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Noah's vocabulary, two months ago: aball, adada, ababy, sort-of star, sort-of banana, sort-of car.

Noah's vocabulary, today and right now: aball, adada, amama, ababy, star, banana, car, truck, choo choo, boo boo, bye bye, bubble, pop, singing, bib, eat, ruff ruff, TV, yum, cat, bike, box, bag, hot.

He knows the signs for eat, more, shoes, cracker, cold, ball, star, banana, bread, play, hurt and cry.

He hardly ever tantrums anymore and walks flat-footed most of the time. He invents games and makes jokes and follows directions. He uses his imagination and knows most of the alphabet. His favorite book is Olivia and he likes to pretend to eat her spaghetti and meatballs. He actually eats spaghetti and meatballs. He likes to holler BYE BYE PEE PEE at the toilet. He thinks farting is hilarious. He thinks Dada is a god but when he is hurt or sad he only wants Mama. He wants you to chase him, to catch him, to tickle him and make him dizzy and then when the game gets to be a little much he wants to cuddle and listen to your heartbeat for awhile. He would like some yums. He would like a banana, Mama. Banana. More.

We've only had three sessions of speech therapy so far. We've worked hard; we've changed our entire way of talking and playing; we put fish oil in his juice and I teach Jason signs after Noah goes to bed. People have rolled their eyes at us in public, probably because of our exaggerated repetition and bottomless supply of signs. I imagine they think we're being pushy.  I imagine they don't understand Noah's odd pronunciation like we do, and I'm sure they definitely don't understand why each new consonant sound or sign that Noah imitates makes me clap my hands over my mouth with joy, or why I am so proud of a two-year-old who may have just possibly buzzed like a bee for the very first time.

It's all happening faster than any of us expected -- his therapist can't even believe it.  His progress is amazing.

I find myself at a loss when I try to describe the changes we see. I just don't have the words.


Luckily, I think he'll have them soon.



WTG Noah! Congrats on such a huge improvement!


that picture sums it up perfectly! WAY TO GO little guy!!!


AWESOME. I am so glad the speech therapy is going so well. New words make me tear up too. Noah seems pretty proud of himself (and mama should be delighted with herself and all the hard work she has done too!)


Yay, Noah!! And yay mama and dada!! Amy, don't you worry about people rolling their eyes at your signing to Noah. Just give 'em YOUR sign, your middle finger. You are doing a fabulous job!!!


grats. you're in a good place right now.

Amy the Mom

Amazing, and awesome! Yay Noah!!! Wonderful news!

My son Alex used to say "bye bye logs" when he was done with the potty. He LOVES it when I bring that up to his 14 year old self these days.


Rock on with your bad selves! I can't wait til you're wishing he would just shut up already, nor I'm sure can you ;o)

Nice work!!


Woo Hoo Noah!!! I'm so glad things are going so well with the speech therapy :)


You must feel wonderful. You have been the best advocate for him that you can be, and it's so clearly paying off. I'll bet he's been waiting for someone to unlock the door, and now it's happening. I'm so glad for you!


Yay! This is so exciting! And Noah is so stinking adorable in his rocker t-shirt.


Now do you doubt making it into a "thing" and seeking help?? You guys TOTALLY did and are doing the absolute right thing. Don't let anyone tell you (or roll their eyes at you) different!!
Congrats to you all on the wonderful, super-fast progress :)
Yay Noah!


That's amazing! I'm so happy for all of you. What a little superstar you have!

All Adither

Hooray! He'll be arguing and negotiating before you know it!


I am so glad! Way to go Noah and way to go Amy. It takes a lot of work and a committment to change to do all that you have done to set him up for the most success. You are an inspiration.


Your boy is a linguistics GENIUS! A++!


That is really wonderful news. I'm so happy for you!!


So happy for you guys!! That is just fantastic! Also, I LOVE Noah's T-shirt! Here, let me just add a few more exclamation points!!!!!!


Now I'm speechless, but with tears in my eyes. I'm so happy for you all.

jive turkey

Great news! I'm sure he'll continue to amaze you with his smarty-pants prowess.

Mediocre Housewife

That's such great news! I'm so glad that just a few minor changes in the way you communicate with him has opened up a whole new world for Noah. Obviously this was just what he needed to realize his potential. Way to go everyone!!


aww, warm and fuzzy. glad things are working out so great for you guys.

I think I'm going to start yelling "BYEBYE PEEPEE" when I flush my toilet too. gives the situation an extra sense of oomph, doncha think?


Aw that's great! Way to go Noah! I don't think you're at all silly for being so proud of him. He's your son, and that's just what mothers do!


That is just simply spectacular. I love EI. I swear they are miracle workers, that do make you look like freaks to people in public. But gosh, does it make a huge difference.


YAY! Noah!! Fabulous news!


YAAYYY, NOAH! Way to go!


What a shirt!


I'm so happy for you that I have tears in my eyes. That photo says it all.


