And His Favorite Thing in the World is a Treble Clef I Made Him Out of a Twist Tie

I Know Everybody Hates Those "Now Go Click Here" Posts...

...but seriously, go click here and marvel at my baby's impeccable sense of timing.

(OB appointment this morning. Check. Baby sounds good, genetic blood tests passed with flying colors, round ligament pain blamed soundly on our excursion to see a certain simpering in-need-of-a-punchin' train, advised to lie down a lot more than am currently doing, which means you can peel my ass off the couch sometime in January, weight gain non-existent, belly possibly filled with helium, Big Ultrasound in four weeks, the end.)



New baby is such a crowd pleaser!


I still have round ligament pain at 34 weeks, it's not as bad as at 14 weeks, but from time to time it hurts.
Glad baby is moving around for you. Makes all of the pain worth it. :-)


I read that this morning and got a big kick out of it. How theatrical of the little fella! (That's a genderless "fella," by the way.) I've been enjoying your Alphamom posts a lot. Am too lazy to sign up, so can't comment over there, though.


So Happy!
Quick question o wise one, where o where did you get your doppler from? I can't seem to find any mention of where/what you got in the posts about it. Do you recommend a digital one?
All suggestions would be much appreciated.
Thank you!


I'm with Ruth, too lazy to sign up to comment over at 0-40, but wanted to comment this morning that I too felt the little one start moving just a time or two around 14 weeks. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. (Also, SQUEEEEE for the babies moving!)


Yay, Babalah v.2.0! Kick your mommy! Woot!


Your baby is already a show-stopper!
House of Jules


no comment on the no weight gain except I hate you.

I broke a vow and read your article in the Times. Good article, bad paper.

Laura aka LaLaGirl

I do not hate these posts. But! I do hate that your comments are closed on all but your most recent entry! I understand why you do it, but yeah. I'm just sayin'.

I wanted to say something about your last entry, about early intervention - thank you for sharing your experience!! I have a child with autism, so naturally I'm a HUGE fan of early intervention, and I can't figure out why doctor's offices aren't handing out pamphlets with the local phone number to call if your child isn't reaching their milestones. Considering how many kids are diagnosed with autism nowadays, it makes no sense to me. But! I have another child who isn't on the autistic spectrum, but who was a late talker. We did the speech therapy and the sign language and all of that, and it was incredible to see how quickly her whole world changed. Again, why do so few parents know about the whole early intervention thing??

So, yeah. Just a little thank you for using your wildly popular blog as a platform for getting the message out that this is something that works. Yay!


Aww, how wonderful!


I'm actually commenting on the last post, but the comments are closed...I've been reading your blog every once in a while for almost a year, comparing your son to my friend's son. He is my little buddy, and I love him dearly, and have been torn about talking to her about his speech (lack of) and "quirks". I kept telling myself that I am no professional and I didn't want to say something that might offend her if she thought there was no problem. I talked to her about it casually a few times, but she didn't seem very worried. He is 22 months old now and has only 5 words, and people have begun to notice more "odd" things compared to other kids his age. We have talked a lot more about it, and she wants him to have speech and occupational therapy, but is worried because their insurance will not cover it and we don't know if he'll qualify for early intervention. We are both also worrying because words like SPD and autism are starting to get thrown around and I so do not want him to have to face those difficulties in the, all this to say that your success story with your son comes at the perfect time for us and is so encouraging.


My son (I only have one child - him!) never moved much at all. I remember one good rib kick around six months on a dark, winter morning as I was driving myself to work, and that's about it! Except for the hiccups - man, he had hiccups....ALL.THE.TIME!!! Especially at night, just as I was trying to go to sleep. It took me a few times to figure out what it was - and it drove me crazy. He's 14 now - STILL doesn't move much - typical teenager!


I'm not pregnant, but do you think your doctor is subject to bribes and would be willing to say I need to apply my ass to the couch for awhile?


Congrats on the kicking! That's wonderful. I had my daughter 18 months ago and sometimes, air bubbles in my stomach feel just like a kick or punch. I used to love those..


I couldn't comment on your last post (comments closed, gah!) but I wanted to say ... thank you. I really needed that. With my son turning two in just a few short months, I need to believe that he WILL talk one day.


hooray, kicking!


Yay for baby passing with flying colors! Many congratulations! We found out last week that we are having a little girl! She is due in September. It shall be an interesting DC summer;>

As always thanks for sharing. I am loving the zero to fourty.


I read it yesterday and was so happy for your intuitive baby. (Also, I can't comment because I lost my password/login and though I have requested the info be sent many times, it never is. Or my email blocks it. Either way, if you could pull some strings and get my account reset or cancelled or whatever I'd be immensely grateful and promise to comment.)


I wish I could do something about the Typekey thing at Alpha Mom, but it's Six Apart's app, not really anything we can control. (I get locked out of commenting on MY OWN COLUMNS for weeks at a time, so I know.) If anybody knows of a better authorization/moderation app that works with Moveable Type, let me know and I'll pass it along.

As for the lack of weight gain, I lost 10 POUNDS in the first trimester last time, so I consider holding steady at the same weight at major victory this time. I'll pack on the pounds yet, don't worry.


I swear, I do not know how one website will be able to contain the cuteness of Noah and Babalah 2.0. It will be EPIC CUTENESS.

Isabel Kallman

authentication has been loosened on comments for zero to forty & smackdown. didn;t realize we were like fort knox. horray!

please comment and comment often. we like comments and are good peoples.

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