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Weekend of Aballs, Achoochoos and Awine

Hey, guess who forgot to take pictures at her son's second birthday party?


I remember there was cheese dip, some kind of breadcrumb crisis, and I kept losing my wine glass.

There was also a really pretty cute cake, but again. Photos? What? Eh.


Noah officially owns every toy in the universe, except for the train table his brilliant parents bought for him in anticipation of a lot of train sets.


Don't worry, baby. Customer Service says you can play with your trains in seven to 10 business days. In the meantime, just look at the pretty picture on the box.

Customer Service was also exceedingly chipper despite my obvious WIGTHEFUCKOUTedness about the missing parts, even when I accused them of using Midwest accents to mask their secret Swedish identities.

Predictably enough, Noah didn't get any train sets. Apparently nobody wants to give the gift of lead poisoning these days.

Biggest gift hit? A pair of plastic glasses from a Mr. Potato Head set.




Although he is still slightly unclear on the actual concept of glasses and where they go, he won't take them off. At all. Ever.  He would also like to wear his new Thomas the Tank Engine backpack as pants and top the whole ensemble off with one of my headbands.

Who told this kid he was two? Was it you? I really wish you hadn't done that.



Yep, I did it. I apologize. Wait to see what I tell him next year.


Um, a couple of my kids are missing birthday pics. Don't worry they don't notice...until they become teenagers. We have the train table and approx 200 trains and nobody plays with them. They jump of the table and roll on the top of it. It is a wrestling mat.


Hi. I forgot to take pictures at my daughter's 4th birthday. Of course, she's the second kid, blah, blah, but I had spent much time making a my little pony head birthday cake. Not one stinking picture of it.
Thomas wasn't really big for my son until 2 1/2. Then it was nothing but Thomas until he was 4 1/2. Weird. Lead paint or not, thomas rocks, and henry, and percy, and tobie and mudge, and on and on. (where DO they get those names?)


What great pictures!

Instead of racing around "documenting," you were probably freer to participate.
It's always more important to have the memories.


Belated HB Noah!! I'm sure when the table is completely assembled it'll seem like his birthday all over again.


My son had his 2nd bday party the Saturday before yours, and I forgot to take a picture of the damn cake that I feverishly hunted down at the last minute because he loves Winnie the Pooh and I went back and forth between making and buying one right up to the very end.
I never feel like I took the RIGHT pictures, either, whatever that means.


We have about five pictures of my daughter's second bday party in June...all taken by my inlaws....and one shows my darling daughter with me sitting right beside her, or at least my chest is right beside her, because that's all you can see. "Here's Baby and Mommy's Big Rack. Happy Birthday!"

Again, Noah is completely delectable.


My son's 1st birthday party is next weekend. And just like I have no pictures of a couple of my baby showers, I fully expect I will have very few of this party. The thing is that my mom or sister or mother-in-law will take pictures and then tell me they have a great pictures...and then not give it to me.


He makes the BEST faces. Haha.


I am not sure why I even own a camera. Despite the modern-ness of digital cameras where you can take all the pictures you want without worrying over the expense of flashbulbs, film, developing, etc., I still take pictures as if it was the olden days and a four-hour family Christmas get-together ends with me having taken 2 pictures while everyone else took 100.

But it beats enjoying all the parties from the restrictive viewfinder, and lets you relax and have a good time. Sounds like Noah's 2nd birthday was a good time for all!


My son used to love Mr. Potato Head's glasses when he was 2, also! He eventually lost them (we still have the potato head even though he is 6 now and my daughter is 4.5). Thanks for bringing back that memory!


Well, I didn't even send Noah's gift. Which I had every intention of doing but somehow
managed to keep putting off. Oh, well.

Also, I never take pictures or even remember that I have a camera. I just invite people who use cameras and they give me copies.


I have tons of pictures of both my kids wearing the Potato glasses. It's a rite of passage.


(OK, some off-topic neurotic over-explaining here, feel free to ignore...)

Re: the magnets. Soooo not using that word for commentary (ie it's so GAY that I didn't take pictures)...a couple friends decided to try and spell as many risque words as possible with the fridge magnets (we got "slut" and "frisky" too), and it turns out "gay" is the only three-letter one that the magnet thing would recognize. (It won't say ass. Damn!) Lame lame joke, but it struck me as funny and I took a picture of it. AND THAT'S THE ONLY PICTURE I HAVE. Because I have priorities, people.

/end explanation-slash-apology if that offended anyone.


