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Chuck Effing Cheese

Happiness is a Warm Squirming Toddler Kicking You in the Kidneys

I have a confession. It's a very naive and doom-inviting confession, but since I'm battling some blogger's block and have nothing else to talk about (unless you'd like to hear about the shield bugs currently infesting our home and just how many I've got trapped in the hand vac), I am going to say it anyway.

I like two. I like two a lot.

Granted, we're only a week and a half into two, and I know two has plenty of time to become truly terrible, but right now? Two is delightful. Charming. Hilarious. Fun.

( the sky looking a little...fally....perhaps?)

I can't help saying it. I'm blown away by how much fun Noah is these days. I don't know if it's because the sign language and speech improvements have catapulted us out of the realm of EH EH EH EH EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE tantrums and into hello, Mama, might I trouble you for some juice, and perhaps your assistance in getting my choo choo train out of the toilet? or just because of this HUGE explosion of personality, imagination and oh my God, this kid has my sense of humor. Everybody watch your bra straps.

I'm discovering that not only do I love him -- and there are still days when my skin positively hums with how much -- but I also really, really like him.


Sure, we have a lot of NO. We have SO MUCH NO. Surplus NO, shipped in by the truckload. (The way he says NO has even changed in the past couple weeks -- he says it with feeling now, as if he's offended by your very question.)

But we also have a sweet, sensitive and polite little guy, who blows kisses and knows the sign for love and still wants to cuddle and play with my hair. And then he wants to run around and laugh and squeal because when he's happy, he feels happiness with his entire body, from head to toe, and damn, he's one happy two-year-old.


Bring it on, two. Bring it on.



Oh, I hope your luck holds! I'm finding the same (though we have 2 days to go, but he was overcooked, so technically he is 2)--the answer to everything is NO.

Soo gorgeous, this Noah!


I SO agree! I love two. I have so much fun with my daughter these days. There's just something so amazing about watching these intense little personalities develop. It rocks.
And my daughter? She doesn't just say no, she's started saying "no way Jose!" Cracks me up each and every time.


I like it. We need some video of the No!


You still have plenty of time to enjoy him - I seem to remember that the terrible twos was more like the terrible threes!


two great. really really great, most of the time. i hope 3 goes as smoothly!!


We've found the same to be true with Gavin even at three! Hope it is passed down to Cooper. BTW, why are you clubbing Noah with the play school golf club? (No get back there... I want to take a picture) :D


Yes, two is so much fun! The tantrums, not so much, but the rest of it is pure delight. I love the little personality explosion that comes at this age.


Good to know! I have so many friends with babies right now and none of them want them to grow up. I must confess that I can't wait for Boog to be a toddler. He's awesome now, so sweet, happy and funny. I just envision that getting better and better.

PS. I now have a Baby Signing Time stuck in my head all the time. great. :P


*Total gush* Watching Noah grow from that delicious little baby into the cutest toddler I've ever seen makes me all the more impatient for my baby. I'm glad you're having such a great time with your handsome little man.


We're not yet at the 2 stage (approaching 18 mo), but I'm starting to see the signs of what you're experiencing and I also love it. They're turning into people! People that we have the ability to shape and mold and oh god completely and utterly mess up... damn these formative years. Plus, your son is ridiculously sweet and sqeezable-looking. He never just looks happy, he takes happy to a level only kids can do. love. it.


I agree 100%! My kids really became their own little people at 2, and every darn day you will find something new to be proud of. Best part? It just keeps gettin' better. Mine are 5 and 7 and I'm blown away by the people they are becoming.
Noah rocks, and will continue to rock!


I love everything about this post. Yay Noah, and Mama, and Daddy - way to go!!


Two is fun. Three is full of attitude. Enjoy your time with Two.


"I love him -- and there are still days when my skin positively hums with how much"

"He feels happiness with his entire body"

Damn, Amy, no fair making me cry at work. (I cannot tell you how much I want to remember what it is like to feel so deeply and without reservation - I'm far too repressed in my day-to-day life.)


I clicked on your blog after reading about yet another high school shooting.

Your boy's smile and hearing about how sweet and funny he is helped my heart feel good again.

Thank you.


Great post, thanks!

Miss Britt

Sometimes I read you and think "wow, she is so normal and like me and has insecurities and worries and stuff..."

