When Enough is Enough is Enough
Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner of Champions

And Angelina Can Bite Me

So the baby is only about four millimeters long right now.


But it's a really HUSKY four millimeters, okay?

Shut up.



Simply gorgeous. :)

Also, HOT dress.


Girl, same thing happened to me the second time around. I swear you could see the baby bump about 3 hours after the pee-stick confirmed its presence!


This is so Angelina Jolie of you in this FABULOUS dress...and 4 mm can be huge...at least I thought so my second time around. You ROCK!


I think you look fabulous. I like your dress.


HA! I got you beat and I'm not even preggers!!!!


yeah cause you are tiny tiny to begin with... ;)


Oh that made me LAUGH! Love the title. Girl, you ROCK the baby bump.


there is no freakin' way that is your tummy!?!?!

Kimberly C

I've been told that #2 and all subsequent children show a lot earlier due to muscles being stretched once already. But it is cute, so chill!:)




Wow! Gorgeous!


Bulging Baby Abs become you.

Heather B.

Dude, when did that happen? I just saw you a week ago.

You still look awesome though and I'm being nice to mask my bitterness given that you are still WAY effing smaller than I will ever be.


Oh please. It's all baby-related stuff in there, even if that "baby-related stuff" is actually some excess gas from the Fritos you had to have for the baby. It's NECESSARY STUFF.

Dude, you look awesome. And I second Alana's comment. Four millimeters is a lot when you're the size of a peanut to begin with.


A beautiful baby bump that should be flaunted everyday! Congratulations!


baby is planning ahead :)


Love it, work it, you might as well enjoy it!


HA! That was SO me with Mimiclaus. The Hell? I started out skinnier. How come I'm alread looking 4 1/2 months pregnant?

Still. It's exciting to already see it, huh?


@CndyCream: WORD. Amalah has nothing on me and I have no children.


You look awesome! Who cares about what's her name.


Yes, the second baby bump shows up much earlier. Your body seems to know that it needs to add on a room for the new family member. You look adorable.


I look the same way and I thought I was going nuts because I started looking pregnant at 5 weeks with this one! Glad to know I'm not alone :-)

Suzy Q

Wow! It's a good thing you're not an unmarried woman in the early '60s trying to hide her "shame." You'd never make it.

Forgive me, I just saw "Love With a Proper Stranger," circa 1963, starring Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen.

You look fabulous! And also, 4 months preggers.

bethany actually

Hey, it's all placenta at this point.

One of the Amy's

HAWT, girl! Way to work it!

jive turkey



Absolutely adorable! Same thing happened to me with baby #2!


Work it!

I'm having the same thing happen right now but I'm 9 weeks. I guess the little guy has been hiding behind all those donuts I've been eating.


Still not sure why they call it a "baby bump" these days.

You look like a for real pregnant lady!!!


Damn, girl, you're looking good!


Yowzers hot mama!


Bump Watch '08 is underway!

And yeah, I was in maternity clothes waaaaay earlier with the 2nd pregnancy. The complete wreaking of havoc on your body starts much sooner.

Pee Ess: You look great!!!


TWINS?? :)


Like everyone else here, I also started showing five minutes after conception with this pregnancy. And like lots of others here, I haven't been that slim since I was a teenager. Does that mean I can hate you just a little bit?

You look awesome.


Now you just need to get Jason some Boogie Nights glasses and a shaggy hairdo, and the transformation from Ja-my to Brangelina is complete.

Or not.

Must be Motherhood

Oh thank God I'm not a alone. I've gained twice as much weight in the first trimester as I did with #1 and my ENTIRE gut--not just the lower bump--is already ballooning. EEEEkkkkkkk!


wow, you look great, but what they say about showing fast with the second one sure is true!
I like that dress.

Motherhood Uncensored

Wait. Is that you? Or is that Angelina?

Either way, it's freaking adorable.


Second babies are totally like that.


