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The Hunger

Okay so I am emerging again from my near-narcoleptic state to post another damn run-on sentence entry and you know what I think I posted a lot of run-on sentence entries when I was pregnant before so I wonder if I should go ahead and make "punctuation aversions" an official pregnancy symptom on my still-to-come, just-hammering-out-a-few-final-details pregnancy calendar blog over at AlphaMom, because hey! It's my pregnancy guide and I CAN INVENT WHATEVER SYMPTOMS I WANT. FARTING. THAT'S A SYMPTOM. ALSO EXCESS EAR WAX, WHILE WE'RE AT IT.

What the fuck was I talking about? I got thrown off by all that punctuation. Oh, right, differing pregnancy symptoms between this one and my first, like the complete lack of puking (I really do believe I did have a stomach bug two weeks ago, although I'm sure the rising pregnancy hormones didn't help things any) and only the barest waves of post-prenatal-vitamin queasiness, which I cannot lie is freaking me out a little because last time I was so unbelievably miserable I lost over 10 pounds the first trimester, while this time I am eating us out of house and home and THIN MINTS THIN MINTS THIN MINTS! Followed by NACHOS! And then I want some PEPPERONI SLICES! And then more 85% off clearance rack Valentine's Day candy! And then I am STILL HUNGRY NOM NOM NOM I think I shall make some cauliflower and broccoli gratin (with ham!) and then eat the entire thing straight out of the casserole dish while sitting on the kitchen floor and eying the box of Tagalongs, because YOU ARE NEXT, MOTHERFUCKERS.

And yet I am still really very nervous about Monday's ultrasound, because I am unsure where the line between "crazy pregnant lady" and "fat whore pig who was just waiting for an excuse" lies. I am more comfortable with puking than with gnawing on the refrigerator handle, is all.

So if anyone has any experience with different pregnancies = different symptoms, particularly of the morning sickness variety, I sure would like to hear about it. My boobs would also appreciate it, since they are tired of me mashing on them to make sure they are still vaguely sore because otherwise I have nothing to BELIEVE IN ANYMORE. EXCEPT FOR THE DOUBLE-STUFF OREOS.

(Oh! And while I do like to imagine that my readers are the sort-of types who always have fabulous parties to attend on Oscar night -- perhaps parties where you dress up as obscure indie-film characters and everybody wears elbow-length gloves on principle -- but if you ARE going to be watching them at home this weekend, we're throwing a virtual Oscars party over at Mamapop [virtual = a swinging sexy time for the social anxiety disorder set!] and I would love it if y'all would stop by and join me, Sweetney, Mrs. Kennedy, Her Bad Mother, JenB and a slew of other hilarious people, either for just the red carpet fashion snarkfest at 7 pm or for the awards at 8 pm or both or just to hear the running list of Foods Amy Consumes During the Telecast and Then Cries About Because Now They Are Gone and She Can't Eat Them Anymore.)



Just don't let anyone (real people in your real life)tell you that your symptoms (or lack of) are weird or "wrong." As you can see, everybody's pregnancy is "weird" in its own kooky way. Also, I'm eating my weight in Thin Mints and I am old and definitely not preggo. (Too bad that by the time you're writing about perimenopause, I'll be in the retirement home gumming those Thin Mints.) Can't wait for OscarNite, though!


I only have one thing to say about second pregnancy craving issues...


Pregnancy one....sick sick sick, then ate ate ate. Gained a ton of weight. Pregnancy two...not sick, totally happy, craved HEALTHY food (and mashed potatoes by the ton). Both boys. Since I'm all done having kids and no longer have an excuse not to lose the 6 years of "baby weight" I will be shipping the 12 boxed of girl scout cookies that hubby bought right on over to you and yours!


I haven't read anyone else's comments yet so forgive me if I'm on 1,000 repeat...BUT my two pregnancies were completely different. I just knew that they had to be opposite sex babies involved-right? Not so much. So don't believe anything you hear. I don't think it's unusual at all for pregnancies to be different as hell, your body has changed, you are a little older, blah blah blah.

Do try to take it easy though. Rest + Water = Good.

