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He Calls Them Veedy-Ohs

Things We Have Learned This Week:

1) We've got a LOT of chronically incontinent, publicly flatulent, oops-I-crapped-my-pants, weird and wonky-boobed bitches up in here, and I love y'all for it.

2) Breastfeeding. Is a touchy subject. Still. Noted, and moving on.

Things We Are Not Talking About Today:

1) Breastfeeding, and thank God.

2) How UPS held my new fetal doppler hostage all week, and yes, I know I said I wasn't allowed to rent one this time, but nobody said anything about BUYING ONE. So I bought one. And then UPS wouldn't give it to me.

3) And then UPS finally gave it to me, but I haven't really been able to find the heartbeat yet but we are not talking about that today, LA LA LAAAAAAAAAAAAAohshit.

On that ominous note, allow me to present the Tonedeaf Family Sunshine Singers and their rendition of "You Are My Sunshine."

This is, admittedly, not their best work, but SOMEBODY forgot to actually hit the "record" button during an earlier and far-superior take, and then SOMEBODY ELSE refused to perform like the little performing monkey that he is and frankly, I don't think they're going to get it together enough in time for the world tour. Expect low ticket sales and eventual cancellations blamed on exhaustion and acid reflux.



well, damn if that didn't just brighten up my whole day. too cute.


seriously i've had the worst rainy day ever and that just made it all better.

god he is so damn cute. my favorite part is the end - "no, no take" ovaries exploding.

Must Be Motherhood

I'm 18 weeks and my OB has TWICE not been able to find the heartbeat using the sonogram. Trained professional. So we've used the ultrasound instead (bonus visuals! yes!). Or did I just mix up the names of the devices? Stupid preggo brain.

So. No worries to you about this. You are a professional bloggress and mother of a toddler, which is enough.

Mother of Beans

Ahh my favorite song ever.


Damn but my womb is just crying right now
Must get knocked up this month or else!
Seriously-that is the sweetest thing ever. How do you leave the house when there are such incredible cheeks to be smooshed?


Bravo! Encore! Do you ever get tired of people telling you how cute he is? I have a great recording of my 4 yr old singing "Let it Snow" which according to her is "Let it Go" and I intend to play it at her high school graduation. Right after we pass around the bathtub pictures.
Can I say one liitle thing about boobs? 38D, couldn't pump for crap. Besides, I was a formula fed baby and I'm a pretty smart chick. (but I don't use paragraphs correctly - at least I know this about myself)


Adorable! And dude, don't sweat the Doppler thing. Most times I can't find my own pulse, leading me to think that I am, perhaps, dead although look! I'm still breathing.


I thought he did pretty well with the prompts, until the end when he obviously realized that he was cute enough to get away with refusing to perform any longer. Really, with a face like that, who needs to be able to sing? And by the way, I've been reading your blog for YEARS, and yet am just now de-lurking. I even read all the stuff about your boobs, despite having no use for that information myself(yet--damn my uncooperative reproductive system), just because you're so so entertaining. And grammatical. Amen.


I love the big pause before the end...too cute! And you have a great voice too!


About the most adorable thing I've seen... since dropping off my kids at daycare. ;-)

Seriously- VERY cute!
Play it at his wedding!

Someone Being Me

That just totally made my Friday afternoon. I would definitely buy tickets for the Noahpalooza world domination tour.


Allow me to add to the chorus of "aaahs" in a musical alto.
This was a real pickmeup after a bitch of a day.
Happy Weekend, Storches!


Wow - his speech is really, really coming along nicely!!


Just wanted to let you know how much your blog makes me smile. Thanks for being real. I am almost 10 weeks with my first and being able to read your pregnancy thoughts, has been fabulous. Check out my blog


You can buy those things at Target and Walmart now. It amazed me when my daughter in law purchased one with my first grandchild. We had to wait and do it the old fashioned way and wait on doctor appointments. I can imagine how I would of freaked myself out if I had this stuff at home!


Adorable! Thank you for that cute video, Amy. I hope you all have a great weekend, especially after having started your readers' weekends on such a high note (and that truly was not a diss on your singing, by the way!)


dying with the cuteness.

you have video evidence that he agreed via a spoken "ohkayyyy" not to take your sunshine away.

i say you hold him to it.


Fetal doppler + idiot user (me) + frantic phone call to OB = hatred for fetal doppler.

That story still makes me cringe 4 years later.


That's too cute. Back to figuring out which little boy (if it wasn't Noah) took away my sunshine today. Because it ain't sunny. Although Sunday looks like it's going to be nice, but the poor tourists are screwed because the rain prob washed away all the cherry blossom petals.

Have a great weekend, good luck fixing the Dop.


I just went to my 14 week appointment and watched my OB attempt to remain calm as he failed for, oh, about 4 minutes to find a heartbeat. He did not fool me with his distracted questions about whether the nausea had passed or if I was getting my energy back.

Of course, he didn't hide his glee when he finally FOUND the damn heartbeat. "Ah! THERE'S our Hero!" Which of course made me giggle, but I still wanted to punch him in the head.

And, for the record, my left boob is definitely smaller than the right one.. and the difference grows more obvious during my pregnancies. Just wait - I have boundary issues, so if you see a crazy pregnant redhead flashing you her boobs at BlogHer, it's probably me.


