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So Hey, How's THAT WHOLE THING Going?

Chuckie Ugly

Or why you should never invite Competitive Internet Blogger Peoples to your child's birthday party:


Heather may have stolen tickets from two-year-olds, but I stole balls from them in order to keep this one pesky little toddler in an orange shirt from rolling my precious balls and generally just effing with my zone.

The birthday boy's father was trying to get nice photos of everybody and clearly, we cannot be bothered. Pushing my hair off my face would have required moving my hand from my thigh and THAT'S MY LUCKY STANCE. CANNOT MOVE. GO AWAY. 100,000 POINTS BUCKET IS IN RANGE AND THERE'S A PLASTIC SPIDER RING WITH MY NAME ON IT.

The good news is that you cannot see my pit stains. Skeeball is QUITE the exertion, y'all.

(I will note that Heather kept her valuable prizes for HERSELF, and I at least gave mine to Noah, who promptly broke his soccer-ball bracelet into a dozen separate choking hazards.)

(Oh fine, I did eat the Tootsie Roll. But it's not like he needed more chocolate.)


We don't get many birthday party invites. I don't know why.



What a sweet messy face! Made my day!

Hot Librarian

I have a twisted love of Chuckie Cheese, and am eager for my child to be old enough for me to actually go there without looking like a freak.


Hi, I'm TJ and I'm new to the internet. Commenting too hard for me, apparently.

Wacky Mommy

That picture sums up the essence of you, doesn't it?

anne nahm

Children's birthdays are a place where you have to do what you can to survive - even if that means skeeball. Last birthday I attended, they beat a Dora the Explorer Effigy to death with a wiffle ball bat and then cannibalized her insides.

In some ways, that experience was even more disturbing than

getting ones pubes stuck in a hairdryer.

So all in all, I'd say you deserve that tootsie.


Hehe!! The look on his face, it's part, "Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?" and part, "R U introoding on my messy eat tiemz? GO. 'WAY."

And other part adorable!


I always try to be all "adult" and "mature" and shit when we're at Chuck E. Cheese, but it never flies. I always end up in a shouting match with a 3 year old and one of those automated singing things inevitably gets pelted with a skee ball.


You make rock at Skeeball... but I would kick your ass in a game of Jeopardy!
My head is full of useless information.


You may rock at Skeeball... but I would kick your ass in a game of Jeopardy!
My head is full of useless information.


Like I just now learned that hitting 'stop' at the last second does not prevent the post with the error from going through...


IA m 45 and have never been to Chuck E cheese.....but I will be in America on wednesday with 3 little boys, maybe we will do that, or maybe not because it loosk sort of loud and my kids don't need anymore of that.
I love Noah's face, he looks like maybe he KNOWS you are going to take his cake! He's thinking " just try it lady, I'm ready for ya"


Man, Amalah, you are so rockin' that skeeball lane. I'd hate to see you at the Bop-a-thing-in-the-head machine. (What are those called?)


Skeeball is my favorite arcade game out there...toddlers and bloggers best be on watch when I'm around :)


haha! That picture of you is priceless. Makes me want to run out to Chuck E Cheese.


That's okay, the only time we went to Chuck E Cheese we swiped as many abandoned tickets as we could find. I think we even swiped tickets from a toddler who just happened to be getting his parents to show what he did. Maybe. Sadly, we kept all ill gotten tickets because the prizes -- we wanted cheap plastic crap! (also, they weigh the tickets?!?! I practically demanded they be hand counted to get the "better" prizes. No luck.)

Miss Britt

We don't get invited to many birthday parties anymore either. But I know it is just because the other parents are scared OF MY SKEEBALL AWESOMENESS!

Clearly they don't want to look like pussies in front of their kids.

Heather B.

Ok, if I see you and I'm genuinely happy to see you and in turn you say "Bye, bye" then you don't get my prizes. I think that's only fair.

We should totally do that again. Next year.


I think if Chuckie's served wine I may actually go to a party there. Mysteriously all of those invites seem to end up in the trash...

Heather B.

I also just realized that while you keep your hand on your leg, I keep mine on my ass. I bet this is why you kept winning. I need to change my form.


I love skeeball; I will knock a tween on his ass to take over a lane sadly, I've no shame. It's what the Olympics are missing. Btw - you have perfect skeeball form.


I thought you dislike Chuck E Cheese almost as much as the zoo?


Skeeball all you want. Just don't eat the food. Last time we visited the 9th circle of hell, oh, I mean Chuck E. Cheese, I was the only one who didn't eat the pizza. And I was the only one who wasn't violently ill the next day.


I am SO glad that I am not the only adult that has a skeeball addiction!


OMG, I looooove skeeball. I see it out at every fair I attend, and sadly it's not always present. I was almost tempted to play it at the mall the other day, but the urge to shop was too strong.

Leaf, probably...

Kids birthday parties are the BEST birthday parties. That's why I had my 6th birthday party all over again this year. We watched disney movies in a fort and ate about 4 truck loads of refined sugar products.


You totally earned the tootsie roll. You have to keep your energy up.


Skeeball shmeeball...




I love those pictures - they really seem to capture you and Noah!


OMG...when I play Skeeball my UBER competitive side comes out. I just about knocked my son out one time trying to retrieve MY BALL, which he had STOLEN, which seems to be a running theme with two year olds. After that, people were staring, which totally threw off my game.
Maybe the look on Noah's face is b/c he's worried you're going to do with his cake what you did with his Skeeballs. Watch out for a grown woman at a Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party!


Happy Birthday Noah!

Gorgeous as ever Amalah.


I can't quite make out what Noah is holding in the last picture, but it looks like he is sprouting little Wolverine style death blades from his hands. What the hell are those things?


Skeeball rocks. Too bad I suck balls at it. Ha..get it?

Black Belt Mama

Skeeball is so addicting. It's really not cool when you have to steal the balls out of your 2-year olds hands. Sometime, we should plan a mommy night out at Chuckie Cheese. No kids allowed!

Katie Kat

LOVE the lucky stance!

If you REALLLLLLY want to score on the little tickets, you gotta find the game where the cat comes out of the trash can and when he does you lob balls in there. There is a ball pit sitting in front of you (like the ones kids play in at McDonald's) and it's a no-brainer! I like to get 4 or 5 people in on it to try and see if we can make the game totally overload. BIG FUNZ!

Katie Kat

Okay, P.S. NOT a real cat... stuffed cat resembling that cartoon character in Paula Abdul's "Opposites Attract" video.


Look Noah is signing "Wussamattawitchu" also known as the sign for Italians everywhere.


Love the skee!

Anyone else get the sidebar ad for Disaboom of the young gentleman asking why he cut his leg off? My guess? He clearly has a third one...

Big Momma Pimpalishisness With A Cherry On Top

When my kid was two, he always beat me at skeeball. Now that he's six, I don't even bother.


we are huge chuck e. cheese fans...mostly because it opens at 9-freaking-oclock on weekends. awesome.

i have a nasty habit of stealing my children's token to play skeeball. i am a skeeball master!!

Catty Ax Lady

Well, I'll bet he at least CRASHED when he got home. I hope you at least kept that spider ring!

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