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The podcast for the radio show isn't available yet. I don't know why they're dragging their feet and denying the Internet the chance to hear the MOST THRILLING 11 MINUTES OF RADIO EVER (har!) but rest assured I will link to it as soon as I can. God forbid you miss the part where I completely lost track of my point and the words coming out of my mouth and said something about how I'll look back and miss the toddler tantrums someday. What? WHAT? And this is why I should not talk to people before 9 am. Or really,... Read more →

A slightly freaked-out update at 12:31 am

So it turns out that I'm going to be on this radio show tomorrow morning? On Sirius Satellite Radio? On Channel 114, to be exact? On the Be Happy, Dammit! show, to be even more exact? There's some kind of snafu miscommunication going on right now about the time zone I just know it, but it sounds like I will probably be on around 8:39 am EST, but there will also be a podcast afterwards which I will link to but will refuse to listen to, because OH MY GOD THE SOUND OF MY OWN VOICE. Anyway, I am only... Read more →

A Million Shades of Beige

Mmmffh. Mmmmmmmfffffhwa. What? Oh. Hi. I'm sorry. I'm just a little busy over here, lying on the ground, making kissy faces to my new floors. No, I'm not actually kissing my new floors. That would be weird. Also I could smudge them. Jesus Christ, take your damn shoes off! These floors are not for walking on. My God. They are for admiring. From over there. A little further. One more step. Outside the door. Yes. Thanks. Can you still hear me? I'll shout, if that helps. So the floors are done. And there's not much else to say except that... Read more →

Further Proof of How Stir-Crazy the Hardwood Install is Making Us

"Noah, today we're going to teach you the meaning of America." "Let's go eat some wings and ogle some waitresses." Noah was unimpressed and possibly a little embarrassed for bringing Dora to such a tacky place, although our waitress scored some points for knowing all about Swiper the Fox (I'll BET she does, heh heh) (I have no idea what I even mean by that). Frankly, we were a little disappointed to learn how very un-subversive it is these days to take a toddler to Hooters. The wings were awesome though. So there is that. I did end up taking... Read more →


We took Noah to a movie on Saturday. I'm going to sit back for a second while you absorb that sentence. And then I'll file my nails while I wait for the cries of horror and WHY WHY WHY WHAT WERE YOU THINKING to die down. Ready? Okay. So we were going a little stir-crazy, what with the construction and the floors and all. Add all the steaming hot idiocy coursing through our veins, and you've got two adult morons who suddenly decide that a movie will take up a nice chunk of time, and OF COURSE our toddler will... Read more →


Day Three of Operation Hardwoods. The downstairs is almost done. Tomorrow they start on the upstairs. I hope to have my house back sometime between next Saturday and 2012. It's always a little weird to go into your bathroom and discover that even the toilet paper is covered in sawdust. But lo, there is progress. There is also this, unfortunately. I've spent the last couple days begging the floor guys to leave our router plugged in and undisturbed, which is stressful because I don't know how to say "I NEED THE INTERNET TO DO THIS BULLSHIT 'JOB' THAT I DO"... Read more →