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Noah's vocabulary, two months ago: aball, adada, ababy, sort-of star, sort-of banana, sort-of car.

Noah's vocabulary, today and right now: aball, adada, amama, ababy, star, banana, car, truck, choo choo, boo boo, bye bye, bubble, pop, singing, bib, eat, ruff ruff, TV, yum, cat, bike, box, bag, hot.

He knows the signs for eat, more, shoes, cracker, cold, ball, star, banana, bread, play, hurt and cry.

He hardly ever tantrums anymore and walks flat-footed most of the time. He invents games and makes jokes and follows directions. He uses his imagination and knows most of the alphabet. His favorite book is Olivia and he likes to pretend to eat her spaghetti and meatballs. He actually eats spaghetti and meatballs. He likes to holler BYE BYE PEE PEE at the toilet. He thinks farting is hilarious. He thinks Dada is a god but when he is hurt or sad he only wants Mama. He wants you to chase him, to catch him, to tickle him and make him dizzy and then when the game gets to be a little much he wants to cuddle and listen to your heartbeat for awhile. He would like some yums. He would like a banana, Mama. Banana. More.

We've only had three sessions of speech therapy so far. We've worked hard; we've changed our entire way of talking and playing; we put fish oil in his juice and I teach Jason signs after Noah goes to bed. People have rolled their eyes at us in public, probably because of our exaggerated repetition and bottomless supply of signs. I imagine they think we're being pushy.  I imagine they don't understand Noah's odd pronunciation like we do, and I'm sure they definitely don't understand why each new consonant sound or sign that Noah imitates makes me clap my hands over my mouth with joy, or why I am so proud of a two-year-old who may have just possibly buzzed like a bee for the very first time.

It's all happening faster than any of us expected -- his therapist can't even believe it.  His progress is amazing.

I find myself at a loss when I try to describe the changes we see. I just don't have the words.


Luckily, I think he'll have them soon.



Hooray! That is just wonderful to hear!


TEARS!!!! That was so lovely. Congrats on Noah's great success. It sounds like he is doing great!


Woo. Hoo!


Happy for you!

Mariana PErri

Just one thing to say: Hurray for aMama, aDada and especially for gorgeous little bubalah!


That sign for "eat more shoes" is really gonna come in handy some day.

Congrats to The Noah on conquering The Words.


That sign for "eat more shoes" is really gonna come in handy some day.

Congrats to The Noah on conquering The Words.


That is awesome. I'm so happy the therapy is working for Noah.


I'm late to the party, but incredibly excited to hear how well the little man is doing!!!

a mom who thinks 2 much

Your story is so much like mine and my son's, which I've been blogging about, too. I've been following your story with bated breath!


I never had any doubts about Noah. I mean...just look at him. What an amazing special little guy.


OMG girl. You just made me tear up at work, and I'm trying to be all subliminal sneaky like and read my bloglines feeds when I'm supposed to be charting, so crying at my charting is somewhat difficult to explain.

How incredibly awesome is it that he's progressing so fast?

I am an incredibly happy if tearful ball of hormones for all three of you :)


That is such excellent news! I love a good success story in the morning.


Yay Noah!! Yay Amy and Jason!! Ignore everyone else out there that may think that you guys are strange or over-zealous, or whatever. You know what's best for your son, not them. =)


Woohoo - 114th! That's wonderful news, well done to everybody!


Congratulations on the big improvement!
For those of us struggling with similar issues, could you elaborate on the ways you changed playing and talking with Noah?


I am sooooooooooooo pleased for you!


aawww, Amalah. I'm so happy for you. You guys are great parents, as evidenced in your deep commitment to helping Noah right now. Glad you see fruits of your labor so quickly!


Oh, yay! I'm a school psychologist & have been using some of downtime at the beginning of the school year to read your archives. You have an amazing take on life and I'm so glad (and not at all surprised) that Noah is making such amazing progress. Faith, humor & perseverance pay off!


Ahhh...see, we all knew he was smart. I am more happy than I thought I would ever be at the progress of a child of someone I have never met before.

I am so glad at sweet Noah's progress.

Oh, and get used to the hilarity at farting (and belching and any other bodily function). It only gets worse.


