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Ok, so...the truth is we just. don't. know. We really and truly don't, and my confidence in my own guess yesterday is pretty much non-existent right now, and hey! Guess what! We go back in eight weeks for another ultrasound. We will...hold off on all the shopping until then. Yes.

I wasn't letting the guessing game continue to mean, honest -- in fact I wish I had time to update yesterday and throw up my hands and admit that hell, you could ALL BE RIGHT at this point, especially when some of the comments starting getting a tad...graphic with the descriptions of my poor child's bizness, oh my heavens to betsy ross, and then I felt bad because everybody thought I was holding back on Some Definitive Answer and...

...uh. We don't know what it is. At all.

I am sad that I am still calling it an it, because for a couple hours yesterday it was a he, my new baby boy, my second son, oh my goodness I am going to have a house chock full of boys. And while I did feel this tiny twinge of "oh, wow, so no daughter for me," within five minutes I was at a WHOOP WHOOP level of excitement because in case you haven't noticed, BOYS ARE SO TOTALLY THE AWESOME.

The thing is, though, that we really don't know, because the ultrasound was far from conclusive, even live and in-person. We saw something... protuberance-like. Ish. Since I've had in my head for weeks now that I'm having a boy, I immediately identified it as boy parts. My doctor said that would be his guess too, but admitted that at 12 weeks and change, everybody really looks kind of the same down there.

And indeed, once I came home and started really staring at the pictures, the protuberance started to look not quite as...obvious as I once thought it was, and then Google entered into it and oh hell, this is 100% totally inconclusive, no matter how much squinting and head-cocking I do.

I learned, by the way, that baby girls do indeed have a fairly pronounced protuberance of their own at this age, and that first-trimester gender prediction is all about something called "the angle of the dangle." Seriously.



Apparently, the best way to guess at the sex is using a profile view of the bits (as opposed to the full-on crotch shot that we have) and...assess the angle of the...nubby things. Okay then! So the fact that I clearly saw nubby things means nothing. Fine.

I really didn't see the three lines so many of you picked up in the first photo -- and my doctor thought there was a chance we were getting some umbilical cord interference on that one, and was basing his guess more on the second photo. But to me, that one suggests nothing more than your typical first-trimester not-quite-yet-developed bits-of-androgyny. 




So. That's...probably way more words about this subject than were really necessary. I have (obviously) decided to skip the whole surprise thing about the sex of this baby, mostly because it felt really, REALLY great to know yesterday, however temporary and possibly wrong it was. (And honestly, if it's a boy I will so totally NOT be surprised at all, no matter how long we wait, and at this point a girl would shock the living daylights out of me at 20 weeks just as much as it would at 40.)

The important thing, blah blah blah, of course, is that the baby 1) is present and accounted for, 2) developing appropriately, 3) passed the nuchal translucency scan with flying colors. I could not possibly be happier or more excited right now, no matter what is ultimately going on between the legs. Who cares! It's a BABY. Which is kind of the WHOLE POINT.

PS Jason still thinks it's a girl. I think we need to put some money or diamond pendants on this. Just to make it interesting.



Definitely do the diamonds. Just in case :) Happy to hear all is going well with the new little one!!!


If Jason's right, will he want a diamond pendant, or a new diamond for his grill?


I lost sight of your page for awhile, and just caught up today...CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so excited for you (boy OR girl)!


Either way you will love it. Finding out early just means more shopping lol


Heh. This is why I refrained from guessing. Because it would have totally been a guess.
BOTH of my daughters were identified as "guaranteed 100% boys" by the ultrasound techs. Yeah, okay, you big fakey fakersons.
(I am content with what I got, two healthy kids, of course; but damn, to be told I was going to have boys and then get girls? Sort of strange, the mixed emotions I had over all that.)


Like you, I had a boy first and KNEW that I was having another boy with my second pregnancy. My husband said girl and we bet a nice dinner on it. Guess what? At 20 weeks we were told girl. I was still surprised, even after she was born...


