PopPop & His Boo Boo Hurt All Better, reports area toddler



Thank you all so much for the prayers and kind thoughts. Noah and I got here yesterday afternoon and he promptly peed through every blessed pair of pants I packed. I've done laundry twice already, although one of those times may have been more because I forgot to add detergent. Maybe. I cop to nothing.

I got to visit with my dad last night -- he's conscious but not feeling super great (NEWSFLASH! NO WAY! WOW!), and looks like he and the pavement got into quite the barfight.

He's still in the ICU and undergoing a zillion tests to determine the cause of his fall (he didn't trip, it was more of blackout and a dead drop to the ground), but a CAT scan revealed that the bleeding in his brain is NOT getting worse. So. There is that, and y'all feel free to cue up the ER theme music in your heads right now. Doo doo doop doop, or however it goes.

I made some fabulous ratatouille for dinner last night, and then we ate the hell out of some ice cream. Noah climbed on my head at 6 am this morning and Baby Tivo is present and accounted for. We're heading back to the hospital now for what is sure to be a full wonderful day of cafeteria cuisine, weak coffee and inappropriate gallows humor from me.

My mother-in-law, meanwhile, who has been talking trash about how her boys were potty-trained by 12 months old since Noah's first birthday, will be handling that side of things today. It's like I had some master evil plan that is all coming to fruition, or something. I mean, it's a little more head-injury-ry than I would have liked, but still. HERE'S MY KID AND A COMPLETELY INADEQUATE SUPPLY OF DRY PANTS, HAVE FUN GOTTA RUN HA HA HA.



I'm glad things are looking up for your Dad. You win either way on the mother in law front. Noah will either come home toilet trained or you can rub it in if he doesn't.


I love the parental revisionist history. Why they let their kids play with knives AND rattlesnakes, and look how they turned out. . .blah, blah, blah.
Good for you for handing Noah over and letting her take a crack at it.
Also, best wishes for your Dad!


I like the way you cope. My dad pulled something similar at Christmas. He will never live that down in our Irish family.


Happy to hear your dad is conscious and the bleeding isn't getting worse. Good luck to your MIL on the potty training! Better her than you!


My Dad's Mom potty trained me before my bladder was big enough to get me through the night without my parents waking me up. Hilarity ensued for my parents, waking me up in the middle of the night...or not fully waking me up, getting me up, placing me on the potty and saying, "Kelly it's time to potty." And me going. Except for that one night my Dad said it too early...OOPS! HAH!

Ummm...I believe there was something more sophisticated to say...

Oh yeah, my Mom fell one time and hurt herself like your Dad. But it had to do with her ankle, it just gave out. Weird, cause she's tiny. So hopefully it's something like that, and not internal. Because that they put some screw in and POOF! All better!!


I said a quick prayer for you & your dad when I read the first post. Will continue to petition god on your behalf...


Her potty trained kids? Yeah, they used to sit them on the little pots and make them stay there all day. Not so much potty training as catching it as it falls!


Oh, those grandparents and their early potty training bunk! They only THOUGHT their kids were potty trained - when in reality they'd trained THEMSELVES to take their kids to the potty on a sechedule.

To me, Potty Learning is complete when the kid realizes the need, gets to the toilet, takes off the necessary clothing, does the deed, and gets themselves mostly dressed (save for a snap or a zipper)without help.

So glad things are looking a little better for your Dad.

I recommend the choc. chip cookie dough flavor.


I'll be thinking good thoughts for your Dad. I'm glad the bleeding is not getting worse. On the potty front, enjoy your day without accidents!


Glad your dad is doing better. And BOO on the pants/peeing. You KNOW he wasn't going to do that at home, OMG.

Ice cream always makes ME feel better, too.


First off, I hope your Dad recovers soon!

Secondly, that New York Fudge Chocolate Chunk (or whatever it is, I drool when I look at it so better not scroll up there again) is Just.like.crack.

It'll take away 99% of the bad stuff, baby. At least for a little while.


Looks like you've got the ice cream options covered. Inadequate supply of dry pants...ha! perfect! This was sure a good way to get everyone together to celebrate him on Father's day.

Maxine Dangerous

Thank God. Sounds like things are stabilizing. Will keep you and your family in my thoughts.

