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Wish us luck and lunch and more effective social stories

Back to Lunch Bunch today. I have spent the entire morning talking about sitting! And how sitting is fun! We LOVE to sit! Sitting is our FAVORITE!

Noah's responses, so far: Nope, No, Not Even, Nonononono and one Tarzan-like ear-piercing NOOOOOOOO that I can't even spell phonetically because there's this Exorcist-like quality at the end that doesn't quite correspond to our earthly alphabet.

And then the cat threw up on my bed.

I think I am going to go eat some bacon.



good luck at lunch bunch. And I have a 7 year old who never sits. He has no sensory issues, just refuses. He seems to be doing fine in life with this obvious affliction. So down to chairs!


Yikes! Good luck, Amy and Noah! :)

Suzy Q


Good luck, hon.

Hey, have you tried reverse psychology?


Cats have a way of topping off an already rotten day. Mine has barfed a hairball in my shoe right before I was about to put it on. Ugh.

Good Luck to you and Noah!


Is he still a big fan of the Signing Time videos? Does anyone sit in those? Perhaps that could set the example that people he thinks are cool like to sit...therefore, sitting must be a good thing to do!

Good luck!!!


Good luck. And to echo Suzy Q...reverse psychology might have been the only thing that worked for us from the ages of 2.4 to 3.9. But then we had more oppositional stuff to accompany the sensory issues. It was super fun.

Bacon good.


hang in there. He'll get it. I mean, did you ever meet an adult who refused to sit?

Hot Librarian

I sure do love bacon. It may be up there with chocolate at curing what ails you. Does Noah eat bacon? Probably not... what a shame.


Hm. The answer to everything is chocolate. Honestly. Can you bribe him, perhaps?


Good luck.

Mama T

Good luck, and perhaps pack some bacon-to-go, you might need a little pick-me-up later on.

She Likes Purple

Good luck to you both!


Good luck.

Bacon solves all life's problems.


Good luck!

Wacky Mommy

I would like to say, he'll come around when he's ready, but over at Wacky House? I'm still waiting for that to happen, 5 & 8 years later.

Our cat threw up on the chair, if that's a comfort at all.


Maybe you could try to make sitting a game, like put a Cheerio on a chair and tell him to squish it with his butt by sitting on it. Or popping a balloon by sitting on it. Or get him a whoopee cushion...or maybe all that would just freak him the heck out even more. Never mind.

Just let him sit on the bacon.


and then come home and have some wine.

Good luck.


good luck!
i hope today is easier on you.

yay for bacon. the cause of and solution to all of lifes problems!


No solutions, no suggestions. Just hoping it was better this time around. Sorry about the cat puke.


I just had a similar "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" incident. Over wearing a bib. Because it is oh so painful to wear a bib while we eat soup.

Someone really should invent an alphabet that really captures that unforgettable baby shriek. Or maybe it's best left alone. Because do we really want to remember that?

Good luck at Lunch Bunch.



It makes everything ok. :)


Sounds like a banner morning. Hope the Lunch Bunch goes better. Good luck!


So the day started out well then?


I hope it goes better today!! :)


well, i hope today includes at least one voluntary sit-down on the chair. ;)

p.s. i'm so feeling for you with the cat puke. been there too many times.


Does he really HAVE to sit down? Maybe if that requirement was removed, Noah could spend time getting comfortable in the environment and then sitting might happen just because he decides to join the group. Just a thought. It's rare to win that kind of battle with a 2yo, so why fight it? :) And super YUM to the bacon. Hope you enjoyed it!

Wide Lawns

Don't worry. It takes a tremendous amount of repetition and I'm living proof that it works because, miraculously, I am sitting right now and I haven't screamed yet, although that may change when I have to sit on a plane tonight.


Yum, bacon! My favorite meat in the entire world!

I have found that my cat(s) tend to puke right where I will be walking first thing in the morning with bare feet without turning on the lights. Nothing like waking up to the feel of cold cat puke squishing between your toes.

Even with all the Nooooooooo$%*&#$(&$%& going on, it sounds like a better lunch bunch than last time!?!?!?


Good luck and much bacon!

If there is not enough bacon in the world, try combining it with AmeriCone Dream. I kid you not; it's the best thing I've ever randomly decided to eat in the world.


