Eggplant Will Make Your Baby Addicted to Cigarettes & Other Important Lessons*
It's 11:22 in Newark, at least

Oh right. Bye.

I'm going to California! Today! Right now! The car service is outside honking pointedly.

("CAR SERVICE" will soon be blogger code for "ALL-EXPENSES PAID CORPORATE JUNKET TRIP THING." Mark my words.)

I was unfortunately unable to attend that Johnson & Johnson Camp Baby thing from a few weeks back, and afterwards I felt really left out so when an invite for a smaller shindig came from Sony I basically whined and whined until Jason agreed to take a couple days off from work so I could go listen to Powerpoint presentations and call him every 15 minutes to screech about how pretty my hotel room was and IT'S SO QUIET! NO ONE IS SHRIEKING IN MY EAR ABOUT CLUES AND PAWPRINTS AND SUPER GROVER! PLUS THERE'S FREE SHAMPOO! I AM SMELLING THE FREE SHAMPOO NOW AND YOU KNOW WHAT? THE FREE SHAMPOO SMELLS PRETTY. OK, PUT NOAH ON THE PHONE. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED ON BLUE'S CLUES.

I will most likely be one of the only sober attendees, so rest assured that I plan to take full advantage of my fellow bloggers' inebriated states. Mercilessly, with full photographic evidence and Sharpie markers. Or perhaps I shall go to bed at 8 pm instead. You just never know! I'm so crazy and unpredictable.

OK! Jesus. The car service has much to learn about how vitally important we mommybloggers are to the global economy, or whatever the fuck it is these corporations think we are. I am sure I will be online again soonish, and hopefully it will be in California, provided I don't screw something up and end up in Newark.

(Sadly, for me, that's a very real possibility I live with every day of my life.)



SO jealous. An all-expense paid vacation would be heaven right now.

But you deserve it. Enjoy, mama!


Oh, how fun! Enjoy the trip, and I hope your luggage is loaded with free stuff!


Car de da! Fancy!

I always turn into a hoarding maniac with those little bottles of shampoo...because you just NEVER KNOW.


Have SO much fun! Especially being the only sober blogger there... I smell blackmail photos on flickr!!!
House of Jules


To add to List of Things To Do Before I Die: Attend corporate junket trip thing. Collect free shampoo.

Until then I'll have to live vicariously through you. Can't wait to hear about it. :)


have fun! i want a trip to california. stupid job.


Yes, we missed you at Camp Baby. But I wasn't invited to Sony (or that Disney-thing) - WAAAH! Maybe we'll see you at BlogHer? 'Cause I miss you... XOXO.

Undomestic Diva

Pick me up on the way. Please. I'm not pregnant, but I'll happily forgo the alcohol to go to bed at 8:00 in a nice, quiet hotel room.

Ah hell. Make it 7:00. Let's live DANGEROUSLY.


I am headed to CA next week for a work/conference thingie. If only you were there then. We could get together and be totally boring...


Have fun in Cali!

Backpacking Dad

My wife takes EVERYTHING they put out in the hotel room. She never uses it at home, although she swears she is going to. It's something about the very small bottles, like they're for kittens or something.

We had so many of them accumulated in the bathroom closet that she finally decided to donate them all to a women's shelter.

Now when she steals all that stuff she justifies it by saying that it's all going to a good cause.


I wish someone would pay for a hotel room for me in my hometown. Have fun and please don't forget your camera.




I'm totally jealous! Sleep in for the rest of us, enjoy that shampoo and having the TV clicker all to yourself! :) Oh, and order some room service while you're at it!!! :)

Jamie Bowden's Newark?


It is refreshing to know that whining actually CAN get you your way from time to time! :D


Have the BEST TIME!!!

Wow. Time To Yourself.

And yes, the capitals are totally necessary. :-)

Enjoy and kick up your heels in the best possible way!!

Rita Arens

Speaking of corporate junkets, I need to talk to you about something junket-y. I think this may be the only way to catch you. E-mail me!

Leaf, probably...

I hope it all goes well, and I hope there is free stuff. Because, you know, free stuff rocks.


If you are anywhere near the San Francisco area - would love to take you out to dinner. I so enjoy your blog, but have never posted a comment before.


We definitely missed you at Camp Baby - (I wasn't invited to the Sony thing or Disney) - but yes, "car service" is now code for all expense paid blogger corporate trip!


So, if you end up in Newark, call me. Or email me. I'll rescue you.

Oh, and all the free toiletries? your hair won't like them, save them for the troops. One of our local radio stations is collecting them to send to Iraq and Afganistan.


Sony?? You're not in San Diego, are you? Are you?? Email me!! I will totally pick you up and make you dinner, I will I will I will!

Uh-oh, been watching a bit too much of the Sprout channel meself..

I got "people" in Newark, if you get stranded ;)


What, no minute by minute packing run down? Those always crack me up. Have a great time!

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