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You Tell Me.


So I made a guess, and my doctor made a guess, and they were indeed the same guess, but after an unhealthy amount of time examining the blurry genitals on random strangers' ultrasounds on Google I am now second-guessing that guess. Maybe. A little. Eh, I think I'm right.

Dear Baby,

Thank you for being all alive and perfect and stuff.

I really really love you a lot, like, wow,




Dawn Diff

Peanut indeed!


Aw! A wee-Fee! Congrats on all the healthiness of him (or her, but I bet he's a him)


According to the ultrasounds I had, that "slit" or "line" right where it's located means you are having yourself a GIRL. AM I RIGHT??

(I had three girls.)


Healthy=most important thing! Congratulations!


See, I had a feeling for a boy, but now that picture at the top has me second guessing...girl?


When saw my son on the ultrasound it was SO obvious he was a he, when I saw my daughter, I had no idea what they were talking about: "three dots", etc..(??). Since I don't see clear boy parts, I say girl--But hey, she/he looks perfectly lovely in there.

Girl or Boy, either way, Congratulations!


Oh phew, that means me and my hubby were normal. :-)

As in, we never wanted to find out, but we got a partial glimpse by accident. And then spent 6 months trying to decipher the "blurry genitals on random strangers ultrasounds."

We thought we were right one minute and changed our minds the next, and this went on for the entire remainder of the pregnancy, even when we had the amnio results sitting in an envelope next to us and refused to look at them.

But the wait, and the not being all that sure, was still totally worth it.

Are we allowed to say what we guess? Cos I think you might need to keep Noahs clothing for a second round. :-)


The first one is a boy and the 2nd one is a girl ( and yes I do know it's the same baby!) and then we have a little face and then I don't know but I have only had 6 babies, 8 pregnancies and a hundred and some U/S scans, so really, I have no clue! I am hopeless except it is a real baby and has legs! Whoohoo!


Did you and your doctor think you saw the three lines that herald a girl (which I can kind of make out, if I turn my head just so)? Clearly, your readers are split on the issue. I don't see a third my guess is girl.


I thought we were guessing boy - but there are some strong cases for 'girl' here.

So are you going to spell it out for us? What was the guess made by you and the trained professional??


OH I KNOW and I did not finish reading the post because I know and I want to guess before going back and reading. It's a girl, am I right!? The tech explained to me the difference when we had our recent ultrasound!


I've heard turtle=boy, hamburger=girl. I think you have a turtle. Are you going to tell us?


I can't tell. What was your guess? I guess healthy baby. :-)


I think the 3 lines in the top picture is a girl. However, you are very early so I think that if it's a boy, the boy parts might just not have descended yet. What's your doc's guess?


Um... Yeah, this pretty much made me cry. Those legs are totally chomp worthy. :-)


Totally a girl. I think all of those who said girl should win a prize.


I've never had a baby, or looked at ultrasound pics before, so I have no idea. I'm going to take everyone's word for it and assume you're having a baby. Although, if it were up to me to guess, I might say spaghetti squash.

Auburn gal always



Aww, look at that sweet little peanut. (I'm guessing boy, but I suck a deciphering u/s's) No matter, h/she is just as perfect as perfect can be. Congrats!




Hmm. It *sorta* looks like Molly's. I remember being amazed that we could see labia- I thought a female ultrasound was one that was devoid of penis:)

Are you going to share your and the Doc's guess?

(And, oh, Hi. Am new reader and you are not helping with my raging case of Second Baby Lust But Husband Wants Only Child. But am enjoying your pretty blog lots anyway, thanks.)

Nothing But Bonfires

Wait, I have NO experience with ultrasounds and I can't even tell which part is the head. And now you want me to distinguish GENITALIA? I don't know! I'm getting all panicked just trying to figure it out! It's like showing up for an algebra midterm and realizing you don't even know what x stands for, that you've NEVER known what x stands for. So GIRL! I say GIRL! I guess I have a 50% chance of being right.


It's a . . .

BAYBEE. Yep. Definitely.



Girl. No boy. No girl. Can't figure it out either. Happy everything is going well though!


That top pic looks just like one I got with my daughter! GIRL!

Anna S.

Mommy to a 7-month-old girl here, and the first one looks vaguely like labia to me. Overall: inconclusive.

I'm following you closely because I had a c-section with my daughter and probably will have another with baby number two. You're right, the second pregnancy is rarely documented, so thank you for doing this.



Yep. I would guess a boy too. That sure looks like a little wingding there.

