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You Tell Me.


So I made a guess, and my doctor made a guess, and they were indeed the same guess, but after an unhealthy amount of time examining the blurry genitals on random strangers' ultrasounds on Google I am now second-guessing that guess. Maybe. A little. Eh, I think I'm right.

Dear Baby,

Thank you for being all alive and perfect and stuff.

I really really love you a lot, like, wow,





Having had three boys myself...THAT is definitely a BOY. See the last pic everyone...that's not a finger/arm/leg sticking up. Boys are awesome! Congrats.



girl trust me i have 3 pics like that


Um, yeah, no idea. but yay! YAYAYAY!

Cute, cute, cute!


Based on my own ultrasounds, I would guess girl, but I was much further along with my kids when I got my first peek. I also remember that with both my son and my daughter it seemed SO obvious when the picture was moving in real time and then when they sent me home with the photos, I'd start to not be able to see it anymore. I'd have to pop the movie back in to reconvince myself.


Nothing I see there resembles anything even remotely human. So I don't know. Yay for healthy though.


How many weeks are you? 12? I say boy.


While I was pregnant with the Boy, I was also doing medical transcription for a group of family doctors whose sonogram tech was more than happy to sneak me in for a peak any time I wanted. The first TWO sonos showed GIRL GIRL SEE THE STRIPES, THOSE ARE STRIPES. So, fast forward to July (baby due in September) and imagine my surprise when I was shown evidence that he was a boy.

He looked awful cute in that pink rosebud onesie. LOL


My guess isn't formulated yet. I'll let you know when it is, as I am perpetually WRONG. To a dizzyingly, freakish degree. So, like, you can trust me and everything.

Congrats again. That is a beautiful baby blur you've got there!


just happy that baby is healthy! (btw, of course it is a girl, don't you see her coach bag...sheesh)


No amount of cocking my head to the side, squinting & twisting in my chair has ever made these things any clearer - yours or those random strangers' ones.

My 'feeling' has always been Girlalah and that first one made me go 'yeah!'...then I kept squinting...and twisting...and now...?

So I'm going with my instincts (they were right with my bubba girl....take THAT, Technology!) and say GIRLALAH!

And also Yay!


That is CLEARLY a penis..or a vagina maybe..yep, it's a pagina/venis..I'm soooo sure about it


That's a GIRL, people!



I've studied the pictures and can now proudly say with certainty that it is not a rabbit.


Looks like a little girl to me!!! Congrats!!!

Kate The Great

Yay for a healthy, beautiful baby! I have no idea what the gender might be, but I'm excited for you, Jason and Noah =)


Definitely a GIRL!!!!


Those look like the scans of all three of my girls, only mine all have 'girl' with a line pointing to the labia.

I can't imagine what people are calling a 'turtle', which I understand is what techs look for in indicating a boy baby...but then, I've never seen a boy baby u/s!

To me, it looks like we're looking up at the pelvis and two thigh bones...and nothing between the legs but a labia.


kinda looks like zac efron...which leads me to believe it could go either way. ahahahah.


It is definitely a girl!

An adorable nomworthy girl. I cant wait to see her in six months!!


Definitely a boy. You can totally see his Pee Pee in that second pic!


Okay, I take it back. I looked again, and when I look at it from another angle, it's a girl! A GIRL!

Clearly, I have no idea. I'm excited for you either way. :)


Holy God, Amy. Don't leave us hanging like that. Jesus.


I guess boy based on the 1st pic, but I have never seen a girl Ultrasound, so don't quote me. Are you gonna share what you think???!!!


Also, after careful consideration, I can tell you with all arrogance and certainty that the Babalah is NOT...

...a Furby.

But it might possibly be a baby. And babies are good. We like babies around here.


I know everyone is hubbubbing about the sex of the baby (which, who knows?), but I am excited to see that it looks like you finally have a more definitive due date! and it fits with the lack of a heartbeat at your first ultrasound and the presence of a heartbeat at the second! yea!


You people are nuts, if that is a vagina, it's a giant one. It's sausage city, baby!


It's a girl with a big clitoris!


Sing it with your sweetest, most todder-esque voice:

Wonderpets! Wonderpets!
We're on our way!
To help a little Amalah and
We're not that BIG
and we're not that TOUGH
But if we work together we got the right STUFF!

Gooooooo Wonderpets!

It is most definitely a "Linny"

(cause who knows if Linny is a girl or a boy? Not me!)

Awwww!!! I'm with you on the "Baby Legs"...NOM NOM NOM!!!


I'm voting vajayjay as well. :D


I am way positive you are having a girl!!!

I was told to look for the "Three Lines" down there when I went in..and I'll be damned if my Lily had the three lines all perfect and shit..

And that first pic, that is what her ultrasound looked like!

Congrats Amy! Either way she (or he) is perfectly healthy, and for that you should par-tay!!!

Lisa M

I'm voting girl! But whichever it is, it's darling already!!!


I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's! And a very cute one too! :)


I'm thinkin' bbbbbbooo-guuuuuur...

Girl. No, a boy. Wait. Girl. Yes, Girl.

Either way, Yippee for healthy baby!


