Like Tears of a Clown: The Fat Rolls of a Pursedog

Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies


My new iPhone. Replaced, for free, by the friendly folks at the Genius Bar.

PS. Hey! Look how much better my fucking PINK EYE looks. Mother of hell, it's been a long weekend.



If I were allowed to ask a question, I'd ask, How do I get a free iPhone for me?"


Sorry about the pink eye. It makes you feel so pretty, doesn't it?!
Congratulations on the phone!


How did you do that?

My son shared pink eye with the whole family when he was little and my husband was in Iraq. That's one of the nicest things he has done for us. ;)


Sweet! But not the pink eye, of course.


What did you threaten to touch them with your eye if they didn't fix it?

All Adither

Congrats on the new phone. For free! We like the Genius Bar.

Leaf, probably...

Wow... how much of a fib did you have to tell for them to take back your swirlied iphone??

Congratulations on the pink eye! :P


Hope they don't google you. (tee-hee)


Your T-shirt is cute! Where from?

If you send me your old iPhone, I'll totally make do with it only half-ass working. And I'll buy you margaritas.

hello insomnia

I'd be happy with a free iPhone box, just so I can leave it with the garbage pick up and show off to my neighbors.


You are one lucky girl!

How did you tell them it broke? And did Jason get one too?

Hope you are feeling better.


Wow. That's awesome. How'd you manage that? I'm glad it worked out. From now on, leave your iPhone on the counter.

If my husband doesn't get back from his hunting trip soon, I might accidentally drop myself in the toilet. And accidentally pull the handle.


I sent Jason instead, since I was a little busy lying in bed and praying for death. (Upper respiratory infection + ear infection + fucking PINK EYE)

He told them it wasn't working anymore, and they didn't ask anything else beyond that. They tried a couple tricks, and when nothing worked, they handed him a free replacement. Which is probably a refurbished phone that also fell in the toilet, but I'll take it.

(Vaguely-guilt-fueled-plug: I have had NOTHING but great experiences with Apple's iPhone support and customer service, btw. They even handled a problem that was actually AT&T's fault on my behalf, instead of making me hang up and call another number and sit on hold again.)

ANYWAY. My t-shirt is from here. GEEK. (Thanks Kev!)


No way. Apple truly rocks.


Glad you're feeling better. And congrats on the new iPhone!

Jenny H.


That having been said- dude, all you need now is a plague of locusts to complete the week from hell!


I'm happy you got a new phone! I was so crushed for you.
I am waiting for apple to send me my nice new iPod nano, and then I will be a happy apple customer, too.

But Hong Kong has my iPod right now. Freakin' Hong Kong.


i need ta get a new phone. mine is totally fine and all i use it for is to call dan and say hey do we need tide/bread/milk when i am at the grocery store. but still. gadgets are fun.

am happy for you that they gave you another. would have been most sad if you'd been forced to buy another.


Totally cool on the new phone; you got two for the price of one (sorta). Are you going to beg Steve Jobs for a rebate now that they dropped the price? Pink eye = good luck for you! Next time send Jason to get you a LOTTERY TICKET! And pick one up for me too!


do they also do phones? because mine just went the way of the concrete. ::sigh::

Sarah sensiblysassy.blogspot.com

haha, way to pull a fast one on Apple!!


i sincerely hope that your pink eye prevented you from seeing britney's 'performance' on the vma's tonight.

and i use the term 'performance' very lightly.


Yeah for the new iPhone.

Hope you feel better soon.


Dude. Aren't you totally back in the bathroom with that phone? It looks like a bathroom.

Perhaps you should rethink that ;)

Katie Kat

No way... ha! Great move. I'm sure they gave you a new one because they feel GUILTY for charging so goddamned much for the phone in the first place. And now they have the balls to drop the price. It's just like when the Lord of the Rings DVDs came out and I bought them immediately, only to have to turn around and buy the MAJORLY EXTENDED GROOVY UPDATED WITH COOL SHIT version (for $20 MORE) a month later. Yeah, it's JUST like that...

P.S. What's the Genius Bar? (I'm such a dink...)


I'm so marching over to the Apple store to claim my new Nano because who knew that running it through the wash in my sweatshirt pocket would have devastating effects on my Justin Timberlake collection?
Seriously, did they ask questions? Did you lie like a rug?


Well done! I told you it would work! They tend not to ask a whole lot of questions there at the Genius Bar.

In fact, the only time I've had one of the geniuses give me a hard time and refuse to immediately replace it was the one time it was actually not my fault. And I later learned that the only reason he didn't replace it immediately was because they were out of the green iPods, so he wanted to buy some time until they could order one in.


Sweet! Now that is good customer service!

Sorry about the pinkeye, and ear infection, and respiratory thing. Man, are you trying to get all your sickness for the winter done with early or something? No wonder the glands were swollen! They've been fighting off the plague!


I feel like I"m watching a horror movie. Wait! Is that fool in the bathroom? With her new Iphone? The one that got dunked before? Turn around! Turn around. Don't go in there! Can't you hear me?


well, yay for the iPhone!

My daughter always hopes she'll get pinkeye because pink is her favorite color. She's even *had* pinkeye, and she doesn't care that it's icky and painful and annoying. (No real reason to tell you that...it just pops into my head every time I think of 'pink eye'.)


That's awesome, Amy! I wish my phone took photos that well, you look great, despite the pink eye :( I'm so sorry that you are so sick, hope you get better soon!


congratulations! i knew you'd have iphone success!!


God bless the people at Apple. I had the same thing happen to my IPOD and whooop without blinking it was replaced.
No more keeping my gear lame-o pockets though. They will be coming out with toilet water tests soon I can feel it. They are brilliant like that.


I'm not a fan of Apple, I have no ithings, but man I wish their customer service people would start rubbing up against other companies' customer service people - a little competance/compassion might rub off.

Julie D.

That's awesome! I'm sorry you are sick. I feel for you, as I am sick also and have a 2 yr old! Eeek!!!! But hey, you got a new gadget, take care of it and no more flushing!


Oh, yeah - that's the iPhone that mysteriously stopped working one day, right?

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