Also thin mints and tagalongs. I almost spit my drink out. Have you tried Allabouts???? Mmmmm, allabouts.


pregnancy one: mild nausea, maybe puked once, ATE EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME FEED ME MORE I AM SO FUCKING HUNGRY GROWL!!!

pregnancy two: puke, puke, more puke, plus some puke and then PUKE MORE MORE MORE into a popcorn bucket but not MY popcorn bucket because i did not EAT food. I puked air and bile. had to go on pills. could not even drink water. puked entire pregnancy and did not want french fries with tomato soup and grilled cheese sammich and some eggs and oh ya how about some puffed wheat cake. that was pregnancy one, the eating. pregnancy two, the puking.

very different. got migraines at five months with both.

first was boy second was girl.


TOTALLY NORMAL. And totally a major pregnancy symptom. With my first 2, I was so freaking sick...threw up many, many times. Got very good at it, which is kinda disturbing. The flu does not bother me anymore.

My 3rd pregnancy- there was no sickness, just raw, ravenous hunger. And if I didn't eat, THEN I would be sick. But if it makes you feel the end, I didn't gain any more weight than I did with the other 2. So dear, you are pregnant, and if your body wants FOOD than by golly, give it FOOD! (Oh, and mine wore off about when morning sickness would have waned.)

Hungry is SO MUCH BETTER than puking.


And duh, sorry, I have pg brain (omg FOURTH)...I also meant to post that with my first and 2nd, I got the big, veiny boobs. I was still nursing when I got pg with the 3rd, so no difference...however, this time, NO BOOBS. What the heck? So yeah. Every single pregnancy is weird and unique.


I've only been pg once, but it wasn't the sick kind. It was the "I'm ravished every 1.5 hours give me more food or I'll eat your arm off" kind. Seriously, that was my first sign that I was pg. I wanted an enormous, egg-bacon-ham-hash-brown-pancake breakfast. (Normally (i.e., when I'm not housing a foreign body in my womb) the thought of eating anything within an hour after I get up makes me completely nauseous, let alone the thought of a ginormous, deep south breakfast.) And then, after inhaling 23789432 calories for breakfast, I had to have food in my hands all day long or I felt I would die from hunger.

So, while I don't know much about different pregnancies, I know the eating everything in the kitchen and beyond kind, and it's all good.


1st pregnancy -- ate non-freaking stop. I would eat breakfast before leaving the house, pick up a bagel on my way into the office and then was STARVING again by 10:30 to 11am. Too early for lunch, so yet a 3rd breakfast. That was EVERY morning from about 5/6 weeks until over 30. 2nd pregnancy -- puked non-stop until I was 18w and lost 20lbs.

BTW -- both were boys and born on the EXACT same day -- 38w, 5d


I didn't feel pregnant for my first pregnancy. No sickness, no eating all the time, just gaining weight. That one produced a girl.

The second pregnancy, I felt sick, but never evicted anything from my stomach. I get nauseated, but I don't follow through. That one produced a boy. I, also, gained 10 lbs less and he was exactly 1 lb less than his sister. I am chalking it up to the different sexes. Or the stress that comes from being chased from your home by a natural disaster. *shrugs*

mama speak

Just to screw w/you (and bcuz it's something different from what everyone else is saying) figured I'd throw my 2cents in:

2 Grls; 1st preg, gained 10# the first month! Dr. said she wasn't counting it cause I was staying thin & now my body was balancing out. Yeah, right. It counted when I needed to lose it. Anywho, total weight gain: 35#.(baby 6# 7oz.) No sickness. NONE. Boobs hurt like heck. Heartburn from 5th month on.
2nd preg: total weight gain: 10#. (baby 5# 15oz). I didn't gain an oz until my 7th month. Dr. was pretty much yelling at me the whole time. Heartburn from day one. Morning, noon & night sickness during 1st trimester, but could keep it in check (never actually threw up) if I ate continuously. So both pregs: ate like a freak'n horse! 1st time I was hungry all the time, 2nd I packed my food for the day & carried it with me so I wouldn't forget to eat (that's how sick I felt). I was SURE I was having a boy 2nd time around it was so different from 1st time. (Also had low BP & dizzy spells) At the amnio when they told me it was a grl I was all, "really?" So they thought I was disappointed. Not at all. Just surprised cause they were so very, very different.
To me it sounds like you are right on track & be careful what you wish for you very well could be getting the AM sickness soon still.


