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All of a Sudden, Two


Sometimes, yes. It's a little weird to see.


Last night I interpreted a jumble of words and signs for Jason. Light, off, eyes, surprised. Oh! His favorite page in Goodnight, Gorilla.

I know that "eee eye eee eee eye eeee ooh" is the Farmer in the Dell. I know "nee nee" is singing and "bapap" is backpack.

I didn't know he knew the sign for "help" until he did it just now, because he'd dropped a toy behind a cabinet.

I know when he's sad or hurt or hungry, when he wants a banana or a cookie, and I know because he tells me. 

There's so much I don't know about this motherhood thing and every day I'm reminded that I've yet to really learn who Noah really is, as his own little person.

So much to learn. Together. What an amazing gift and a privilege.

Noah's second birthday from amalah on Vimeo.
Music: Together by William Shatner (featuring Lemon Jelly)

Happy Birthday to the coolest little boy I know. 



Happy Birthday Noah! Amalah, thank you for sharing your love for your boy with us.


So freakin cute!


Amy - that's just lovely. Happy Birthday to your darling boy. Thanks for getting me all teary at work. Again.


Oh Amy

That was so incredibly adorable and touching.

I especially loved the part where Noah was falling asleep sitting up.

Happy Birthday Noah!


Wow, that's a very strong resemblance. Did your husband get any genetic input at all? :)

Very, very cute.


Happy 2nd Birthday Noah! Such a cutie! Apple didn't fall far did it? Have a great day mom!


Love the pictures! I've been reading your blog for months now, but this is the first time I get to comment. Noah is absolutely adorable (and I'm not even a parent!).


Happy 2nd birthday to Noah, and thanks for allowing us to watch him grow.


Happy Birthday Divine one.


Happy 2nd Birthday Noah!

Hope you get lots of aball! to play with :)




What a joy, thanks so much for sharing! Happy happy birthday to Noah!!


That was beautiful, Amalah. When his grandfather kissed him was so lovely. You have a beautiful boy.


Happy 2nd Birthday Noah!!! Today is also my daughter Gabriella's birthday. She's 1 today.

Amber R

Happy Birthday Noah! Beautiful video for a very handsome little boy.

Lisa M

Happy Birthday to your little boy!!

anne nahm

Happy Birthday, Noah! Congratulations Jason and Amy!


Happy birthday, Noah!

My favorite moment? When he snuggles into Jason's shoulder and closes his eyes. So sweet.


Happy birthday Noah! Thanks Amalah for sharing the wonderful video of one of the cutest little boys evah.


Happy Birthday Noah! The world is a brighter place with you in it!

And my goodness, positively scary to see the resemblance sometimes isn't it.

Beautiful video!


Happy 2nd Birthday, Noah! You are such an amazing little boy.


Can't watch at work- because of the tears! All it does is make me think of my little toddler girl growing up and I am so choked up.

Happy 2nd Birthday big boy!


Happy Birthday, Noah!


Happy Birthday Noah!!

Lots of love

Marmite Breath (Nat)

Love the video. Love Noah--he's gorgeous!


I'm trying really hard to not watch the video until after lunch when no one else is in the office. After viewing Noah's one year video I could not stop crying! Sure I was pregnant and my oldest was about to turn two years old, but still. Also, something about Dave Matthews gets me all emotional.


i found myself crying and i don't even know why? i think it was the music (and the all the adorableness)- together. nora loves noah.


Happy Birthday Noah! Amy, what a great video, but I should have known better than to watch it at work. You really got me with the moving day and shots of the tree on the wall of Noah's old room.

What an amazing little boy, thanks for allowing us to watch him grow up!


I haven't even seen the video yet (Damn work place blocks these. It's like they want us to actually work around here - go figure.) but I just had to comment about the pics. I'm a bit freaked out by how much you two look alike! Amazing! I guess if you've ever wondered what you would like as a male, Noah will be your answer to that!

Happy birthday Noah and congratulations Amy on having and raising a beautiful little boy. (We're allowed to call them beautiful until they're at least 3, right?)


I assume you were crying the whole time you were making that. 'Cause I was crying just WATCHING it.


Happy birthday, Noah!!


it blows my mind when I think how much noah looked like Jason straight out the womb, but now? there is no denying whose kid that is.

