And Angelina Can Bite Me

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner of Champions

So things have taken a turn for the queasy over here.


I'm not actually throwing up or anything (stretches a wan, weakened arm across the tiled bathroom floor to knock on the wood floor outside the door), but am instead walking around the house randomly gagging on air and smells and thoughts of smells and air that is full of smells and smelly smell smell smell.

The Coke keeps The Headaches at bay (I switched to Coke after discovering that coffee dry heaves taste like pine trees), and I'm about to tuck a sleeve of saltines into my (elastic) waistband and get a big dorky watch that beeps every 20 minutes to remind me to eat one. This was advice I got last time: keeping something in your stomach will actually keep you from puking.

I tried this last time. And the weirdest thing happened. I THREW UP. Food in, food out, taking the upward escape route. This (combined with some advice regarding "real" ginger ale vs. Canada Dry that we WILL NEVER SPEAK OF AGAIN) lead to a bit of Post-Traumatic-Assvice Syndrome that plagued the rest of my pregnancy. By the time we got to the c-section business, I was cowering in the corner, pleading for the Internet to leave me and my internal organs alone, pleassssse, there's Canada Dry in the fridge, just take it all and let me beeeee! I want to liiiiiive!

This time, the queasiness intensifies whenever I go too long without snacking. Snack snack snack. A couple weeks ago, this was awesome, what with the cookies and the brownies and the non-stop parade of cravings that felt so damn good to satisfy and I was probably about five minutes away from dipping pickles in vanilla ice cream or deep-frying some mini-marshmallows.'s pretty much saltines. Crunchy, salty, paste-y saltines. Mmmm.


In the interest of fairness and full-circle assvice redemption, I gave this theory another shot. Did I already say something about never speaking of this again? THIS TIME I MEAN IT.

In Child v.1.0 news, Noah has developed the habit of pressing his index finger on his lips while saying, "Hmmmm," and then excitedly pointing upwards and declaring, "I KNOW!"  Then he runs out of the room.

It may be the cutest thing ever, except that it is driving me absolutely bonkers, because WHAT DO YOU KNOW, CHILD? WHAT?  



we must see that cuteness factor in a movie type thing please... and he knows...

anyway here to feeling better... raise a glass of non-quessey time liquid!


To this day, one of my favorite comfort foods is buttered saltines. Yum! Right up there with chocolate!


Feel better Amalah!


Well, good thing this settled in AFTER the Tagalongs were properly dealt with.

I am 25 weeks preg., and I totally used your line the other night, after my husband watched me deep throat an entire sleeve of thin mints.

Kathryn channeling Amy (turning to the box of tagalongs on the butcherblock:) You're next motherfuckers.


little late here, but congrats on the pregnancy! I have saved the link for you Alpha Mom page to read along and experience this pregnancy with you week by week.

Love your writing style and your frank honesty, with the good and the bad.

Keep up the great writing, and hope you stop with the pukies sooner rather than later.


what a cutie!


Darcy here, the one who commented with a surprisingly similar due date. (It turns out that I'm more like 9 weeks along, though, and due in early October.)

I feel ya. February felt like the longest month of my life between the gray-cold-wet-weather and my not-morning-but-all-damn-day sickness. It eased up a little this week but I am still on uneasy terms with food. I now hate ginger ale and saltines, but chicken soup is okay. And I still love diet coke dammit, but I've cut way back on it 'cause everyone's all "you never know, so you shouldn't have any." Damn them and their paranoia.


Hey - I know you've mentioned Baby sign language DVDs - and that you've used them. Got a recommendation on what one to go with?

BTW - hang tough with the sickness stuff. I had a pregnancy much like your first. Threw up continuously. And if ONE.MORE.PERSON suggested "ginger-ale" or "crackers" or "keep your tummy full" - I would have thrown up on them too. I hope this is a short lived ickiness.


I would also like to request Noah's declaration of knowledge in live action... once you get off the bathroom floor, that is.


I'm so sorry for the assvice, but I swear to God this works for grapes. A handful of grapes. Any kind. For real. They stopped my puking and nausea immediately during those first three squishy pregnancy months.

Try it! No shit. It's awesome. And, CONGRATULATIONS!


o lord - with my second pregnancy I had to take diclectin (sp?) just to be able to eat the saltines. Feel better. And Eamon does something similar to except he yells "I have a good idea". and runs off. let me tell you that if you hear no noise - run and find the idea!