What does the fish oil do?? Just very curious.


Aww, I'm so glad to hear he's doing well! And I love that shirt--I saw a onesie just like it this weekend, and was wishing someone had a kid I could buy it for. Seeing Noah in it makes me wish I had a kid I could have bought it for. :)


Oh, and you know it's just the beginning right? Yay Noah! You go little man.


That's AWESOME! Other people be damned!


mom rules, indeed.

Nicole P.

Simply amazing. Way to go, Mr. Noah!!


Super! Way to go Noah. Way to go Amy and Jason. Can't wait for the post where you're whining because he just.won't.shut.up.


Subtle hinting in the shirt there, eh Amy?

Having followed his/your story before conception, I have to say it's awesome how quick of a learner he is.


I think he said it all with that pic. Congrats Noah!


Woo Hoo for Team Noah!!!!

Why fish oil?


OH what excellent news. YAY YAY YAY Noah & Noah's loving parents...and of course, the amazing speech therapists. What's with the fish oil, though?


i had to laugh at the fish oil. i always mix carrot juice all other drinks so my kids don't end up with glasses like me.

Li'l Foot's Mommy

That is awesome!!! He'll be ready for the SAT's in no time!!! :-)

Maxine Dangerous

GO NOAH!!! :)


This is awesome news!

I'm so glad that it is helping! And that it is going so freaking well!

Way to go Noah!


yay noah! (and mom DOES rule!)

Lisa M

That is fantastic news!! He will be talking your ears off in no time now! It truly is amazing what can be done when you know what you need to do!

Sarah Sensiblysassy.blogspot.com

I will depart from my usual smart ass comments and say: That is absolutley wonderful and I am very happy for your family and most of all Noah!

Heather B.

And to think I was just going to get him a box for his birthday. Instead he can have more than a box as a congratulatory gift for speaking and for almost being able to say Heather.

Now he might get two boxes.

P.S. Yay!


That's great!!! I'm amazed at how quickly everything is going for him.

Watch out for that fish oil though. Somewhere I heard you'd have great hair and nails and skin if you took fish oil pills...

Basically, I stopped taking them because my breath seemed to smell like fish all the freaking time.

And I never saw any hair/nail/skin improvement.


WHOOOO-HOO!!! Way to go Noah!!!

Don't worry about everyone else, you guys are doing great!

Well done!



WHOOOO-HOO!!! Way to go Noah!!!

Don't worry about everyone else, you guys are doing great!

Well done!



WHOOOO-HOO!!! Way to go Noah!!!

Don't worry about everyone else, you guys are doing great!

Well done!



WHOOOO-HOO!!! Way to go Noah!!!

Don't worry about everyone else, you guys are doing great!

Well done!



Yippeeeee for Noah! I know how proud you must be. It is so amazing to all of a sudden see it click in their little faces. I know it will continue to be uphill from here.

Way to go all three of you!


This entry gave me goosebumps. I'm so happy to hear of your progress! I love that picture of him -- so sweet and wonderful. Congratulations -- I know you've all worked hard to get here!

Jen K

From one mom to another, I am so proud and happy for you! I have tears in my eyes! WTG!


Yeah! We take these, instead of the fish oil in the juice. And by we, I do mean we. I take mine and he takes his because no one likes to take vitamins alone and who better to share the experience than Mom. The BoyChild sucks the juice out of them and spits out the chewey outside but I kinda like the chewey outside.


I am so unbelievably happy for Noah. And for your whole family. It's odd to squeal with joy over a stranger's little boy's successes. It's one of the reasons I love this world, this blogging world. It has brought so much unexpected light into my life.


YEAH!!! Yeah for all of you!


Yeah for Noah! Yeah for Mama!


Yay! It's so great when things start to click. For us, it was occupational therapy that started the fast forward. Still some bumps and he's still behind, but HUGE progress.

And after trying 3 different omega-3 products, all of which he refused to take, we found Omega-3 Gummy Fish. He loves them, even if I think I can still smell the fish oil.


Totally love it. It's amazing what a little well-placed help can do! Rock on Noah!


Re: the fish oil. If you click on the link in the entry you'll see a short little thing about it. Essential Fatty Acids from fish are recommended for kids with speech delays or other neurological problems. Brain development and DHA and all that.

We get an orange-flavored version that mixes really well into juice and he drinks it no problem, with no fish breath afterwards. I have no idea if it actually does anything, but it's obviously not hurting things.


Oh, Amy, you got me with this one. I'm weeping with happiness. I can feel your heart just leaping out of your chest with pride. Eloquent mom, amazing boy.


Does it scare you that someone you don't even know just burst into happy tears for you? At her desk? It frightens me a little, but still... YAY NOAH!


Hi! I read your blog all the time and love your sence of humor. You say it like it is and like most moms of toddlers think it! :) I have a little girl who was born at approx the same time as your little guy, June 2005 and she was diagnosed with a speech delay recently. We start therapy October 1, I hope she improves as quickly! Congrats and keep up the writting.


