Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner of Champions


So pretty much the only thing I can say about my life and accomplishments right now is that damn, I sure did eat a lot of hot dogs today.



Well then the day obviously wasn't a total waste now was it?!?


sounds like a good day to me! We finished our day with stuffed hot dogs - hot dogs sliced open with mashed potatoes and cheese on top and then broiled. Thought you might like that. My boyfriend says it's too white trash. (but he eats it!)

Mrs Butter B

um, Congrats?

And Aimee, gag. Seriously, double gag. That dinner sounds like something off of My Name is Earl...


At least ya got something.


Now that is a worth-while day if you ask me! You haven't done your job unless the baby arrives singing the Oscar Meyer Weiner song!
House of Jules


OMG, I spelled "wiener" wrong in the previous comment. How embarrassing! WIENER. There, I feel better. :)
House of Jules


Hell, if you didn't throw them up? Accomplishment indeed.

Rattling The Kettle

While you're counting small accomplishments, let's not overlook the facts that, (a) you got out of bed today, and (b) (hopefully) you showered.


Got me beat.


What is it about pregnancy that brings out the nitrate lover in us all? I swear, I ate mroe hot dogs in my 40 weeks of pregnancy than I have in my entire life. I could not get enough. Enjoy!


Yum. Hot dogs.


It's posts like these that make me fear ever having children.

Lyssa Ireland Thomas

Whoa! Me, too!

Wait. I'm not pregnant, so that's just the work of a lazy glutton.

Never mind.

Amy Jo

Hot dogs...nom nom nom


It won't be a total waste, as long as you don't see them again!

Happy pregnancy girl!

kim at allconsuming

Thats my girl.


mmmm.....that sounds good...

i need a hot dog...


Sounds like a perfect day to me!


I mean, why wouldn't you be proud of what you did today? I would...


Max is relieved it wasn't cheezburgers.


I now wonder at what point you will hate hot dogs and never want to see them again.


I really miss pregnancy and being able to eat a pound of bacon in one sitting without anyone judging


Hey, there's worse things, right?

I'm newish to your blog and I'm so hooked on you that I've been slowly working my way through your archives. I'm only halfway through Sept. of '04. Reading large quantities of you in one sitting has caused me to begin thinking like an Amalah entry sounds. I'm all "Squee!" and "gah gah gah" in my head as I go through my day. It's rather entertaining. So thanks for that!


How many?! How many?? Oh my god, tell us HOW MANY??!!!


I'm also new - found you by googling "strollers in NYC subway." BTW - We're not bringing ours now, thank-you.

Anywho....just had my second baby November and I still have days in which changing out of pjs is a lofty goal, and I don't always reach it.

And, since I can't get it out of my head I'm going to torture you with it for "rockabye baby" on Neither enter sandman nor american idiot should EVER be played on the glockenspeil. It's just wrong on so many levels.


One of my favorite expressions is, "Body by hot dogs." That dinner from Aimee sounds delicious.




I'm currently on a salami and cheese kick.


SO you got THAT going for you!


Never posted before, but I've been reading for awhile. Love your blog and congrats on baby v2.0!

Hot dogs? Uh, no. Entire box of peanut butter tagalongs? Gone. And I didn't share with anyone because I'm 27 weeks pregnant.

Totally off subject - did you see that Rent will be closing on Broadway on June 1st? Should you maybe go see it again?

And more off subject - how's Noah doing in the totally cool big boy bed? Haven't seen any updates on that.


How many is a LOT of hot dogs? I mean, one for each finger? One for each finger and toes?? The entire pack, plus a random midnight run to the corner store for another pack of delicious wieners???


You say that like it was a bad thing.


And then there was American Idol, and the FINALE of Project Runway (what did you think of who won?), so Wednesday was a pretty good day !


Oh, that takes me back to BOTH pregnancies... it seemed all I ever wanted was hot dogs. Love 'em.


MMMMM hot dogs! Although the mashed potato entree does sound interesting, I prefer 2 hot dogs cut lengthwise and flattened on a piece of bread (I use Hillbilly, but Wonderbread would be the ultimate in white trashery) and a can of hormel chili (I say beans, DH says no) poured on top. This is a college specialty of his and our ultimate dinner cop out. Oh wait, I forgot, the ultimate cop out is Top Ramen. You've all done, don't act like you haven't. (please tell me you have.)