The part about Noah? Hilarious!


My kid does the same thing. He also likes to randomly yell, "I can't beliebe it!"
I love it.


No assvice from me. Every bit of assvice i tried with the last one (ginger tea, saltines, small regular mouthfuls of inoffensive nosh) made me retch. Pretty much all the way through the pregnancy. Even walking past the kitchen or supermarket.... bleeerrrrrrgggghhhhh.

Upside: I lost 4kg in the first trimester and hubby had to do all shopping and cooking.

Downside: It all came back to find me again, with interest, after the baby arrived. Gah.

Jen A

I survived my entire second pregnancy on nothing but Zofran, pringles and Coke.

I seriously lost in it the hospital when the nutritionist asked me if I had tried Saltines? Like that was a new concept? At 5 months when I had done nothing but throw up all the live long day. By that point I had tried everything and the only thing my body liked was the pringles. That nutritionist was lucky to make it out of the room alive.


Best remedy--peanut butter! It keeps your blood sugar at a steady level, so nausea is kept at bay. Especially right before bed to keep "morning sickness" away.


note to self: do not read amy's blog while eating lunch until after october. the end.

Mama T

The nausea of both pregnancies justified me eating a bag of potato chips (nearly) each day because something about the salti-greasiness of plain potato chips chased away the nausea. Miss Vickies worked best.
Good luck surviving :)


I'm 26 weeks prego and my son has learned how to gag. I caught him the other day. I heard him make the noise and spit. He was playing with his spit on my hard wood floors. Too many days he watched and heard me sick in the bathroom. I sure hope Noah doesn't pick this habit up.


My sympathies. I teetered on the verge of violent retching 24/7 for the entire nine months I was pregnant with Child #1 (boy). Strangely enough, I hadn't so much as a gurgle of nausea with Child #2 (girl). When I complained to my OB of never-ending nausea with #1, she smiled and said, "Good, it means your body is doing what it's supposed to." She was lucky she made it out of that exam room without being smacked upside the head. lol Hope you feel better soon!

The Bug

I think we need video of Child v1.0's newest verbal entertainment!


I am sorry- I was hoping you would not feel sick this time.

I am pregnant with my second (another boy) and due in May. I was so much sicker with this one.

My first was just 24 hour nausea for about 8 weeks. This second was throwing up, Zofran pills and weekends in bed until week 18-19.

Some of the foods I could tolerate were:
chocolate milk, matzo ball soup from Parkway deli, white toast, little mayo and munster cheese.

I have NO idea why these foods were somewhat ok. Oh also root beer sometime helped.

Good luck I hope you feel better soon!

Maxine Dangerous

More belly pictures! Ye must be fawned over continuously until the fall! And afterwards, of course. BELLYBELLYBELLYBELLYBELLY!!!

(Too much Diet Coke. Sorry. :D)

patti b

Funny - exactly what happened to me my second pregnancy. Which resulted in beautiful identical twin girls :)
Noah is way too cute!


i so don't miss the first trimester nasty. i'm so very sorry you're hanging out with the nausea. i did the natural ginger ale bidness, but it didn't really help. fizzy water with lime (or lemon sometimes) was a better bet for me. and the coke. and oddly enough, salad.

oh, and delicious buttery toast. mmm.


The nausea nasties are different for different people. So for some women, eating consistently helps lots. And for others, it doesn't. I guess all I'm saying is that there is no one-size-fits-all cure for it. It sucks though.

Hope you get through it quickly.


I am so sorry all that cell division is gettng you down. The wonderous beauty of assvise is that it is right for someone somewhere. So, I will tell you to... hmmm... uh, EAT PROTEIN. Yeah. That's what always worked to cure my nausea. Of course, it was the least-appetizing-sounding of all the food groups, but if I could just. choke. it. down. I felt so much better. Best of all, even if it doesn't work for you... eh - it'll work for someone else and I'll STILL be right. Gotta love assvice. ;-)

La Rêveuse

I remember that "real" organic twigs and berries crap ginger ale. Nope. Canada Dry all the way. The other stuff was like drinking lighter fluid. Hub wanted me to eat all organic and food co-oppy. He ended up buying me Annie's mac and cheese, and that's all I ate for 4 months.

Except this, which I hope for you isn't assvice. These got me through teaching middle schoolers (smelly) who play instruments they don't often clean and blow spit into (super smelly) in a lunchroom (extremely smelly).