1st pregnancy (son) - morning sickness, lost 15 pounds, sore breasts, itchy skin, craved meats and potatoes.
2nd pregnancy (now, girl) - eating everything in site, some morning sickness, breast are just bigger tender but not sore, haven't needed to use lotion for the skin, craving starches and sweets (or whatever I see), taking naps whenever I can especially in the first trimester.
Both pregnancies, I've had bronchitis, sinus, and lots of extra mucus.
My sex drive is better with 2nd pregnancy and my husband is happy about that one.

Dawn B

With my first pregnancy I was nauseous ALL.THE.TIME for the first 10-12(ish) weeks. But lucky me, I never puked but constantly had my gag reflex right on the verge. Gross. Sorry. Once I made it past that I ate ALOT. But after talking to other people I was pretty tame considering.
With my second pregnancy I was nauseous from weeks 5-8 and then it faded quickly and I had quite the raging appetite. I seriously think we're still in debt from all the eating I did. And I hate to sound so cliche, but being pregnant is so much more fun. I don't even really know why. Probably because it's the "been there done that" attitude that helps and it flies by SOOO QUICKLY. Enjoy it. And keep posting things about Tagalongs!


I think it's very normal for each pregnancy to have completely different symptoms.

Unfortunately, my personal experience is probably not that comforting, because my second pregnancy turned out to be different because it was twins.


With my first pregnancy, I was at times delicately nauseous. There were moments when I thought, "Golly - I might throw up now!" and then I burped and was fine. I was a blossoming flower, a vessel of grace, yada yada. GIRL.

With #2, I started vomiting right about when I got the first positive peestick and didn't stop for almost 6 months. Also lost weight, puked 6-10 times a day, and got used to my 2 year old following me around and questioning every expression on my face. "Are you feeling sick, Mommy?" When I would perch on the step stool near the toilet and rest, I would hear her little pixie voice outside the bathroom door, calling, "Mommy? Are you puking again?"


If you were me, you'd be thinking pink already, but then again? If you were me? You'd want to share all that Girl Scout cookie bounty with random internet peoples. (Hint hint.)


I had a few cravings - oranges, McDonald's Orange Drink, strawberries, beef, Rice-A-Roni, but more aversions that made me feel sick - chicken, fish, and mushrooms, pickles, yogurt. I say your body needs what it craves, it is well known that Tag-A-Long nutrients are great baby builders.


When I was pregnant with my Gracie, I didn't puke once, or even feel very nauseous, and I spent the entire first trimester eating us out of house and home. I ate and I ate and I never felt full. Then, like the exact day I hit the second trimester, the appetite went back to normal and all I wanted to do was sleep :)


With my first pregnancy, I craved healthy food. I completely went off spicy food, onions & garlic made me sick (while normally I LOVE these)... anyway, I also had big-time morning sickness (make that all-day sickness). Oh! And between eating all I wanted to do was sleep. With the second pregnancy, salads, veggies etc made me ill. I craved (with a passion) junk food. French fries (which I normally never eat), burgers, kebabs. I also had the "metallic mouth taste" symptom... although thankfully the morning sickness didn't hit! And strangely enough, the kiddies tastes differ along these lines. The older one loves healthy stuff: lentils, broccoli etc while the little one craves junk. Chicken nuggets, french fries, ketchup (on everything) etc...


My first pregnancy was HORRIBLE. Migraines and morning sickness through the entire first trimester. Too sick to eat anything and, like you I lost weight.

Second pregnancy, no morning sickness at all, craved all things sweet (my husband bought me a jar of frosting for my birthday because it was the only thing I wanted. And I ate it. All.), and was by far the easiest pregnancy of any I'd heard of.

I think it depends on the sex of the baby, but that's just my own theory. Boys = much sickness due to all the testosterone making its way through our bodies. Girls = not as bad sickies and sweetness cravings because we have to get our chocolate cravings from somewhere, so it may as well start in the womb.