Thanks for the Lt. Dangle reference- Love it.


I had absolutely no idea what was going on in those ultrasounds, but man, was I excited to see them! And my heart was actually RACING a bit when I read through the comments and saw how many people thought that they were looking at a girl! Apparently I have a gender preference for your second baby, even if you don't! That kind of makes me feel like a terrible and super lame person...what am I going to be like when my close friends and I get pregnant?! Anyway, congratulations on all the fantastic healthy news!


Uhmmmmmm......what the heck is a "nuchal transparency"???!!! Beam me up, Scotty - they don't speak english down here.....


Dude, I totally see the mark of the hambawga in the top photo! In the second shot, you can even see the little hiney hole and what appears to be labia in front of it. They are swollen at at this point, like you said.

Either way, ababy!!!!!!, not to be confused with aball.

So excited and happy for you!!

mama speak

So glad you are going to find out.

There's a study (my husband found it when I was preg w/#2) that says women who are college grads & dream the gender of their baby when preg are correct 70% of the time. But now that I told you I'm not sure it would count.

Also, I was SURE I was having a boy w/#2 cause my preg was the opposite of #1. I almost fell off the table w/the US tech told us girl. She thought I was disappointed, but really I was just surprised. We had an amnio to confirm, but the dr. came in after the US tech & was like "yup, all girl" (hamburger in both cases).
I'll bet you're vegan by now, huh.


You hit the nail on the head, Amy. Boy or girl, congrats on the BABY! BTW, girls are just as awesome as boys. My own is a little mini-me, and while it sometimes sends my husband screaming for the hills, I understand her perfectly so we have a blast together!


During our first baby's ultrasound, the tech asked if we had any guesses about the sex. I said I thought boy, my husband said he thought girl. The tech looked at me, nodded, and said, "The mother is always right."

Then she looked at my husband and said flatly, "Just get used to it."

Which: HA. Because he is already SO USED to the idea that I am always right.


Alright...for shits and grins...I'm guessing girl. But my guess is only partially random. I'm no expert, other than having had twin girls and a son, but hear me out. The second u/s still looks girly to me because you can clearly see the femur (on the top of the shot) ending near where you'd expect the hip to be forming, which would mean that if it were a boy, his bits would be, um, way out there. Just sayin'...
Either way, congrats on a clean scan!


The fact that you put Jim Dangle on your page makes me love you even more than I already do.


I still say girl. But, hey, I think I'm on my 4th girl.



I am so glad that I wasn't alone in being unable to see the three lines. Whew. I am also going to be on tenterhooks for the next eight weeks so, you know, there's that.


I'm so glad you and your doctor... oh, AND Jason, are as U/S-happy as you are.
I hate surprises.


Diamond pendant or baby girl? Sounds like a win/win to me!

Jamie Bowden

I always thought I wanted a girl too, but we had a boy, and the older he gets, the happier I am that I won't have to wait up to intimidate some poor high school kid about what exactly he was doing with my daughter.

Ah fathers...we're crazy, you know.

Becca Parra

Isn't it amazing how incredibly non-important the gender becomes the instant you see the baby on the screen? I had a bonus ultrasound at 16 weeks, and beforehand, was so hoping they would tell me the gender. The instant I saw that baby all adorable and perfect on the screen, the gender thoughts just went away. I did remember to ask, and they told me it was their policy not to say anything until 20 weeks, and I felt not one twinge of disappointment. Just elation at the sight of my beautiful baby (who turned out to be a daughter).


If you bet diamonds and Jason wins (by the way, totally weird to be calling your husband by name like I KNOW him or something), will HE wear the diamond pendants? On a massive gold pimp chain with a huge "J" on it? And if he did, you would post pictures, right?


I haven't read the whole entry, but I'm so confused. I always thought it wasn't really possible to find out until about 20 weeks. Am I just misinformed?


It is true boy or girl that is a healthy baby growing in there! And I would totally put a bet on a diamond pendant or whatever though only if you were right ;)


I'm w/ Jason.