Can Noah be taught to pee at will? Perhaps ON your mother-in-law? ;)


I agree wholeheartedly with Nancy -- your MIL was the one trained. I, for one, never wanted to be trained and let them decide when they were ready.

It sounds like your dad is doing a little better. I'm glad and hope he continues to improve. And in stead of subjecting Baby Tivo to cafeteria food, you should treat him to cheesesteaks. (Oh, my word, I want one so bad!)


Sending you lots of good wishes. I hope your dad bounces back REALLY soon. It sounded so scary.
House of Jules


I'm glad it's not his heart!

I had a similar thing happen to me about 5 months ago. Walking along, felt dizzy, and next thing I knew I'm face down on the sidewalk at the downtown bus terminal next to the city mission with my head hurting like crazy. I got a lot of drama points out of it, with screaming sirens and ambulances and the whole day in the ER before being admitted for three freaking days ("Oh please, let me go home, it's the weekend, I PROMISE to come back Monday!") Lots of tests, including some so barbaric I cannot believe that the medical establishment still uses them (ever been strapped to a wooden table and tilted to a 70 degree angle so they can let you hang there almost an hour to see if you faint? I bet your dad has!), and the only things broken were my glasses and my wrist, but even now my head is still sore, still slightly swollen (just enough that it makes one eyebrow look a little lower than the other, giving me a quizzical appearance) and I have some sort of nerve damage to my face, if I touch my lip I feel it on my cheek, and so on. Conclusion after all the testing and follow-up visits? It just happened. Random occurrence. Nothing wrong that could have caused it. I hope your dad had a random occurrence too.


That is the best way to get the little ones potty trained - it's how I did it with C and my plan for R. What?? I thought that is why we pay the baby-sitter! Glad to hear that your Dad is doing better. I hope all continues to improve on that front...


Hey Amalah
I am praying for your dad. Eat all that delicious ice cream!

Can everyone go to this link and vote for the cutest dad and baby! My husband will win a grill for father's day. It is more of a pride thing than anything. Thanks Everyone.


The Other Laura

I'm keeping you and your family in my prayers.

Noah's probably just stressed because he senses the anxiety around him, worry, hospitals, ack. I bet his peeing will settle down when things settle down around him.

Take care.


In honor of what you're going through, I will do my best to help you cope and also join in on the ice cream eating.

Still in my thoughts.


My heart stopped when I read your first post about the fall, so today's is so much better. My dad tripped on his 80th birthday, hit his head on the sidewalk and never came back. My brotehr and I rushed home from DC to the Midwest say goodbye before we let him go. I couldn't bear for that sad story to be repeated so your update makes my day--give your dad a hug for me, even if he doesn't want it!


Inappropriate gallows humor is an approved coping method. Not done praying for your family yet, Amy. Hope your mother-in-law has an awesome day!

common mom

Best wishes for your dad!

And good luck to your MIL. Both of my kids were trained "on vacation" . . . who knows - either he'll be trained or you can walk with a little extra spring in your "I told you so" step when you leave ;-)


Your dad is in my thoughts ~ I hope he starts on the road to recovery quickly!

My freezer looked that way over the weekend however I have not had a parent have a horrific accident. I am just 34 weeks pregnant and it was hot and my toddler has decided he now has selective hearing... If I met Ben and/or Jerry I would kiss and hug them because those two have helped me cope with many stressful (and happy) events in my life ;)


So glad to hear your dad is doing better than we all feared. And Noah gets some time in with the grandparents and you get some time in with Half Baked! (Tip a spoon or two for all of us!)

Miss Britt

My dad's mother potty trained me in 36 hours!!

My mother asked no questions.


From experience, the new Creme Brulee flavor can be all kinds of wonderful, if that's your sort of thing.


#1: I'm so sorry about your dad (yes, I'm late to the party because I suck at organizing my feeds)
#2: Gallows humor is ALWAYS appropriate in my book.
#3: My Weight Watchers-ing ass is insanely jealous of your arsenal of coping tools.


kiss your dad on behalf of the internets please.


