My TiVo Suggests Tylenol PM



My god, this blog. It is astoundingly boring.


So. Very. Very. Boring.


It is not updated often enough for my discriminating tastes, either.


And this kid is much too old to be very interesting.


Not that all this pregnancy puking and hot dog binge talk is all that appetizing.


In sum, I am in ur charming family portrait, expressing mah disdain. Pfft.

OG Homie aka Ceiba!



Photo essays are always welcome.


I'd like to see Max's thoughts documented through a photo essay. Noah is preshus, but you know this!


I'd like to see Max's thoughts documented through a photo essay. Noah is preshus, but you know this!


can you cuddle a dog like that? when there is no fur to speak of and it looks all sharp edged like nicole ritchie did before she got pregnant?


my bad on the double posting....

Fraulein N

I'm very worried about Noah's nutrition, because clearly that dog is somehow getting all of his food.

Someone Being Me

I was wondering how Ceiba was doing. I was afraid he might run for the hills to avoid another leg breaking incident when the new baby comes home.


Am lovin' your pregnancy calendar, just found out I'm 5 weeks (with my first!), so it's perfect timing for me. Am so glad to know the bloating is normal, that's one I'd never heard!

Also, odd question, have you had issues logging in to typepad since Wednesday? Just wondering...


Max is all, "I wonder what you taste like."


Oh good I was needing a Ceiba post!


What a sweet dog. :D


My G-d, Max is bigger than Noah!


Love that dog. I agree that a Max post would be much loved.


We's got no barfn here. U's come to mah house.


House of Jules

M.A. Smith

Photo essays are always welcome.

Especially with cute Noah!


That is one FAT purse-dog. Max has his back turned and seems to be eyeing Ceiba in disgust, lol


photo essay ftw!
i agree that max needs one!


These are always my favorite!!


Max! I'm so happy to see Max, I've missed him!


I LOVE Ceiba!!!


You know what... ? I think we are in a "blog content drought" in general. So you should take pride that you are one of the people who are (is? grammar is HARD!) able to maintain your readership through dog photo essays. Yes. We love you THAT. MUCH.

(Also? Your pregnancy makes me kind of squee....)


holy shit, your cat is as big as the boy

creative type dad

wow, those are some big teeth he's sporting there


I like that dog, which is weird because usually me and dogs? Nah. That one though looks like he would fit in with my kind of world, also how do you pronounce his name? I am like some kind of idiot when I read it and try and say it and them try it another way, usually I end up saying it like cyber...but it would make my brain happy to know how it shoud be said, thankyou.
I am so happy you are pregnant and even happier that I am not, phew.


I love Ceiba posts. Ceiba is such a cool dog. I have a chi that looks a bit like her. She's such a sweetheart.

And to the earlier poster... they are very cuddly... why would you think a dog would need to be hairy to be cuddly?


I didn't know a dog could be bershon!


Oh my God! This blog has brought new meaning to my life. I'm a stay at home mom to an 8 month old and as of now DO NOT FEEL like I am the only one who feels the way I do! OMG! Thank you thank you thank you AMY! I no longer want to rip my husband's balls off because he can 1) shower longer than 4 minutes EVERY DAY, 2) he actually gets out of the house every day (and gets dressed for that matter), 3) eats out every day for lunch and 4) doesn't have a baby climbing on him 24/7. Ugh, thank you for shedding the light on the SAHM industry!


I cant believe it. i have 2 dogs identical to yours. miniature pinschers. i am so happy to see that yours are the larger type. everytime we go to dr they say mine are too big. i cant control bone growth. we just had bladderstones in the male. a heafty 945.00 bill.

Mrs. Flinger

Don't worry, Amy. You'll just start a new group of followers who only write about hot dogs and puking. heh.

But it's because we luvss you soooo mucchhh.


The Noah, Ceiba and Max all in one day, in picture form? My life is complete...


Oh, lolcats, how you have overrun the internet. :P

eleventy frillionth amy

theres much to be said for almost-instant gratification :-)
thank you! now i dont feel so bad about missin the damn dog in the midst of baby jubilation LOL. take care sweetie


Is that a rat or a dog?



Really great blog! I'd love your advice on mine:
Keep up the great work!

Love Sunny


I really thought that my siter's monster cat Sitka was the largest cat I would ever see in my life. Unless Noah is extremely petite, Max has Sitka beat.
I like the photo essay, but the sunbeam is still my favorite.


I still love your blog. And think it's interesting. Maybe that's just 'cause we're in the same boat. But tell the dog to start its own blog if it doesn't like yours.


Seriously. Cute dogs and cute kids go a long, long, long way. No worries there.


HOly crap, you're preggers again? Congrats and where the hell have I been? Oh yeah, working and also not blogging. At least your non-blogging entries are fun. ALSO: I lived at Dairy Queen and Taco Bell during my first pregnancy. You are not alone.


honestyrain: Ceiba's (SAY-bah!) ears and face and belly are like soft, soft velvet, and she is very much a cuddly little lapdog. She rarely leaves my lap and makes funny little newborn-sigh-sounds when you pet her just right.

Right now she is curled up into a six-inch ball on my lap. She also has no real opinions about my blog. She is actually dumber as a box of pebbles, but I love her anyway.


As Christian, winner of Project Runway would say, Ceiba is fierce! He should guest post more often (Ceiba, that is, although if you could get Christian to guest post? That would be awesomer).


Oh no, I called Ceiba HE. My apologies, dear girl.


Ceiba! How I missed you.


I really like picture #3. I make that face often. Ceiba represent!


I LOVE pictures of Noah, Ceiba, Max and all three! :)
Ceiba is quite opinionated though, isn't she?


Holy shit!!! That was a cat??? I thought it was part of the chair/pillow Noah was lounging on....Still cute my friend....

Reluctant Housewife

Yeesh! I didn't realize little dogs could be so snooty.


Boy Min Pin's are great at cleaning up after 2 year olds food droppings aren't they? ;)
Mine has that stodgy body and thick neck now too! I love it!
Ceiba should totally get her own blog.

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