Type (little) a

So what you're saying is,

It's Pat.

(also I had a boy vs girl bet going with my husband, with us taking the same sides as you and jason, except the stakes were $1. I never even thought of a pendant! I paid him in pennies, which i sprinkled all over his side of the bed. For I am a sore loser. Who abuses parenthesis)


Yes. Do the diamonds. Hopefully Jason will decide that a delicate little diamond pendant doesn't suit him and will give it to his beautiful, loving, greedy wife.

She Likes Purple

I feel kind of crazy because I thought you mentioned you were going to see the baby via 4D ultrasound at that it would be around 80% confirmed. Maybe that was another blogger. Or, hell, it could have been someone in my family. Regardless, the baby (girl/boy) is going to be adorable. That much we can all pretty much agree on.

Swirl Girl

Hey- look at it this way, as long as it is not an owl or dolphin (which I what I was CONVINCED mine were) and the baby is of the human species...You Win!

I say diamond pendant if it's a girl, diamond earrings if it's a boy!!!

love your site BTW

Swirl Girl

Hey- look at it this way, as long as it is not an owl or dolphin (which I what I was CONVINCED mine were) and the baby is of the human species...You Win!

I say diamond pendant if it's a girl, diamond earrings if it's a boy!!!

love your site BTW


Amalah, you're lucky. I went in for my 36-week ultrasound, and my baby looked *less* like a baby than ever. Dude, how did THAT happen?


Wallydraigle, I completely agree with you. 12 weeks is way too early to see the sex.. I don't know why everyone is trying to evaluate those pictures.


She Likes Purple - we did switch over to the 4D view a couple times, but the baby was just moving too damn much for it to be anything other than a blur. The 4D probably could have told us something a little more if the baby had been asleep or something -- which is why Level II ultrasounds aren't usually given until the baby is starting to run out of room to move too much.

As for the "is it even possible to tell at 12 weeks," sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. Depends on your baby's development (every one is a little different) and the angle and the quality of the machine. As more and more people get the 12-week NT scans done, some techs and people are getting better at detecting the differences -- which ARE (tiny ones) there by around 11 weeks or so. But either way, I think it's FUN to guess. I mean, 50/50 shot, right?

Oh, the nuchal translucency scan is a very early screen for Down's syndrome and other chromosomal disorders. They measure this patch of fluid at the base of the baby's neck -- this is what the LAST picture on my last entry was off. It's the baby's face in profile and a BEAUTIFUL nuchal measurement of 1.33 (anything under 2.0 is GOOD).

So those of you who guessed BOY based on the last photo -- sorry, that's an arm you're looking at there. Heh.


Boy OR Girl: Both flavors are magically delicious!


hooray for... a baby! whatever it is, if noah is any indication of the cuteness of storch children, this one is sure to be ovary-exploding adorable.


Oh, and speaking of machine quality and the 4D images -- the machine my doctor had during my last pregnancy was such an outdated POS that even at an U/S I had two days before my due date you could BARELY make out that Noah was a boy. Which is why he sent me out to a third-party imaging center for all the previous ones. This time he has a brand-new GE one that is simply unbelievable, which is also why some people are able to find out earlier and earlier these days.

The woman ahead of me yesterday was about 12 weeks along with twins, and my dr. showed us a 4D image of one of them (twins don't move as much, I guess) and DAMN. That was a boy for sure.

(Hi! I am really talky today.)


I've had more ultrasounds than I honestly care to admit. I had triplets in '05. BUT they were all boys. THEN I had twins in '06 and here's where things get funky...THEY'RE all girls... I swear to all that is holy, thats what their little itty bitty coo coo's looked like at around 12 weeks. I swear. In fact, I'm going to go dig up some old ultrasounds and find them, and MAIL them to you. Because well, I'm just that insane. And apparently I have too much time on my hands.
Regardless, WOOT on making a healthy baby. You rock.