And sometimes, once in a while, I read you and go "i really hate this woman."

Please, please dear God, just promise me you'll post if he ever throws a temper tantrum. Or you ever, God for bid, lose yours. Please?


Dear Garbrielle - you comment is sad, please find some freedom for you!

Amy - I love the way you write, I love the way you express what I am feeling. My baby is your baby - and I feel honoured to have found your blog, and share with you (through you) our toddlers lives. PS - I wish you blogged every day!

Marmite Breath (Nat)

Perhaps you'd like to trade Noah for my delightfully hormonal almost-ten-year old daughter, Queen Knickers-in-a-Twist.

This is a one time offer. Act now.

Leaf, probably...

AND he still has the hair. I would give you my imaginary kitten for that hair. (I say imaginary because I’m not allowed to own one... But if I did... I would give it up for the hair.)


Enjoy it. Whilst it continues to get better in many many way,(there are some fantastic conversations waiting for you, I promise) there will also come the fateful day when you get the first eye roll (in my case accompanied by the immortal words "Not the balanced diet talk AGAIN!")


oh yeah, two's a delight. two and a half? two and a half scoffs at two and thinks two was for babies. two and a half has no use for your "toys" and "dolls." two and a half wants to play with scissors and run in the street and just generally scare the hell out of you. two and a half is kicking my ass.

(sweet post!)


Two was great for us also, it's 3 that is killing us! LOL! ACK! Noah looks so happy in those pictures! Love it! Thanks for sharing.

Mama T

When two talks, two is a delight. Thank you to talking.

Katie Kat

Oh yeah, sistah... two ROCKS. I am overtaken daily by how much I LOVE being with this little human who has blossomed into a loving, adorable, FUNNY little girl. And after the first 9 months of BLOOD CURDLING SCREAMING FROM COLIC, and the next few months of MULTIPLE EAR INFECTIONS, the ear tubes, the worries about development, the crying and hissy fits and the crying and crying (oh, and she cried too), TWO is making me grin. Like a crazy person.

And yet... the "no's" and the tantrums when you take something away, and the "I-don't-want-that-same-thing-I-always-wanted-and-now-HATE" thing, it's all there. It's just easier to take when you also get snuggles and giggles and gleeful screeching.

Man, I love my kid (and like her too). Noah is a close second... :)

Li'l Foot's Mommy

I mentioned you and Noah to a girl I met a house warming party this weekend. Her son who is 16 months is not talking. Not saying mama or dada or anything...nothing!!! He's fine in pretty much every other aspect I guess (from the 2 hours I spent with him), but all he does is go "mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm" kind of like a grunt noise with lips sealed. Never any other sound. Her pediatrician told her not to worry about it until he's two. I told her she should read you. I don't think she should wait. Noah is awesome, and I am amazed at the progress he has made in such a short time. You're doing a great job Amy, keep up the good work!!!


And if you think 2 or 2.5 or 3 are bad, wait til 5. They go to kindergarten and in ONE DAY learn more than you have learned in the last 20 years. And they don't hesitate to tell you about it.

They're so cute, though. God makes them cute so you won't kill them. And thus the human race continues on.


My office is currently infested with crickets AND stinkbugs. I truly feel your pain. Sadly, I don't have an absolutely beautiful two-year-old to keep my mind off the creepy-crawlies.


I thought 2.0 was great too until 2.5 came along. Then we closed in on 3.0 and things went down hill. Not only was screaming added, whining as well. I miss 2.0.


I loooove 2! He's so cute!


Honestly, I've always found 3 to be much, much worse than 2.
So, enjoy your skin-humming (that almost sounds pornographic) while it lasts, suckah.
You'll be cryin' in the bathroom soon enough.


I loved two too.


But two... I miss two.


I loved (LOVED) two. Six? Not so much. Next week is sixteen. Gawd help me.

Maxine Dangerous

Okay. I'm going to say it.

I can't wait until Noah is 20 --

(I know, I WENT THERE)

-- and he's all, "God, Mom! I can't go anywhere! The Internet knows me!"


Antique Mommy

The two's were terrible and terribly wonderful. I loved every minute of it, even when it was horrible. If you liked the two's, then you will love love love the three's. You have no idea what fun you are in for. Sean will be four in November and I know I will love four too, but oh three! -- goodness me it was delicious.


