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And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Mocking of Me

God, but we are dorks.


So we went back to New York this weekend. So we saw Rent again, for the second time in two months. So what, you wanna fight about it?

We didn't sit quite so near those people this time, although I did get to overhear the charming story of how a Renthead met her boyfriend? In the line? And he was a Renthead? And they've been together ever since? And they've seen the show like, way more times than you? What?  No, he's not here today because he had to work? At the Gap?

I heard this from seven rows away. It's like I have a nerdsense. A very, very hypocritical nerdsense.

"Honey, your boyfriend is gay," I said to no one in particular, my voice serious and bitter from experience with boys with a deep love for musical theater, but then Jason shushed me and correctly pointed out every casting change that's been made since August, based solely on the Who's Who page in his Playbill.

"On second thought, you should probably marry him."

(More bathroom action over at the Fall Shopping Guide, written after 40 minutes of running around the hotel room going, "I need a post! I need a post! Shit!" I talk big talk about working best in a crunch, but I am really so full of crap sometimes.)



Oh, but I am so jealous! New York! Broadway! We get nothing here in Sydney.


Oooh, Rent!

jive turkey

Everyone is entitled to be obsessed with at least one Broadway musical. Even those theatre snobs who insist that musical theatre is the death of culture - dig deep enough, and you'll find they have one too.

I know a guy who is Mr. Avant-Garde Theatre - he performs pretty much exclusively in shows where people juggle scarves in the nude and what have you - and just last week I found out he is secretly obsessed with "Cats." Hee.


You always find ways to entertain me. The talk about gay guys who work at the GAP reminded me that I haven't watched Ask A Gay Man on YouTube in a while. Thanks!

Mama T

So, when are you going next?


The marquee made me jealous. I miss all that stuff.


She should marry him ;-)


Does Noah go with you (to NY) or do you guys get weekends away? So jealous...

Maxine Dangerous

Can I say that I've been to New York now? No? But I'm vicariously living through you since I've (shhhhh) only seen Rent ... the movie. Shhhh!!!


Not sure if I said this last time, but have you guys seen Wicked? I know they tour around the country. Absolutely LOVED it in Chicago.

hello insomnia

I'm going to see Jersey Boys in December. Maybe we should fight it out.


I'm so jealous. There's no such thing as Broadway where I am. It's more like the local high school's production of Pippin.

Li'l Foot's Mommy

So was it better than the last show?


If I may, next time you're up this-a way, try out Curtains or Spamalot or some other show equally worthy of having a cult following. (Okay, Spamalot does, but you know what I mean.)

Or wait OMG! WILL YOU GO SEE LES MIZ WITH ME! OMG IS MY SHAME/LOVE! Husband will not see it with me. Friends (theatre professionals all) will not see it with me. Think I have "horrid taste." Bah.


Don't laugh or roll your eyes (although I often do) but husband and I have seen it seven times in the last nine years. I'm not proud. I don't even like it much anymore, especially since the last time we saw it we were surrounded by teenagers and it felt more like a rock concert (wild cheers and whistles as soon as Angel appeared) than our favorite broadway show.

That being said, it's a catchy soundtrack :)


My college roommate was equally as obsessed with Mama Mia. That soundtrack is permanently ingrained in my brain... I'm more a Cats girl myself :)


Because of you I had to watch the DVD again ;-) Next time you go, you should take me with you. Not that you really know me or anything, but you just should .


I'm just really glad to know I'm not the only one who does the "oh SHIT, I have to post something to ___ blog! DAMMIT, give me a topic!" thing.

All Adither

I haven't seen anything since Hairspray. Barely even a movie or tv show... I'm sheltered.

friend of a show lover friend has seen Wicked 27 times since June.


'Rent', Bossy's ass. For you it's more like a 50-year mortgage.


Oh Amalah! I have a random question that you probably won't answer b/c it's slightly personal, but which hotel(s) do you stay at in NYC? We're going on 10/19 for our anniversary (and seeing Mama Mia) b/c I've already seen Rent and he [rolls eyes extravagantly] "has no desire to see that shit." We're staying at the Courtyard by Mariott (of all places) because they have free high speed internet. Now do you still think you're the big nerd?


I have heard about this show. It seems to have the same fan craze as going to see Rocky Horror Picture Show...

Sounds like you had fun.


i was at rent friday was awesome seeing adam and anthony but difficult to not nitpick the flaws of other performances compared to theirs. hated this maureen and tamyra can't act. anyways, don't know what night you were there but i wish i had seen you (you were my first blog to read so i'm a longtime fan - now who's the geek?)

i was there with my parents and sister for my sister's 16th birthday and saw 5! shows in four days. reeediculous but my sister, mother, and i are all singers and i'm a former drama nerd.

courtney, we stayed at the courtyard too (on 40th) - my parent's choice - and it was fine. you should only be sleeping there anyhow and it's close to everything :)


If you have seen rent twice in two months I'm going to have to watch it at least once! Hairspray was good. I liked Alter Boyz as well.... Semi-metrosexual husbands are the best. When they know to exfoliate? Even better.


Ahh, the gay boyfriend. You've taken me back to college...

And I LOVE NYC and haven't been since May of 2005. So I'm very jealous.

Vaguely Urban

Going to NYC at the end of the month. We have tickets to Spring Awakening, so I'll be sure to swing by the RENT line and look for the 'heads while I'm in the theater district.


Um how come everyone has a gay boyfriend story, we need a gaydar repair center! Anyhoo, the phone/toilet combo has always disgusted me, just for a second imagine what is on that phone!!! Sick!


Top Chef Bitch Session/Follow-Up with the Contestants is tonight, same chef time, same chef channel!

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