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ADORABLE!!!! And hate to do this but am I actually first!?!?
Too cute!!!


Oh and Loving the banana acessories!


The banana in the pocket SLAYS me. SLAYS ME WITH THE CUTENESS.

The Muse

Y'know, I think you could cover that kid in Swiffer wipes and he'd still be adorable.

And! Bonus use - he could swiffer your hardwoods will he plays on the floor! :)


OMG, that's freakin' adorable! And also making me giggle a lot. He looks so happy.


Oh! The cuteness! I wanted my daughter to be a monkey for Halloween this year, but I doubt I'll get off my lazy butt to actually get a costume by then.


Fan-frakking-tastic! Probably the cutest monkey ever.


You could always file these pictures with the one of his cake (from Sweetney's site?) and claim it was all part of the theme.

Regardless, soooo cute!




as always, Noah out-does himself with his ridiculous cuteness!!!!
Way better than when we had Gavin dress as Mr. Incredible. He was very excited by the costume and wore it for school just fine. But on Halloween he refused to wear it and angrily thundered around while it was on him.
We're hoping this year will be better as Buzz Lightyear.


Oh my GOSH he is so cute. May I eat him now?


er, forgot Typepad is not nice to URLs


Oh my Lord! He is so cute!!!!! He looks like he loves it.

Nothing But Bonfires

I love how he's just SLUMPED in the first picture, with his little feetsies sticking out. It's like he got incredibly exhausted swinging from trees and eating bananas and picking fleas out of someone's fur.

(I'm sorry, I only know the basics about monkeys. You know, the stereotypical basics.)


oh! it's a monkey on the lam!
someone call colbert, quicklike.


OHMYGAH. The feet! The feet are KILLING me!! He makes me hopeful about having a boy.


So cute! Michael is going to be pooh.

Can we have a halloween themed playdate?


I almost bought the same costume for Zoe. Seeing it on Noah I'm sorry I didn't. Very cute! And he looks thrilled to be a monkey!




so cute, I need to go pick up Boogie's Yoda costume. :)


Ok, the first picture, I didn't realize was a human till I read the caption! HAHA He's so cute!! I bet he would have loved to wear it for the party, atleast for the first five minutes!


Oh your FLOORS! I have the same hardwood and mine don't look like that. Mine have goldfish and cheerios and baby mum-mums and yogurt smeared all over them.
Maybe I should put my my kid in a monkey costume and get him to roll around- that ought to shine them up a bit.


Hee! In that first one, it looks like the costume has gobbled him up.


I always loved when my kids were small enough to wear costumes like that. They always looked so cute, just like Noah. And they knew it, too.

Maxine Dangerous

New to do list:

1. Have child.
2. Dress as primate.
3. Photograph.
4. Giggle.



I got the same one for My baby girl... 16.95 old navy baby! we should double date only you know half a country away :)


I bought the same monkey costume for my little guy, brought it home all excited, and he's scared of the damn thing. What's so scary about a cute little monkey??? Perhaps if I show him how cute Noah is in the monkey costume he will like it. I guess it is worth a try!


I thought that was a stuffed animal slumped in the corner until I saw the little bare feet sticking out.


That's the best thing I've seen all day.


LOVE IT! Old Navy? We got Landon the Dragon! The monkey was my second favorite;)

Li'l Foot's Mommy



Soooo cute. Am trying to be more eloquent but am overwhelmed by the sheer cuteness.


I couldn't choose between the dragon and the monkey, but finally went with the dragon because that's his favoritest toy in the world right now. This makes me wonder if I made the right decision...


LOVE IT!! Old Navy has some pretty rockin costumes - I should know! lol Of course that gorgeous of yours totally makes the monkey!! hee hee


Oh My Hilarious!

So cute!


I can just hear him saying, "I cannn't put my arrrrrmmmsss doooowwwwwnnnn!!!!"