I'm no expert, mine is only 4.5. She's also a girl.
And an only.

For whatever that has to do with anything...
Two stayed lovely, three was lovely as well, and four hasn't yet revealed any dark secrets.

So - proclaim it loudly - you love two!


I loved two. Two was glorious. I could have done without three, though...

Heather B.

I'm coming next week. For the last time until January-ish.

I expect plenty of love from two. Which would be hard given the amount of love I'm already privy to, but a girl can dream.


Two was great. Three and four were ghastly.


Ah, Two was glorious with my twin boys. Loved Two. Informal surveys have led me to believe that at least with boys, Two is terrific. It's THREE you really need to watch out for. Three is something else entirely. Enjoy!


we've got a little bit of two going on in our house too. a whole month of it so far!! and it's fun and interesting and it amazes me how much my son talks now: shut up, be quiet, close your lips, mommy (that's all coming from him, not me)... but as i understand this sorta thing kinda comes with the territory so when he tells me to "go time out, mommy..." i am reminded that this lovely age doesn't last forever. but it's not always about various ways of getting us to shut our mouths, i do get an occasional "mommy, hair bootiful" and "i luh you" so it sorta makes up for the whole 2-year-old lack of respect for your parents thing. sorta. anyhoo, someone told me to never refer to this time as terrible or that's what it'll be!!


I remember two being an awesome age. What a breeze. They are happy, they smile, they're super smart and they are still cuddly. It was awesome.

(Then three hit.)



My niece turns 2 on Friday and I just want her to stay at this age forever!


No, you are right. Two's were bliss. Odd numbers were tougher - 1's (communication break downs) and 3's (independence issues). You may also be learning one of 2 secrets. Boys? JOYS! or - some kids are great, plain and simple. My son was bliss. My daughter? uh, not so much. And then I was mad at HIM for not preparing me well enough for HER. Go figure.


Oh yeah, he's lit up.


I was surprised to discover I loved each age my kids were at (even now that they are in their teens). Noah seems like a joy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts (and photos!).

And - shield bugs, huh? I wondered what those critters were called. We've got them everywhere. I called them stinkbugs, but they do look like they have little shields on their backs.


I never understood why they called it the "Terrible Twos," because it is really the "Terrible Threes."


I love two year olds. They are silly, wiggly and so loving. They are laughter and wonder. They are still highly distractable.

Enjoy two. Two is fabulous!



I adore two.....just love everything about it. 12? Not so much. I also love 3 and 4. The whole every day is an adventure and even a bug is amazing and the enthusiasm and joy. I love it. In fact just being a mum is glorious, and soon I will be a Nana and get to have all the great stuff and none of the rubbish. Life is a bit splendid. Kiss that deliciousness from the mad lady in England would you? ( and I am told if you are a Nana or nearly one, you can ask to kiss babies you don't actually know and it isn't a bit scary or stalkerish. Hoorah.)


You call this blogger's block? I absolutely adore this post, almost as much as I adore Noah :)


You think 2 is great, wait 'til you get to 3. My Kid is now 14 and 3 is still my favorite age.


I agree. 2 is wonderful. I have always said that 3 is MUCH harder than 2, mainly because you can forgive a 2 year old for being rude because they're still in the early learning phases. By 3, though, you expect that they KNOW how to behave, but choose not to! :) Enjoy 2. It is so marvelous!

Jen Gomes

Usually I can resist commenting (I don't think I ever have before) and I'm sure you've never heard THIS before *sarcasm* but MAN is he cute!!!


It's amazing how just reading about him and seeing the way you capture his huge personality in pictures can make me love him, too!

Jen O.

I can just imagine how happy Noah must feel, himself. He must have been so frustrated not being able to convey his wants/needs to you in a way you could understand. And now that you both know how to communicate with each other? Now that you can understand what he's saying and he knows how to make you understand? Think of the relief that little beautiful boy must be feeling. That sense of pride and accomplishment and "Ah...FINALLY, she can hear what I'm saying!" Even at his young age, he must be so ecstatic. No wonder he's a joy.

ps -- Worlds Most Beautiful Boy EVER = Noah.

Jen O.

Oh, and another P.S. -

If we lived closer, I'd totally be offering a dowery to you and arranging a future marriage between your Noah (aged 2.0) and my Eirinn (aged 1.5). Just so you know.