Lemon Drops and some organic fancy schmancy cheez doodles. "Baked Cheetos" the nurse told me. I thought she was on crack, but she was right. It totally worked. As long as I was eating them, I wasn't puking. (And I puked a LOT.)

Happy you're sick. It means things are developing well. :)


Does Noah watch Pinky Dinky Doo? KayTar used to do that exact same thing and we finally figured out she was copying the show.

Pregnancy sucks. But the babies are pretty cute, so it balances.


Child v. 1.0 - he's no dummy. He's not telling his inspirations until they are fully realized and copyrighted and/or patented. You can beg all you want.


well, obviously no advice from me, but maybe i'll have to ask YOU for some one day. ;)

i love the way you describe noah's new "thing"; i can just see how excited he must look. kind of like sherlock holmes cracking a case.



I did the whole organic ginger ale thing for about a week, until the mere smell of ginger ale made me want to hurl. Resorted to taking ginger tablets twice a day (along with B6) and it definitely helped (placebo effect or not, I'll take whatever I can get). I did sea bands, psi bands, the whole shebang. Stopped me from puking a lot, but I always still felt like I needed to. Good luck!


I don't even know if I ate for any of the first trimesters. I just remember lying down for about 8 weeks waiting for the nausea to pass. Although, brushing my teeth was about the worst. The gagging was usually my first pregnancy indicator.

Also, I'm not sure if this is possible, but Noah sounds even cuter than the last time you mentioned him.


Right there with ya. I am 8 wks. today. Not as far along as I once thought. I have to eat constantly. If I wait too long between feedings I basically just have to call it quits for the day because I get so sick. This is really weird.


If you can muster it, take ginger root pills/capsules (see GNC). I hate ginger ale, and these help me. I HATE nausea. This, of course, means you can actually keep anything down! Good luck, girl!


My son presses his index finger to his lips, says, "Hmmm," and follows it up with, "I HAVE A GREAT IDEA!" And then runs out of the room.

If you ever find out what Noah knows, please to be tellin' the interwebz -- it might give me some insight. ;P


Enough with the ginger ale and saltines assvice...seriously, do people think pregnant women lose their brains? We know they usually works for nausea. Hell, they even worked for us in the past, but nothing, I repeat,NOTHING, works now. Also, don't push your "keep your belly full" agenda on a sick, puking pregnant woman!

I'm so happy for your news on baby #2 and am puking along with you in week 13 of baby #1 over here. Wishing you clean, cold bathroom floors.


can you get that on video amy?

Jessica (aka Rose)

Ha! C puts her finger in the air and crows "I gotta deer!" and then runs off.


I'm 33, nearly 34 weeks with my first.

I was tremendously ill during the first trimester and for a goodish portion of second.

My worst moment came when, after trying Reglan, I was standing in line at the pharmacy to pick up my prescription for Zofran. I'm ashen, trying not to vomit because the man behind me in line smells like sauerkraut. I get to the counter and pick up the Zofran only to have the pharmacist ask, "Have you tried saltines?"

Were it not for the height of the counter, she'd be dead now.


No a*vice, just observation: That ginger stuff is crazy strong, andI think it gets stronger the longer it stands. I remember not being able to finish one bottle I tried. If it works for you, go ginger power!


I feel you. For my first pregnancy the "don't let your stomach get empty" thing worked. Not my second pregnancy. All I got down was the occasional pretzels and Gatorade for the first trimester.


No to be too assvicey, but hey, here's some assvice.

Those sea sick bands at CVS did wonders during my pregnancy. I may have them somewhere and can get them to you.

Apples. My ob told me they curb nasaeu and they worked for me.

My Buddy Mimi

At four months I am still on the coke and saltines diet, occasionally adding oranges and Oreos.


Sometime between dry-heaving and saltine-eating, can you please videotape Noah's "knowing"!


Noah knows the following:

What Quasi is doing inside you to make you nauseous, since he himself did it roughly three years ago...

The difference between real and fake ginger ale, and the benefits of each...

Exactly how far and fast to run to get away from the sounds of your dry heaving...

That his time as the Internet's Most Adored Child is shortly coming to an end and he will have to soon share the title with Quasi...

Where he hid the last sleeve of saltines...


I feel your pain with the ginger ale. I will never be able to see that junk again


Elizabeth: are the DVDs we use and recommend.