Holy Moly! The tabs would so be busting your bump right now!!


Second pregnancies, baby. The body remembers, and goes there fast.
And I don't think Angelina bites anything. Ever. Her children are nourished on the air she breathes.


You look fantastic!!! Rockin it out with belly.

Although, I must say that I am having a bit of belly envy;) I am 13.5 weeks with my first and haven't really started to show yet!!! Maybe next week...


Holy Belly Bump Batman!

anne nahm

Ok, from the small pic on bloglines, I read your title and thought you were an angelina picture, so damn. You are not getting my sympathy.

But also, 4 mm? The new guy must have a shag rug, a little lamp and a futon in there. Does he think your uterus is college?


oh noes! it's happening again! gigantor baby!

p.s. and two weeks ago you swore you weren't pregnant. i think it's the universe's way of rewarding you for your difficulty conceiving...once you actually get knocked up, watch out. the universe rewards you with the hugest babies EVER.
(also, the most adorable)


Totally fab!

You look so HOT!


You got a belly pretty quick last time, too! You have big, healthy, babies, apprently. Nothing wrong with that!


I know it's been said, but seriously -- trés Angelina Jolie. You are one stylish pregnant lady, Amalah.


Wow! Nice dress! And nice bump. May I ask where you got said dress? I will be looking for maternity dresses in the near future as I have a wedding and rehersal dinner to attend.


This happens. I swear I got up the morning after conception with the third and put on maternity clothes.

Very husky. Congratulations!


Awesome Bump! Love the dress!!!!


Bumpity bump bump bump! I love prego bellies!

Miss Britt

Dude. You know that bitch wears a girdle for the first 6 months.


Looks like this one likes its space! Best thing is that now you are obviously pregnant so people will start being nicer to you, holding doors, smiling and stuff.


That's a Super early bump... even if it is the second time around...

Either way, its beautiful.


Oh honey - you look fabulous! I look liek that every day, and I am 19 months post-partum.


This totally happened to me, and it's my first. I was in maternity clothes very quickly, and NOT because I was eager to be. The bloating - oooohhh the bloating. And I was so tender tummied. I didn't want anything squishing me.


When I was prego with my 1st, I didn't wear maternity clothes until 6 months. When prego with my second, I was in them at 13 weeks! I gained the same amount with each child (25 lbs) and was actually thinner at the start of my second pregnancy. You body just knows what it's doing now!!!


My friend Jennifer was the same way with her first baby. So much for not telling her manager or co-workers until after the first trimester!!

I can't believe how much you are showing in such a short amount of time. I am just giggling like crazy over here for you!!

I was overweight to start with both of my kids, so I didn't really start showing until almost the 6th month. I cracked myself up because I couldn't wait to "look" pregnant, but by the end of the third trimester I was sooooo over it!! Same with the "What to Expect When You're Expecting". Did not even crack it open the last two months!

So very happy for you and your family!

Wacky Mommy

You've gone all Audrey Hepburn there, plus belly-belly. Here comes another 10 pounder, babes.


Seems baby is on a lounge chair, stretching out and relaxing and being all comfortable! Such a very cute bump you have there!


Shit kids, I dunno if she was looking for sympathy, as much as sharing of experience. Making her feel bad about being naturally thin, even as a "haha! I resent you!" sucks!


I'm responding to the post before this one. With you as his mother, and the depths you write about / consider his needs, you will never fail him. And subsequently he will never fail you. I wish I had a tenth of your parental intuition and vibrance. You make the rest of all look like chimps.


Impressive, but extremely cute! Have fun with it!


Nice! Another 10 lb. baby here we come, just kidding. You look great!