Aren't you glad you don't live closer to this brand of crazy?


Amalah! I love you, I love Noah, and I'm sure you heard all that before, but it's true! I've read the past two years of entries in the past two weeks, and for me he grew up SO FAST. Still, I cannot wait to watch him grow up even more.

I love having this experience through your blog, as I got MY kids when they were teenagers (or pre-teen, whatever) and so enjoying Noah with you = win. :)

Gosh, it's really hard writing something sensible to someone you completely admire...

End comment!


I actually don't mind two that much either. I like that Michael can tell me what he wants. I just wish he listened more.

Mrs. Q.

I loved two, too. It's 2 1/2 that kicks your ass.

And wtf is a shield bug? Itching... Googling...

Mrs. Q.

Oh. Those are stink bugs around these parts. Don't squish 'em. Eeeeooo.


I thing it should be called the terrific twos. They are sooo much fun. It's three you have to watch out for...

Kim Root

Oh, I remember the two's, they were fun and exciting and everything was a new adventure. It was the three's that no one warned me about and the know it all five's. Enjoy the two's it truly is a time for you to be a kid again!


I miss two.

Three is a lot harder (although it's been getting better lately because Gavin's speech has improved quite a bit).

Can't wait to hit cute two with Cooper, although cute 3 months is kind of fun (i.e. he just realized that those hands of his can actually put something in that mouth of his!).

Also, think I might've seen you on the Dulles tollroad a couple weeks ago...looked a lot like you, but had DC tags (I remember your MD DMV pretty well--figured that meant you had MD tags). Plus, there wasn't a beautiful little boy in the backseat, so must've been your doppleganger. :)


We've to a lot of "no" at our house too. But so far, I like 18 months just fine!


From what I hear, two is good, it's three you have to worry about...


Yay for 2! I really enjoyed my boys at 2. I do remember 3 being a bit tougher, but every kid's different.

Enjoy the happiness that is your Noah.


Awe. This post made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I can't wait for two. Although 6 months is pretty good for now.


Oh that face just makes my ovaries hurt.

I'm truly happy for you.


Now that I have 19 years to reflect on the situation, I am positive two was the most wonderful age. I enjoyed her at two in such an all consuming way. She did not grow her horns and tail until 3. No terrible twos for us.

PS word of advice 19 is HORRIBLE! Just tuck that away for later ; )


I too found two to be awesome and amazing. Terrible came closer to three for us, which also coincided with the birth of my second son. My now four year old has been horribly cranky and demanding and whiny ever since, but at least I had that one beautiful year. Two truly is wonderful.


Mmmhmm. Two was good. Four sucked the life out of me. Fifteen found me rotting in my grave but Twenty? Is fantastic. One of three is 20, two of three is thirteen and three of three is a fresh and shiny six. I'm glad the toddler days are far behind but the teenage years are hell with a fresh serving of holy fuck on the side. It's funny though that you don't really realize how bad one stage really was until you come out on the other side and wonder how you survived it.
God that sounds so negative so I should throw in a disclaimer about how much I adore my boys blah blah blah ;)


So cute. So FREAKING CUTE. Can you send Two over here? Cause all I have is cats, and they are hateful. I needs me a Noahlah.


Two does rock! My son is a couple of months in, and every day is even better than the last one - because, oh wow - he learned to climb that chain link ladder thing at the park yesterday, and he learns stuff all the time, and he just glows. Mine even started (gasp!) sleeping. But more than that, he's just such a wonderful, sweet, person to be around. Two is definitely about fun.


Two is fun. Wait until you get to three, though. I loved three. Both of my boys were so much fun and so sweet and incredibly them by three.


I've always wished I had a blog when my son was a kid so I could have documented his childhood and my feelings about him, but every time I read your entries about Noah, I feel like, "That. That's what I would have felt like too." So - I'm just going to send him here and say, "What she said."

But I can honestly say, EVERY year that passed I thought, "Ok. This is the BEST one so far." I wish you the same awesomeness.


I love 2. It's 3 that makes me quake in my boots.


On topic: Oh so so so so very cute.

Slightly off topic: I don't know if anyone else mentioned it in another entry, but WNBC-TV's website has a contest to win four tickets to "Rent". I think it would be totally great for someone completely outside their viewing area to win.


