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Yo Ho Ho and Six Bottles of Rum

It appears I went to a Halloween party last night.


I drank what I thought was a perfectly responsible amount of what I thought was a champagne-and-cranberry-juice punch, only to later learn that there were also a half dozen bottles of rum in it too, which would possibly explain why I woke up in the laundry pile this morning.


Me, as either a cross-dressing Marie Antoinette...or a Sexy George Washington.


Jason, as Dick Cheney.


My wedding ring kept catching on the lace sleeves so I left it at home, thus making me and my bra very popular with two guys dressed like hot dogs. It was a proud moment.

Today I am trying my hardest to effectively parent my child without getting up from the couch, while thinking about how good it would feel to just go ahead and vomit already, my God.


UPDATE: I just did, and it was everything I dreamed it would be.



Love Jason's costume, yours too!


I'll be honest--Jason looks a little more like Dwight than he does like Dick.

Um, so what's the Virginia is for lovers thing? I feel a little dumb not getting it.

And sorry about that punch...yikes. I'm sure you had fun, though, if only you could remember it. :)


to clarify--it's not that I don't think Jason's costume was effective and funny, but there's something about those glasses that are now inextricably linked with Schrutedom for me.


The first thing I thought when I saw Jason was "Dwight Shrute! Omigod! Genius!" The resemblence is uncanny.

Also, I kind of love the coat/jacket you're rocking. Like, might-wear-it-in-everyday-life love it.


I totally agree with Kathryn, upon first view of the entry I could only see Jason's head, and I was pretty sure I was going to see a Dwight Schrute costume. Either way, hilarious!


Also, LOVE your shoes.


There should be some sort of punch disclosure rule. If I had consumed a mixture of rum and champagne, there would have been no wishing to puke. There would have been much wishing to die, but the puking would have been inevitable.

Hope you're feeling better soon. :)

At least you aren't tempted by Halloween candy today! Maybe I should have had some punch last night............

jive turkey

Jason's Dick Cheney expression is awesome. And you managed to be hot without being skanky. Kudos.

I hope you got 'er done, and judging from your update, it sounds like you did.


Great Costumes - makes my sweats & t-shirt combo look totally unholiday like.

Rattling The Kettle

What, no pictures with the update?


You guys look absolutely FANTASTIC! I have to show your costume to my Natalie (age 11). She really wanted to be Marie Antoinette but we couldn't find anything cute for girls. Yours is tres cool!

Your update cracked me up. So glad you're feeling better.


Absolutely Dwight Schrute. So much that it actually motivated me to leave my very first comment. You guys would have been a terrific Dwight and Angela.


Oh my goodness - the blood pressure cuff!!! Priceless.


You look great as a sexy GW. Sorry for the excessive rum. Glad your feeling better. How did Noah enjoy CandyFest 2007?


Thank you for the update.


I thought Dwight too!!


You look amazing! A hot, pink satin George/Marie - who'd a thunk it.


Love your costumes! Can't wait to hear about Noah's trick-or-treating caper!

hello insomnia

That outfil will help with voter turnout, fo 'sho.


Delurking to say that we had many months of fun with the Nuk brush and our at the time 2 yr old (now 3 1/2) son Owen. Our therapist recommended emptying a pixie stick into a small bowl and dipping the nuk brush in it before using. It did help to get the exercise done...of course, he was bouncing off the walls the rest of the day!


LOVE. YOUR. SHOES!!!!!!!!!! Also - way to vomit. Now order some pizza and coke. You'll be feeling fine in tiem for The Office. And yeah, Jason really does pull of Dwight quite well, yet also does a mean Cheney face.


Yes, the puking! The puking is the ONLY thing that does the trick.


Amy, your costume was brilliant. I think I'll second the advice on Pizza & coke, now that you've puked and it will all get better from here.

That first picture of Jason just kills me.


Seconding, Thirding and Eighty-seventhing the Dwight Schrute reference. I actually thought about going as Jim dressed up as Dwight with a sign that said, "Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica!"

Either way, they were both two very good costumes. Hoping for an extended naptime for you today :)


you just made my day. (but, umm, sorry about the hangover dude).

oh and for the record: jason? I LOVE YOU MAN. (please to bring costume to rehoboth?)


Love the costumes! Save the wig and next year go as Dolly Parton!!


All that's missing from Jason's costume is the bumper sticker that says "Dick Cheney shoots his friends."


Fraulein N

Seriously, thanks for the photos. I was having a hard time picturing your costume. Definitely sexy George Washington. Reminds me of that cover Cindy Crawford did for JFK Jr.'s magazine, except cuter. And more pink.


I like that Jason stays in character for the pictures.

And that wig makes you look 15 (which is good, no?).


Who cares about your debauchery?



wedding rings are overrated. and the exact opposite is true of post-alcohol-binge vomiting.

as to the parenting-with-a-hangover gig? I've finally hit a wall. can't do it anymore. and you know what works best at preventing that very thing?

drinking all day long, and keeping a warm bottle of vodka on the nightstand to be consumed at various intervals throughout the night.

or, you know, riding the wagon. bleah.


CLEARLY your Halloween was much better then mine. I'm am home with a sick kid. We didn't even get to put on his costume and take him out. Bah humbug.


Bossy thought she was the only one with a mid-week Halloween hangover.


Before I read the caption I thought jason was going as Dwight from the office. the resembalance is uncanny


I am crying over here. Jason's costume was GENIUS! And the Marie/George thing, well, anything went back then, didn't it? You looked great!


and now that i took the time to read everyone else's comment who already stated this fact i feel like dwight


Dick Cheney. hahahhahha. Jason could have worn an ASS costume and still claimed to be Cheney.

Amanda Brown

Even before I read the comments all I could think was "It's DWIGHT!!"
You looked smokin'.


Posts like this one are why I don't think I'll ever feel ready to have a kid. Because even when hung over, you still have to get out of bed. Shudder.


You do realize that you look....way, way, too young to be married, much less have a child. The pink? HOTT. The wig? SUPERhott. The hangover? Blaaaarrgggghhh! Now, don't you feel better? Have some sparkling water and maybe some mac n' cheese and you'll be fine. Or not. But tomorrow is another day.


Ahhhh, so that's why you didn't answer my phone call. You were hungover. I feel better now.

Also? You're hair was so very "Jan Crouch" and that makes me happy.


I live in a state where so many men dress like J. But they? Are not in costume.


You look HAWT! Jason's costume is too funny.

A cheesy omlet or anything with cheese works wonders for hangovers.


Great costumes. I especially love the quasi-perma-grin Jason sported.

Hope Noah had a good night as well. I was thinking about him freaking out about THINGS IN THE BUCKET!


Um, am I the onlyone who doesn't know who Dwight is? I feel like I'm missing an important pop culture reference!

Ditto Maria re: hangover. And also, fried stuff. Basically, cheesy, fried fat-laden stuff, with a soda of some sort = hangover cure. Or maybe it just tastes so badly good that you forget the hangover for a bit.


I'm glad you vomited. Sometimes it just needs to be done. Here's to hopin it wasn't projectile.


In addition to Dwight & Cheney, I also think Jason looks a little Hunter S. Thompson-ish. He's clearly multi-talented. And I second the comment from above that said you guys would have made an AWESOME Dwight & Angela.


hottie hot!
where did you score the pants?

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