Surely SOMEBODY at your party took A picture they could pass along to you (and us)?

If not perhaps you can stage a few. If nothing else it's an excuse for more cake.


Ok...I don't typically make comments like this and I'm sure it's more mind boggling for you than it is for the rest of us but:

HOLY CRAP! It's been two years?? That seemed so fast. I remember those photos you posted of the faces he made as an infant...they seemed so wise and knowing...cracked me up. I really like his hair pretty...and his eyes...very cute. Happy Birthday, Noah.


Put a Mr. Potato Head in front of me today, and I'm still enthralled.

The turquoise glasses bring out his beautiful eyes.


I love that you were trying to spell dirty words on Noah's toy. :-)

His hair looks gorgeous in these photos.

jive turkey

No offense taken. I just thought the Word Whammer had chosen Noah's party to make a Very Special Announcement.


It will be at least 2-3 hilarious posts from now before I am ready to forgive you for the pictures oversight. Get writing! And write funnily!!


I was going to say something about the Word Whammer and dirty words, but looks like your mind travels in similar circles.


Glad to see the wordwhammer being used for more appropriate words other than cat, or bat or fat.
Two is fantastic!! Embrace the two, it's 12 that's rough. And four is kicked my ass as well.
I do believe though, that Noah is the cutest two year old, in the universe.

Jenny H.

My two year old has those glasses in yellow. He also refused to take them off. For like a month.

Toddlers, what are you gonna do with 'em?!

He looks perfectly adorable!


Michael had so much fun at the party! He told me all about it when I got home on sunday.

I think, sometimes it's hard to get details out of a 2 year old.


Cutest. Boy. Ever. Period.

Wacky Mommy

My kids love the potato head glasses, too.

Glad you guys had fun.


Have almost exact same photo of my daughter, 8 yrs ago, as Noah's glasses photo #3. I kept waiting for her to poke her eye with the pointy little ends of the Mrs. Potato Head glasses.


Oh my god. Shortly after my now-husband and I got engaged, we went out and bought a bunch of furniture in anticipation of when I would move in for our Lifetime of Wedded Bliss. We too bought the HEMNES 8-drawer dresser, and we too (meaning, my fiance) had THREE trips back to IKEA to get it right, because we went home with only one of the two boxes, and then the drawers didn't match up, and then we didn't have all the drawer-parts. And the VERY SAME lower-left drawer on ours doesn't fit quite right, just like yours.

Damn that HEMNES.


i love that you're keeping his hair a little long! those curls are adorable.

i'm sure the festivities were tremendous. ;)


Instead of apologizing for the lack of birthday party pictures, you could have just linked to Sweetney's shots of the monkey-tastic cake and your equally yummy-looking family (but I guess you didn't want Tracey to know that you're an evil genius who puts her guests to work so she is free to relax and enjoy the festivities - ooopps, did I let the cat of the bag on that one?)
Anyway, check out the link for pictures of the non-half-assed b-day shenangians:


I always wondered if little boys liked to play with Mommy's headbands like little girls do. Now I know. (But I'm sure Noah thanks you for not posting pictures of it.)
And I'm very relieved to know that someone else also forgets to take pictures at big moments like birthday parties.
So much going on! How am I supposed to remember everything?!


Love the chin glasses, Noah! So stylin'. :)


um the mr.potato head glasses pic, absolutely slays me, I tell ya!


I love the photo where his face is all scrunched up! Happy 2nd Birthday, Noah!


If he is two, that means my baby is almost two. NO GOD NOOOOOOOO. In other news he is so damn cute


My son wears his potato head glasses as a bow tie. At least Noah is in the right general area.

Also, I took pictures of my son's 2nd bday party on Saturday. But don't be too impressed....I'm too lazy (or is it too dead tired) to post about the damn thing.

kim at allconsuming

I'll ship all our Thomas the Effing Engine crapola,DVDs and videos to you free of charge such is my mental state about it all. Seriously, the railway on the Island of Sodor is so poorly run it makes my neck itch. And Ringo Starr says 'says' like say-z' not 'sez'. It is very very irritating.

All Adither

Two is so great. Toys are so great. Mr. Potato Head glasses are so great.


my daughter was totally obsessed with the mr potato head glasses when she was two! totally OBSESSED. would take them to bed with her. when she wore them she said she was a teacher. she was two for heaven's sake. what did she know about teacher stereotypes??? i think she played with those things for a year and still finds them now and then. we had to converse with her as she peered at us over her little yellow glasses.

ours were yellow.

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