Or: An Important Reminder Why I Should Probably Shut Up About Flight of the Conchords Already

Oh. Right. Hi.

Uh. Surprise!

(Hit refresh if you don't know what I'm talking about.)

Should I have said something? Given you a heads up that omffffg, the site is going to look all different tomorrow? I actually meant to, but then I forgot. Also am ovulating, and thus very busy.

Anyway, yes. Site done got all redesigned all good and fancy like. Obviously, not by me, since I coded the last design, which I am pretty sure was held together with duct tape and DOS. Sean Slinsky did this one for me. (Sean is actually Nothing But Bonfires' Holly's Sean, which I'm sure he appreciates being called.)

I'm sure he also appreciated my input and instructions, which consisted of me saying things like: I don't want the site to be so damn pink anymore, but I want you to still use the same picture, which is damn pink, but you know, make it less damn pink.

And then I emailed him a photo of Jason's boxers. I am a joy.

But! As you can see, he did a totally kick ass job and I love love looooove it. He made Typepad do things that Typepad doesn't really like to do, and Typepad was all, Oh Sean, you're so dreamy, anything for you, Sean, and he added some cool thingies (check out the links to mah other stuff like Mamapop and behold the cool RSS feed; it's like I'm living in some kind of crazy futuristic world where information flows like wine) (also OH MAH GAH THERE'S A DAMN SEARCH FUNCTION), but for the most part I think everything is still where it used to be, so please no more disoriented weeping.

If something doesn't look or function right, let me know, but first know that I may only care if you are seeing it in Firefox/Safari/Opera/IE7, and even then I will only care a little about IE7.

PS Categories are only working for recent entries, since I went years without using them and it's a huge pain to go back and assign them now, but I'm working on them. For you! And your browsing pleasure.

PPS I am freaking exhausted now and need to go lie down, even though I did nothing more strenuous during the entire switch-over process than a thumbs-up, we're a go for relaunch, 10-4. But still. I HOVERED.

PPPS / UPDATE: Yeah. Let's just pretend I don't have a Links page right now. We will fix. Fixed and fabulous, dawgs.



Love the new site - it almost rocks as much as you!


I am totally freaking out right now over the thought that I may have been one of the first people to see the new look - egad!


love the stuff under your pick - kind of freaking, and hot but still all "girl power" ... and yes the funky links rock!


acutally -- the new look originally had the old post... the new post just came... and ya it is pretty freaky. Like your best friend just went and dyed her hair bright pink (o ya she already did that!)>


So pretty. Comfy...might just put my feet up and stay a while.


Yay! I like it! (Less pink means I can kind of get away with reading this at work. Woo!)

the reluctant ADDult

Beautiful! Dynamic AND elegant. Kudos to Sean (and to you for such awesome directorial thumbs-upping.)


Love the new layout! The comment bubbles are too cute! Everything worked great in Firefox after I refreshed but I came from google reader so maybe it was that.
Looks Great!


First of all when you say Oh My Gah it totally reminds me of that newlyweds episode where Jessica Simpson doesn't want to say God anymore and runs around saying oh my gah!!!

I LOOOOOOOVE THE NEW SITE. My page is pretty jealous and wants to kick your pages ass now!


First of all when you say Oh My Gah it totally reminds me of that newlyweds episode where Jessica Simpson doesn't want to say God anymore and runs around saying oh my gah!!!

I LOOOOOOOVE THE NEW SITE. My page is pretty jealous and wants to kick your pages ass now!


First of all when you say Oh My Gah it totally reminds me of that newlyweds episode where Jessica Simpson doesn't want to say God anymore and runs around saying oh my gah!!!

I LOOOOOOOVE THE NEW SITE. My page is pretty jealous and wants to kick your pages ass now!


This is lovely, but God help me, I still miss the cherries....


love it! great! fabulous!

I usually read your site via my RSS reader on Livejournal (for am Lazy when it comes to going to other places) - I read the first line and went "Uh? Buh? Uh... OH." Got it figured out now.


GREY. So pretty.



Kelly J

It's bea-u-ti-ful!


Love the new look, truly, but the links section is bugging me out...your blogroll is MY blogroll, see, and now when I use your links I can't see anyone's whole entry, nor get to their page directly...wahhh!


It's beautiful, Amy . . . I had a scary moment when I loaded the page in Firefox and it was full of THE WONK. But then I cleared my cookies and it was all better, yay!

(By la way, just discovered you via "It's Not All Mary Poppins" and read all your archives over the course of two weeks and was overjoyed that you live in the DC metropolitan area and are also miraculously somehow cool and I promise not to be a stalker but now I am a faithful amalahead k thx bye.)


