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...uh. ...well. Ok, so...the truth is we just. don't. know. We really and truly don't, and my confidence in my own guess yesterday is pretty much non-existent right now, and hey! Guess what! We go back in eight weeks for another ultrasound. We will...hold off on all the shopping until then. Yes. I wasn't letting the guessing game continue to mean, honest -- in fact I wish I had time to update yesterday and throw up my hands and admit that hell, you could ALL BE RIGHT at this point, especially when some of the comments starting getting a tad...graphic... Read more →

You Tell Me.

Well? So I made a guess, and my doctor made a guess, and they were indeed the same guess, but after an unhealthy amount of time examining the blurry genitals on random strangers' ultrasounds on Google I am now second-guessing that guess. Maybe. A little. Eh, I think I'm right. Dear Baby, Thank you for being all alive and perfect and stuff. I really really love you a lot, like, wow, Mama PS LITTLE KICKING LEGS WANT TO CHOMP NOM. Read more →

All This PLUS Free Super Saver Shipping!

The Hi Bebe BT-200 Fetal Doppler/Heartrate Monitor Product Description: Do you need this? OF COURSE YOU NEED THIS. Your next OB appointment isn't until WHEN? You haven't had visual and/or audio confirmation of your baby's continued survival in HOW LONG? Oh Jesus. We don't want to alarm you or anything, but we hear there's some legislation pending in a few states regarding fetal neglect, or something. You are terrible, terrible mother unless you buy this right now. I mean, you had one for your FIRST BABY, right? What, do you not LOVE this baby as much? Are you like, fucking... Read more →

He Calls Them Veedy-Ohs

Things We Have Learned This Week: 1) We've got a LOT of chronically incontinent, publicly flatulent, oops-I-crapped-my-pants, weird and wonky-boobed bitches up in here, and I love y'all for it. 2) Breastfeeding. Is a touchy subject. Still. Noted, and moving on. Things We Are Not Talking About Today: 1) Breastfeeding, and thank God. 2) How UPS held my new fetal doppler hostage all week, and yes, I know I said I wasn't allowed to rent one this time, but nobody said anything about BUYING ONE. So I bought one. And then UPS wouldn't give it to me. 3) And then... Read more →

My Boobs. Did You Miss Them?

So I'm dreaming about the baby pretty regularly now -- shockingly nice, normal dreams where he (he is always a boy, apologies to the hair-bow hopefuls) is indeed of the human variety, although I did have one dream where he was born with a full set of teeth -- and weirdly, every dream eventually includes breastfeeding. I say weirdly, because breastfeeding always seems to be really easy in these dreams. DING DING DING! BIZARRO WORLD! (I know the loyal, long-time readers hate it when I spend half an entry recapping three-year-old plot points, but I cannot help it! It's something... Read more →