Woke Up This Morning...
So You've Gone and Dropped Your iPhone in the Toilet: Some Handy Steps & Pointers

Forget the children, won't somebody think of the expensive electronics?

Noah started his speech therapy this morning. I wish I had something to really say about it -- something inspiring or hopeful or at least a "this is the first day of the last of my eardrums" sort of thing.

But despite all my many preparations (I vacuumed the couch cushions! I wore mascara!), our first speech therapy session was fairly anticlimactic, and was more along the lines of "a nice lady showed up with a bag of toys just like the toys Noah already has and taught me how to actually play with Noah's toys, because I fail at Toddler Toy Sound Effects 101."

And while there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, I am a little too wigged out to go into more detail.  Because as soon as our speech therapist left,  I managed to drop my iPhone in the toilet. Because I also fail at LIFE.


Daaaaaad! She's trying to look all involved and capable for the camera again, make her quit it.


All Adither

I just came across your blog. Funny. Honest. I'll be checking back and back again.

erin rae

Nevermind with the child, how is the phone?!? Is it completely dead?

I've heard there is hope once they dry.

Alternatively, go get some rubbing alcohol from your bathroom and pour onto said iphone (or dip phone in cup of alcohol). Alcohol will attract the water and dry MUCH quicker, possibly saving the iphone. In the meantime, pour some non-rubbing alcohol into another glass and drink. Fast.

Mother Of Beans

Once, I dropped my brothers portable CD player in the john.

He threw me into a dumpster.

I too, suck at life.


I am pretty sure the phone is toast, but I am hoping it just needs to dry out. Oh dear God, I am hoping.


Hot Librarian

I managed to waterlog my own phone over the weekend. I took it apart and let it dry out for 24 hours and now it works again. It did not work each time I checked it every 2 hours during that 24 hour period because I am obsessive... but it did eventually come back to life.

If it were an iPhone, I would have had a way bigger panic attack, though.


love you blog. i once had the house phone in the pocket of my hoodie and dropped it in the toilet. not quite as sad as your iphone, but still...been there, done that. sort of.


I once dropped a new phone in the toilet (why is always the toilet? Why can't it be the tub, or something that doesn't possibly involve pee?)and after I got over my panic attack, I took it apart and let it dry, and it eventually worked again, with a few kinks. Like the poster above, it took at least 24 hours to dry before it would work at all. So maybe there is still hope.


Toddler Toy Sound Effects 101? Where was that taught. Because I seriously sucked at that.

Also, I am sad to hear about your iPhone. Have you tried Windex?


I think the main point of speech therapy is to make the parents feel guilty for everything they don't do. In one session recently, I affirmed that we use verbal warnings with our son (5 minutes and then we're leaving; 2 minutes...). Apparently I should be using visuals too if I truly want my son to understand. Never mind that verbal by itself has seemed to work OK. I just nodded meekly under the coordinator's disapproving stare.


Oh dear. Bossy's husband did that; his solution was to get busy with the hair dryer. And while he was at it he blew his curls straight.


Also, quickly get your iPhone scheduled onto your homeowner's insurance policy. Then, in a month or so, claim "mysterious disappearance." It will be covered with no deductible.

Ahem, don't judge me. I'm the wife of an insurance adjustor. You should see the shit people try to pull on him.

Love the caption!

p.s. If you don't feel like being retroactively dishonest, at least get your other expensive electronics and jewelry scheduled as a personal articles policy. Seriously. Then they are not subject to deductible or all the loopholey wording. It will cost mere double digit dollars per year.

Then again, don't file too many claims, because of course, they will drop you if you do that.

But it comes in very handy when you lose your wedding ring, if you must have a direct example from my own life.


I haven't had the speech therapist at our house yet (although I assume they'll be invited soon) but I have a friend whose daughter had a speech therapist come when she was like 15 months old. She said what she got out of it was that she thought if SHE was that animated and excited over the same toys her daughter normally played with, her daughter would do whatever she said. It will get better, I bet. And good luck with the phone. Yikes.