But like I said, that's my own theory. ;)


I was so glad to read this. I'm currently at nine weeks with my third (surprise!) pregnancy. My first two pregnancies were puke-fest wellll into the second trimester, and this one is all minor waves of nausea that come and go, and EATING. I've got five and two year old boys, and am contemplating the possibility of an actual girl in my womb?


Never posted a comment here before, but I've been reading for a bit.

Take comfort -- NO ONE can top "Teh Crazy" that I was with my pregnancy with twins. I had had a miscarriage between my daughter and my twins, and I was CERTAIN that every teensy little sign meant disaster. I actually cornered a woman at church -- who happens to be an OB -- and quizzed her about my boobs. ("I don't KNOW if they're as sore as they were last week!" "What about those little blue lines? I think maybe I had more yesterday.") She edged carefully away from me before I abducted her, took her into the bathroom and lifted up my shirt...strangely, she doesn't talk to me much any more. Hmmm.

But my point is -- every pregnancy IS different. Hang in there -- it's an anxious time.


I just finished week 14 today and am still sick. Not so much pucking, just a constant hangover feeling. I actually get excited when I think I'm going to be sick thinking that it will make me feel better...nope still got that hangover feeling morning, noon, and night. I've also lost 15 pounds because food has not been my friend, so happily eat up for those of us who can't! Good luck on Monday!


We're due the same time, my first prenatal appointment is Monday too.

This is my first. My boobs finally stopped hurting this week. I haven't puked yet, but BOY I wish I could. I'm nausious all day long, and the only thing I can eat is dry toast, crackers, chicken soup and orange sherbert.

I'm losing a little bit of weight, but not too much so far.


1st pregnancy - Threw up every day - many times a day without fail for 14 weeks.

2nd and 3rd pregnancies - didn't throw up at all but had the mysterious eating symptoms you speak of and gained 50 and 60 pounds respectively!

You are hilarious - and good luck with your pregnancy. I had similar fertility problems as you and as a result my kids were born in 1988, 1993 and 2001. Not too many people can say they had 3 kids in 3 different decades by the same father eh?


Sugarless gum and seltzer (pomegranate is shockingly tasty) to keep you from eating everything, the other to fill your belly and help spur the belching. Gross? Maybe, but it helped me hang on.


My two pregnancies could not have been more different. I puked for three months with my first, and carried her in my ribcage. I couldn't breathe and had heartburn, which was weird because I couldn't eat anything.

With my second, I ate everything in sight and carried him between my knees. No heartburn and I could breathe just fine, but OY. Constipation and Cramp City.


1st -- Nausea & vomiting all the time starting at 6 weeks until 24 weeks -- lost 13lbs. even with Phenergan. Gained 32 lbs. & gave birth at 41wks. 2 days to 7lb. 13oz. girl.

2nd -- Nausea & vomiting starting at 6 weeks. Phenergan started at 8 weeks. Now week 11 & due 9/22/08.

I was hoping it would be different. It is not, yet. YET.


PS: WORD WORD WORD on the pomegranate seltzer!!!!


hm. 123 comments makes me think that you won't even read mine, but here goes.

Pregnancy #1= constipation for WEEKS/allergy symptoms at a none-allergy time for me/only being able to consume fruit and ice cream. (First trimester only, then I ate like a fatpigwhore)

Pregnancy #2= puking so hard I bang my head on the toilet making my first child scream out of fear for mommy's life/eating normal.

Pregnancy #3= Cereal for breakfast+Lunch+dinner and all snacks b/c I can't cook or smell cooking, and my gosh, husband, you may not drink hazelnut coffee b/c the smell is from hell. Also because I cannot eat I watched food network 24/7 while children played at my feet and my oldest started calling Rachael Ray "mommy Ray". (Prolly b/c she cooked and I couldn't)

With all three I was tired all. the. time.

Much love to the Thin Mints!


I've been away for a while (just busy not because I don't love you) but I've been thinking about you and your 'status' a lot. Finally I have time to check and see your wonderful fantastic amazing news!! I am so thrilled for you all!! I shrieked so loud my husband thought I actually knew who you were. Sending all my love and good wishes!!