Maxine Dangerous

There are no words (okay, other than the following ones). So beautiful! What a blessing. Happy birthday, Noah! :)


Your video was wonderful. It made me cry and miss the time when my kids were that age. Happy Birthday, Noah.


Oh love. LOVE. Happy birthday, Noah! Thanks for sharing him with us.

Maxine Dangerous

Also, who sings the song in the video? I liked it a lot.

Alice R

Oh my god, that just made me cry. He is SO. BEAUTIFUL.

Lovely little family, congratulations. (and well done on that video!)



What a lovely tribute to the cutest toddla evah!


Wow! Yep, all teared up over here too!

What a special video. He's so beautiful! Happy Birthday Noah--

Also :: who was the music by? I really liked it.

Also Also :: delurking.

hello insomnia

Happy Birthday Noah! Now he can say he's 2 *and* show the peace sign.


Awwww!~ Happy Birthday little dude, I wish you many, many , many , many more wonderful years! OMG- I totally lurve the video- tears came to my eyes when you snuggled up next to him (I'm a sap...).

Li'l Foot's Mommy

Happy 2nd Birthday Noah!!! You did an awesome job putting that video together. He grew so much in that one year. Thank you for sharing your motherhood journey with us through it all.

P.S. You've even inspired me to do something like that for my little girl.


Happy birthday little man!

I happend to check out your blog last year on the day you posted the birthday video and have been hooked ever since.

Thanks for sharing Noah with all of us!


Happy 2nd Birthday Noah. You'd be amazed at how many people are smiling right now just because you are you! And Two!


Very cool. And that's all I can say right now.


The grandparents at 2:28 are your parents, right? How do I know? They live in PA and it is against the law to not have at least one piece of plaid furniture if you live there. I know, my parents have always had a plaid couch or chair. It's in the rule book.



btw, for a brief second, thought your moving company was "Vaginal Moving & Storage". whew.


Happy Birthday, Noah!

Organic Muslimah

Happy Birthday Noah!


How do they change so much in a year? As their Moms we hardly notice it until we go back to old pictures and see it with our own eyes. Amazing.

Happy 2nd Birthday Noah!



I have never signed in as a comment before. Pretty much just lazy and like to read your site.
Anyways, I had to today to say
Happy Birthday Noah!

P.S. Holy Mother of GOD your boy looks like you.
So cute.


So beautiful! I also loved the part where he was falling asleep sitting up. :) He's gorgeous Amalah! Happy Birthday Noah!


Happy Birthday Noah. Two is so much fun!


The video is screaming Bar Mitzvah entertainment and I'm a Catholic who has been to MANY Bar & Bat Mitzvah's. Is it ok to pluralize Mitzvah?

Julie D.

Happy Birthday Sweet Noah!!!!


Happy 2nd Birthday, Noah! I've enjoyed seeing you grow so much in the last year. And oh my gosh, you are the spitting image of your equally as cool Mama! ;-)

Amy M

Happy Birthday Noah! Thanks for making me bawl at work!

I remember finding your blog when we were both pregnant (you were a couple months ahead of me
) & can't believe 2 years have passed already! What an adorable little man. Thanks for sharing the video! Now I feel like a bad mommy for not knowing how to do that for my little guy!


I laughed, I cried, it was a moment.

Love the vid. Absolutely precious. You will be able to torture him in a few years by showing it to his girlfriend. And yes, he is a mini-you.

Miss Britt

Wow. I forget how much they change in a year at that age. My daughter is two and a half, and watching this reminded me it wasn't all that long ago she was a baby. A real.. Baby.

Very cool.


While I wait for the video to load, let me say that those two pictures are amazing. You should win some kind of contest.


Happy Birthday to such a sweetheart!


All boo-hooey here, at work no less, but wow -- what an incredible video and incredible kid!

And please please please tell me what the music is. Must. Have. Now.


That was wonderful! I am teary eyed but hopefully it is because my little guy is fast approaching 2, not that I am psychointernetblog reader that gets emotional over other kids growing up!

Happy Birthday Noah!

cindy w

Oh wow, I loved this video so much. The scene of him falling asleep while upright made me laugh out loud.

Is that a Leonard Cohen song? I don't know it, I just thought that gravelly voice couldn't belong to anyone else.