Having had two kids with feeding issues, I say to hell with sitting if it's just not working. Feed him blt's in the bathtub if that's what it takes. ;-) Kudos to you for keeping on with this. I know it isn't easy. Some of our best breakthroughs were unconventional and always some form of them mooching off my plate. I would often eat my lunch on the floor to encourage it--maybe less threatening that way? Who knows! You get through. He won't be drinking pediasure when he's in college.


I hope all went well, both for your sake and Noah's.

And I HIGHLY reccomend bacon! Had a slice of bacona nd cheese pissa for lunch, and ever since, my mood has improved drastically :)


Ugh, I think just READING the word bacon made me fatter. I ate way too much over the holidays.

Good luck today though. This toddler thing, it is beyond trying at times. Or, well, actually... ALL the time.

Lamont Cranston

I've come late to the party. What's going on with Noah that sitting and chairs is such an issue. What's his diagnosis?



Good luck! I'm rooting for you and Noah!!!! :)

Katie Kat

*Cringing and waiting for an update*

MMMMMMMMMM... bacon.


Bacon is the answer to so many of life's problems.


Hey, keep the expectations low, that's my motto.

As in: If they're out of diapers, finished with the dummy (pacifier) and bottles, and can sleep through the night in their own bed by the time they're 18? Then I think I've done a fab job!

Anything else is just bonus. :-)

Being Jewish, I don't do the bacon thing. But making a chip dip with cream cheese, mayo,sour cream, onion soup powder and lemon juice, and then scooping out dollops with potato crisps has to be the best comfort food ever invented.

Yum. Hmm... think I'll take a wander over to the fridge right now...

Good luck, and just stay cool about things... rome wasn't built in a day. :-)



well, bacon DOES make everything better. Really.

I hope it went well today.


Hang in there. Improvement will come when you least expect it. We just went through 3 straight weeks of HELL with ours, then suddenly the sun came out and rainbows and lots of other happy sunny things appeared, just in time to keep me from getting one of us committed. It's amazing what a few really good days can do to top up your emotional tanks...


Bacon really DOES make everything better! (Hope it went well...)
House of Jules


Lamont: Noah has SPD/SID. The Lunch Bunch is meant to address his oral motor sensory aversions (texture and "stuff" touching his face) but he also has a really, really hard time with transitions and just generally being overwhelmed in new places and around new people. He goes pretty much straight into panic/flight-or-fight mode, which means being asked to sit in a strange chair is like being asked to walk the plank.

I'll have a full update tomorrow hopefully, but today went much better than recent weeks. Tomorrow, though, we start the Hanen program (a speech delay/OT combo kind of thing), so I may wait until I've had more bacon (or wine, or both) in me to write about it.

Miss Britt

Is there anything bacon can't cure?


I really think Social Stories are a bunch of hooey - lord knows I have told many social stories about why fire drills aren't actually the devil, how EVERYBODY goes poopies and it is nothing to be worried about, and about all the upside of chairs. I have told these stories to mixed reviews. I think it just has to click with them that you aren't actually subjecting them to torture. And bribes - lots of bribes. I am worried that I am turning my son into a character from "The Boiler Room", but then again - all those dudes were potty trained, so there is an upside to everything...

Crystal D

Oh I hope there was a lot of happy sitting today. Happy calm sitting. That is what I wish for you.


Why bacon? Does that help? If it helps with stuff like that, I wish you had told me earlier. The comment rules seem a little strict, but I understand that it's because of those 50 comments you get a day (jealousy). Hope that your luck was good!


You deserve A LOT of bacon!! Eat up!


Sending you good vibes.

Erm, even belatedly they work.... right?


Luck and lunch. Although with bacon in your belly, you hardly need either.


I see your bacon and raise you five tiny reeses peanut butter cups and a small handful of mini snickers and milky way bars.


I'm sorry, but I laughed. Mostly because I get to hear that awful shriek all the time from Gavin. Either that or that awful whine.
And my cat puked on my bed the other day, too. Must be the alignment of the planets. Or the hair.
Here's hoping that Lunch Bunch was better!

Montana Queen

Can Noah bring his own chair? Maybe something familiar to him in a strange, scary place?

Montana Queen

Can Noah bring his own chair? Maybe something familiar to him in a strange, scary place?


When considering whether or not to eat bacon please consider this flowchart. No need to thank me amalah.

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