City Girl, Country Address

I'm 17 weeks on first kid and even the THOUGHT of a hot dog gives me heartburn. You're so lucky because it does sound delicous. I'm pretty sure my co-workers would ask me to stop stinking the place up with hot dog smell.


I've been lurking for a few weeks now (think Eden sent me your way) but I had to comment on this post.

Sounds like a good day to me! I've had days like this...keep me away from the hot dogs!


I LOVED those big, fat, hot dogs when I was pregnant the 2nd time! I ate them with creamy chicken ramen noodles!


So that's less hot dogs I have to eat. Thanks.


I can't wait until BBQ season. MMMMMMMM


Spent most of 1st 6 mos. yakking with kheather. Then with #2 a homeopathic nurse said 1-2 tblspns of honey before you get out of bed in AM, lay there a min & the yakking stopped. It was awesome.
Boy do I love cravings were Beef jerky dipped in a coke Icee and w/#2 Rice & ketchup mixed together.


Glad you were able to eat something, Amy! Just curious-did you take down the post of you in all of your (better than) Angelina glory? I told my friend to check it out, and now I can't find it. Did the Internet eat it?!


See now, if you were a bone-thin Japanese man, you would probably be sporting a blue ribbon for that feat ;)


Now see hot dogs were an aversion for me when pregnant. Hydration is important but won't do much for the queasies (I cannot drink Mountain Dew to this day because of a horrifying Mtn. Dew/Prenatal pukefest at 3 months. ) As yo probably know, the saltine thing is basically that hunger brings on the queasy so keeping your stomach full at all times is crucial. So hard though because it's hard to eat when you are queasy so you must keep on eating eating eating so it won't happen. I wish I were pregnant so I could have that excuse, but alas, I just do it for recreation. ;)


Sounds good to me...


Amy, check out this article about the Governor of Alaska who is 7 months pregnant and her staff didn't even know!


Mmmmm hot dogs... *insert open mouth Homer Simpson drooling impression here*


Hate to be a buzz kill here but hot dogs are a big no-no for pregnant women. I should know... I'm a mom of four and a OB nurse.


Hate to be a buzz kill here but hot dogs are a big no-no for pregnant women. I should know... I'm a mom of four and a OB nurse.


Do they, like, have an award for that?


what's worse than weiners?

vienna sausages...

which is what I lived on during preganancy #2


Good God, I am 9 weeks and if anyone can find a gluten free hot dog that won't kill me, I do believe I will marry you and do your laundry forever. Oh and nurse shmurse! Queasy girls have gotta do whatever gets them through the day. I simply refuse to feel a touch of guilt. My guilt list is full. Sorry.


always did find salty snacks kept the preggo-pukies away.
not sure why the hot dogs would be a no-no, though. maybe only if you ate them without heating them (ala lunchmeat?). Obviously the salt and nitrates aren't good, but they're not good for ANYONE. Plus, I would've died if I couldn't eat me some good ol' hot dogs while pregnant.


My friend Sarah (dirtylaundryblog) gave me your site to look at since my 20 month old son has to go in to have his speech evaluated. Any tips? She also mentioned you're pregnant. How far along are you? I'm 28 weeks.


p.s.- try Home Depot hot dogs. Sounds nasty but they're SO good. Best when eaten pregnant on a flatbed sitting on a bucket in the middle of the aisle


I think that's what my toddler said!


I almost spit out my coffee from the O.G. Homie. Hysterical!


Your post actually forced me to call my hubby on his way home from work and beg for hot dogs. He was refusing to buy them (Hello! I'm 17 weeks pregnant! Bastard!), so I ... cried. For real. In the end I got my hot dogs and I love my dear, sweet, and possibly verbally abused hubby so much.
P.S. And for the ultimate happy ending, the minute risk of contracting listeriosis from a hot dog (why they are on the preggo no-no list, next to deli meat) is wiped out if you boil them for 4 minutes or heat them till steaming. We all win.

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