That video was beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes. How very blessed you are to have that little boy, and how very blessed that little boy is to have you.


Your videos always make me teary! (Sniff) I can feel the love you have for this precious son of yours. Happy 2nd B-day Noah!!!


Great video; thanks for sharing it. Happy Birthday to Noah, and many high fives to his awesome parents.


Whoops! Can't believe I forgot to credit the song. Will update the entry with it.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, guys. I wonder what Noah will think of all this some day. If he's like me (haaaa), I think he will really dig it.


Happy Birthday, Noah!! You rock big time!!!!!


I can't believe how much Noah looks like you! That was a really nice video. Have a great birthday, Noah.


Happy Birthday Noah!

Amy, I LOVE the comparison photos of you two at the same age, My first son and I are scary similiar like that too. What a sweet video! Way to make an 8 month pregnant chick get all teary! Love it!


what a BEAUTIFUL tribute to his second year. seriously, i'm crying right now. he's the most lovable little boy i've ever seen.

Bozoette Mary

Happy birthday to Noah, and to you and Jason too.


I cried.
Mine turns 1 on Oct 30th. I'm not ready for him to get big yet.
Loved the song, I may need to borrow it for my son's video.


simply beautiful Amy.

And Happy Birthday cake (as Michaels says) Noah!!!I'm so sorry to be missing your party but Michael and his Daddy will be there. Maybe he will build you a cave.



Aren't you such a blessed and lucky mom.... And isn't he blessed to have you. He is, you know. :)

I almost never comment, once or twice, but I have been reading you everyday since just before Noah's first birthday. It's one of my favorite parts of the day.

Happy Birthday, Noah... Kudos, Amy and Jason. Thanks for sharing your stories with us.


William SHATNER? Holy crap!


Happy Birthday Noah!

He's so freaking adorable! And is lucky to have 2 of the best parents in the world!

Michele R

You've done me in. I'm sitting here, tears in my eyes, and I have to go do school pick up in about five minutes. Thanks.

Loved the month by month at the end, I was like, "I love June - no, no I love July!" What a beautiful little boy. I'm wistful now, 'cuz my boys are five and eight.


WTF...Amy!!! I'm sobbing over hear....beautiful baby boy...he will ALWAYS be your baby....mine is 8 and sweet as ever. Checked the calendar, no PMS, have vodka...so why can't I stop the tears?? Because that was the most heart warming vid I ever watched, feeling the love my friend, feeling the love. Happy Birthday Noah!!!


Holy twin, batman! Lose the "girl" bathing suit in the second picture and I would swear it was Noah!


Beautiful boy. Happy second birthday, Noah. Thanks you Amy, for letting us into your lives.


Happy Birthday Noah!!


You're KILLIN' me...why didn't I make these things for my kids?


Beautiful. And I miss his nursery.

Must be Motherhood

Great work all around! And Happy Birthday to YOU, Amy, for bringing the little guy into the world and sharing him with us.


Happy happy happy birthday, Noah!

He sure did morph into a little boy between May and June, huh? What a darling kid you have, Amalah.



Brilliant video. I loved the month-by-month at the end. He's gorgeous.


Noah's mommy and daddy rock! Happy 2nd big boy.....


OMG, crying. My guy just turned one, and I'm still in denial. Beautiful video!


WOW! I can't believe the similarity in those two pictures. The video was amazing. Thanks for sharing! Happy Birthday, Noah!!


thank you... that was simply beautiful. Made me cry... and wish I were that creative, and that the ability to create such wonderful mementos, were around when my kids were 2.

oh, my. must go cry.


That was wonderful. I also sit here in total admiration that you can put this together. Is it easy?

Jenn T.

June. June this year is when Noah turned from baby to boy. I could see it in the final montage of photos. Adorable video!


That was wonderful! Amy,you make the internets worthwhile! Happy birthday, Noah. Stay sweet!


Happy Birthday Noah!

great video Amy


Happy birthday, Little Prince!

And I SWEAR, as soon as I read "So much to learn. Together." the William Shatner song popped into my head because I love him and yes, I have his entire recording career.


that quintessential two year old face. Happy birthday little dude.


Loved the video.

Happy birthday, Noah. It goes by fast!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH! I love your videos....you do such an awesome job at the editing and picking the right stuff to post. I especially love the kisses from the grandparents. So so precious.

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