Melissa: I would like to go retroactively throttle that pharmacist on your behalf.

(Although I also had the flipside to that problem -- I decided against going on Zofran for a variety of personal reasons, and yet tons of people were always pushing it on me and even accusing my doctor of being negligent for NOT prescribing it. People do seem to assume that pregnant women live in caves, or something.)


Here's my assvice: Cottage cheese did it for me. Keep a spoon in fridge next to it so you can have a quick bite. But Coke and saltines is my favorite tummy remedy otherwise.


If it makes you feel any better, I recently found out I'm pregnant with my fifth. FIFTH! Due date Oct31. And my tummy is feeling mighty bubbly. So it's all pretty scary around here too. Fifth child, Halloween due date, aaagghhh.

But I love your bump. Your ass still looks small if that makes you feel any better too.

Sarah Marie

Why, Noah knows everything!

Nothing But Bonfires

Well, OBVIOUSLY Noah knows whether or not Angelina is carrying twins, though he's not going to share that information with you, me, or Us Weekly. I mean, could you maybe try that dripping-tap-torture thing or something? I kind of have to know.

eleventy frillionth amy

congrats on child v.2.0
noah makes my heart smile to see him grow, i do miss the turtle though :-)

ps. ceiba? ceiiibbbaaaa?????

Steph T

No Assvice here. When my friend was pregnant, she was keeping nothing down...didn't matter what she did. When it was time to puke, it was time to puke. If Coke and saltines work for you...go for it! Congrats!


Noah's new little shtick certainly sounds cute! Sorry you are feeling crappy, but you are having a BABAY!!!! So, i'm kinda glad you are, you know. I, you know what I mean. I hope it subsides soon:)


Noah's new little shtick certainly sounds cute! Sorry you are feeling crappy, but you are having a BABAY!!!! So, i'm kinda glad you are, you know. I, you know what I mean. I hope it subsides soon:)


Noah's new little shtick certainly sounds cute! Sorry you are feeling crappy, but you are having a BABAY!!!! So, i'm kinda glad you are, you know. I, you know what I mean. I hope it subsides soon:)


Lurker here who had throw in some assvice too. I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant with twins (everything is sooo much worse this time around!). I finally quit puking up everything last week when I discovered the best thing ever: Benadryl. My doctor suggested it, but I was afraid to try it until I couldn't take it anymore. I've now actually gone a whole week without puking!


Oh man. Yeah, the urkies kicked in at 8-9 weeks, peaked at 10-11, and died down around 13-14. My staples were root beer or dr. pepper and DORITOS of all damn things. Uh huh. Doritos kept me from puking.

And also those dork-ass Sea Band things. Have you tried them? In your friendly drugstore by the Dramamine.

Good luck and here's hoping it passes quickly.


Maybe Noah is building a saltine & "Outrageous Ginger Ale" factory in his bedroom!
House of Jules



I gave up and bought some yesterday, I spent 10 bucks at the drugstore... today has been a glorious day.

The wrist bands won't help when you're hungry-queasy, but they SO HELP when you're hormone-queasy.

That, and I get to sport some fabulous Mr. T fashion!


Ginger capsules baby!!! Saved. My. Life. The End.

Really, I can't stand the taste of Ginger anymore (after baby numero uno) but with these bad boys you get all the effects and none of the nasty blah..


Ah the crackers and smelly phase - mine only lasted a week but it was awful. I would walk in the house and smell food in the fridge that was about to turn bad. And be careful brushing teeth because that can trigger the old gag reflex faster than any food.


Deep fried marshmellows?! Sounds delish!

Reluctant Housewife

You could try mint tea.

I hope you feel better soon.


I heard that ginger soda is really good.

I wanted to comment on the pooge pic but couldn't (closed comments). That's me on a bloated day. I just started Clomid 5 minutes ago and am waiting for Operation Bitch Mode to kick in. After reading your horror stories, I can't wait. At least if they're going to IUI me, make it in the shape of Russell Crowe's pee pee.


I've not been pregnant, but for my nausea I like mint gum (specifically Orbit sweet mint). Both chewing and mint are supposed to help--and gum is easy to keep in my purse and next to my bed. I highly recommend anyone considering this route smell it first. You know, just in case.


My first trimester was like that: I had to eat at regular intervals, or I was nauseous as hell. Never threw up, but man, did I feel terrible. Interestingly, ginger made it WORSE. Guaranteed intestinal troubles if I ate even a little of it while pregnant.