Oh, yah gotta just laugh at (with?? nawww!!) that particular generation of MIL that "had ALL of my children potty trained by a year, thank you very much!!"....direct quote from my (THANKFULLY!!! YES!! THANK YOU LORD!!) EX-mil. The truth is - the kids weren't trained at that age - the MOTHER was. And all she did was run the child to and from the potty ALL DAY (and night) LONG!! Children under the age of 2-3 do NOT have mature enough nerves/muscles/etc. to fully feel and understand the potty "urge". I did what my pediatrician said to do - "leave him alone, he'll use the toilet when he's ready to". Not too long after his third birthday, he walked into the bathroom and started using it - without even being asked to; he's 14 now, and has never had so much as a single accident since that day. The best part?? It really torqued my ex-mil off!! Loved it!


I'm glad to hear things are stable for now. I hope your dad improves more rapidly than any human ever has before, and that you and Noah and Baby Tivo give him lots and lots of hugs.

I also hope that Noah is returned to you fully potty-trained and possible able to whip up a soufflé on a moment's notice. I mean, since your mother-in-law is so good with kids and all. ;)


Just what you need...drive-by mothering from your MIL (my MIL always said how she 'was such a milk-cow' and 'just dripped' as I sat with my boobs being sucked by an industrial-grade pump to produce a measly 2 ounces...bitch).

Hang in there. Glad your father is doing better.

Robyn G

Really glad to hear things are stable.

I would please like to bring my son up to your MIL - I need some potty training, stat. Also, if she could teach him to vacuum, that would be awesome. Oh, and to make his own breakfast in the morning. This scrambling eggs for my 3 year old every day is just bullshit. I'm pretty sure I was making my own eggs when I was TWO.


So sorry to hear about your Dad! Take care of yourself! I wish your family the best!
Now on to a one year old being potty trained? I don't care what people say, at one, the PARENT is the one trained, not the baby.
Not dry 24 hours a day? Not trained.
The end.


I'm still praying for you. Hang in there.

Ben and Jerry's cures most everything. Take some to your daddy.


Why did you have to post of picture of ice cream?? I've told my husband that after I have this baby, I never want to see ice cream again! I eat at least 1 large bowl of ice cream a day.

This was a good plan to get Noah potty trained. My dad had a heart attack a few years ago to get of a training class. ;)

Glad your dad's doing better.


Glad to hear that things are at least okay. Thanks for updating us.

And you just cope however you need to cope. Calcium is good for Baby Tivo, afterall.

Continuing warm wishes and best thoughts to you and your family!


Potty trained at 12 months??? Can your Mom come to my house.... please? :)

Hope your Dad continues on the mend. Good thoughts and prayers to you and your family...


I like your way of coping. Sadly, as I am trying to lose weight, my frozen coping method these days has been reduced to the store-brand fat-free frozen yogurt (which is, surprisingly, TASTY! go figure).

Very happy to hear that your dad is conscious and that you can visit with him. I hope the doctors identify the cause of your dad's blackout soon and can correct it.

Also--while I kind of hope that Noah pees all over your MIL, it would be really nice for you if she DOES succeed in training him while you're there. It makes some things SO much easier. But then, leaving the house with him will be like being with a very pregnant woman, who needs a bathroom within sight at all times . . . aaaand I guess you've got that scenario covered for a while yet, anyway. Never mind.

Enjoy your time with your family. Sending healing thoughts & prayers your way.


Best wishes to your father for a full recovery.

And the MIL? Mine is a teacher and this will be the THIRD summer that she spends with us- yes, the entire summer.

Anyway, she and my husband are theoretically going to potty train Nicky (age 2) this summer.

We'll see. Sounds like a win-win for me!


Well, now's the perfect chance for your MIL to strut her stuff and potty train Noah while you're making sure your dad is okay.

Good thoughts for his continued progress. I hope you and your family are coping well also. That kind of worry is hell.


Bah to in-laws and their crazy "When my kids were his age" business. Like they really remember that.
And Cherry Garcia has been proven to cure headaches in a small sample size (i.e. ME) so have some of that too, and sneak it to your dad. Hope the road to recovery continues bump-free.


I'm so glad that your dad is doing better. In my book, inappropriate humor is the only way to cope. And ice cream. Haggen Dazs vanilla is my present favorite but I'm still in my first trimester.I'm sure I'll be up to speed soon.


With so many people sending best wishes towards your father, I'm sure he'll pull through just fine.

Remember to take care of yourself also. Sitting by a loved one in a hospital for hours on end is both an emotional and physical drain.