NOT THE IPHONE!!! I feel nauseous.

Don't stop posting about your speech visits. I'm still worried about Gavin after his Prince William County speech visit.


Sweet little Noah, just too cute.

But seriously, the iPhone debacle, holy hell that sucks!

Did I ever tell you how my cellphone fell into the toilet while I was still in the hospital from my c-section? No? Well let's say it wasn't pretty and that phone was thrown away, far away...


We're suppossed to play with our toddlers? Shit! Where did you read that and how did I miss it?


I too am very worried about the phone. How is it? Is it ruied? Is it okay? ARE YOU OKAY?


I once spilled a beer on my laptop. That was bad.

The first therapy session was bound to be weird. It will get better. Hang in there!


OMG the iphone? noooooooooooo.


I'm waiting for the post about your trip to the genius bar where you say, "I don't know, it just stopped working all of the sudden!" and the Genius looks at you like you're insane because they know, despite your insistence, that it's been saturated.

The question on everyone's minds is--did the iPhone get doused in water or pee? TMI but possibly relevant.

Miss Britt

Sweetie, seriously. You make Failure look MAHvelous.

And isn't that really all that matters?


Our first speech therapy session, just a few weeks ago, wasn't too amazing either. Although, I was so intrigued by our therapist and how appropriately affectionate and nurturing she was with Max. In a nutshell, we love her and can already see a difference in our little guy.

Failing at life would be dropping Noah in the toilet.

Good luck!


Please tell us that there was no flushing involved. No? Okay, then we'll pray. Otherwise, honey, you're on your own.

And Noah? Still the cutest thing. Did they tell you to do the "beep, beep, beep" when the truck is backing up? Because that? Is the most annoying sound ever. Nephew did that for years......


um, i am not an expert by any means...but my i have a 'friend' who gets drunk a lot, and last summer she dropped her cell phone into the cooler on the boat and didn't even realize it. it spent the night in there, floating in the melted ice with the one can of beer that she didn't manage to drink. the phone, as you might imagine, was completely non-functional. she decided to do what any rational person would do: she popped that last beer open. fortunately, there was someone wiser around, and he decided to pour rubbing alcohol into the phone.
yes, INTO the phone.
then they let it sit for a day, turned it back on, and it's worked perfectly ever since.

this may have happened again this summer, to the same phone, and the same trick again saved the day.

i guess this might seem like ass-vice, but if it saves the iphone...well, i had to try.

is it me, or is noah nearly as tall as you now?


Heh on the iPhone.

When I graduated from university, I got a new job within a month. I went for orientation and then went to my old job (same employer, different job) to tell him I quit - it was casual/part-time so it didn't really matter.

Well, this job was at a swimming pool. While I was there, I was talking to people by the pool, my phone rang. I pick it up, finish the conversation, close it and set it on the edge of the table.

It fell off the table, screen-side down onto the pool deck (tile). Of course, it wasn't satisfied with that, so it slid across the deck and into the pool. It was fished out, the screen was cracked and water was pouring out of it.


Oh bummer! Don't worry, Amy, we ALL suck at life. I was just thinking that myself this morning. The human condition. Oy.

My neighbor's 2-year-old started speech therapy recently too. She has similar things to say! Maybe a speech therapist will chime in...


My phone gets doused with infant drool occasionally, and stops working. Once it dries, it works fine. Give is some time to dry, it might be fine.


Who needs speech theraphy when your mother can wear mascara?


Surely for the price you pay for an iPhone, you get some kind of warranty? Unless that costs an extra eleventy hundred dollars.

Glad to hear your first speech therapy appt went well!

anne nahm

Hey, don't feel bad about the Toddler Toy Sound Effects 101 -

Your therapist probably spent 4 years of higher education learning all the theory, practicum and ethical billing practices just so she could pick up an airplane and go "vrrrrrrooooooooom!"


Pretty sure there are some countries where treating a phone like that is punishable by death, do I even want to ask why you had your phone next to the toilet? You should have totally pinned the blame on Noah, why have kids if not to have built in scape goats and house keepers


No! Not the iPhone in the toilet! Arrrgh!