I'm a medical student starting my OB/GYN residency this July, and although I have never been pregnant, I have a lot of friends and patients tell me that their pregnancies were very different between genders. A family friend I used to babysit for had two boys without a problem, coached basketball through the whole pregnancy, nothing slowed her down. Then she had a girl and could not even move, she was so sick -- admitted to the hospital twice for fluids because of barfing so much. So anyway, yeah -- if stuff is way different then maybe Noah is getting a little sister!!! :)

Or maybe you're just such a pro at this whole pregnancy thing by now that your body doesn't mind the growing little fetus so much... :)

I recently just switched over to having an independent blog and I plan on posting quite a bit on childbirth and other stuff that I discover in my studies/practice...


hi there,
don't worry - i'm sure everything is OK. with my first i had every symptom in the book, with my second, none. each pregnancy is different...just try to enjoy!


With my first pregnancy (girl) I was sick sick sick all the time. The entire 9 months. The vitamins had a projectile vomiting affect on me. I lived with my face in the toilet, much like Britney Spears does lately.

My second (boy) was a breeze. My stomach would get upset easily only if I got upset. If I let the crazy pregnant lady hormones take over then I would gag a little. I think it only happened a couple of times. I too worried that something was wrong with the lack of symptoms. Dr. said I was just lucky!


Dude. I am 13 weeks pregnant, and I still don't believe it because of the lack of morning sickness. All I want to eat is PRESERVED MEAT. Thats right, hotdogs, pepperoni sticks, and deli ham, straight from the slicer.

I am so fucking gross.


Oh yeah and I curse the girl scouts with their delicious satan mints. Bitches.


24 weeks into pregnancy number two here...

#1: boy. I had your current symptoms. Could. not. get. enough. of pretty much everything consumable. 30 weeks pregnant at girl scout cookie time= THE PERFECT STORM. NO sick.

#2 girl. pukey. pukey

Mrs. Schmitty

All 3 pregnancies - completely different. Completely different symptoms, craving, etc. BTW, you got your Thin Mints and Tagalongs? Dammit, where's my girl scout with MY cookies!

Renee in Seattle

Oh, honey..... WATCH IT. I'm jus' sayin. With my second pregnancy, I ate EVERYTHING IN SIGHT for 8 months, and went from 135 to 200 fuckingpounds. I got reeaaally tired of having everyone I knew look at me with a "whollyfuckingshityouarehuge" look on their faces. This also drectly interfered with my unbelievable horniness through the whole pregnancy, as I wasn't quite able to woo my man with my begging and pleading for him to "do" me 4 times a day, and he wasn't exactly turned on by the extra 65 pounds and food always falling out of my mouth when I talked.

Yeah, we can all look back and laugh about it NOW (8 years later) but at the time? Not so funny.

Mother Of Beans

With my first... who was born just a few months post-Noah, I did not get sick at all, until the day I was induced. (3 weeks after my due date... which ended in an emergency c-section...) Then with my second, I spent all night every night on the bathroom floor. That pregnancy was like living in a frat house, except I was the frat house and my husbands' overgrown fetus was the party goer. She was barely four pounds, full term. Less than half the weight of our firt born. Now THAT is some crazy shit right there.


This 2nd pregnancy has been completely totally entirely different minus the usual hormones ragin' like I was 14 again so I have acne from hell but besides that totally different! Crazy aint it?



That is all.

Oh, wait....GIRL! And YAY!


From what my mother has told me, no two pregnancies are ever alike.


My first pregnancy: girl, vaguely nauseous constantly, weepy, craved Italian food constantly, and developed an aversion to green beans (which I previously emjoyed) that holds to this day...I gag on the texture every time I try them. Also, tired tired tired with ouchy boobs and I was bit horny, actually. She came 4 weeks early due to stress at work. Second pregnancy: boy: vomited so much needed zophran (lost 12 lbs first trimester), bitch on wheels (I wanted to rip my own head off, I was annoying myself so much. Could not turn the snark off, almost got me fired kind of b*tch on wheels), craved Mexican constantly, was constipated (altho I think that might have to do with the zophran). I had multiple blood clots in my legs after my pregnancy with girl, and nasty aich-ee-double emm-oh-are-oh-eye-dee-ess after the second, neither time was I particularly overweight (though I did gain 40 lbs with both pregnancies. You see why I'm stopping at two.