Sending all the best thoughts to your Dad and your family. I really hope he improves and begins to feel better. All the best from Paris-



What about his blood pressure?
My father-in-law dropped like that when he needed blood pressure medicine and when it needed to be adjusted. He too met pavement.


I'm so sorry about your dad being all busted up, but at the end of this post, you still made me laugh out loud at my desk.

Best wishes to your dad!

Amber Lee

Is it bad blottiquite (?) to not read all those comments above me?

Anyways, my grandmother always said every child who was raised on disposable diapers and formula is a later bloomer than they should have been. I have no clue how accurate that is. All I know is that I fond memories of being threatened to be put back in (cloth) diapers if I wetted my undies.

Awkward humor is always the best. Use plenty of it.


I'm so glad to hear everyone is stable and coping. I was actually nervous to check your blog today because I couldn't handle it if you were dealing with some really really really bad news. Take care and eat the hell out of that ice cream.


I'm glad your Dad is doing better. We will continue to keep him in our prayers.

**Good luck with the potty training..we are about 90% done with our 2 1/2 yr. old!!!

Swirl Girl

here's hoping everything is all right. sending good vibes (vibe - vibe - vibe)..



Glad to hear that the bleed isn't any worse! Yay for rockin' ice cream! And yay for making your MIL put her money where her mouth is!


I'm no doctor, my sister is though- and my Dad and Uncle both had the same thing. Turns out that they both needed pace-makers put in. I guess I know what surgery I'll be having in 20 more years...
I hope your dad is feeling better and they determine what caused the blackout.


Glad to hear he is awake and the bleed is not getting worse.
Great selection of ice cream!


I am so sorry to hear about your Dad and my prayers are with him and a full recovery and prayers for all of you in the family who love him. So scary I know. And isn't it nice of your mother-in-law to play head games at such a time? Wow, hate to tell ya but her kids were kinda slow - lol -my m-i-law told me years ago when we were going through potty training with our kids, that her oldest - my hubby - was potty trained by nine months!!!!!! Sheesh, and I used to worry like the dickens that my kid was slow. So glad you have your head together better than I did back then, cus I actually believed her and used to cry myself to sleep.


Inappropriate humor is the way my family always deals with these situations. If you're not laughing, you're crying. I say laugh! Continuing to keep y'all in thought and prayer.


That sounds like good news that he's awake. Hopefully it's the beginning of his recovery. I'm going to go eat some Ben & Jerry's now...


Glad to hear your dad seems to be going alright. Hope the doctors figure out quickly what caused all of this.

As for your MIL? Well, I think your impromptu revenge will be the sugar in your weak cafeteria coffee. :)


oh, and don't know if it's still around (I haven't seen it lately), but Vermonty Python from Ben & Jerry's is REALLY yummy...it is Coffee Liqueur Ice Cream with a Chocolate Cookie Crumb Swirl & Fudge Cows. Yeah, actual fudge cows like the one chucked over the wall by the French K----nig-gits.


Potty training is NOT an easy thing. I just realized we've been working on it for a year now almost with my son. (He'll be 3 in October) He picked up on it easy, but still had at least a couple of accidents a day. Just in the last couple of weeks, he's only 1 accident! It takes some time for some kids. Noah will get it, and don't listen to what she says. Leon's daycare teacher has a theory of: Once you are in underwear, you don't go back...except for nap and night time. Ever since Leon has been in underwear, he's never worn anything else except to bed. Now he doesn't even have accidents at nap time anymore. If I wake him up in the mornings, he's dry, if he wakes up, he pees right away...so I keep one on at night for the time being. He does occasionally wake up asking to go in the middle of the night and goes right back to bed...be patient...it's not an easy thing for boys. (I have to keep telling myself that, we are expecting another boy in October)

Leaf, probably...

I'm sending positive thoughts towards your dad and you today :)

Well done on the icecream and toddler drop and run. Well done indeed!

andrea frazer

My dad decided to die on Thanksgiving. I can never eat turkey again without thinking, "Hey, man, that was really nice."

On a lighter note, though, I really think your dad is going to be fine. Good thoughts going your way.

andrea C

I'm so glad to hear your dad is doing better. I've gotten that call before and it's the worst imaginable. keep up the humor it's the best medicine for you & your dad.

the bee

I am so glad to hear he is doing better. This heat is enough to get anyone to faint.
As for the potty training ? Sounds like Noah is way ahead of the game to me. My 3 yr old niece refuses to get near the potty . Yes, we have tried everything including bribes.
They all do it in their own time.
Hugs to your dad and mom also .
The bee


Best wishes to you and your family. I hope your father makes a speedy recovery.