Oh, he's a doll. KayTar was all "Dat's KayTar! Dat's Mommy!" LOL.


He's perfect and well, perfectly perfect. You, your beautiful voice...sooo pretty.


Well, my two year old is a big fan. In fact, I just showed him the video and he keeps saying, "Again?" We've now watched it at least 3 times. I think I've created a monster. At least maybe we can stop watching the Red Bull helicopter video a billion times a day on You Tube.

Jen L.

What a sweetie pie! Makes me want to teach my 3 month old to talk now.
I also had a fetal doppler-induced heart attack, after which it was promptly removed from my posession by my very wise, very patient husband. :)


This has to be one of the cutest things that I have ever seen. Noah is just adorable.


this is too cute
can we hear umbrella next week??


It seems to me that you had the same trouble last time with the doppler? Aim lower would be my guess and cut yourself some slack. You will find the jellybean.


oops I forgot to add that Eamon thinks this video of Noah is him singing!


Precious, precious! He is just adorable!


Don't worry about the doppler (ha ha)'re still very early on, and I've had 2 midwives have trouble finding mine, but it's there. And they're pros at it.

The sunshine video is absolutely adorable!


Encore! Encore! That was too cute, and made my day! Thank you!


Adorable! Mine never sings on video. Makes me look like a big fat liar...little stinker!


Well, could that boy be any cuter? I loved that 'OK' at the end, dearest little man.


You are my chunchine,
My only chunchine,
You make me happy when skies are grapes....

That's how my baby used to sing it, and I never corrected her.


You are my chunchine,
My only chunchine,
You make me happy when skies are grapes....

That's how my baby used to sing it, and I never corrected her.


So. Incredibly. Precious.


Noah's video brought tears to my eyes - maybe because I want so badly to have one of my own but darn it all if my husband isn't on board!!!

Noah is beautiful and you are an AWESOME mom!!!


That is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Don't freak, and please keep us updated on the doppler performance. I say assume it's a faulty machine... or maybe operator error... :)


Very nice -
my little hellion's current favorite is "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road."

"You are my sunshine" is so much more pleasant :)


So sweet!


Beautifully sung on both of your parts! Too cute!


Yeah, not even PG, and friends deopper found a heart beat in my tummy, don't worry about it, yoru baby is fine!


That is so darn cute! :)


very cute!

oh, and the bf-ing? guess I didn't read enough of your comments to see all the drama...possibly because I was trying to avoid it. hopefully I didn't add to it (haven't seen any drama on my posts from leaving the link on yours, but then, folks would have to like me enough to read). :)


Okay, I know we're not talking about it? But 'member when you rented your doppler last time and couldn't find Noah's heartbeat 'til you jammed it right down into your bellybutton, then you STILL weren't sure because you read something online about moms' digestive sounds?

And now see Noah?

Yeah. Everything's fine.


Those home-dopplers are notoriously difficult to use on oneself. After 2 miscarriages, I thought I'd be doing my sanity a favor by renting one to have at home. Uh yeah. No.

Let's just say that after scaring myself to death on more than one occasion, my husband put the doppler up in the closet until I was well into my 6th month and the baby's heartbeat could be heard across the room...


I'm 33 weeks pregnant and we've had a doppler from BabyBeat since I was about 5 weeks pregnant. It took until I was about 11 weeks pregnant to actually HEAR anything though. Try as we might. Even though it's been reassuring at times, I think for the most part the damn thing has caused me more anxiety than anything, especially when we couldn't find the heartbeat for hours/days at a time.


why must this blog always make me cry? damn it amy, you and that little man of yours get me EVERY time.


Aaahhiii!! The cuteness is overwhelming! Thanks for sharing the veedy-oh!


Super cute! My husband walked in during that video and said "Wow, she's got a great voice!" And he's a music teacher so he knows his shit. And I say Noah is freaking adorable and I know my shit.


"No Take?"
Too Damn Cute!


I'm a full grown human and sometimes the doctors have a hard time finding my heartbeat...they tell me it's "feeble." I don't think it's a good thing. But I'm still here, right??


I'm a full grown human and sometimes the doctors have a hard time finding my heartbeat...they tell me it's "feeble." I don't think it's a good thing. But I'm still here, right??


simply adorable.


My son pronounces it "Vee-Oh-Doh"


Video = most adorable.

Home doppler = pain in the butt. I used to take me sometimes half an hour to find the heartbeat during my last pregnancy, and I was (1) a medical professional and (2) carrying twins. What used to help me when it was still early days with mine was to lie down and scoot the probe slowly down until it bumped against my pubic bone then rock it a little so that it was actually aiming under the bone a little then scan side to side. Good luck, he's in there somewhere.


omg, Noah is sooo cute! That video is proof he's going to be the next american idol.

I had a love/hate relationship with my doppler. I got it at 10 weeks and about had a heart attack trying to find it the first time. Aim it waaaay down under your pubic bone, that's where I always was able to hear it.


Cutest Toddler Internets Rock Star Singin the Oldies but Goodies Ever. Is all I am sayin.


i think i may have just smiled a little.

oh yes, and per your previous post? NAHNAHNAH! it's a GIRL!


I think you should make a CD of you and Noah singing! This along with Noah's earlier rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle" would cheer anyone up!


You are both very cute.


I love that song and sang it like that with my kids when they were little.

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