I may be the only one but nothing in the left column works for me, links, Mamapop and so on. Could be the old arse server my work is on? Otherwise I love it, great update.


I love it so so much!! It's so pretty and pink, but not too pink, and so pretty!! I got nervous when it loaded thinking somehow I lost your page and how could I lose your page but wait it's still the right page hooray!!

Wacky Mommy

Ahhhhhhh, sage green -- my favorite. I like the little comment boxes, it's like we all have bubbles with the words coming out of our mouths.

Nice work, Sean.


De-lurking to say I LOVE the new design! (Although I DO miss the "Project Toddalah")

Li'l Foot's Mommy

It's so perty!!!! And new!!! And Exciting!!!


I absolutely love it!


Loves it!

I think I actually said OMG out loud in my cube!


Mostly I'm just amused by the new comment policy.

Also, it's so high-techy and cool when you click your other site links; oooh, fancy.


Love the new look! Especially love the cool box that pops up when you click your links. So fancy!!!


Love it! It's very grown up girly!


I love it! LOVE IT! The sage-y green* and pink. The stuff my dreams are made of! You are pretty, oh so pretty!

*Dear Anal Retentive Proper Color Name Nazis... I do not care of the technical color name is oregano mist or thyme-less wonder or some shit like that. So pffft!



Also, pink and grey are totally the new black.


You redecorated! LOVE the new look - it's way cute!


looks all kinds of fantastic...yay Amalah...and yay Sean!


I LOVE the new look! Gorgeous. The links page is more fun too. And categories! Whoa! Good work!! (You too, Sean!) Awesome!


One word. In caps. For, you know, effect.



So pretty. and beautiful. love the redesign. Sean rocks. At first Firefox wanted to load your old design. one refresh and the new design bumped the old design. I'm getting the mom's daily dose link sitting on top of the smackdown link.

The phonetics are a nice touch.

anne nahm

Looks good!

Amy H

I love it! It looks great. All of your hard work really paid off. ;-)


looks great!

Mediocre Housewife

I love it! It's less pink, yet more pink, you know? Very feminine. Exactly what I would design for my website if I wasn't so mediocre at it (oh, and if I had money to pay someone to do it.) Fantastic!


oh, and I just clicked on the link page, thanks for the shot out!


Love Love Love and Hooray!


I don't think i've ever commented, but love the redesign - esp. the new comment "word bubbles"


I loooooove love love the new site! Tis tres pretty, like you! ;)

P.S. this is my first ever time commenting....yay! squee!


Very cool. I love the drop-down things on the links.


YAY! The site looks fantastic!


It looks great. I'm jealous of your super fancy design, it looks very professional. Good job Nothing But Bonfires' beau Sean!

hello insomnia

reminds me that I need to redesign. yikes.

hello insomnia

reminds me that I need to redesign. yikes.


Oooh la la, he DID do a great job.


Looking good like I knew you wooooould.


Yay! Glad everybody likes it. I know redesigns can leave you sort of unsettled sometimes -- like when my favorite sites redesign I'm always thrown into a temporary blind panic where I FORGET HOW THE INTERNET WORKS.

(And we're going to fix the links page. Not sure what's going on there with the weird loading-in-frame thing, but we're on it!)


It loaded a little slower (but that might be because of my connection or because I do not have the images cached yet), but it is very pretty.
Lovely subdued coloring, nice layout. Enjoy! (And great job, Sean.)

Erin - ExpectingExecutive

Very nice. It looks fantastic and very easy to meander around!

Best to you-


Jessica Ashley (Sassafrass)

Coming out of lurkdom to say:

Looking fabulous, darling!

Very pretty and certainly not too pink (not that I am personally opposed to too much pink but I hear your cry).


Hi Amy. Love the new design. Your tagline renewed my desire to really, truly and finally know how you pronounce "Amalah." I know you provided a phonetic helper up there, but could you maybe, pretty please, post an audio clip of you saying your site's name. It would make me so very happy. I keep thinking about how the moderator pronounced "Amalah" at the SXSW panel, and I must know if that's really it. It's killing me.


i'm loving this new layout. though am a huge fan of pink.
and horray for ovulating.
what are you doing on the computer? you should be on jason instead (omg did i just say that? wow)
okay, now that i've creeped you out to the nines i'm going to go back to my smooshed food and diego world.


I'm not really diggin' the links. I have to hit refresh after closing a link or it will just keep bringing up the same page and not the list of links. Does that make sense? Oh, I'm using Firefox which may or may not have anything to do with it. I don't really understand this "innernets" thing. Otherwise, very nice redesign.