That sure looks like both ultrasounds I had for my girls. What was yours and the docs guess?? I WANT TO KNOW!!

misguided mommy

I agree I definitely think you are having a seahorse! Or possibly a prawn!


Looks just like the u/s I had with my second pregnancy, in which I clear saw the "hamburger" lines and my dr. and I agreed - girl! I was 17w6d at the time. My son was born at exactly 40w0d :). Based on what I see I'd say girl, but my experience says not to trust that!


Ours was CLEARLY a boy. I'm talkin all up in ya face boyyyyyyy. I must be blind and can't see the "three lines" that people keep referring to.


You're enjoying this, aren't you?

No guesses from me. Congrats on healthy!


well I couldn't even figure out which part of the pic was the baby until #3 so I am not going to even try to get into the finer points because who knows if my guess would even be based on the right "end". Although if we were in the same room I could tell you. I am never wrong on my gender vibes. I even called my cousin's little boy when she was only 7 weeks. I'm old school like that, not getting along with this new fangled picture technology.


I debated a bit on either sides, but I'm actually going with boy!


Well... I don't see the "three line sign," so that means your having another amazing little boy. Nom nom nom on his squishy thighs!

Suzy QSuzy Q

Is that the Loch Ness monster?


Oh please oh please.... I'm supposed to be boiling artichokes right now and here I am (and have been for the past 37 minutes)squinting painfully at these photos while the poor poor artichokes sit on the counter- un-rinsed and DEFINITELY not boiling yet... But I will remain in this chair until I think I get SOME idea of what I'm looking at. And when my husband gets home from his closing shift and begins enquiring about the artichokes? I will blame the frickin fuzzy hamburgerturtle!!!!!!

kim at allconsuming

Dude, I'm the one that said, "oh look at his little face" only to be corrected by the sonographer, "um, actually, that'd be the kidneys and bladder".

So yeah, no use to you


It's a girl.


That is SO a girl! Congrats!


First time commenter! Hey! That looks like a GIRL to me. My two boys didn't look like that ;)
Congrats, Amy.
I love reading your site btw x

Mommy 2 Hope

Hamburger in the first pic = Girl?!


Girl? That's my guess, cuz I'm not seeing his manhood.

In either case...Congrats!

Lisa V

I think it looks like the bird Alec Baldwin turns himself into in Beetlejuice.

But that's a big improvement over my daughters who liked the baby bop dinosaur from Jurassic Park.




I think I have absolutely, positively, no idea what I am looking at or supposed to see, so I have no guess for you whatsoever.

I mean literally, I think I know more about quantum physics that I do about this ultrasound.


well, they say the three lines are girl so the first one looks like a girl i think. maybe. i don't know. twins? first pic girl, second pic boy?

mama speak

My guess would be gurl cause i have two and well your pix is more toward that direction than boy, right now.
However, my first inclination was that the first two pix were of different babies, so there you go. I see "the turtle" in pix #2, but babies are rather endowed down there so I'm thinking it's not really "endowed" enough to be a boy. But ultimately it's a baaa-beee and the litte spud is beeeuutiful!
So please tell us now, cause I suck at waiting.


it's a human! right?


I see the infamous hamburger!! (taco? lulz!)

Now, where is my cookie? Or will you make me wait till October? It'll be all limp by then *frown*


Does Noah know that he is going to be a big brother yet?


It's a whole new day here in England and still you are hiding behind your screen saying HA HA they don't know but...oh she said boy and she said girl and let me look again! WIth baby #4 I had FIVE U/S, got pictures of her girlie parts and everything, day before Phoebe was born we were told she had grown a penis and morphed into unless I see an actual penis I'm not believing what they say. Stil the cutest little kicking person in my whole laptop though. ( oh except I am going to be a grandma in 7 weeks so maybe my grandbaby kicking scan person might be just as cute, we really did see a penis on him though, so pretty sure he is a boy for real)


Am I crazy? I totally see a little willy. I don't see 3 lines at all, only a little third leg. But congratulations on whatever it is!!! Woohooooo

Kimberly C

Okay, I just set your ultrasound pic as my desktop (just for a minute, not totally psycho) so that I could blow it up and look at it. Results of my inquisition? Inconclusive. I saw no little three lines. I saw no boy parts either, so? You tell us what the tech and you think, darnit.


Girlie girl. Totally.


I see a hamburger. Looks like a girl to me. (I was told by an ultrasound tech that they look for "hambugers" for girls and "turtles" for boys. I think those are the technical terms.)

Katie Kat

Dammit, I always get test anxiety... I HAVE NO IDEA! The first pic looks girlish, but the second looks quite penis-ish.

JUST TELL US! Oy, the suspense...



I say boy.


I'm guessing girl!


So, I take it you're not going to be surprised after all?

I agree with previous poster, my vote is for a WonderPet! ;)

Glad the little munchkin' is doing okay...


Like Miss Britt above, I'm selfishly hoping it's a girl...and I laughed at teachergirl's, "seahorse?".
But...yeah...can't tell. Can't even really see the legs, same as BaltimoreGal....
But congrats on an adorable, alive, and already crazily-loved BABY!! :) Wheee!


I see a cheeseburger in the second picture, but the last picture is confusing. What is that?

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