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Forget the children, won't somebody think of the expensive electronics?

Woke Up This Morning...

...and the original Broadway cast recording of Rent is in the CD player and there is a receipt from Ticketmaster in Jason's inbox. We're trying out the mezzanine this time.

I don't even know who we are anymore. But I do know there is something really, really wrong with us.



tra-la-la! I'm first!!!
wanted to say I've never seen Rent, but you make it sound so good, I am going to!(someday)


I live in NJ and I've seen Rent 4 times. I didn't know that original cast members were back. I might have to go see it again. I am jealous.


Just think of it as a do-over.


make sure you take pictures of yourselves outside the stagedoor as you wait impatiently for autographs...


Ha. HAAAA. Oh this is hilarious. Will you eventually start arriving costume? Do people do such things?


Methinks you have been converted.

Mother Of Beans

Maybe it's time to make a bootleg copy.....?


I am so jealous. Have seen it once, would LOVE to see it again with some of the original cast. Did I mention my 16 y/o and her friends consider themselves rentheads? Yes, some people go dressed up as characters.....


Effing RentHead.

Maxine Dangerous

I'm just glad you gave me something to read while I'm at work on Labor Day. (Don't ask, not that you were going to. Boring story.)

Suzy Q



Just like Rocky Horror Picture Show. It sucks you in and you just can't help it. But I can't wait to hear about it!!

Wacky Mommy

Live shows are different every single time, you know that. I'll be enjoying it vicariously from here.


"leap of faith, leap of faith, mmmmmmmmmmm. only thing to do is jump..."




I'm going to have to agree that something is wrong with you guys.

Then again, maybe something is wrong with me, because I have to be dragged kicking and screaming to see any stage-type performance. Well, except concerts.


Are you going in NYC again or is it coming to DC? Can we come to?

Mama T

were you ordering under the influence again? my brother once ended up with an entire box of fishing tackle jelly things after a late night of drinking and then early morning paid-for-tv-advertisements.



(just extreme jealousy)

I saw it a few weeks ago from the.worst.seats.ever. and have been trying to convince anyone to take me again.. I love Roger.


I listened to that soundtrack so much when I was pregnant that my son is a Renthead already and doesn't even know it. That, the soundtrack to Wicked, and C-Span's Road to the White House. The poor kid is going to be pretty much messed up.

Vegas Princess

I found your site through my friend Jen (Shades) who is a regular reader. She sent me your link of your last Rent post since I am a huge Broadway fan and I just loved it! I just finished my own trip to New York and was also perplexed at people who line up to get into a theatre when they have reserved seats. Odd. Rent is one of my favorites, I have seen it 5 times myself. I can't wait to read your second review.


Ooooh, I had a similar experience Saturday. However mine involved buying a plane ticket to NYC from Austin AND tickets to Spring Awakening !


LOVE Wicked

So jealous...


Not sure how I feel about the new Comments layout. But it's almost like the txt layout on your iPhone (all iPhones actually, not just yours).

I'm from New Jersey and I went to performing arts summer camp. Between tkts and student rush, I've seen Rent more times than I care to admit. And I know every word to the whole thing, even La Vie Boheme. Transsexuals bisexuals homosapiens carcinogens hallucinogens men! Pee Wee Herman...

Also Avenue Q and Spamalot are coming to the National Theater this fall. See them.


Ugh. I saw Rent about five years ago and was decidely MEH about it. Would never pay to see it again, and I live 30 minutes outside of the city.

But...enjoy. I guess?


i would like to second andrea in saying: hells to the yes, see spamalot.

loved it!

(also, i'm a huge dork. and i mean this is the nicest way possible, but i suspect you might be a bit of a dork yourself. after all, you have already admitted to thinking eponine was your best friend, and also faking awards acceptance speeches in your living room...so, yeah. go see it, is all i'm saying.)


i really really really REALLY want to see RENT on broadway. my best friend and i were planning on going this fall, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. *jealous*

Miss Britt

At what point do you have to start wearing the Renthead name badge?


Spamalot! Yes! It came here to DC a year or so ago and holy HELL, was that funny. I laughed so hard I had a choking fit.

The best part was that the people next to us had clearly never seen a Monty Python sketch in their lives and were so very, very confused. They probably went home and made fun of us on their blogs.



Sarah Booz

I don't even know if you'll get this because this entry, she is so old, BUT - RENT is closing in June. I just found out and I am sad sad sad. I thought you might be too. :(

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