Congratulations! Two is wonderful. I am now attempting 3. Luck to both of us!


we are 6 months into TWO and it is still delightful. ONE was hard. TWO is terrific!


I've always thought two was great, but it's three you have to watch out for; three is a two year-old with experience. However, I also think the oldest child gets sheltered from a lot of that 'life experience' that the following siblings don't.

That explains why my 3yo is singing:

Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. If you don't, I don't care, I'll pull down your underwear.

...when my oldest didn't learn that until at least kindergarten.

He's such a cutie - enjoy him!


nice post. i two, love two. but there are days when the weather changes (it rained all day yesterday) that two turns into an indoor tornado. a tornado of giggles but a tornado nonetheless.


Haven't read all the comments, so I don't know if someone else has broken this to you yet, but. . .

From what I hear from reliable experts (including many other moms, and daycare teachers who are also moms), two isn't terrible. Three, however, is another story.

So, uh, enjoy two. And gird thy loins for the next phase, 'cause you're going to need it.


The older they get the more fun they are, that's for sure. But I did especially love the year between 2 and 3, it was sweet and exciting to see their real personalities emerge.
It does just get better and better. More fun - less work!

Wacky Mommy

It changes every six months for us. (Thank you for pointing this out, "Your 2 Year Old," "Your 3 Year Old," etc. series --

It's the equilibrium/disequilibrium thing -- six months of "I can't do this, Mom, you do this for me... Aiiiiiii!" followed by six months of "I RAWK at this." (I can relate.)

It kills me when they're struggling with something when they're older, and you still can see that little 3-year-old, trying to figure something out.

Wacky Mommy

Whoops, try this:

Wacky Mommy

nevermind ;)

Wacky Mommy

nevermind ;)


I didn't think it was even possible, but the older he gets the more handsome and adorable he gets. Good lord are you going to have your hands full someday!!


Amy - I laughed at this because my son is 6 months older than Noah. From April until September, my husband and I loudly proclaimed about how the terrible twos were much maligned, etc. Then he hit two and a half... and it hasn't been as much fun. More stubbornness, an annoying ability to do far more himself (but sooooo slooowwlly), lots more opinions, etc. In any case, enjoy your son-love now and be prepared that it could crash down with little notice. Or not!


Preshus, he is.

He looks so much like you Amy, it's crazy. Every picture I see, more and more.

I love this age too. Madison is two soon and she is just the joy of our lives. She captures everyone's heart, no matter where we are. She says "NO" too, and when she means yes she says "mm hmm" like a big person. And they smell so good...mother hood is sweet.


Assuming the picture of the girl-child at the upper left of my screen is you, then I would venture to say that your son looks so very much like you that it's like - wow! - scarey! And not scarey-ugly but scarey because grow out the hair some more and put the sun-dress on him (please don't, really!!) and voila!! Amy! Two IS fun....I miss two....14 talks too much, and has discovered sarcasm. Also, loved the skin-humming metaphor....I still have it also, even through the sarcasm!


Two is ok. Three is what you have to worry about. Three is like the evil twin of two, where two gets all the blame.

And four, oh my lord! I don't even want to think about four! Heaven's to murgatroid!

(actually, four's pretty cool)


Two was always my favorite age and everyone thought I was crazy, but I wasn't. It's the best age of all. They develop spirit and a little bit of independence, and that should never be broken.
I'm glad you appreciate it. Two is the bestest!


Two is divine.
Three is hell-on-wheels.


He really reminds me of my brother at that age...what a cutie (like you've never heard that before).


I had to look up what a shield bug was...I call them stinkbugs. We currently have fruit flies, which are driving me nuts.

Glad to see the terrible twos aren't so terrible.

I've been lurking around in your archives. I'm 10 weeks along, and am really enjoying what you had to say WAY back when. Thanks for the humor woman, I *pink puffy heart* you for it!


by the way, got my Baby Signing Time DVD in the mail today and then spent an hour holding a squirming 7 month old up in front of the tv. My 6 year old has already leared all the signs. That company should totally pay you royalties...


Okay, cat on the computer resulted in the previous screw-up.

At least this time I have an excuse.

More to the point: two absolutely rocks. Great age; loved every minute of it. It's four that is the problem. Four year olds are bad, bad news.

Lyssa Ireland Thomas

I've heard it before and now I know it's true... Three is the new Terrible Two.

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