I didn't try a guess yesterday cos I suck big time at reading ultrasounds. My last pregnancy U/S(waaaay back in time - 1990) were a mystery to me. Anyway - baby! Yay! Shopping for neutral stuff now and pink or blue stuff later - awesome. And I am happiest to add that I am doubly excited to read your blog now that I've just found out that my DIL is also in the "gonna have a baby club". Go babies! Target here I come.


thank you, for saying something to the people about that last picture and it NOT being a boy. im not sure if those comments or the "internal doppler" ones have made me crack up more this week.

yay for healthy baby, whatever it is.

Crystal D

I had no clue yesterday and clearly didn't get any help from the 50/50 predictions of your commenters.
At least you only have a few more weeks to wait and you don't have to wait for the entire time. It will go fast, it has for me. I just have to wait 7 more days. Aah!

Miss Britt

I am still on Team Girl.

Tell Jason we're making shirts. What size does he need?


I must remember to never click on any links you provide while I am at work. Are you trying to get me fired?


For about 30 weeks I was totally convinced I was having a girl. On Monday morning I was proved correct. Yay! I think Mommies just know most of the time. And you're right, the most important this is that it's a BABY! A baby! Yahoo! I'm so excited for you.


There are some things you can do if you'd like to keep the guessing game going.

In my native country, people will hold a necklace above the womb (usually a gold necklace with some sort of pendant hanging from it), hold it still, then wait for it to start moving. If it moves in a circle it's supposed to be a girl, and if it moves in a straight line back and forth then it's a boy. This is fun because you can do it yourself.

Also, children with Down's syndrome are believed to be particularly adept at knowing the sex of the if you know any children with Down's you might want to ask them. (PS: based on my own observations, this hypothesis is true.)


For more info on early gender development check out:

Also, for early u/s gender prediction check here

Those ladies are good with predictions.


jive turkey

Bless you for posting a picture of Dangle. Bless you.


My sister nicknamed her future nephew "Bump". When we went for the 20 week sound, the joke was "Does Bump have a stump or lumps?"


Jason still thinks it's a girl. I think we need to put some money or diamond pendants on this. Just to make it interesting.

I totally agree with this.


P.S. Hubby and I had a conversation in which we both admitted that we don't give a tinker's damn what the gender of ours is. I think that's very funny, since we can both be kind of picky and opinionated about other things.


Boy or girl, they all eat, sleep and poop. And they smell so GOOD! I want a baby now, too!


Boy / girl / surprise now / surprise later...

I'm just so excited for you that you're having a BABY!!! And totally envious.

(Having just packed and given away the last of the baby clothes, and having got lost in the smell of them and wishing i could go back and do it all, all over again.)

Just so precious and wonderful. Glad to hear you're sounding a bit more perky these days. Enjoy. :-)


Amy.. delurking here.. to share my experience. I lost my third baby at 19 weeks pregnant. I was induced and delivered. Teeny weeny thing.. we got to see him/her. They told us it looked to be a boy. Because of the sort of protuberences down there. But then later the results showed that she had been a girl.
So forgive me if, given this experience, I shake my head at people trying to figure out the gender from ultrasounds, if it can be got wrong from a 19 week 'foetus'.
[And then you have no idea the crappy things people say to you... having had two girls before that, there were comments that it was actually less distressing having lost a girl than if it had been a boy.]

Please... Just be happy for a heartbeat.
(Love your blog!)


I propose the following arrangement for you - If it's a girl you get a diamond necklace in a circle shape (1 ctw.) if it's a boy a dangley diamond pendant (1 ctw.) either way it's a win win situation.


RE Tracey:
It is so not nice to share your miscarriage story on a pregnant mommy blog. You are cruel and need to deal with your grief in a different way.


Dude, I didn't even see legs. Thank god its not my turn, huh? I would suck at the ultrasound game and probably manage to scare myself silly. Hopefully, I will continue to learn from you : ) However, my uber-scientific knowledge will totally allow me to confirm that it is in fact A BABALAH (2.0) and thus, WOOOHOOO!!

