Lard Dog Responds

What We Do When We're Not Making Fun of the Dog


The distant future, the year 2000...


No more agriculture. No more war. No more racism.


No more fighting, squabbling, or rumbling.


No more...yogurt.


Robot 1: The humans are dead.
(Robot 2: Yes they are dead.)
Robot 1: The humans are dead.
(Robot 2: I confirm they are dead.)
Robot 1: It had to be done.
(Robot 2: They look like they’re dead.)
Robot 1: So that we could have fun.
(Robot 2: I poked one, it was dead.)


0000001! 00000011!

(Try this at home tonight! Supplies needed: wine box, scissors, toddler, and humansaredead.mp3)


ashley & family

Sooooooo cute


no more stairs

Donna P

He is so cute!
So is Noah!
Nice floors.


I guess if I'm dead I'd prefer it to be at the hands of such a cute robot. Also, nice seeing Jason (mostly).


seeing them make the 'the humans are dead' video was the moment that i fell in love with flight of the conchords. specifically, the 'i poked one, it was dead' line.


i can't even read the lyrics here without laughing my ass off.


So adorable and all that hair!
Also, what are your thoughts on the magnetic letters learning thing-y?


So I had given up on your blog due to lack of interest (truth be told I was trying to add a shared interest in something my wife loves, which is reading your blog), but I am back now.... all you had to do was sing some Flight of the Conchords. You had me at "the distant future"

My son, also named Noah, also enjoys dancing to FotC.


Ops, I linked to the wrong URL of my own blog!

Jenny H.

That grin says it all!

Could he BE any cuter?


I love the look on both of their faces in the last pic. So sweet!


LOL This reminds me of Steve Martin's kid in PARENTHOOD who walked around with a bucket on his head and bumpted into walls.

I love Noah's smile.

"Why u be puttin' u preshus babee in a box?" (This is a joke.)




Way to apply the Flight of the Conchords to every day life! I can't put out the recycling without getting the giggles :)

And is it weird that I have a teeny crush on Jermaine?

Mama T

Noah is so in tune with popular culture. I'm impressed.

Erin O'Brien

I love it and remember those days. Mine is 10 now and doesn't play in boxes, but Mom and Dad sure get some play time when Dad has a day off and Baby Dumpling is at school.

Did I just say that?

Yay Amalah!


It's nice to know I'm not the only one obsessed with Brett and Jemaine.

hello insomnia

Binary solo! 0000001 00000011!


I know it's probably weird when someone focuses in one some tiny thing in your photos, but I just want to say I'm impressed you have the magnetic animal whatsits from that evil singing farm thing all handily attached to the fridge rather than crammed underneath all of your sofas/in your shoes/stuffed in the DVD slot/etc.


Ha! My parents have a similar picture of my sister at the same age, except it was a Troyer Farms potato chips box, and she was wearing footie pajamas.

As for me, I was naked and sitting inside the diaper box in my close-up.


Ha! Sundry, I found one of those bloody animal pieces in the bathtub the other night, while we were bathing the kid in it!! Kudos to Amalah and Noah for keeping them in one place...

not supergirl

OH god, I'm with you on the FotC fandom. I want to teach my kids to dance when their angry! Did you love that homage/parody of Footloose as much as I did?


"0000001! 00000011!" that's robot-speak for "Mama", right?


Eat up Noah. Yum. Yum. Yum.

That's robot for man, oh, man, that is one adorable baby.


Cute kid but I'm disappointed that you don't use the leapfrog to leave salacious messages to each other on the fridge.

Alice R

He gets me in the ovaries, every time.

I am going to have to look into this Flight of the Conchords thing I guess, because every time you mention it, I feel like I'm living in the dark age or something considering I have NO FARKING CLUE what you're talking about.

And - dang - hardwoods in the kitchen. I want that. It's preeeetttyyyyy.

Another Jennifer

Love that idea. Gotta try that on my son, er, when he's walking... Have that romper and Fridge Farm too. Don't you just love Farmer Ted ("listen to my banjo!")


too cute!!!

also, totally laughed my ass off at Ceiba's guest-blogging. much funnier than when we make fun of our fat cat with a front-butt (aka his big fat foopah).


BAH he's so cute. I know-- completely amazing insight and observations I have.




The floors look seriously awesome. Toddler is cute, too.


These photo essays are goddamn SLAYING ME. Between the dog and the toddler I am frakking dying from teh cute.





Nothing But Bonfires

The robots took Jason's head, apparently, too.


What's up with kids and boxes? Seriously though?!?! Maybe I don't understand because I am not a parent...


Just like when young Bossy used to watch the Wizard of Oz and spend the movie fretting over Toto, Bossy wants to know what happened to the wine from that box.


Sooo freakin cute! Love your pictures! :)


Awww, Noah. I swear he's only getting cuter. :)

The grey text... it hurts.


Boogie! Boogie! Boogie! Robo-boogie!

I've been a lurker for a year or so, but FotC makes me do crazy things, like leave comments. So I'll just go all out: Have you seen the Sept. 17 edition of Newsweek? There's a health story in there called "You and Your Quirky Kid," about kids who aren't exactly autistic or sensory-integration disordered (is that a word?), just ... well, different. I thought you might find the article interesting.

Now I'm going to crawl back into my hole. Maybe I'll comment again next year.


too cute! I also love Casa Lapostole, Chilean wines rule.

Katie Kat

I thought it was cute even before I realized there was any connection with Flight of the Conchords. I have to admit, I've not gotten into that show... don't hit me! But, it might deserve a second look...


LOL. Love the post title.

My brother once fell down two flights of stairs while playing cardboardboxrobot.

He was 24.

Just kidding.

He was 20.


how cute ! lol


"I poked one, it was dead." will never not be funny. Ever.


my favorite line of that song is ..'we used poisonous gasses, and we poisoned their asses..'
SO FUN!!! they are GREAT!
'you could be a waitress, or an air hostess in the sixties..'
and I LOVE 'ME and YOU in the NUDE gettin' LEWD with the food!'


Flight of the Conchords AND Noah, it does not get more awesome.


Boxes are the best. Screw the expensive toys when you can play cool box games!


Toes!!! Such cute, delicious toes! (As my friend says, couldn't you just dip 'em in ranch dressing....)

Amy Jo

That was a totally bitchin' binary solo.


YAY! Thank you for fixing/changing the pop ups for your other gigs! That was getting annoying, though it was technologically cool.

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