up whenever he names something. He is so smart!


What a preshus, preshus boy! He is so sweet. You are so lucky.....


Great, now my boobs are leaking.

Wait was that tacky?

Sorry, cutest kid ever though!


You CANNOT go wrong with turkey bacon.

(Also cursing my feed reader for not telling me about this earlier *shakes fist in general direction of Google*)


You two are perfect.
(You have to eat excessive amounts of turkey bacon because the package can only be saved for, like, one week after it has been opened, so as long as you don't eat TWO packages...)


I also am now singing "a ball...ballballball" over and over again.

I can't handle all the cuteness!


Good grief, I think that video made me ovulate and I am *too* old for more kids! Hopefully it will somehow make my daughter-in-law ovulate as well and I can have a play baby without all the sleepless nights.
Seriously, Clomid and turkey bacon sandwiches for every meal. Your little man is absolutely adorable.


lol your video reminded me of this baby for some reason:


i think my tubes just untied. noah is just the sweetest and the preshusest !! the 1 piece coveralls just kill me. they should make them in real people sizes, cuz i'd have 'em in every color.


I. LOVE. NOAH. For reals. And YOU get to have him!

Kaitlyn has lots of words too, but when I aim a camcorder at her and ask her to tell me what something is, she looks at me like "what? if you don't know what that is, I'M not going to tell you!"

P.S. I gave you an award on my blog, I hope you'll stop by and see what it is :)


Okay, is it just me, or is that a baby Muppet voice I hear? Jim Henson and Co... Watch out!


My 21 month old loved it! He was in the living room screaming because his meanie big sister wouldn't let him sit on her bean bag. So I brought him in to watch Noah. He was all "Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Oh. Ball! Hee!" Yay! Noah saves the day! He is now my Buggy's BFF.


You know what I love? The fact that I CAN see the video at work. You know what I hate? That I can't access your blog at work. Thus meaning NO COMMENTS FROM ME. Which, I'm sure, you hate.

And um Clomid?? Hot topic. Let's hear more.


You know what I love? The fact that I CAN see the video at work. You know what I hate? That I can't access your blog at work. Thus meaning NO COMMENTS FROM ME. Which, I'm sure, you hate.

And um Clomid?? Hot topic. Let's hear more.


Does he say "Look mom" at about 31 seconds in? (As in, "Look, Mom, a ball!")


What a cutie pie!! I loved the little high pitched baby voice. But what I liked best was how, without looking away from the camera, he just sits down, scoots his butt, and goes right down that one little stair, stands up and keeps going. So great.

Good luck with whatever you decide on the Clomid! You have such a beautiful family!


Michael has that same gymboree romper!

samantha jo campen

I love how his voice rises at the end of saying "A ball!" like, duh mom.

And was that a little burp at the end? Rockin'!

P.S. He looks SO much like you it's unbelievable. CUUUUUUUUTE!


Such a cute little dude!

And I totally think you should pop some Clomid, though I admit I say so seeking a vicarious-ART thrill, and knowing that I don't have to deal with the Clomid-batsh*t-crazies. Best of luck with this--I'm so sorry it's still an issue.


Oh, honey...if all future posts are as gloriously wonderful as that, you don't need to write another word! Thanks for the smiles (and the wonderful memories!)

Ruth Dynamite

This is so incredibly cute. My kids (6 & 8) were mesmerized!


That's it. My daughter is officially the least talkative child ever. How did Noah learn CAR? And train? And truck? Will mine learn that next month? PLEASE?

Also - so cute.


I don't know how you feel about Noah dating an older woman, but my 3 year old asked if Noah would be her boyfriend.


No one would accuse the kid of not thoroughly answering a question.


God, I love your child. So preshus!


=( my 19 month old daughter still staunchly refuses to talk...she was Awah (Aurora the dog) and Ni (night as in bed) and she signs hungry adn juice and gentle and dog...but does NOT talk...
I hope mine will that preshus when she does
PS Yes to the Clomid


ummm grab some paper towels bc i officially melted into a puddle on the floor...


sorry I am late... the comments are closed on Blogzilla.... but I have to say BEST.POST.EVER.


Noah is adorable!

There is no such thing as too much bacon.



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