BYE BYE PEE PEE! That's adorable. Is it strange that I want to teach that to my son when he's potty training? Stranger that I'm tempted to shout it myself next time I hit the loo?


So happy for you! A few months ago I was going to e-mail you about the fish oil (my friend's son had the same symptoms and fish oil for some reason made a night and day difference in his progress) but, I was afraid you were already overwhelmed with information; and, really, fish oil? Would you have thought me insane? I'm glad you discovered it.


You guys rock. I am so happy for you, and I'm sure that the progress will continue to blow you away.

And I hear ya about the eye rolls from people- I have an "explosive child" and the ways I need to talk to him/interact with him in public sometimes get me some strange looks. We all just need to do what is right for your individual children.


Woooooo Hooooo !!!!

Congrats, Team Noah !


You go, Kiddo! :-)


Yay! My son is 4 now, and we have seen the same thing you describe, farther on down the development line. I get such joy out of hearing him explain why he is crying that I'm sure I look like I'm laughing at him instead of merely bubbling over with excitement at his verbal expressions!

Felicia Cerbone

This is great news. Other than the fish oil and the signing what other tips can you pass out that have led to this incredible improvement. ?

Thanks in advance.


Aw, amalah, congratulations! I am so, so happy for you, Noah, and Jason. :):):):):)


Wow Amy, just...wow. I'm so happy for you all!!


WTG Noah Amy and Jason!!!

We have friends going through the same thing with their almost 3year old son and I was almost teary this weekend when he said a 3 word sentence.


thank you thank you thank you for fixing the links and taking those preview windows away. They take forever to load and always freeze up on me (I use Firefox). Thank you thank you thank you again.


Go ababy go! Woohoo Noah, way to wreck the bell curve ;) New word: can you say "Ivy League"? How about "full ride academic scholarship"?

So have you taught him how to say "blog" yet?

Mama T

I'm curious to more about how your changed way of speaking and playing goes. Also, my daughter Clara didn't really talk until 22 months and then her a's were at the end of all words. "Clara, what colour is your chair?" "Red-dah" and so on. Once she started talking though, she NEVER FREAKING STOPPED. She's nearly 4 and I'm still waiting for the novelty to wear off.
Great news about Noah's improvements. You must be delighted and relieved and proud as punch.

bad penguin

His favorite book is Olivia?! That makes me so happy, particularly since my husband told me I shouldn't give a book about a girl pig to someone who was having a boy. And he was wrong, ha!

And of course I'm so very pleased to see that Noah is doing so well and making so much progress.


Came back to read this excellent post again. It really made my day. Now will you share with us the secrets of proper play & talking so that Jojo stops tantruming & starts following directions? Please?


Great news! How did EI help with the tiptoe walking?


If I recall correctly, Dooce's Leta was all tiptoe-y and silent for forever, and just got over it one day and is totally fine and verbal and running all over Utah now. Toddlers, man. They'll drive you cuckoo every time.



We're so glad to hear about his progress. The committee that evaluated Gavin's visit last month wants to see him again in November. I think we're going to try the fish oil...or maybe the Gummy versions...and see if that helps. Actually, just being in the next classroom in his daycare seems to help since there are a lot more "talkers" than in his previous class. But why stop there???
thanks for keeping us up-to-date...it's obvious we all love to see how your little boy is doing and want to cheer on your accomplishments, as well as support you through harder times.


I came across your blog when googling luxating patella in Min Pins. I only read your one post from August 2005, but I thought I would ask to see if you ever went through with the knee surgery on your dog? I am 28 months pregnant and just found out that my almost 3 year old Min Pin has a luxating patella. The vet cannot even pop the knee cap back into place. I am stressing over the cost of surgery but know that we will eventually have to go through with it as I don't want to see our dog limping around and in pain. We have all wood floors and he is always slipping and falling, which probably contributed to his problems. I wanted to ask if you did have the knee surgery done on your Min Pin, was it successful? Was the recovery painful for your dog? Please let me know your experience if you want to & have the time. Thanks.


Noah was perfect the way he was. So I guess this makes him MORE than perfect. Which is exactly what you deserve. Because you, Amy, are a top quality mamalah: good humor, good instincts, and the heart of a tiger. You've earned your stripes with this one, lady. I don't know you, but I am damn proud of you.

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