Is very nice. I like.


Ooh. Pretty!


Mindy - yeah, links page is NOT working right now. Please ignore the wonkiness.


It's beeeeeeeautiful... Fabulous work, Sean! And Amalah, I'm sure that you were an awesome instruction-giver throughout the process!

(Thus endeth the exclamation marks!)



Oh Mah Gawd. Lovely. Lovely and pretty and beautiful and I want to lick my screen.

But then, I'm kinda sick over your site that way.


It looks like a scrapbook page. I love it!



that is all.


Tres cute! And all fancy, with the linkiness!


You new page is GLORIOUS!!! I love it. I just know I will be back looking at it sevceral times today because it's just so damn purdy! Also, should I buy you a scrapbook?

Virginia Gal

Love the new site design...so pretty.

And am I the only one wondering why "Beavercreek" ads are showing up and thinking dirty little thoughts?

Account Deleted

The site's really purty. Props to Sean.

Virginia Gal

And of course, after I ask that question the "Beavercreek" ads disappear...nevermind then.


I'm glad everyone digs the new design... and I appreciate the feedback on some of the quirky behavior...

It's amazing that no matter how many machines/browsers you test a site on, you never see all of the little inconsistencies


Love the links. Sean did a great job!


oooooo, pretty.


N-i-c-e! It's like coming home to the house after the house cleaners been there - only you didn't have to pay anyone. Sweet!

Nothing But Bonfires

Oh, thank god, I can have my boyfriend back now!


What happened to "THE QUEEN OF EVERYTHING"? Amalah, you NEED to put that back below your cute pic. Besides that, your new look is terrific!


Love the new look! very pretty!

also, don't know if it's already been repaired, but I'm on IE7 (know you don't care much for it...) and no issue with the Links link or the links on the Links page. ;)

Big Mama

The new look brings me deep and abiding joy, what with all the swirls and stars. Fabulous.


love it...pink and grey are SO IN this season...


Looks great. Such a fab balance of space and content. Holy hell, I almost sounded smart just then.


Looks absolutely beautiful! I love the colors and all the new gadgety goodness!


I love it! It's totally kickass. As long as it continues to have pictures of the real reason I come here. Ahem.

Redesigns are fun. It was great to hear what all five of my readers thought of mine. Ahem again.




Me likey. Change is always good.


omg I clicked on the Mamapop link and angels floated down and placed the site gently on my computer screen. I love it! The design is a good balance of girly and grunge - like you're not afraid to skin your knee but you'd totally wear a Dior bandaid to cover it. Nice job, Holly's Sean! (you too, Amalah.)


I love it! It's a good change.

Heather B.

Sean pretty much rocks.


Love it!


I just clicked on the links to MDD and AS. I am in love!! At a glance I can see if there are updates. I can read the topic. I can close it and stay forever at aim'a'la dot com!! You have totally made my day. I don't know Sean, but I think I love him.


Looks great. Nice job. You're still "the queen of everything" you know.


What a coincidence because Bossy pent the morning trying to alter her TypePad blog, which is much like wrestling the alligator.

And unfortunately Bossy thinks she may have spent her Blog Design For Dummies money on hard liquor.

But this? This blog rocks the graffiti-pink.

Alice R

Lol. Amy. I used your search function to find that entry from a while back about the Hemnes dresser disaster, because I'm about to venture 3 hours south to the Atlanta store to buy a bunch of stuff and it occurred to me that you had some warnings about missing parts. Did you know that you have 6 pages of entries that mention Ikea?


I'm in love all over again. 50 percent you, 50 percent Sean.


It is absolutely GORGEOUS! I am loving every single part of it, especially these adorable little comment quote box thingies.

Jenny L.

LOVE the new site!! Works great on IE6, FYI.


Love it! Especially the pronunciation. I had to TELL myself, every.Single.Time. that it was AIM a lah, not AH ma lah.

Thank you.


Delurking to say-
Lucky whore!


The site is beautiful! Now, I go mother-in-law on ya...

I am finding the text font hard to read. My eyes are getting watery. Sorry to rain on the parade.


I'm using firefox, and I only see one small column to the left, and only about half of it. Everythting else is pink, except for a small column on the left top.

So if half this is mispelled, it's because I can't see much of what I'm typing.

Donna P

Oh mag gah I'm going blind! Font is too hard to read. Please, please make darker or bigger for us older folks?


you know you're a cool mom when...the search function on your blog leads to more results for "shoes" than "diaper."


Oh my god, I LOVE it. It is so incredibly awesome. The colors are perfect.


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