Seriously, I just saw this on the morning news one day last week. Put a layer of rice (or kitty litter, clean, of course) in a small, sealable container. Lay the iPhone on top (I'd be inclined to do it face down, but they didn't say that on the news). Put another layer of rice/kitty litter over it. Put the top on the container. Wait, like 24 hours or so. It should start up for you.

They had tried this with electronic devices that had gone through the laundry cycle. AND IT WORKED!

Now if only I could solve my own cell phone's problem (which is not related to being immersed in liquid, yucky or otherwise).

laughing mommy

I dropped my cell phone in the toilet too. It was dead, probably because I tried turning it on to check it while it was still wet. (Apparently, that is a no no.)

Anyway, my husband found step by step instructions on the internet how to take it apart and clean it and the put it back together. AND IT WORKED!

So, really, all hope is not lost? Could you or Jason take it apart and clean it? I asked my husband about it and he said DO NOT throw it away... it could possibly be saved.

laughing mommy

Oh, forgot to mention... both dropping it in the toilet, and taking it apart probably would void your warranty. Maybe you already know that.


You have great legs.


I spilled a glass (A GLASS) of red wine in my Treo. My cat spilled an even larger glass of red wine in my Powerbook. Both were fine...after they dried out. There is hope.

Also, no one teaches girls how to do sound-effects.


I agree you make failure look marvelous.

After not hearing my daughter dunk my phone in a glass of water for 10 minutes I too had a soggy phone. Apparently you are supposed to take it apart and let it air for 2 days but don't turn it on or someone will magically hand smack you. My phone works now. Yay!

Is there a fee for this suck at life club?


My son is starting his speech therapy tomorrow (he's 2 yrs 4 mos) and I'm nervous about it all. Maybe I'll feel better when I hear some progress. Good luck with Noah's, and on a completely different note, on your iphone as well!


I'm a long time lurker, but just had to comment on your timely post. I dropped my new digital camera in the toilet at a wedding this weekend. I'm trying the drying-out technique myself, but am not holding out too much hope. Luckily my husband and I have a great loss and damage policy with our Visa card... he once drove away with his new shoes on top of the car and they gave us our money back no questions asked!


Do the rice thing that's been suggested! It's proven to work with many other PDA phones so it might work for the iPhone!


Jackie Baker

There was a post on Parent Dish about a month ago that told how to possibly save a cell phone from water damage. It was written by Angie Felton. It might help.


FYI--phones droped in salt water do not survive, none of the above work (a note from Seattle :) )


"Oooh no! Oooh no!" (noah style)


I'm glad things went well with the first session and hope the next is less traumatic for you.

I hope you will let us know if the phone survives.


I found this on a Mac News Network:

How to save an iPhone dropped in a toilet

As someone who has almost dropped an iPhone into a toilet, I did some thinking to figure out the best way to save an iPhone if it gets wet at the hands of rain, puddles or, um, a toilet. So, with that in mind (and don’t try to say you haven’t had the same thought), here are some ideas for saving your iPhone from guaranteed ruin.

Because you can’t remove the battery as in other cell phones, the first step should always be to get the water out in any way you can. I’m not sure where this came from, but recent reports have suggested that a thorough shake should get the job done. Once you think it’s nice and dry, think of some place safe to put it that’s dry and will soak up any additional condensation or water. My favorite: sand. Other places have suggested rice or even cat litter.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve come up with. Any other thoughts?

One Response to “How to save an iPhone dropped in a toilet”

semiloon Says:
September 1st, 2007 at 11:56 am
One very reliable way to resurrect small electronic devices that have become soaked with water is to immerse them in a high percentage solution of alcohol. You don’t want to use normal “vodka” proof because 80 or 100 proof alcohol still has too much water contained in solution. However something like Bacardi 151 rum works well. If you can purchase Everclear legally in your state, this would be even better (>190 proof).

