Prognosis Negative
Area Woman Plants Thing, Expects Some Sort of Medal When it Doesn't Die

(It's the Boston accent that really gets me.)

"Did he just say what I thought he said?"


"When did that start?"

"Just this morning. He picked up a bottle of lotion and called it that. He also says it to soda cans."



"We should probably discourage that."

"I know, but not until I get him to say it on video."

ABEAH! from amalah on Vimeo


Maxine Dangerous


Wacky Mommy

Wacky Girl would also like a beer.


ok, freaking hilarious. also, he is growing up to be such a dapper young man. love the wavy hair - keep it going! (I expect nothing less from the child of the queen of hair products) ;)


But he might be on to something. I would so drink out of a pink beer bottle.


So what the heck are you doing putting beah in lotion bottles?


OMG! So he wonders off "now i named the object, mother, and off i must go to more important things"


Ha! That is adorable!


Hilarious! He's adorable in 3-d.

And weeeeird, I so didn't think you'd sound like that. Don't what I did think though!


That made my morning. A beeah! At least you know he's being appropriately cultured :)


/cry I'm at work... I cant see the vid!!!!! Soooo gonna check it when I get home though.


when they see Beah's around the house.. they're gonna say beahs. my 2.5yr old says.. mommy..u dwank 4 beah's. thank u dear daughter.. mommy knows. (and she has a true boston accent)


Gotta say, you have the cutest voice in the world. My voice makes me want to shrivel and die when I hear it.


"We should probably discourage that."


But it's so CUTE.


LOVE his hair. So cute!

Fraulein N

I like how matter-of-fact he is, like "Woman, don't you KNOW what it's called?" And then he leaves because he has better things to do.


OMG how absolutely precious. What a doll!


I like how he wanders off like a Kennedy after having a few of those beahs.


At least he didn't say he had to get his drink on. He'll be a great landlord!


Dude, maybe he learned it from watching Pearl?


OMG he's so cute! And you just crack me up - I had to de-lurk to tell you that. Thanks.

Nothing But Bonfires

My favorite part is how he appears to say "Um goy" at the very beginning, which is "please" (or "thank you"...or maybe "you're welcome,"I can't remember which) in Cantonese. Very impressive, little boy. Very impressive.


Damn how'd you get that vimeo on your site? I've been trying to post a video, and am about to kick this g.d. monitor out the window.

Except I'm at work and would get fired. Which, really, isn't it all gonna happen soon anyway?


Love the clip.


Amalah, your kid is WICKED SMAAHT!

Male Reader, A Gay One, But Still Here

ps Hope you end up being/continue to be whatever you want to be re: pregnancy.


if you're lucky the next step involves Noah going to the fridge, and getting you ABEAH!

operation pink herring

He kills me with his "a" before everything.


Hahaha, my nephew did that when he was Noahs age too! Everything was beer that was drinkable! He's such a cutie!


HAH! That's fabulous!!! :)


Oh! My God! That is the funniest thing I've heard since someone (maybe you?) said that Tara Reid's perfume would smell like chlamydia and condoms. (I remember that because it still makes me giggle whenever I think about it. See? Giggling now! Hee!)


Hysterical. And so so cute.

I knew a kid growing up who, at 2, said "shit" for "fish." You can imagine the hilarity.


But can he uncork your wine bottles yet? Too cute!


The boy is ready for dollar dog night at the Nationals! Aball and abeah all in the same place!!

Miss Britt

Can you TEACH that Boston accent in BFE Iowa ya think?


Zoe can identify many drinks... including beer, wine, and coffee. I figure in a year or so she'll be able to serve us drinks. Good right?


I would like abeah too, please!


He he my son says matthew drink a beer and we say no mommy and daddy's beer and then he runs around yelling Beer Beer. I asked my husband if this could potentially damage him - he said no so when Matthew is one day a crazy college student I will just lay blame on my husband's door step! LOL

PS He does the same thing with coffee and even likes to dip his nose into the cup and take a deep breath of it just like Mommy!


my husband also does the a- before every word, but he's from Italy. maybe Noah is bostonian/cantonese/italian. :)


It sounds like he said "A beer...mmmmmm."


Mary Ellen

Oh, that's funny! My 2-year-old's playphone from Ireland says, "Ring, ring, it's Mummy!" And, "Call your Mum! Call your Da!" So I'm hoping she'll ask for tea and biscuits soon...


A kid after my own heart...

What a sweet lil voice you have Amalah :)


my friend sends his son to the fridge to get him 'a barley pop.'
this is just as adorable. maybe noah needs a red sox shirt or something?

Heather B.

I'm going to try and get him to say 'avodka'.


"I know, but not until I get him to say it on video." Bwhahaha!

I think the little man has the right idea! Have a good weekend!


OMG that's funny.


utterly awesome.