I ate like that when pregnant with my daughter, something I enjoyed immensely. I ate a Big Mac and strawberry shake every day for four month. Actually, I'm exaggerating. Sometimes I'd switch it up and eat two McChicken sandwiches and a large fries instead. I gained more than 60lbs.

More recently, when pregnant with my son, my eating didn't change at all. I was very disappointed.


Two pregnancies - two totally different sets of symptoms.

Pregnancy 1 - had NO morning sickness, thought people made that shit up, only one time had any aversion or desire for any food. Truly, the only symptom I had was that eventually I looked pregnant.

Pregnancy number two - incredibly sick, tremendous amount of bleeding (seriously - more bleeding than ever before in my whole life - including childbirth), couldn't gag down a prenatal vitamin, lost weight, told everyone if I had been this sick with the first, I never would've gotten pregnant again. Horrible, horrible, horrible.

Results? Two incredibly healthy babies, remarkably close in age to yours (8-12-05 and 10-12-07).

So my sample of 1 says you're totally normal.


I just heard the news of your pregnancy! Congrats! We had been trying for a year and finally got lucky last month! Noah and my son are the same age (2 and half) and your baby is about a week older than mine. I'm looking forward to watching our tummies grow and our boys become big brothers. =D


the only things the same about my two pregnancies was the obscene amount of Thin Mints I ate, how obscenely large I got, and that fact that both babies were boys. Otherwise I was only sick for 2 weeks with Gavin, put on a large amount of water weight, didn't have a single contraction until they gave me that gel the night before my induction, and was this close to pre-eclampsia. With Cooper I was sick for over a month, all the weight I put on was NOT water (maybe because I ate nonstop...I think I even at in my sleep), had 5 weeks of strong pre-term contractions (but no dilating until right before the end), heartburn that nearly killed me, and my blood pressure never went above 125/70. The aches and pains were on different scales...the sciatica with Gavin nearly sent me down the stairs, whereas with Cooper it was just a realy annoying and nagging pain. Deliveries were relatively the same since I was induced...Cooper's was about 2-1/2 hours quicker than Gavin's (and a lot less painful since I wasn't in labor when I arrived). The children have proven to be completely different as well, just to make my life hell.
So you're perfectly fine to have two different pregnancies...but you're fine to worry. :)


whilst pregnant with Son, my only vomits were OJ-induced. Had low blood sugar and thought OJ was always the solution. Finally deduced the OJ-puke connection.

4 yrs later, with Daughter? Could NOT drink enough OJ. A qt a day, easy. Go figure.

Much of the rest is hard to compare because being I was working pregnant 1st time and SAHM pregnant 2nd time, allowing for more naps and generally better feeling.


I'm in week 17 of my second pregnancy and in the beginning I was eating as much as I did at the END of my first. It is definitely weird. With my first pregnancy I lost weight the first trimester also, and this time I gained 4 lbs, and I have had two doctors appointments within 10 days and gained 1.5 lbs between each. Yikes. FEED ME!


I've been eating like that for nearly 7 months now. The good part: Breyer's Fried Ice Cream. The bad part? I know I'm not having a 40 pound baby. But secretly, I really do hope so.


You've probably stopped reading the comments by now but hey, maybe while chowing down on Thin Mints you need something to occupy your mind...

First pregnancy my boobs were so sore I could only stand back-to the shower nozzle. I was sort of nauseous but hardly ever threw up. And it was completely gone by week 12.

This time around, my boobs are not at all sore... but I threw up constantly for the first four months, still find myself puking way more than I did the last time, and am keeping the Rolaids company in business because the heartburn is horrible and ever-present.

Funny stuff.

imagine community

With my one and only, the first pregnancy symptom, before I knew about the Resident Alien, was the hunger (Are you gonna finish that?); the second was the personality transplant whereby I went from energetic motivated high achiever to nonstop napper.

Wishing you all the best.


First pregnancy: thought I was going to die I felt so terrible from weeks 5-16.
Current, second pregnancy: tra la la, things are great from weeks 5-7; throwing up everything - slatines, water, vitamins - from weeks 7 - 9 (present)

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