The reason this works is because alcohol is hydrophilic (attracts water) and evaporates very rapidly. I once ran a cell phone through the wash cycle and resurrected it with this method. Although the battery was damaged, the phone itself, including the LCD screen, came through the alcohol bath unscathed.


iPhone in toilet? *sob*

The therapy really is helpful, even if it just looks like play. They guide the play in such a way that accomplishes specific goals. Hang in there!


I remember Isaac's firt speech therapy session, lady made me feel stuid and small and useless because Idiot me, I actually hoped he would, you know...talk. " Could you please stop asking him things? we don't want him to feel pressure"
He starts school tomorrow newtecher, new classroom, new assistant, new kids.....he will be silent again for 10 months, excpet at home. At home he will make my ears bleed because he has ben QUIET for 8 hours a day at school, must get noise out, mus get noise OUT!


uh-oh...you have to show the kid how to play with toys? I thought you just put them all on the floor and let them figure it out...you know..so they learn to be 'creative'..hmmmm no wonder my 4 year old needs speech therapy..*wink


I dropped my phone in the toilet TWICE. Best advice--put it in your fridge. The fridge will dry it out like nothing else. Trust me. My phone was beyond dead. After a day in the fridge, it was working again.

Amy H

$600 down the toilet?!?! AAACK! Isn't it under some sort of warranty? Can't you let it dry and then take it to the Apple store and look confused about why it no longer works?

that really sucks. Sorry about your luck, man.

Papa Bradstein

That's so sad, especially after that nice lady spent so much time showing you how to play with the iPhone, and you learned how to make all the sound effects for it. Well, now that you can make the sound effects so well, you can hold it up to your face, perpetrate like you're talking, make all the sounds, and nobody will be the wiser.

Li'l Foot's Mommy

aaaaccckkkk!!!! Is there an iPhone support/therapy group for those who drop their iPhone in the toilet :-) LOL!!!


our first speech therapy appointment was dreadful. to start, you go to them, and are therefore on different turf psychologically. our speech therapist was kind of mean, too. she was really focused on keeping M sitting down for an hour, and um, have you ever met a two-year old boy before? so a lot of time was spent on sitting, far less on speaking. we're on appointment number 4 now. so far, he sits well for about 15 minutes, then asks for "cookie". their triumph was getting him to say cookie. something he didn't know existed before beginning speech therapy. victory is ours!


Re: speech therapy - not much is going to happen the first few sessions. Although she has the report and has hopefully read it, the report only says soo much. She needs to build report and relationships with Noah and you, and being a kid, one of the best ways to do that is to, umm, play.
If she's good, once she see's how you both interact as well as where Noah is from observation she can focus much more on the goals.

Case in point - son had first day of school today. They did some math logic games, took a tour of the school (hello, they are in 4th grade, don't they know it?), unpacked their supplies, had lunch and recess. This took 6 hours? And the teacher has a master to do this? But, sometimes the boring, easy, not sure why we are doing this stuff is needed in the beginning.


I felt the same as you after the first Speech Therapy sessions with my sons. But I do agree with Robin- the most important thing she can do right now is establish herself with you and Noah (through play) to better assess the delay and so you'll both be receptive to her teachings. Just give it some time.

As for the IPhone... I'll be hoping for the best.


I have been reading your story for a couple of months now. Started while I was pregnent. Just happened to run across it while doing a google search. So I am still reading some of your original stuff, like pre Noah. Who is gorgeous. Well still read up to date also. I also read A Little Bit Pregnent. Anyway I am thinking of doing a blog also. I was born and raised on a farm, have horses, dogs, used to show my horses allot. I just wish I would have kept my thoughts on something like this. I have many stories I could tell. So I am thinking about starting a blog. I have no experience at writing, or doing anything like this. My son is now 3 months. Was not an easy pregnacy, I am 42. He is my one and only. So can you give me any how do put it? Assvice.


Oh and for the phone? I have dropped my cell phone in water buckets st the barn. If I pull ity out right away and let it dry it has always worked.

Heather B.