2nd babies pop out much much much sooner than the first. I'm currently 29 weeks along with my 2nd and I feel like I've been pregnant forever b/c I started showing so much earlier. Just go ahead and embrace those maternity clothes.


omg! The cuteness! *head explodes* You are looking great mama! I almost hate you for looking so amazing - almost! lol

P.S. totally sending girl vibes your way ;)


Let's see if we're able to fit into that size 6 Banana Republic dress at 20 weeks this time around! ;)


Aw... Your bump is as cute as your blog! I was spastically surfing a couple of weeks ago and found your pretty page to be very sticky and attractive.


Amy H

so cute!

Making My Own Fun

Are we doing a gender poll? 'Cause I'm going to stick my neck out there and go with "girl". :)


Bumpity bump bump! You are the cutest pregnant lady ever!


OMG that is the cutest belly


Hoo boy - Congratulations! I don't know what you looked like last week - but I dare say you've bypassed the awkward in-between stage. I wouldn't do it, but I suspect strangers will be touching your belly in no time!
Is the dress for a particularly special occasion?

Virginia Gal

Oooohhh. Is that the fabulous Target maternity dress you bought just in case (and because it was super cheap on sale?).

Love it!


That's bumpalicious!


You look great!


Freaking cute. :)

As posted by Julie above: "Yes, the second baby bump shows up much earlier. Your body seems to know that it needs to add on a room for the new family member."

This is totally true. Also the reason I'm only having one baby. Ha. :)


Haha you still look hot, Amy, no worries :-)

Aimee Greeblemonkey

Your tummy is still smaller than mine and I am 5 years past being pregnant.



Beautiful!!! And it is true...you show much faster the second time. I'm hoping for number 3 soon and I bet I'll look like that at 2 weeks along :)

Congrats again!


Holy crap, that was fast! Are you doing the "take a belly picture everyday" project?


Ok, we won't go there because I looked 5 months pregnant the night after I conceived. Second babies always do this! They stretch out, watch TV and eat! There is more good stuff to come!


I guess I'm not the only one who thought it was an Angelina pic. You look amazing girl!


Finally delurking (after nearly two years) to say WOW! You, and your belly, look fab. Angelina's got nothin on you!


You look fabulous! While Angelina is biting you, I'd like to invite Brad to go ahead and bite me! ;)
House of Jules



Same thing happened here. It's a TRIP, isn't it?


Me too! I'm only 5.5 weeks and already poochy. How'm I supposed to hide it for another 8 weeks or so??? I think I need a dress like that, it will help me feel better about it! Hot. Hot. Hot!


I normally don't comment, but you look amazing. Jason is a lucky man. You two must be so exited about this undeniable proof that baby #2 is on her/his way:)


I love it! You are too cute.


Angelina NEEDS to bite you, and then practice swallowing her food! Bitch is nasty skinny! And remember how big your belly got with Noah, but you stayed wee every where else. You are a tiny girl, so that baby is gonna show a lot, and fast! You look amazing, i am so excited for you!


Oh my goodness! How cute are you? I am so happy for you :)


Well, you're no Nicole Kidman, that's for sure. But, then, you're not using a surrogate like she is. ALLEGEDLY. You look darling.


Holy big belly! LOL It's adorable!!! Now you have so many extra weeks now where people will touch your belly! yay! LOL


Awwwwwww! I think your baby bump is perfect! Congrats!


Welcome to Number Two! Such a miracle! So friggin' obvious! Ah, new life... it's not big, it's BOLD!


Delurking (since the Company Cookbook post) to echo what everyone else has said. You look too effin adorable! Congratulations.

Mrs. Flinger

Ah, you're so purdy. And I don't have a baby in there and *I* am a little husky. Shutup.


Isn't it fabulous to be pregnant?!?! Mine are 2.5 yrs and 8 months and I loved every second of it. (But I'm not rolling the dice again!)

kim at allconsuming

Granted, by # 4 I was in maternity gear at six weeks, but, now, how can I say this delicately. What we have here is a case of bloat.


It's just bloomin' marvellous, that's what it is. Bloomin' Bloody Marvellous.

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