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Chuck Effing Cheese

Happiness is a Warm Squirming Toddler Kicking You in the Kidneys

I have a confession. It's a very naive and doom-inviting confession, but since I'm battling some blogger's block and have nothing else to talk about (unless you'd like to hear about the shield bugs currently infesting our home and just how many I've got trapped in the hand vac), I am going to say it anyway.

I like two. I like two a lot.

Granted, we're only a week and a half into two, and I know two has plenty of time to become truly terrible, but right now? Two is delightful. Charming. Hilarious. Fun.

( the sky looking a little...fally....perhaps?)

I can't help saying it. I'm blown away by how much fun Noah is these days. I don't know if it's because the sign language and speech improvements have catapulted us out of the realm of EH EH EH EH EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE tantrums and into hello, Mama, might I trouble you for some juice, and perhaps your assistance in getting my choo choo train out of the toilet? or just because of this HUGE explosion of personality, imagination and oh my God, this kid has my sense of humor. Everybody watch your bra straps.

I'm discovering that not only do I love him -- and there are still days when my skin positively hums with how much -- but I also really, really like him.


Sure, we have a lot of NO. We have SO MUCH NO. Surplus NO, shipped in by the truckload. (The way he says NO has even changed in the past couple weeks -- he says it with feeling now, as if he's offended by your very question.)

But we also have a sweet, sensitive and polite little guy, who blows kisses and knows the sign for love and still wants to cuddle and play with my hair. And then he wants to run around and laugh and squeal because when he's happy, he feels happiness with his entire body, from head to toe, and damn, he's one happy two-year-old.


Bring it on, two. Bring it on.


kim at allconsuming

No that I want to kick you while you're down and deluded but seeing as you're enjoying it so much, can I send Jasper your way? Because dude. His two? Is all the opening and shutting of doors and other repetitive strain-brain inducing painful behaviours I am not enjoying at.all.


Your little boy is BEAUTIFUL! (in a male sort of way, of course!).
Also, I so agree with the distinction between like and love. You can love someone every day but some days definitely not like them very much...I remember this one time my sisters and I all realized we were actually getting along pretty well, and it was due to the fact that we actually liked each other! Quite a revelation...and I think the whole like/love thing definitely applies to marriage, too.


Two is wonderful if you have a sense of humor. Two sucks when you are in a hurry or at a place that does not appreciate your child disrobing.


Yeah!!!! That was fun to read and he is always so damn cute to look at!

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