Amanda Cowan

I love the "we should discourage that, but not until we get it on video" habits! I have my daughter going nuts on a toy that just isn't doing what she wants saying "S**t! S**T! S**T!" while throwing it around.. aah..something to show future boyfriends...


I don't know that I'd dicourage that - way too cute! The feathery hair and tiny man shirt must drive you mad with longing for another little person.


My son long thought that all drinks were "coffee." At weekend breakfasts, he'd announce that he had his "orange juice coffee."


OMG... my uterus just kicked me and my ovaries exploded... so dang cute!

Miss Snippy

Well, in spite of your (insanely adorable, GAH) little boy thinking everything is a cheap alcoholic beverage, I think you have a pretty voice. Just sayin'.

Miss Snippy

And maybe because he is already talking with a Boston accent, he'll be a super math genius like Will Hunting, just without the scary psychological issues.


Bwahahhahahahaa - could he be any cuter??? Love it!

Out of the mouths of babes! So funny how he tells you what it is and then is off again to find other things to name. :)

It gets better, just wait - last Spring, I went to visit my sister and family early one Saturday morning (9am), my then almost 3-year-old nephew who was going in and out to the patio, saw me and came back in with ABEAH he retrieved from the cooler outside left over from a party - 'Here ya go Na-Na, I got you abeah!'

Yeah, he brought my sis and bil both water... that's when I realized I should come by more often when it's not happy hour time.



Classic. You've taught him well, momma!


I love how he's all "I have said my peace...I must go find ABALL now!"


You know that place you go to where you're laughing so hard you have nothing but clicking sounds coming from your throat and tears coming out of your eyes? That's what this video + your post + the comments did to me. And it's been a rough week, so thanks for that.


Hi, long time lurker here. When my stepdaughter was about that age she would say truck but couldn't pronounce Tr and started it with an F. My husband and I would get her to say it and laugh our heads off. Kids can be awfully cute sometimes. Yours is adorable by the way.


hysterical. i love him, he's so adorable!


Amy, I went into the hospital yesterday for a possible far so good, however I love your blog so much i made my friends email to my phone all of your latest posts, including your moms daily dose...i just want to let you know, you can stop writing but i'm still going to show up every single day and if nothing else i will read the archives! you made me giggle and gave me good reading during that tuff time so please keep blogging...i dont mind looking at your coffee pot made me happy knowing you made a much bigger mess then i normaly do!


MWAHAHHHAAA! Abeah! How adorably cute!


"That's not a beer."

Your tone of voice there - like you're reassuring yourself - is hilarious.


wicked funny! and wicked cute! love how he's like, "I told you it was abeah like 10 times already...geez..."

when my son was almost 2, I had a jewelry party at my house and had set my class of wine on the table for a minute to look at an item. he came up, grabbed the wine and handed it back to me with a look like "you never put this down, mommy!"
he also said "firefuck" instead of firetruck, even though if it was just a truck, he'd say "twuck". The best part was when we were at my grandfather's funeral in January and he was playing with his little cousins in the lobby area of the funeral home and discovered that they had a firetruck in their bag of toys. He screamed "FIREFUCK!!!" about eight times out of excitement...I never even tried to stop him...just laughed my head off. Fish (i.e. Goldfish crackers) were "bitsch" (a slightly lispy bitch...ha!). Hilarious when he would demand "I WANT BITSCH!"

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

At least he knows what he wants.

debbie in the UK

I'd only start worrying when he calls it "Gin & Tonic! He is oooo adoreable.



He is so cute! Smart boy!

My BF's son had a breakfast with mommy and Santa in Kindergarten. He came home and told her about it and added that she wouldn't be able to drink beer- that there would only be orange juice and milk served. His teacher had asked him what his mom's breakfast beverage preference was and he told her "beer."

She was horrified- I was laughing so hard I was crying.


Oh sweet jesus on the cross. With a beer.


OH MY GOD, this is wonderful! Your site just brings joy to us every day!


Wait till he starts telling you which kind is his *favorite* beer. Declan prefers Guinness.


LOVE him. That wavy hair, that little-man polo shirt and shorts! He is already a lady killer! And that little voice-your boy is wicked smaaht, you know :)


He is just the cutest thing!

So one of my first words was beer. It was like Daddy then beer.

Self-fulfilling prophecy or something. Seeing as the truck fulls I've had in my lifetime.


that is just the funniest thing! total blackmail material!



Abra Leah

Too cute! Are people always telling you to cut his hair? Bradley's hair is the same way and I get so tired of people telling me to cut it!

his morning Chloe said, "Holy crap!" because Daddy was changing Bradley's Very Icky Diaper. Great thing for her to say before church, right?


OH I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

I'm having a WORST Father of sorts....come check it out....even if your dad is Father of the Year!


Love it.

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