I didn't see anyone comment with this, so I'll throw it out there: Preggie Pops. They worked miracles for me and 95% of my girlfriends. You can get them in lollipop or drop form, and they're all natural and taste wonderful. Very mellow flavors. AND: low calorie, so you can go through several in a day without guilt. I'd probably start with the assorted box first to see which ones help you the most, since all my friends had different preferences (so, like, DON'T go out and buy four pounds of Banana without tasting it-- obviously; heh).

They should sell them at most pharmacies (Walgreen's, CVS), and almost definitely at Babies R Us. Really hope that helps. Hang in there.


I really want to know what Noah knows.


Also, I hope you are able to keep the nauesea at bay.

I've queasy almost every day since the beginning of February when I caught the stomach virus. Nothing has helped.


You know, Coke and saltines would be kinda yummy right now...
But anyway, I hope your queasiness and smell sensitivity passes quickly! That's gotta be maddening...though maybe not quite so maddening (in a cute way of course) as wondering WHAT DOES NOAH KNOW????? It's something pretty awesome and mind-blowing, I'll bet. I hope he doesn't keep it to himself forever!
Just imagining him doing what you described nearly bowls me over with the cuteness. :)

Kimberly C

While pregnant with my kid, I worked in a car shop. The smell of tires (rubber) the smell of oil, the smell of grease, oil additives, gas additives and the smell of the new car seat covers all sent me rushing 100 yards or more to hurl. I had to keep a trash can near me eventually. And I NEVER. THOUGHT. IT. WOULD. END. It did. Thank god. Assvice= I made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on white bread and kept it by the bed. It saved my life. I still can't drink cran-apple juice though, not even with vodka. Sorry comment so long. Please don't yell at me for assvice.:)


Real ginger ale? SO. GROSS.

Ginger candy? With lots of sugar in it? SO. YUMMY.


Oh god, I remember the SMELLS. When I was pregnant with Nathan, I could not go to a restaurant to eat, because everything smelled. With all three pregnancies, I couldn't go to the gas station, because the smell of the know what I mean. Hang in there, darlin'. You're doing great!


sorry for the assvice, but when I got so sick of saltines that I thought i was going to become a saltine, pretzels were my "wild and crazy" alternative. Wish I didn't have to throw up for 16 weeks to figure that out though.


soo I see the assvice hasn't really subsided.

To add to the toddlerific cuteness - My delightful nephew (technically they are all delightful) used to pretend he was answering the phone when he was about Noah's age. He would pick up the receiver, and say very seriously "Hello" which was quickly followed by a peppy "Hi" - which is exactly how his mother answered the phone when it was someone she likes.


I only had the queasy stomach with one of my kids. Never barfed but felt like I wanted to barf.

Vitamin B6 took it away. Ask the pharmacist. IT WORKS.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who had the "gagging on air" thing. I also couldn't take the sensation of making turns of any kind while in the car.


I don't know what it is - it must be the hormones. I was sick just like you described for my entire first pregnancy. Even visuals would set me off. Water spots on the mirror, a random hair on the counter. I couldn't even think about the kitchen without blowing chunks. My doctor said I had a higher level of the pregnancy hormone than usual.

My second pregnancy was slightly better, but I could puke at the drop of a hat. The instant I become pregnant, my stomach starts bubbling and gurgling away with gas, and I don't burp so much as vomit/cough/growl. It was so disgusting, but I had absoultely no control over it. My co-worker Maria still remembers vividly after 2 years what it sounded like.

I remember driving to my son's daycare after work at about 6 or 7 months along, and as I was turning into the parking lot, I vomited just out of nowhere. I couldn't even hold it in until I could park and get over to the bushes. It was like my stomach just turned itself inside out!! I had sick all over me - from my hair to my shoes. Thank GOD for cell phones. I had to call my husband to come to the daycare center with a change of clothes and a bath towel. God bless him, he actually picked me out a cute outfit and matching shoes.

The funniest part was leaning on my car waiting for my husband to arrive and frightening a couple of Mormon boys on their bicycles. They looked really glad to pedal away as fast as their legs could take them!

I had to have my husband walk in front of me into the daycare so I could run to the bathroom and clean myself up before any children saw me.

I ended up throwing away those shoes.


