When Enough is Enough is Enough
Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner of Champions

And Angelina Can Bite Me

So the baby is only about four millimeters long right now.


But it's a really HUSKY four millimeters, okay?

Shut up.



Aw, you look adorable! I'm jealous. ;) And hey, at least you skipped the awkward "is she pregnant or just getting fat" stage!

Katie Kat

Awwwww! Four millimeters looks like a million bucks on you babe! :)

common mom

You look awesome! The second time around is totally different . . . the first time around, I was in the "wow, she's put on some weight" stage for about 7 months. The second time around, I looked 8 months pregnant about 2 minutes after conception. Those muscles just don't hold it in like they used to ;-)

You look fabulous!


I was seriously thinking of Angelina when I saw this picture & then realized what your title for the post was.. haha :) You look awesome! I'm not far along behind you, but I definitely don't look that good.


Just wait til #3 - oh the loose skin after . . . .


The tummy always pooches faster for the second one. Kind of like how after you blow up a baloon the first time, it stretches out easier the next time.

But seriously, baby bumps are beautiful so the sooner the better!


I predict twins. Only because I kept reading what you were talking about with tired and eating the fridge door handles, only to find out Friday that I'm having twins.


You wear it well! And, the dress is amazing....you are one hot mama!

The second time around, things happen so much faster. Enjoy every second of it.


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