Tootsie Farklepants

Oh how I wish I'd had the chance to stick my MIL with a leaky toddler and inadequate wardrobe changes. She totally earned that.


Wow, Amy -- I haven't checked in for quite a while, but my thoughts/prayers are with your family. Very glad to hear that your father is improving.


Have 'em potty-trained by 12 mos, eh?

My baby girl just turned 1 yr, and my MIL made a comment the other day about how "By this time next year, you won't be needing those yucky diapers anymore," while I was changing the baby.

I just shook my head. The idea, while I know it is possible, just floors me that some people have such a stop-watch on the physiological development of babies...


Glad toi hear things aren't getting worse for you Dad. Just love the plan Dr. Evil :)


I echo shimmyd regarding giving him a kiss for us- if your dad's not too weirded out, let him know we're all rooting for him!

Also I'm of course curious too see how it all goes down with your mom-in-law and the pants peeing. ;)

Suzy Q

I was toilet trained at 18 months. My mom had to go to work and so I had to go to school, so there was no other option. I think parents back in the '60s didn't have as much patience for this.

Best wishes to your dad and your family for his recovery.

Stephanie Deal

All my prayers for your dad's full recovery. Take care of yourself, your mom & the kids. :)

Oh and here's hoping your MIL has a drippingly fun day today with Noah! LOL! No worries about the potty training. I had one trained at 16 months and one trained (finally) at 24 months ... both boys! I mean, really... who knows... LOL!


Really glad things are going well with your dad. I think that your trash-talking mother in law is the PERFECT person to "help" with pottytraining. Paybacks a b*tch, right? (and if she's good at it, can I borrow her. puhleeeeze???????)

Alison C

Glad to hear your Dad is a bit better. Thinking of you all at this time.


I'm a fairly new reader of your blog. Sorry to hear about your dad's injury. Sounds like he's doing okay.

Truthfully that picture of the ice cream immediately caught my eye. Mmmmm.

Kerri Anne

Good thoughts for your Daddy-O abounding from here.


Just wanted to say I am keeping you and your family in my prayers.


I think I was coping for you today, atleast that's how I'm explaining the ice cream


Coping with ice cream is the best way! I really hope he gets well soon.


Hope all is well with your dad. Wiggle Room is having sale and has Ergos in stock - hurry!

Occidental Girl

I hope your dad is going to be okay. I'm so sorry for your family.

You seem to have all the elements to pull you through, all being several pints of B&J's, which I totally agree fixes most everything.


Hope all is well, thinking good thoughts for your dad and your family.


Thinking of you and your family!! I am checking everyday to see how you are doing.

Mrs. Flinger

Add me to the long list of people loving and thinking of your family. XO


9:30 here PST and checking for my 100th or so time to see how you are all doing. We are here to cheer with you and support you.


Hope that things continue to look up for your family.


I didn't read this in time yesterday, but I'm very sorry to hear about his fall! I hope you guys are doing okay, and I am thinking of you all.


I'm glad to hear your father is better!

Why do mothers of mothers always manage to make their daughters fee inadequate???? I am taking my kids to Germany next week, where I am originally from, where I will meet up with my parents for a few days. I was day dreaming about e-mailing them a warning that goes something like this:

1. If you comment more than once "what a shame that you didn't teach your children German" I will never set foot in this country again
2. At each meal, if you look at my kids' food choices disapprovingly, I will start ordering them dessert for breakfast just to MAKE A POINT
3. Any commentary on my packing skills will be ignored. How about YOU try packing for three kids instead, ms.too-much-spare-time-on-my-hands?

I love being with my parents who are usually great sports about my sloppiness. But I am hyper sensitive to their tiny little jabs. Just goes to show we never really grow up--inside us, we are always the good little girls, trying to please others!

co-author, Mothers Need Time-Outs, Too


Only just read this because I'm on vacation, but just wanted to say I'm thinking about you and your dad, Amy. And that I can't believe the idiot spammer above chose THIS post to try and hawk his/her fake handbags. People suck. Hope your dad's feeling better today.

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