Great news on the 'perfect' and alive, too.


You are SO having a girl! That's definitely a little v-jayjay ... looks just like my daughter's pics.


Looks kinda like a girl, but maybe a girl whose woo-hoo is a bit, um, stretched out? Or maybe its a boy with a big space between his boys? Hell, I don't know.

Either way, that baby is TOTALLY GORGEOUS (and blurry)!


Aha! I say girl! How does it compare to Noah's ultrasound? It (and by IT, you know I mean genitalia) looks totally different from my son's, where there was no doubt what was hanging (hardy har) out between his legs.


Damn. That IS a tough one. I'd say girl. Hopefully you'll get a better look?


It's a bit early and blurry. But I totally think I'm looking at a vajayjay.


I vote girl!!


I'm guessing girl...or maybe boy..but probably girl...

Please tell us more!

Also, I just ovulated AGAIN.

Backpacking Dad

All I can make out is the, CUTE....alien head that all babies have in those ultrasound pictures.

My daughter looked like the one on the cover of "Communion".

Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry

I say boy. Congratulations on the pregnancy and the healthiness of it all.


I cannot make heads or tails of the photo. But I will say "girl", just to round out your family with equal numbers.


I think the only thing this ultrasound tells us is that there's a reason most docs wait until week 20 to start checking out the goods...


I'm guessing girl. Congratulations either way on a healthy alive baby and stuff though. :)


Top looks girlish, bottom looks boyish.

Only thing conclusive is that you and Jason decided to find out! YEAH for that. I love the surprise for me - hate it for everyone else.

for Joke!

Clearly - I have never been pregnant. All I can see is baby head??? Nom nom nom baby head though :)

Virginia Gal

Yep. That's a baby.

I think I missed the notice about the super ultra secret meeting where other girls learned how to read an ultrasound.


FWIW, here's our girl scan:

Similar? Maybe...or maybe not. Clearly, though, your baby is a gorgeous, athletic, charming genius already.


Beans & Franks or a Hamburger?

Beans & Franks or a Hamburger?!?

I say hamburger. Nom away!

Becca Parra

You're going to make us guess?! Okay, the top one looks girl-ish, and the second one looks boy-ish. Gah. I can't tell. I think I'm going to go with boy, because at my daughter's ultrasounds, I couldn't see anything like that (though the only one I could TELL was a girl was the 24 week one, and genatalia change drastically between weeks 12 and 24). Anyway, congratulations on your beautiful little babyv2.0!

Some People Call Me Mom

3 boys and 1 girl later - and I still can't ever make heads or tails of u/s pics!

Yay for healthy baby though!

Someone Being Me

Looks like a baby boy to me. Although I've never seen an ultrasound of a girl now that I think of it. Congrats!!!!! Are we thinking of names yet?


I'm totally going guess "boy" based on a similar scan I got at 13 weeks.

Either way...yay!


There is NO WAY I could ever decipher an ultrasound.
It's gorgeous, whatever it is.
I'm so happy for you.


I'm gonna guess girl


I am hoping you will post to clarify because I am dying to know! I guess by the pic, girl!



I say hamburger = girl!


That is all boy. Congrats!



Dawn B

That a very gorgeous fetus you've go there.
And I can't tell if it's a boy or girl. Our daughter, whilst still a fetus, looked like a boy during her ultrasounds. So, ya just never know. lol


She looks just like Noah did at that age.


I only had a boy, so that's all I know from ultrasounds. I thought in the first one it was a boy (aren't those two little balls hanging down?) but then the 2nd one I'm guessing more girl.

Pls share - we want to know!


Seahorse? Because both my girls always resembled seahorses. Congrats on healthy ultrasound pictures. They always made me feel great.


Looks more like a hamburger then a hot dog to me. Are we going to be seeing lots and lots of pink in the future?


Had you not identified it, I never would have guessed that was even a baby, so I wouldn't hazard a guess on the sex. Can you tell I haven't had much experience with ultrasounds? Glad it's healthy though.


Hmmmm ... it's a ... baby?

No, seriously. I vote for boy because I thought I saw some tiny balls in one of the pictures. But what do I know? I've never had a pregnancy u/s.

Patti B

I think that's a little chickita in there! Love her!!!!


I see PENIS and BALLS! Looks like my baby boys early US. Congrats on the healthy baby!


I've got no guesses. Let's keep in mind that if I look at the u/s pictures of my two girls I still can't tell that they actually had heads and, thankfully, they do.

Just glad to hear that baby is healthy - that is the best news!


I can't even see the legs.