Hey Amalah, i love you site. I am about 10 weeks pregnant with my first baby and, not to worry, it look nice and plump too. About the "morning sickness" though, i read an article that made me feel better about my own vomit-tastic pregnancy. It suggests that women who get morning sickness are less likely to miscarry than women who don't get it. YAY!
Here is a link to the study.


I remember this. Oh God. I feel you. Soldier on.

PS I prefer to call it what Vicki Iovine calls it in her book (Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy) - Progesterone Poisoning. Because there ain't nothing "morning" about it.


I'm betting this baby is a girl. I was nonstop queasy with my daughter, but only threw up once. And the smells, good god the smells. Good luck, I hope you feel better soon!

And Noah sounds too cute for words. Hee.


Regarding topic the first: I wish you speedy, second trimester relief.

Regarding topic the second, my toddler (2 mos younger than Noah) has started with, "Right, mama? Right?" To which I must reply, "Right what, honey?" And repeat ad infinitum until I begin banging my head against a hard surface. Basic agreement ("yes, right.") and ignoring result in wails and tears and tantrums. Please tell me there is an end to the toddler-on-repeat phase?


I hear ya. I'm just now exiting my first trimester and let me tell you: I cannot even *think* about Saltines now. Who knew you could get ruined on some stupid crackers?


I hope you feel better soon. I was dreadfully sick thru both of my pregnancies - I remember putting gas in my car one morning and having to pull over to the side of the gas station and throw up in the bushes! Argh. The smells definitely did it for me.

My ob told me to take Tums. They have lots of calcuim - good for the baby and they really worked for me. I had a HUGE bottle of them with me everywhere I went - kept one in my car, on my desk, etc. They were great!


My mother would like you to know that the possibilty exists that Noah is declaring his faith - "Ceiling Cat LIVES!" is the message he would like to convey.


My daughter was a year old when I ws pregnant with my son and I had this really cool thing going on when during both of my pregnancies: I puked every single day, sometimes twice a day, for nine straight months.

I hated everyone and their stupid tips.

My only fond memory during pregnancy part deux was when my daughter would suddenly stop playing, run into the bathroom, lean her head over the toilet, and begin gagging.

I hope this trick will aid her when she gets into college.


at least Noah taps his son sticks his finger in his nose and says "Hmmmm...lets see." Like he's discovered something interesting. I really don't want to know what...LOL


My Assvice:

I had the pukes and the dry heaves and could not even keep water down. This was last Monday... I called my DR and he told me to take 1/2 a Unisom tablet (NOT Gel tab) at night and 25mg of vitamin B6 3x a day. It has been 1 week and I have not puked nor dry-heaved at all! And the nausea is down to tolerable proportions. Only 2 more weeks until my 2nd trimester starts. Yahooo!!
Anyway, maybe ask your Dr about it and see what he thinks. Supposedly this regimen is approved by the American College of OBGYNs:

End Assvice. :-)


Assvice Alert:

At 8 weeks 3 days I am SO WITH YOU ON THE PUKINESS. No actual puking but omigod the nausea. As this is my third, I can say with confidence that NOTHING works for me. I tried the dry carb and ginger ale and the constant-eating-to-keep-a-full-tummy for a while until I realized I must be consuming 3000 calories and it wasn't even helping. So, F that.

Now I just eat small things as often as I can, and while I'm not back on salads and fish, I am trying to eat like a normal person as much as I can. I've found that while NOTHING sounds appealing, when I actually eat something I tend to feel better, whatever it happens to be. And I second the peanut butter and jelly idea - as much as I don't want it when I'm making it, once I eat it I feel better. But it MUST be on white bread, which I normally wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.

Assvice over. HANG IN THERE!


My OB told me to eat whatever sounded good at the time. With my second child it was raw carrots. Weird, but it worked. With my third, I craved chocolate. Good luck!


Was just looking at your September 19th entry with your speech delay experiences and had some assvice (actually a book recommendation):

Your description of accompanying all your gestures with sounds made me think of a book called _Theatre Games for the Classroom_ by Viola Spolin (whose son, Paul Sills, was a founder of Second City). She discusses the use of improvisation games for teaching young children, and sounds-with-gestures would be right up her alley, so she might be worth a read for y'all.


The only thing that made me throw up during my first pregnancy was Saltines. I haven't touched one since. This baby is on an all cereal diet. I'm in my 7th month, and every night I have half my dinner and a big bowl of Life cereal. I highly recommend it.

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