Amanda Cowan

I agree with Amanda, Tracey. That is absolutely tragic and I'm so sorry for your loss.. but there are just some things you don't share with a pregnant woman....

Amanda Cowan

BTW- I do think you're having a girl.. some previous comments discussed the little lumps being the same at 12 weeks and change, but I do see the telltale lines..

Either way, he or she is sure to be just as beautiful as big bro....


HERE'S WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO! Seriously - it's the craziest thing ever to share over the Internets, but I have never been wrong. OK.

Get a needle and thread it.

Hold your threaded needle over your extended palm and rub the thread against the inside of your wrist about 40 times.

Then dangle the needle over your extended palm and hold your pinched fingers still.

If the needle starts swinging back and forth in a straight line - boy.

If the needle moves in a circle - girl.

HOWEVER. The first time it goes 'round - it will reflect your first child, and then the 2nd time, you get the second... you have to rub your wrist again between each reading.

Sounds like the rantings of a crazy cat lady, I know, but I swear - I have dogs. And 4 kids that the needle never lied about - ah promise!

*also verifiable from dozens of friends, co-workers and sisters in law. They come to me...bwahaha. ;) You'll have a cutie, either way. I'm jumping up and down inside for ya.


I honestly couldn't tell the head from the legs let alone whether it had male of female genitals. Rorshach could maybe decipher it for you. Looking forward to when you do know for sure though.


When the baby arrives, the last thing you will worry about is whether it's a boy or a girl. I'm sure you will be equally happy either way:)


I understand your obsession. I am 23 weeks pregnant, have a 21 month old son, and want this one to be a girl SO BAD. I can't wait til next weeks ultrasound when we will likely find out. Good luck on the waiting. I know it's not easy.


Head cocking, eh? Pardon the pun?


Woah, Amandas: lay off Tracey. She left a comment completely related to the entry, said Amy was lucky to have a healthy baby, and said from her experiences, gender is difficult to determine even from 19 weeks. She has as much right to share her story as you do. Everyone has a sadness in their past-- most of our valuable advice comes from them.


If it is a boy two boys are lots of fun. There is generally a lot of noise and wrestling and they love, love, love their Mommy!

If it's a girl...lucky you. Regardless, congrats on a baby!!!


A diamond pendant. And earrings. Cos whether it is a boy or girl you are carrying him/her...

PS: Amandas back off... Tracey didn't say anything inappropriate or irrelevant.


Tracey, I am exceedingly sorry for your loss.

But please don't assume that because we are having fun playing the gender guessing game that we are *not* happy or grateful for the baby in the first place, or that we've got whacked-out priorities or something.

I cannot imagine your pain right now, but the thing is...for me to temper my excitement over the boy/girl mystery because of fear of something similar wouldn't make it hurt any less, if something were to go wrong down the road.

I KNOW that wasn't what you were suggesting or anything (and no, I don't believe you were being cruel or something, at all), but...I don't know what my point is here anymore, except that wistfully dreaming about blue or pink or bitching about morning sickness doesn't mean I'm not fully aware of all the bad bad things that could still go wrong.

Whatever the ultimate outcome, I want to squeeze maximum joy out of my time with this baby -- something I was too fearful to really do with Noah, and I regret that I let anxiety rule that pregnancy.

(I will ALSO say that some of the women on some of the gender-guessing message boards COULD use the perspective of your story, because if I may get a little judgey here, some of them have gone completely overboard with the gender preference. Oh, you just found out you're having your fourth boy and are just beyond devastated because you wanted a girl so baaaad waaaah? Umm. Grr. Send truckload of baby boys to me, plz, because I will accept anything with chubby cheeks and chicklet toes.)


DUDE!! Totally a girl. I've had two and dug out our ultrasounds..the little girlie bits are swollen and look like two little peenies, but totally GIRLIE BITS. Start buying pink, Mama! So happy for you, either way, but GIRL.

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