We picked up that costume last month. I am so excited for my son to wear it, that every now and then I dress him up in it for a good laugh. We've now taught him to wave his arms like a monkey and go "oo oo ee ah ah". Priceless.

WI Amy M


He looks so happy to be a monkey. I now wish I got my little one the monkey. I got the bear. *sigh*


He must wear nothing else. Ever. Reminds me of when my little sister went as a mouse for halloween one year.


*brain explodes from cutness overload!*

OMG, cutest monkey EVER!


Too cute, I have been dressing my defenseless son up in his sisters old poodle and care bear costumes

Leaf, probably...

That costume is so cool I may wear it to my birthday.


The cuteness kills me!!


OMG! That may quite possibly be the funniest thing I have ever seen! Too cute. He certainly wins the award for "best costume" in my book.


Listen, Amy, because this is very important: Jason must dress as the Man in the Yellow Hat and carry Noah around the neighborhood for Halloween. The uninitiated will think he is a banana, but do not let that deter him/you. Do it for the children. Do it for ME.

Kelly J

OMG that's the cutest thing ever! Where did you get that???


Sooooooooooo cute!


I almost JUST bought that 20 minutes ago at Old Navy. lol. So cute!!


He looks adorable! I just sent the invites to my son's 1st birthday/costume/halloween party. We had an internet vote on what he should be and this costume was neck and neck with the skunk.


That is so amazing! I didn't see his feet in the first picture, to begin with, so I was like "Oh, look, Noah got an awesome monkey!"

But then I realized, Noah IS an awesome monkey.


How cute and adorable is that!?!


noah is so cuuuuuute! and that little smile on curious george (?) is adorable, i love it!


110% agree with leah. Must do a curious george thing. MUST


Noah is such cute perfection I just want to eat him up! He's very lucky to have such wonderful parents. I think you guys are doing a fabulous job.

Eat Drink DC

(As if I didn't already have baby pangs whenever I passed a cutie on the street), these pictures make me want to have a baby so gddm much, i have to close the page so I don't start thinking, hmm, maybe it IS a good idea right now!
Then I click back on it an hour later, and then close it super-quickly, and the cycle continues.



My little one has that same costume. I had to hide it because he wants to play with it EVERY DAY. Love the photos--Noah is such a cutie!


AH! Cuteness! My son was this same monkey for his first halloween!

And hey! Is that a banana in your pocket.....? har har



Is that his Halloween costume?


Oh my god, I love his little toddler feet sticking out the bottom of the costume! So very adorable :)


I doubt there is anything nearly as cute as those toddler feet poking out of that costume. I could just chew them!


If Jason and Noah do the Curious George thing, please take pictures.


Those pictures need to have a warning label. Sweetness Overload. May induce vomiting. (Just kidding about the vomiting thing) But he is soo freaking adorable. I'm sure you get that all the time though. ;-)


I LOOOOVE IT!!! I also LOVE the idea of Jason being the man in the yellow hat. That would be too cute.


I LOOOOVE IT!!! I also LOVE the idea of Jason being the man in the yellow hat. That would be too cute.


A short story:
My husband really likes elephants. He has liked elephants all his life. Additionally, his mom is endearingly crazy and funny, so she bought an elephant suit for his future baby. This was several years before my husband and I met, in fact, I think he might have still been in high school when she bought it. Now we are having a baby, and finally the elephant suit will be worn!!
Noah's lovely monkey suit made me think of that. Happy Halloween monkey-boy!


Drunk monkey!

Jen O.

My in-laws bought Eirinn an expensive Tigger costume from the Disney Store. She won't wear it. Won't even touch it. Barely even tolerates being in the same room as it. Ha. Ha. I told them not to buy it.

I think, as a result, Eirinn will be going as Eirinn Dressed In Her Normal Clothes, or perhaps Eirinn Dressed In No Clothes Except A Diaper, or (if I'm lucky) Eirinn Wearing A Regular Party Dress Pretending To Be Dressed Up As Maybe A Princess.


I totally want one.

A monkey suit, not a toddler. ; )

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