That is awesome! I love the victorious photo, too... and the heart-swellingly huge amount of pride that comes through loud and clear in this entry.

Miss W

Way to go, Noah! I have a feeling one day in the not-too-distant future we'll be reading posts from your mom saying "Is this kid EVER going to be quiet?!?!" Now prove me right! ;)


Yeah, Noah!


Awwww! That's awesome. I guess he just needed a few little tricks to help him along the way! Congrats. You must be so proud. And so relieved. I am really, really happy for you, and even more so for little Noah.
And there are some of us in our late 20s who STILL think farting is hilarious. So he's extremely mature for his age.
Also, that picture makes "You Raise Me Up" by Selah play through my head.

Katie Kat

Ugh... okay, you did it. You made me CRY! I am leaking like a crappy faucet at this outstanding news! I'm just so relieved that all it took was some time and finding out how to make it all make sense to Noah. It does my heart good to see that precious face so happy (oh and Noah's too!) :)



That's so awesome! He looks so cute, and speaking of awesome, where'd you get that shirt?


Hip-Hip Hurray!!!
Great Job Noah! He will talking completely in a matter of no time. Good Luck!

Nothing But Bonfires

Yay, Noah! Does this mean I can stop crossing my fingers now? They were cramping awfully.

I'm especially proud that, if he wanted to, he could sign the ENTIRE sentence: "Eat more banana bread." Dude, that is NOT a skill to be sniffed at.

Jenn T.

Doesn't it just totally validate your feelings & decision to seek treatment after seeing such immediate success? We had some walking delays with my 3rd & everyone said, "Don't worry about it, she'll walk when she's ready." We saw such great success after only a month that I was sure I made the right decision.

anne nahm

Wonderful, wonderful news!


I am so happy for you...you should be totally proud of him, cause all the innernets are...


Yay, Noah! Smart and cute. He'll have the girls tumbling.


Congrats to Noah AND momma! Parenting is the most rawkin job ever.


Yippee for Noah!!!! That boy is something super special. I knew he just needed a teeny tiny kick in the teeny booty to pipe up and start chatting. He probably saw how chatty Ceiba has been lately and got jellus. I just love that boy, I really do.


I've been so worried. This is wonderful news. :)


Congrats at the progression! How awesome is that!!! Way to go Noah!


Yippee! I feel like I'm just repeating what everyone else has said, but it's just such great news!


That is awesome!


^In my excitement over your good news, I hit enter and posted NOTHING! Sad! I'm so happy for the whole Amalah Clan. Where can I get my Team Noah shirt?


I'm a speech therapist and I love hearing stories like this. It's one of the reasons I went into the field. I'm happy for you andfor Noah! Yay!


That is so wonderful! You could have just done the wait and see that many of us do, but look at what you gained by starting so early. Wow. Yay, Noahla! Yay, momala and dadala!


Whatever words you lack, Noah will race to fill.


Amazing. Way to go, Noah!


Wonderful, wonderful news!


That's the best news!! Way to go, chatterbox Noah!!

Amanda Y

Way to go Noah. He just wanted to do it on his own time-and was maybe messing with you a little.

Mrs. Flinger

Of course he is amazing. But we knew that already.

Awesome, Noah. Keep proving us right!


We started my son on fish oil just before he turned 2 and had maybe 5 words. Within 3 days we saw a change in behavior and within 2 months he had 200 words! We recently switched over to the pro efa and saw another huge jump in language. He also stopped toe walking and his focus is so much better. We like to think we had alot to do with it and he gets speech therapy twice a week but the fish oil definately works! congrats on all the progress! I know how excited you must be!


right on! so happy for you guys!




Damn. You made me cry. Congrats to you and to that awesome kid!


That is FANTASTIC! Congratulations!


Very awesome! I can't wait for the video with Noah talking his little heart out! :)


It is so strange but this is the fourth time in a week I've heard about Fish oil helping little people and improving their speech.

Great job to you all!! Noah is adorable as always :)

mama speak

Yeah for Noah & amama & adada too!

I totally remember going through what you are doing w/our oldest. Her speech issues were different, but I kept a notebook w/all her words and would mark when she could sign them and then when she could say them.

I remember being amazed & awed that she had over 200 signs at one point and then something clicked and her speech started to take off. Quickly we stopped keeping track because it was going too fast to track it.

DD#2 is 16 months and seems to be good so far. (Lots of mimic'ing). We sign w/her and the other day we're standing in line & she asked me for something (I forget what now). She was grunting and I knew what she wanted, but she had signs for it so I told her to "use her words" the eye rolling that occured probably gave a couple people sprained eyes. But then she signed "more, please" which I said outloud as she did. I handed it to her and said, "what do you say?" and she signed "thank you". I think a couple people fell over. It's amazing what they can do when you give them the tools, patience and love to do it.

Congrats to you all and enjoy this moment!

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