I see a girl.


I say again:
If it's a boy, then, YEA! BOY! WE KNOW HOW TO DO BOY!
Either way, he/she is gonna rock, 'cause YOU'RE the mama!
YEA, BABY! (Can't tell a damn thing on u/s; don't ask me!)

Miss Britt

I'm selfishly hoping it's a girl.


After much close inspection and deliberation, it looks to me like you're having a baby! WOO!

I was relieved, because for a moment there, I thought it might be a puppy or a kangaroo.


oh man...I have no idea


I think I saw a hamburger..So it's a girl! Three lines mean a girl. Our US had a hamburger and we got a girl. At least you know it's a baby!


Boy, boy BOY!


i think it's a wonderpet. noah was right all along.

i kid.

are you sure you're not tricking us with pictures of two different babies? like, this is your tricky way of telling us that you're having twins, one girl and one boy?

either way, please get your pregnant self back to the computer and tell us what is going on.


That is really difficult to tell. My guess is girl.

Regardless she/he is a cute little baby!


I think I saw a hamburger..So it's a girl! Three lines mean a girl. Our US had a hamburger and we got a girl. At least you know it's a baby!

Marmite Breath

You have done what poor Katie Holmes only WISHES she could do.

You are pregnant with Xenu. Congratulations.


My wife and I are divided after both taking a look. She says boy, I say girl.


I'm an ultrasound tech, and that looks like a boy to me. However, you are not far enough along to be sure AND I am not looking at the images in "real time, so I can't tell if one of those lines that I think is leg bone is actually labia! So ignore everything that I just said. Okay? Glad I could help.


Wow, I love how people are so totally confident it's a boy, and others are totally confident it's a girl.

I am going to go with someone above me and say wonderpet. Definitely.


I'm thinking girl. Of course, I could hardly see my daughter's "tutu" (my doctor's word) when they pointed it out to me! So my opinion probably shouldn't count.


Hmmm...I think boy, but I'm horrible at this stuff. But I'm hoping that I'm wrong and it's a girl, cause I know how much you wanted a girl last time!

Either way, healthy is what's important -- well, and human. Which this baby definitely looks -- healthy and human. :)


I'm guessing a really healthy little girl!!!


Girl girl girl. Damn I loved going for ultrasounds. Recently my husband's colleague's sister (der) was told "well, it looks like you're having a hippie" cause the baby looked to have really long hair. Yours is not a hippie. Phew.


I see the hamburger in pic #2 which means its a girl. The hamburger is the outer "lips". YAY GIRLS!! :)


Girl! But then I learned most of what I know about ultrasounds from reading the comments.


woman! you cannot leave us hanging like that.

i have ZERO ultrasound experience, so i'm going with cute fetus who may or may not resemble a wonderpet.

also, my ovaries just burst. want. baby. please.


I'm going to say "girl," because... uh... a lot of other people did. Then I'm going to spend the rest of today staring at the picture, trying to see the fabled three lines and/or hamburger configuration. Or a penis. Because honestly, I can't make out anything at all in those top pictures, and in the others all I can tell is what is the head and what is not the head. I suck at this.

(Also, congratulations to you! I mean, either way it's a baby.)


That looks just like my little girl's ultrasound!!! ohhhhh so cute!


Boy or girl, I just wanna know if you guys are gonna let US (the internet at large, et al) name it!!!!


Let's hear it for boys!!!! :)


Your little one is definitely nom nom nom adorable!!! Congratulations! And as for whether it's a boy or think I can tell where the head is if I tilt my head to the side...can you tell I've never been pregnant? Anyway another weee and congrats!


I kind of think that the second picture looks like a living, swimming, shrimp, but I'm going to trust all of you who insist that it's a baby.


isn't that a cock in #2 and a cunt in #3? yay hermaphrodites!!


Oh my hell I have no idea. How can you even GUESS?


It's a baby right? What's my prize?


Hello Gorgeous!

Baby girl in the house.

Nothing But Bonfires

I can tell you one thing: I'm certainly not having hamburgers for dinner tonight anymore after reading through these comments.


Mazel tov on the boy! Girl! Boy? Um, yeah. Congrats anyway!


To me, it looks like twin hurricanes approaching the Gulf Coast. But then I had my children before U/S were en vogue, so I'm handicapped when it comes to deciphering them. We suspended a pencil from a string over our tummies and spun it.

Yeah, I also had trouble deciphering that one too.


Totally a boy. No doubt. B.O.Y.

Yay! Glad HE'S doing well.

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