I had the strangest dream the other night during which I came over to your house and instead of the looks of hatred/kissing (which I will never understand), Noah came over to me and said clear as day, "Hello, Heather" then kept showing me all of his toys and things but would not stop talking. And I wanted to be like "Dude, stop for a second" but it kept going on and on and in complete sentences. It was crazy and suddenly I felt old.

The end.


How *is* the phone?

Also, you look approximately 12 in that picture.


You didn't hear this from me, but my husband dropped his iPod into the toilet last summer and scored a replacement from Apple since there was no visible water damage. We just told the genius bar guy that we had no idea what could possibly have made it stop working. Mysterioso.

Also, a week later, he fell into Lake Michigan while listening to it (because yes, he REALLY fails at life), dried it out, it worked fine for awhile then started getting goofy, and because there was no visible water damage, they replaced it again. Again, mysterioso.

Just don't turn it on for a few days, until you're sure it's dry, because apparently the turning it on can actually cause damage by frying the circuits. And if you did kill it, give the genius bar a try...It can't hurt.


I saw the same report on kitty litter (or rice). Definitely try it!

Motorola has gotten all tricky, and in Razr phones, under the battery cap, they have a little sticker that turns from white to red at water exposure and voids the warranty, no matter how the phone is ruined. Hopefully Apple isn't that clever, in case it the iphone doesn't improve!


Oh God.

Keep us posted on the health of your iPhone.

Oh, Gawwwwwd!


the thought of anyone's iPhone going in the toilet makes me want to cry....but Amy's iPhone?! now that is straight up depressing!


Oh well. I'm sure you weren't really using the iPhone anyway.


Just FYI - I have dropped a cell phone in the toilet. Did you know that they tend not to work after that? It was a HUGE shock to me! And terribly distressing. Thank God for Fed Ex!!!


I know I don't know you...but you clearly don't suck at life. I've been lurking and really admiring the way you've listened to your instincts about your son and searched out help until you got it. Now, don't let the help drive you crazy and keep listening to those instincts. I feel your pain on the phone! A few months ago I jumped into a hotel swimming pool, fully clothed, because my 4 year old started having trouble swimming, and I didn't want her to panic (so I did). I forgot my phone was in my pocket. I realized that as soon as I was out again, she was fine, and I saw the big pole by the side of the pool that I could have just reached over to her. I hope your phone isn't toast, but I know it probably is--mine was. At least mine was no where near as valuable. Here's hoping for lots of advertising revenue to help you replace it! :-)


i too suck at toy sound effects. i know this because i do not touch the toys but for to out them away at the end of the day. i hate playing with toys. this becuase i am NOT a child anymore. sheesh. make yer own sound toy effects, children, i say.

Katie Kat

Well, at least you're not THIS kid...


(Hope that link works. If not... well, sorry!) :)

Katie Kat

P.S. If you copy and paste the link into your browser, it should open up! Tee hee!


As I am writing this, I am realizing that I can barely type, much less write texts. However, I would SHIT MYSELF if anything happened to my iPod, even though I have no idea how to use it. it's fancy and black and shiny! Isn't that enough?


Modern electronics aren't as fragile as the packaging might lead you to believe. I used to clean keyboards in the dishwasher (note, don't try this at home, I am a professional, but if you do, remember to NOT use detergent, and to turn off the heat, unless you like your keyboard looking like it belongs in a Dali painting. And don't use it for at least 48 hours to allow for complete drying), but like many above, I'd say your best bet is to soak the thing in as pure a concentration of alcohol as you can find, and then give it a day or two to dry out.

Mrs. Flinger

Noah will be just fine. You will be just fine. But the phone? HOW IS THE PHONE?!


When we put our 3 year old son in speech therapy my husband and I thought it was a load of crap because all the therapist did was play toys with Nicholas. I have been playing with the kid for 3 years, what was I doing wrong? Strangely enough for some reason the therapist is getting him to talk better than we ever could. I guess it is hearing a different person talk about making Play-dough snakes is the magic talking bullet.

Sorry about the iPhone, I would be sobbing and in a fetal position.

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